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The universe of relationship help books is nearly endless and varied a lot, ranging from best relationship books known basically everywhere to those that are pretty much controversial and even embarrassing, but, no doubt, all of them can be genuinely helpful. The thing is, there is so much diversity that, in fact, it can sometimes be really hard to choose one that would fit into the latter camp, let alone those relationship advice books that will be helpful for you in every situation, at the stage of romantic relations, dating, or commitment.

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Most of us who got divorced or are actively searching for the other half actually want to get into a new fresh relationship. And while some might dive directly into a new love adventure, barely pausing for breath, many others prefer to take their sweet personal time about the point, waiting until they grow completely ready for a new start.

The period after a breakup or one when you’re not yet engaged in a relationship is a perfect time for a bit of debriefing with some trusted people. Moreover, it is also a great pause to embrace some self-reflection about what exactly you are looking for in a romantic relationship. And such self-reflection usually includes reading up some good relationship books on love and commitment to make absolutely sure you get wiser and better equipped for an ultimate relationship success.

So, if you’re searching for some utterly effective tips on how to make your future relationship the best one, be sure to arm yourself with one of the best-selling relationship books listed below. We guarantee your next lover will certainly thank you for it!

Best relationship books for men

Lots of guys out there are caught pretty much embarrassed about reading any kind of relationship books or self-help literature in general. But, in reality, you should not be. You may agree that nobody is born with the wisdom needed for a life when trying to make a romantic relationship work. And there’s actually nothing wrong about seeking help from outside to improve your own relationship. In point of fact, we all go through those times in our lives when we are literally forced to stumble around helplessly, asking ourselves what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like.

It is pretty much true that there is quite a number of terrible self-help relationship books. Most of them are sappy marriage works and often poorly-edited compilations of bizarre and pointless tips. However, truly effective relationship books provide a real insight. While working on the article, we’ve encountered a whole bunch of those and actually did our best to weed out all the nonsense, so you can consider the greater deal of work done. So, here are some of the genuinely best books about romantic relationships.

1. “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John Gray

You know, there’s always that cliché concerning relationship books. Still, there is also a solid reason why this particular one is among the best sellers when speaking of the romantic literature. Although the book may consist of generalities about genders that aren’t really necessarily true in all cases, the work’s central thesis is entirely reasonable — stating that both men and women are totally different and that you can have a happy relationship only if you acknowledge all those differences and learn to work with them. This one is also one of the best relationship books for couples.

good relationship books2. “Difficult Conversations” by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Heen

Sometimes, the best book on love and relationships is not exclusively about romance. In this case, this very book focuses on communication in general — particularly on how to efficiently resolve various life situations of conflict comfortably for both partners. The book grants you a huge skill that will help you in every aspect of love in your life, still it can be especially consequential during a dating stage. Its authors tend to claim that one of the key parts of a healthy and durable relationship is the ability to fight effectively: both you and your wonderful dream significant other are definitely going to piss one another off eventually, thus you’d better try to learn how to do it in a totally healthy way.

3. “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

Unfortunately, quite a number of men are still pretty complicated in terms of what can make them feel loved and appreciated. This example of best relationship help books can assist you in tackling this question. It can help you identify what sort of love your woman needs and what her love language is, so it can definitely help you communicate in the girl’s language if it happens to be “foreign” to you. In addition, if your lover is telling you she doesn’t feel appreciated despite all your efforts to be appreciative, this one makes an ideal pick for you.

Top relationship books for women

If there is one category of relationship help books to contain literally a flood of authors in it, it would surely have to be books on relationships and dating for women and it actually makes sense as well. The dating world has never been even more difficult than in the recent years, and truth be told, every girl should use as much advice as possible. Absolutely needless to say: if you want to avoid the waste of your own time, you may as well choose one of the books many experts tend to rely on when hitting the romantic dating scene. And here you got our top picks, based on the opinions of people studying the nature of relationships for a living.

1. “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” by Steve Harvey

The point is, the author gives ladies a true-to-life look inside a typical man’s brain. So, if you have ever wondered what he thinks about you, or why so many dudes act the way they do, the book is a must-read. Harvey is here to tell you everything (or the bigger part) you need to know. Admittedly, Harvey is absolutely right when he states the fact that males and females are plain different. With all being said, women who are pretty sick of playing “an average girl’s role” in modern society might actually end up getting seriously mad reading the stuff.

2. “Make Every Man Want You” by Marie Forleo

Having a hard time attracting males? Of course, every woman has been there. In this way, make sure to get this dating advice book for single women who are done with not getting the men’s attention they deserve on the dating scene. Marie Forleo’s study will not only get you every single guy out there, but she will help you finally attract the right man of your particular type. In a nutshell, her “cure” for the dating depression is here to cultivate yourself into a person and a woman everybody would wish to date as well as to focus on living an attractive life as a couple.

3. “All the Rules” by Ellen Fein

All the Rules by Ellen Fein is actually an extended version of one of the best-selling dating books for single females to ever hit the store shelves, and, accordingly, it is one of the better self-help books to go and purchase. Fein’s work basically outlines what women keep doing that makes them unattractive to males, and the author explains how a woman can avoid the issues from cropping up in the future.

All in all, if you need an ultimate guide that could teach you how to draw guys and, most importantly, keep them interested for a longer time, this one got your back. Anyway, some may find “All the Rules” a bit old-fashioned. And if you are not the type of person to stand by the old-fashioned rules, you won’t possibly enjoy the work. Still, this book is definitely worth to be featured in our list.

Long distance relationship books for couples

There just must be something all-inclusive for everyone out here. No doubt, there are pieces of literature about long distance romantic relations, relationship self-help books, romance memoirs, novels, adult literature, all kinds of non-fiction titles available in every book store. There are even novels that are partly comic. Most (yet not all) of those books appear to feature a common topic - long distance relationships.

relationship books for couples to read togetherAnd regarding best long distance relationship books for couples to read together, you can get something nice and helpful out of reading any of those novels and works mentioned here. However, you will get even more if you manage to read the book with your partner and then discuss it.

1. “The Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide” by Chris Bell and Kate Brauer-Bell

The book tends to outline eight most essential skills for a couple’s relationship success. The authors go into some detail on different healthy communication strategies, coming up with case studies, examples, and practical pieces of advice concerning sensitive topics to have place in long distance romantic relations.

2. “Love At The Speed Of Email” by Lisa McKay

The award-winning romance memoir by Lisa McKay tells the story of many humorous misadventures within long-distance love relationships. This book is a real manual on how to get a handle on the true meaning of “home” and what it usually takes to commit to a definite place and a person.

3. “Tell Me Honey: 2000 Questions for Couples” by Vikram Chandiramani

Now this book is a real giant, comprising 2000 questions you need to ask your romantic partner. According to the book, the most common fear to appear in a long-distance relationship is falling apart and experiencing that emotional disconnect. The writer affirms that phone conversations have become too trivial, killing the spark between the two loving souls. Their conversations are simply predictable and become less and less frequent. The book keeps your conversations interesting with a number of questions across 75 topics to hold the sway over your significant other even if they are thousands of miles away.

4. “Loving your Long Distance Relationship” by Stephen Blake

Stephen Blake’s work can be found both in paperback and audio-book variants, with an audio-book version being a great choice for those people who’d like to avoid all the inconveniences that come with reading. This book does not claim to suggest some sort of psychological assistance or any expert guidelines on how to make a long distance type of relationship last. But, rather it explores the deep emotional state most long distance partners are trapped within. Using the writer’s own unique perspective, born out by his personal experience, the readers can receive some practical tips on coping with saying goodbye over and over again, find out the key method of preventing arguments via phone calls and messages and get quite a useful info on how long-distance relationships affect both men and women in addition to the warning signs your relationship might be ending.

One thing you have to remember before we wrap this up is that you can read all the books about relationships in the world and act like that’s it, the job is done, your relationship is now fixed and you will live happily ever after. It’s about the amount of information that you get from them and the way you use it – that’s what the future of your romantic relationships is about, using the new obtained knowledge and being dedicated to working on your union is the key. It’s goes something like this, you know your initial position, the way things are, and you know about the problems you have in your relationship, and you know where the road should end, what you want to achieve, yet you don’t know the road. And the new knowledge will serve as a map, there are plenty of ways to choose, and all of the work is up to you, nothing can be accomplished by inactivity, by just wanting change and not being committed to actual changes. And that is the main message that should be taken away from this. Not books matter, but rather what is inside of these books.

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