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All people, depending on psychological characteristics, are divided into two personality types: extrovert and introvert. Each type has its own behavioral pattern and characteristics of the direction of internal energy. You might think: what are the chances that such different people as an introvert and an extrovert can find a common language? And should an introvert date an extrovert at all? Still, very often, people who prefer solitude get on well with outgoing jokesters. And a person who can safely be called the epicenter of all the events goes crazy over a shy, timid partner. Differences in psychological types aren't an excuse to break up a relationship with a loved one. We will tell you about the relationship between introvert and extrovert, and give advice on how to overcome the difficulties that may arise. First of all, let's find out some of the particular qualities of extroverts and introverts.

Can an Introvert Date an Extrovert?


An extrovert is more interested in what is happening around him than inside of him, unlike an introvert. He easily gets acquainted with different people, loves communication and being in the highlight; almost can’t do without parties and a lot of friends.

However, there are different degrees of extraversion - someone immediately becomes an insider in society, and another needs some amount of time to get used to a new company.

The nature of the extrovert works for him - because of his extensive acquaintances, it’s easier to find a job and the adaptation to a new team is more rapid. Extraversion is often expressed in the craving for bright, beautiful clothes. Introverts first of all think about convenience and practicality. Extraverts like to adorn the world around them with various decorative details, listen to cheerful music. In their office there will be an additional armchair, a vase with sweets or fruit, and various electrical appliances in order to create the most comfortable atmosphere.

An extrovert has no idea of his inner world. Despite his active work, he often makes reckless and imprudent actions. He aspires to leadership and a certain status in society, but rewards are more important for him than real achievements. The initiative doesn’t frighten the extrovert, because he doesn’t think about the forthcoming consequences, since he is more frivolous and eye-wise than the introvert.

At its best, this type of person is optimistic and outgoing. Most often it’s the extroverts that become the life of the party, leaders and activists. At their worst, extroverts are rather arrogant and selfish. They deny everything that goes beyond their understanding.

An extrovert is a man of the crowd, and public opinion is often more important for him than his own, so in the eyes of others he looks like a temporizer. He puts his interests above everything else and therefore can easily step on another person.

On average, extroverts have higher self-esteem than introverts.


Introvert loves solitude, is more drawn to himself and tries not to show his true emotions. This doesn’t mean that the world around isn’t interesting to him, he just pays more attention to his inner world. The introvert looks at everything, taking it to the heart.

But don’t confuse this feature with egocentrism. The world of introvert is the world of his personal thoughts, feelings and emotions. He shrinks into himself to regain strength after the contact with society. The outside world brings him less joy and more trials. But his inward is a real shelter, where he is like a duck to water.

Can an Introvert Date an Extrovert?Introverts are calm, thoughtful, reasonable, and often slow. Ideally, they are balanced people who see the essence of things and don’t rush about the tops, as extroverts prefer.

In the worst, it’s a type of a swot or loser who can’t express his thoughts, dresses in untidy clothes (because he doesn’t care) and constantly have his head in the clouds. But being an introvert doesn’t mean being a loser.

In general, introverts are no worse than extroverts - all have their strengths and weaknesses. These people sometimes look at each other with bafflement and are constantly surprised that another person reacts to something in an unexpected for them way. As a result, difficulties arise between introverts and extroverts.

Introverts are safety-first people. Excess carefulness prevents them in the society of extroverts, where the winner is active, not smart.

Gender combinations in a relationship

A woman is an introvert, and a man is an extrovert.

Building a relationship in such a couple is simple if the man actively spends the day at work: there he draws energy and realizes the need for constant communication. At this time, a female introvert can do what she is interested in and be alone. Often, an active man provides for his family and organizes excellent leisure activities, helping the woman to relax. Conflicts can arise if the extrovert is too devoted to work, and the introvert devotes a lot of time to herself

After a hard day, a man and a woman can change roles: the extrovert wants peace and quiet, and the introvert wants communication. Therefore, it is still worth spending at least a couple of hours with each other at the end of the day. The best option is a daily dinner together.

The man is an introvert, and the woman is an extrovert.

In such a couple, much depends on the woman, because often it seems to her that the man is too infantile and soft. The extrovert thinks that the introvert is not capable of male actions, cannot solve problems and is constantly daydreaming

For a man, on the contrary, it seems that a woman is too emotional and sociable, especially if she prefers to spend free time with friends. Finding harmony in such a pair is difficult, but possible.

Introvert vs extrovert dating: who are they in relationships?

Many believe that the relationship between such different people as introverts and extroverts is impossible. But we can prove the contrary. Who are these people in relationships? There are some ways how they can enhance and improve the life of each other.


Extrovert can get the introvert out of his comfort zone

In fact, introverts tend to plunge into their own world. Often, they live their dreams but don’t dare to act. Especially, if it's about communication with people. To find a new job, get acquainted with a woman, complain about poor service - all this is too difficult for the introvert. An active and confident extrovert will always come to the rescue.

Introvert can tame the temper of the extrovert

Extroverts sometimes lose their countenance. This happens when they do something before they think. But introverts, tuned to reflection, also tend to notice all the important details in the actions of others. They easily notice mistakes in the words and deeds of other people and can gently talk about them.

Extrovert prompts the introvert to make the first step

Extroverts are used to interact with other people, and they have a great experience of communication. Therefore, they can set a good example for a shy introvert, or make it easier for him. For example, in the case of extrovert dating an introvert, the first one he can help the latter to get a job, give advice on how to talk to their superiors, or explain how to make a lot of friends on a new job.

Extrovert can take the introvert away from home

Dating an introvert when you are an extrovert can be sometimes very difficult, as introverts are concentrated on their inner life. In addition, they don’t like to go out very often. And besides, they may like walking out, but just one thought of leaving their native walls causes a sharp desire to sink under the blanket and hide there for a while. An active and friendly extrovert can inspire a partner to leave home.

Introvert can teach the extrovert to appreciate solitude

Introverts, as a rule, are well-read and erudite. They are used to find joy in the activities that have a repugnance for the noise and bustle. Therefore, they are priceless coaches in yoga and meditation, inspirers of creativity and judges of character. When an extrovert is overwhelmed by emotions or fatigue with active social life, no one can "keep silent" with him better than an introvert.

Tips for dating an extrovert

Dating an extrovert can be difficult, especially if you are their complete opposite and prefer quiet family evenings to noisy parties with friends. How to date an extrovert when you are an introvert? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a useful introvert's guide for dating an extrovert.

1. Constantly develop yourself Let's remind once again - a boring homebody doesn't make a good sense for an extrovert. A person, in the opinion of a typical extrovert, must be bright, enthusiastic and outgoing.

2. Choose the right moment to discuss the problems

Can an Introvert Date an Extrovert?

Do you need to discuss something important? Choose the right moment, proceeding not from your mood but from the mood and psycho-type of your partner. It's especially necessary to do this if you have to tell news or discuss some sensitive issues.

If your loved one is an extrovert, then you will need a lot of time for discussion. You can’t just say a few words and continue to do your own business, postponing the conversation for later. An extrovert wants to discuss everything as soon as possible. He will not give you time to think again. Therefore, consider everything in advance.

3. Stop whining

Of course, if something bad happens in the life of an extrovert, then soon all their inner circle will know about it. But the extrovert will never call whining the desire to share with someone their problems. It’s enough for them to let their negative emotions out once and everything is already fine. But the partner, relishing the details of all life's troubles, will really annoy the extrovert. Therefore, forget the habit of constantly complaining about your meaningless existence - the extrovert will escape from you after the next "everything is very bad." It’s especially true for dating an extrovert woman.

4. Don’t be a stay-at-home

An extrovert simply needs to be among people. Such a person will ask you out to the cinema, all kinds of exhibitions, parties and other events. No, it isn’t that they don’t want to be alone with you, just such a pastime will quickly bore them. It’s one of the most important tips for dating an extrovert.

5. Appreciate the strengths of your partner

Remember: the influence of your significant other makes you better. You are enriched as a person. If you are an introvert, think, would you have so many wonderful acquaintances if your favorite extrovert didn’t take you out from time to time? Surely, thanks to the union introvert dating extrovert the former has a lot of new friends. Perhaps you have also developed your communication skills and now you are less embarrassed about other people. And the resolution, outspokenness, spontaneity, and charm of extroverts can’t help but delight.

6. Don’t try to readjust each other

It’s very important advice on how to date an extrovert. Your differences are an advantage that you can use to develop your relationship. Yes, sometimes it can be difficult for you to achieve mutual understanding, but you will never be bored with each other.

Can an introvert-extrovert relationship work?

Despite the fact that introverts and extroverts have different characters, such people fall in love with each other and try to build relationships.

It isn’t so easy to do this, because there is a constant struggle of temperaments. Although, psychologists say that introverts and extroverts create the most harmonious couples. It’s important only to find compromises in the relationship.

Conflicts arise in any couple, so there is no guarantee that the two extroverts or two introverts will be happy with each other. For people with the opposite temperaments, it’s easier to find a common language and learn something from each other.

So yes, an introvert-extrovert relationship can work, it’s only necessary to fight for your love and happiness.

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18.02.2020 11:41
I think these couples are the strongest because they give each other what they themselves lack.
06.05.2020 14:45
I don’t personally believe you should establish certain rules for how a relationship between an introvert and an extrovert can work out, there are so many factors that go into it, so many personal characteristics and preferences, it would be idiotic to assume that it is better for an introvert man to date an introvert woman, as you can meet an energetic woman that likes her men calm and silent.

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