1. How to show love to someone
  2. Ways men show love and affection
  3. How to show your girlfriend you love her
  4. Words to show love
  5. Gifts that show love
  6. How to show love in a long distance relationship

Love is a wonderful and extremely powerful feeling. When there is somebody to love, you are in seventh heaven. Faithfulness, tenderness, passion, excitement, common interests, joy, and sorrow – all this is love. Feelings are diverse as well as their manifestation. There are a lot of different ways to show love. But sometimes it is not so easy for people to express their feelings. It happens that a person simply does not understand how great you love for him is. What is more, women are more susceptible to such uncertainty. So, we are going to tell you how to show love to your girlfriend and maintain a warm relationship with your loved one.

how to show love to your girlfriend

How to show love to someone

Find time for a person you love

No matter how busy you are, you should always find time for those you love. Perhaps you really have a lot of important things to do – your significant other may understand such busyness. But if you want to show your love, you should find at least 5 minutes to call your beloved. Demonstrate your concern and show much attention to your girlfriend. Women always crave more attention from their beloved men.

Listen to your loved one

This is the easiest way to express your love for someone without a word. Try to listen to your loved one closely, but do not rush to give advice and interrupt him. Even if he has already told you this story hundreds of times, listen to it again. After all, your beloved likes to talk about it.

Do good deeds

If you love someone, you want to do everything to make him happier. So make the life of your loved one a bit easier: take the garbage out, buy something he needs, wash the dishes, bring him breakfast in bed, etc. As they say: life is made up of little things. So cultivate kindness and give pleasure to each other!

Give spontaneous surprises

When you listen to a loved one carefully, you can find out what things can lift his mood or what he dreams about. After all, the longer people together, the more they lack novelty and freshness in their relationship. So, brighten up the everyday routine with spontaneous surprises.

Cook their favorite dish

You should not wait for a special occasion to delight your loved one with his favorite dish. Cook what he likes right now! Stand together in times of trouble It is natural for people to be wrong. Stand together with a loved one when he feels bad and needs your support. Never say something like "I-told-you-so", even if you warned him about possible consequences. It is better to say “We all learn from our mistakes and become stronger”. Then the partner will understand that you do not judge him but support. It is the best way to show love to someone.

Ways men show love and affection

Each person defines and perceives love in his own way. Men and women are different creatures. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult for the weaker sex to recognize the love of men. But actions speak louder than words. There are 10 ways of how men show love and affection.

how to show love to someone1. He sends pleasant messages during the day. This is a sign that he thinks about you during the day and wants you to know it.

2. He sacrifices something for you. If he can sacrifice a meeting with friends or colleagues for you, it shows that he loves you. Of course, in case it does not go to extremes.

3. He communicates with you. When a man shares his problems, feelings, and plans with you, it shows his respect and devotion to your relationship. He loves you, that is why he is ready to talk about everything.

4. He takes you to a meeting with his friends. It shows that he does not shy away from you. On the contrary, he feels good about your relationship.

5. He wants to help you. The best manifestation of love and care of a man is his desire to help his woman and willingness to solve her problems.

6. He supports you. If he is ready to stand by you in the hour of need and does not escape at the first difficulties, this is sure proof of his loyalty and love.

7. He does not condemn you. If a man loves you, he knows all your shortcomings and mistakes but does not criticize or condemn you. He accepts you as you are.

8. He pays you compliments. A loving man pays you compliments no matter how good or bad you look. At such moments, you realize that he loves you anyway.

9. He does not criticize your decisions. Everyone has his own thoughts and vision of a particular situation. If a man believes that it is possible to do something better then you have done it, he simply tactfully suggests discussing his point of view.

10. He hugs you and you feel his sincerity. Hugs of people in love are markedly different from the usual friendly hugs. If a man has strong feelings for you, then you feel his love in the sincere embrace.

How to show your girlfriend you love her

Women are timid and vulnerable creatures, men should treat the weaker sex like an expensive treasure – appreciate, protect, and care for them. Also, girls want to be reminded of your feelings with words and deeds. Everyone knows the saying that girls love with ears, and this is true. Every woman wishes to be the best for her chosen one and find confirmation of his love as often as possible.

How to please your beloved?

Pay her compliments more often. Ladies always fret over their appearance. Men love with eyes and they are the main judges of female beauty. So first of all, your girlfriend tries to look good for you. Therefore, pay compliments about her attractive appearance and do not forget to praise a new outfit or hairstyle.

Remind her of your love. Tell her that you appreciate her, why you love her, and that she is desired and very special for you. Try not to compare her with other women. Such words can hurt the self-esteem of any woman and arouse suspicion that you pay too much attention to others.

Behave gallantly. The times of gallant knights are long over. These noble men remain only on the pages of such novels as “Don Quixote”, “Ivanhoe”, or “Perceval”. Therefore, if you start to behave with a lady like a gallant gentleman, you will definitely surprise your beloved. Thus, you prove her that she is really dear to you. But at the same time, it is not necessary to study textbooks on the modern rules of etiquette or throw a jacket into a puddle so that your girlfriend can step on it, it is enough to behave with her as with a beloved woman. That is, you should treat her like a princess, open doors for her, set the chairs back in the restaurant, and offer her a hand.

Say "we". Women are romantic creatures. Your girlfriend will be happy to hear that you consider you two as a whole. It shows your confidence and serious intentions.

Do good things. It is better to do well than to say well. Since ancient times, knights have performed feats and good deeds for their ladies. Times have changed and courtship too, but the determination of a man and his desire to show affection are still highly valued by a woman.

Spend more time together. Watch your favorite movie, visit a theater, go out for a walk in the park, arrange a picnic, or go to a disco – there are lots of options to spend more time together, the main thing is to choose what she likes.

Present her flowers. Is it stereotyped? Perhaps it is, but such a gift is desired and very important for a woman. Flowers lift the mood for a long time. Moreover, it shows your affection and desire to do something pleasant for your lady.

Do not forget about romance. Sunset on the bank of the river, breakfast in bed, joint photos, handmade valentines, and romantic dinners – all these bright moments will remain in the memory of your girlfriend for a long time.

Support her. You should stand by your lady in the hour of need, support her, calm down, and inspire hope. She will feel confident knowing that you will never let her down and leave her in a difficult situation. It is one of the best tips on how to show love and affection to a girl.

Do something together. Common activities and interests always bring people closer. Do something together and it will strengthen your relationship.

Be kind. According to various surveys conducted among women, one of the most important qualities of any man is kindness. Therefore, you can show your love with the help of this quality. Moreover, you kindness should be demonstrated all the time and not only when you are alone with a girl you love. After all, it happens that a guy is nice only when he is alone with his beloved, but when they are together in the company of other people, the young man turns into a completely different person. Women do not like such men at all.

Words to show love

Everyone knows that men find it difficult to express their feelings in words. Some representatives of the stronger sex are sociable and outspoken, so they can find words to describe their love for a girl. But most men do not know how to show love with words. Therefore, we have prepared some useful phrases.

“I do not care what relationships you had in the past”

With this phrase, a man tells that he is focused on the present and future, and not on the past. It means that he is ready to forgive all your mistakes. He trusts you completely because he is sure that you love him. If he tells you such a phrase, then you are on the right track.

“The main thing that you feel good”

Also, the word "good" can be replaced with "comfortably". Another similar option is "The main thing that you like everything." It is also an indicative phrase. A man shows his priorities with such words. When a man takes care of his woman, it always emanates from the heart. If you have started the relationship not that long ago, such phrases should be told more and more often. If a man says it, he is already confident in his love and your relationship.

Also, this phrase can be replaced with "I want you to be pleased." It is often said during the "courtship" of a relationship when a man gives gifts and devotes all his time to a woman.

“You're so beautiful”

A man in love always tells this phrase – both at the earliest stages of the relationship and even after 20 years of life together. A man considers a woman he loves incredibly beautiful and wants to constantly remind her of it. If your beloved man admires you, not noticing or even extolling your shortcomings, then he really loves you.

how men show love and affectionGifts that show love

  • cuddly toy – no matter whether it is small or large, pink or green – any girl will appreciate such a sign of attention. This is an excellent gift for your girlfriend.
  • art book or book of poems. It is an inexpensive and elegant present for a girl who is passionate about creative work and literary writings.
  • a handbag, a cosmetic bag, a purse, or a jewel box. It is a reasonable and handy gift. The main thing is to identify what your girlfriend needs more.
  • beautiful underwear or bed linen. But be careful with such a choice. You should present beautiful underwear only if you know for sure the preferences of your girlfriend.
  • pets. In fact, this is a very sweet and original gift. But it must be given wisely. How? Only in case if your girlfriend has asked you for it directly! In other circumstances, you can be wrong about the choice of a family pet.

How to show love in a long distance relationship

The four secrets of a happy long distance relationship:

The joy of communication

It is one of the most popular ways of how people show love. Communicate with your partner by phone, Skype, or e-mail as often as possible. Try to exchange with each other not only important news but also talk about the little things, as if you are next to each other.

A sense of unity

Despite the fact that the personal development of the partners is a positive aspect of any relationship, sometimes it can go so far that you will never cross paths. So it is very important to develop some romantic, gentle, and funny rituals that are understandable only for you two and strive to maintain a sense of "we" – the feeling that you are a united body.

Resolve conflicts peacefully

Many couples, who have an opportunity to see each other only on weekends or even less often, are afraid to spend precious time on quarrels and disputes. However, conflicts are important for any relations, and a long-distance relationship is no exception. Avoid direct confrontation with your loved one, try to treat your quarrel constructively. Conflicts must be resolved, otherwise, there is a risk of their escalation and accumulation of discontent on the principle of a snowball. The ability to resolve conflicts constructively can make your relationship brighter and more stable.

Dream together

Discuss a common future with your partner. Long distance relationships require prospects, otherwise, sooner or later, one of you will wonder whether it is worth continuing this relationship. By discussing your common future, you provide trust and confidence in the relationship with your loved one.

Both partners should make considerable efforts to maintain a romantic relationship. We hope our advice will give you the strength and motivation to create a happy future with a beloved woman. Now you know how to show your girlfriend you love her. Try to look at the good side of life, follow our advice, and be happy!

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18.02.2020 12:39
Men, learn how to surprise your girls! In our time, there are so few men who can show their love by actions. A great article for everyone who believes that girls do not care about such little things!
04.05.2020 15:54
In my opinion, a man’s love should be manifested in his attitude to a girlfriend. After all, if a guy is truly in love, he will never allow himself to insult the beloved or be rude with her. On the contrary, the guy will be always there to help and support a woman he loves.

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