1. Who Are Introverts?
  2. How to Coexist with an Extrovert
  3. Common Myths About Introvert
  4. Dating as an Introvert: Main Tips
  5. Tips for Dating an Introvert
  6. Final Thoughts

Have you ever found yourself just wanting to be alone, not for any particular reason like stress, depression, or any emotional pain, but just for the sake of comfort and being happy at a given moment? If the answer is yes, then there is a chance that you are an introvert. That chance is even higher if this is an ongoing theme in your life, you are happy with being alone at times, and you don’t actively seek constant communication with other people. Such people are referred to as introverts, but, if they are, in fact, such loners, how can they have a meaningful romantic relationship in their lives?

dating as an introvert

Who Are Introverts?

The psychological component of each person relates them to a particular personality type. The most famous two are extrovert and introvert, which differ among themselves in many ways. An introvert is a person who does not like hype and publicity in any of its manifestations. An introvert is fueled by the energy of loneliness and loses it in stimulating environments, such as various social events. Introvert's focus of attention is directed inward. There are "invisible" introverts and those that are very easy to spot in a group of people. The Philistines believed that all introverts are unstable and have significant difficulties in communicating with other people. This is, of course, not true. Now that we know a bit more about introverts, let’s talk about some common myths about introvert dating.

How to Coexist with an Extrovert

Extroverts, unlike introverts, seem very light. They are sociable, open, easily make acquaintances, easily support any conversation. They seem to make friends quite easily. But at the same time, they give the impression of being frivolous, superficial and incapable of a long-term relationship. But is this true. What you need to know about extroverts?

They are not necessarily selfish. It's a delusion. Narcissism is common to all psychotypes, including introverts. They are not empty. The fact that a person can easily make relationships and seem close to the whole world does not detract from his mental and spiritual maturity.

They can not only talk, but also listen. During communication, energy exchange is important to them. So the contact is made. An extrovert is as good a listener as a speaker

They are very vulnerable. Behind jokes and good mood often hide vulnerable souls. Perhaps that is why they are trying once again not to open and not to trust. Keep away from yourself too close.

They tend to burn out. Extroverts, as a rule, do not have an inexhaustible internal supply that feeds introverts. Crisis moments can greatly unsettle them. So much so that outside help is required.

Common Myths About Introverts

Just as with the Philistines, introverts were not always accepted as normal people, even to this day, some of the more active individuals just can’t understand the vibes that they get from introverts. Why are they so cold, why don’t they love to have fun and hang out with other people? Well, thankfully, despite some occasional misunderstandings, we are very much tolerant of all the personality types, including introverts. Let’s now talk about some of the widespread myths about introverts.

Myth number 1 – Introverts do not like to talk

It is not true. Introverts don't like to talk to people when there is nothing to talk about. They hate talking about useless things. Offer an introvert to talk about something interesting to them, and they will surely be quite open to such an idea.

Myth number 2 – Their shyness is undeniable

They are not shy. There is no reason for them to be shy. They need a reason for interaction. They do not interact just for the sake of interaction. If you want to have a conversation with such a person – be open about it, just talk to them. Do not worry about politeness.

Myth number 3 – They are rude

They often do not understand the point of being too nice in public. Everyone around them should be sincere and real. Unfortunately, in most cases this is not allowed, so introverts can feel a lot of pressure when adapting, which makes them feel alienated.

Myth number 4 – Introverts do not like people

This can’t be further from the truth. Sure, some introverts may be of such a philosophy that people are bad, but, as a rule, they do love the people they have in their lives. They have only a few of them, but these friends are very close. If you are so lucky that an introvert considers you a true friend, you now have a reliable ally in life. As soon as you gained their admiration as a person with real values, you became their friend.

tips for dating an introvertMyth number 5 – Introverts do not like to go outside

This is nothing but BS. Introverts just do not like to be around lots of people at once for a long time. They also prefer to avoid complications that arise during social activities. They receive information and emotions very quickly, therefore, they do not need much time to “catch up.” They are ready to go home, recharge, and handle the events taking place. In fact, recharging is extremely important for introverts. The same goes for cases of extrovert dating introvert, introverts may be just fine in the company of lots of people at once, but they should not last in such a company for a long time at once.

Myth number 6 – They seek solitude at all times

Introverts feel great, thinking about something. They are constantly thinking. They dream in reality. They like problems to work on and puzzles to think about. However, they can be very lonely if they have no one to discuss their decisions and findings. They yearn for sincere and genuine interaction but with only one individual at a time.

Myth number 7 – They are strange

Introverts often act as individualists. They do not follow the crowd. They prefer to be appreciated for their non-standard approach to life. They think for themselves and, therefore, often defy “normality.” They usually do not choose to do something just because it is fashionable or popular.

Dating as an Introvert: Main Tips

But what if you already know all of these things because you are in introvert? What should you know about healthy human relationships? If you are having certain issues and you want some helpful information on dating as an introvert, the following dating for introverts tips is just for you.

Be yourself

If you want to meet real women and establish serious relationships with them, then you have to be sincere with both yourself and your partner. Don’t try to be someone else, you won’t be as good at playing a role as you will be at being yourself in each and every single situation.

Don’t forget about dating sites

The most logical issue that an introvert may face is actual human interactions in real life. You have probably felt that at one point or another. But where to meet a woman if not at your friend’s parties and similar events? Well, there are lots of introvert dating sites to be found online in general, online dating is also a great option to meet someone and find a person that is close to you in spirit. Finding an introvert dating app will also not be a problem.

Don’t experiment

To minimize all of the stress of real-life dating and all the issues that come with it, don’t try to experiment when it comes to choosing the right establishment for a date, selecting an outfit, and trying to be more interesting to your partner. The end result of a relationship will be your partner’s acceptance of your true self, neither an image nor a gimmick that you are trying to establish.

Think about a date before it takes place

The upside of having a calm and introvert mind is that it is easier for you to predict the outcomes of human interactions and think a few steps ahead. Think of all the things you will be able to discuss with your partner, think of all the potential responses you may get in return. This is especially useful if you’ve already communicated with your partner via an introvert dating site, you should already know a thing or two about your partner.

Ask meaningful questions

Like we’ve already said, introverts like people that are honest, and they hate everything fake. People ask each other meaningless questions all the time, and they get nothing out of them, so don’t be afraid to control a conversation and start a meaningful discussion on a topic of your choosing.

Don’t try to impress a person

Just like with being yourself, don’t make it your main goal to impress someone, you are on a meeting with the president, you are not playing a character, you are being yourself and your goal should be to have a great time and establish a serious relationship with a partner that you will be happy with. Trying to impress a person is not the right goal to set for yourself. Now let’s look into some tips for dating an introvert.

Tips for Dating an Introvert

But what if you are not an introvert, what if you are dating a person that seems to reflect on all of the things mentioned above in their character? Well then, the following information will be just for you. It will be especially useful in the scenarios when an introvert dating an extrovert. Here are some tips for dating an introvert.

1. Silence is not a sign of alienation

The main character trait of an introvert, which is important to get used to, is a peculiar way of communication. They are silent. You will have to “lead” in a conversation, take an active role, which can sometimes be tiring. Usually, women consider that if a man does not ask more and more questions, does not joke and does not flirt, he is not passionate enough and interested in communication. In the case of an introvert, everything is completely different. They prefer to listen and speak little themselves, but their every word is worth its weight in gold. This is especially hard to get used to when an introvert dating extrovert, they might not jam together all that well.

2. Lack of conflict: what does it mean?

If you are dating an introvert, violent disputes and conflicts won’t be a thing for you. Oddly enough, this can be very difficult to get used to. Introverts almost never break out a fight over a disagreement, they need time to think. If you had something like a dispute (it is quite likely that only you were arguing with your silent partner), then do not be surprised if your partner gives you an answer in a few days, when you will already forget how it all began. If you want to resolve some disagreement, choose a peaceful and calm pattern of behavior. If you put pressure on your introvert partner, this will lead to distrust and alienate you from each other.

dating an introvert3. Introvert nightmare

Whether it's a noisy party with strangers or a meeting of old friends, an introvert is never in the spotlight and does not want to be there. It is important for you to realize that they can interact with other people, they are not necessarily sociopaths, even if they act just like them. They know how to communicate and love people, and they are not a sociopath at all. They simply do not need to spend much time at parties and other social events. If you like an introvert, you will have to feel sympathy for their favorite types of leisure: reading or watching movies at home. A spontaneous unplanned party is terrible stress for an introvert. Therefore, if you still really want to go somewhere with a partner, just warn them about an event in advance. They will have time to get mentally prepared for it, and they will feel much more comfortable.

4. Introverts need time for themselves

Introverts need solitude. So if you love an introvert, then learn not to take it personally. Loneliness alone with oneself, immobility in the absence of external stimuli, for an introvert it is a vital condition for regaining back their energy. Never belittle the importance of time for introverts, otherwise, an introvert will simply not be happy with you.

5. Honesty is their advantage

The great advantage of having an introvert as a partner is that you won’t face any surprises. Your partner will always be honest with you, talking about their thoughts and feelings. The attention of an introvert is fully focused on each person who is interested in them, whereas extroverts usually split up their attention – and, as a result, are sometimes superficial and insincere. So you should not be afraid that your partner is playing with you or cheating on you. Introverts are very picky in choosing a partner, and, usually, relationships with them are reliable and long-term.

6. You can't make an extrovert from an introvert

The most common mistake is trying to mold an introvert into a sociable person. Temperament, character, and method of communication will never change, you will just waste your time and effort, and you will inevitably be disappointed, “I loved them so much, but they never changed!” You can never change or “shake up” an introvert by asking them a thousand questions or telling them endless jokes. Most likely, in response, they will simply try to avoid you for some time to maintain internal balance. And even more so, it is not necessary to force your partner to adapt to your lifestyle, nothing good will come out of it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, temperaments differ, and an introvert may not always seem like a great fit in a company of people, at a party, or at any other social event. They enjoy solitude, and they don’t like it when people are dishonest with themselves and people they communicate with. However, it is not impossible to build a relationship with an introvert. Today we have discussed the common myths of dating an introvert girl, how should an introvert establish and maintain a relationship, and how to date an introvert. We hope that we’ve cleared up a few things for you

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18.02.2020 12:49
I'm an introvert too. I thought I'd never find my soulmate because I don't even like to leave the house. But on a dating site for introverts, I found her-my love. We've been together for 3 years.
06.05.2020 15:24
I don’t believe that there’s anything to the success of romantic relationships among them, you should not follow any made-up rules like “an extrovert man cannot coexist with an extrovert woman”, it Is just ridiculous. Everything is so subjective, everything depends on so many factors, preferences, characteristics, personal experiences, etc.

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