1. What to Do on a First Date?
  2. What Not to Do on a First Date?
  3. What to Do After a First Date?
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A date is an exciting experience that can be the beginning of a wonderful romantic relationship, so it is very important to make a positive impression in the process. If a girl you have asked out is really dear to you, then the desire to impress her should come first. Our tips will help you understand how to behave in order to maximize the favor of your chosen one. So, what to do on a date?

what to do for a date

What to Do on a First Date?

The first date is an opportunity to spend time in a quiet, calm, relaxing atmosphere, talk on interesting topics, learn more about a girl and continue the communication further. The first impression and the decision to continue depends on how the first date will take place, no matter where it is – in the cinema, on the street or in your home.

Where to Go?

Amusement park. What to do on a first date with a girl? First of all, you can have fun. An amusement park is a great place for a first date. There are many attractions around, cotton candy, and you can win toys for your lady (girls like such things). The first date shouldn’t be boring, and in the amusement park, there is no time to be bored. How can you get bored when there is so much fun? Roller coasters, a room of horror, a lot of different competitions and contests, and after all this, you can ride the Ferris wheel, enjoy a magnificent view of the city, and share your impressions.

Zoo or botanical garden. Most people haven’t been in the zoo for a long time. So, answering the question of what to do on your first date, you can go to this place with a girl. She will definitely see many new and interesting things. In the botanical garden, there is beautiful nature. You can walk and find a place where you can sit down to relax and talk. You will have something to discuss and learn more about each other. In such a place, both of you will feel free and relaxed.

Culinary date. They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But in some cases, it applies to women as well. So, this is a perfect opportunity to explore culinary or chocolate festivals, excursions or exhibition shows, where many culinary specialists offer free tastings. Then you can turn on imagination and decide what to do after such a dinner date.

Museum. This is a very unusual place for a first date. However, you need to be sure that you will not be bored to death. There are many different museums and art exhibitions or galleries. The main thing that a girl feels interesting. If your loved one is interested in painting or just loves everything new and extraordinary, then a museum or some exhibition is a wonderful choice. After the excursion, you can drink a cup of coffee and discuss what you have seen.

Skating rink. Winter is a good option for such a date. This is a great choice if you both know how to skate. It will not be very fun if you stick to the walls of the skating rink or fall every 5 minutes. You don’t want to finish the first date in the hospital, do you?

Football. It is interesting and fun even if both of you can’t play this game. On the contrary, it will give more impressions, and you will definitely not be bored. And if your loved one smiles and has fun, what else is needed for happiness?

what to do after a first dateCafe or bar. What to do on a first date? Go to the cafe. This is the most optimal place. Relaxing atmosphere, a cup of hot tea or coffee, and a dear person is next to you. In the cafe, you can relax and enjoy communication.

Boat ride. Imagine you and a girl in a boat on a lake or a river when nobody bothers you. In such a calm and relaxed atmosphere, you will feel very cool and behave naturally. And this is very important. There is no need to try to pretend to be someone: you can be in front of each other as you are.

Cycling. Summer is the perfect season for organizing active dates. Cycling along the river or in the park is a great way for such a date. If you don’t have your own bikes, you can rent them. Such date will allow both of you to see the picturesque landscapes while enjoying each other’s company.

How to Behave?

Bring flowers. What to do for a first date? Prepare flowers for a girl. When you come to a date with flowers, you will score points. It is not necessary to give roses – cute wildflowers can also make her eyes sparkle because the priority here is a sign of attention, not the amount of money spent.

Try to talk on neutral topics. Don’t touch too personal things. If you see that talking about something is not entirely pleasant to her, stop it. An awkward pause can be replaced with a joke. Also, anecdotes are a good way to lift the mood. Learn about her interests in a particular area. Don’t forget to talk about your preferences as well as don’t get carried away because a man who speaks about himself for hours will not cause delight in a lady. Also, try not to interrupt her. And the most important thing is that your past relationships shouldn’t be discussed.

Behave confidently and naturally. Remember about gallantry. Girls prefer gentlemen. So, what to do for a date? The best thing to do is to be yourself. You will have to take your masks off if you want to continue this evening in the form of a serious relationship. Also, don’t hurry the events (it is possible that you will be overwhelmed by passion on the first evening, but control yourself).

What Not to Do on a First Date?

In the matter of dating, it is very important to start it correctly: a good impression on the first date is a guarantee of a second date. There are many tips on how to behave at the first meeting with a new partner, but you should beware of common mistakes, which means you need to know how NOT to behave.

Don’t be too serious about what is happening. What not to do on a first date? First of all, don’t take the first date too seriously. Don’t think that everything will go exactly as you planned, and don’t be afraid of deviations from the plan. Such a serious attitude can confuse a partner. Just take it easy and with humor!

Don’t show off. Of course, we like ourselves, and here is another reason – a date with a person who is interested in us! How can you not boast? And yet, don’t do this. Listing your achievements, you risk not even completing the first date (not to mention the chances for a second one). Let your girl understand how good you are.

Don’t talk about photos you saw on social networks. Yes, we all do it before the first date – we are looking for the person with whom we will meet on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, it is more than strange to talk about it on the first date.

Don’t talk about your past relationships. Avoid any talk about past relationships and partners, especially in a negative way. People judge us by how we behave in a relationship, according to our stories about the past. This can sometimes be misleading, but it usually works. While you are not asked about your past, don’t even try to start talking about it.

Don’t constantly look into your phone. Are you bored? Does your partner bother you? Can someone be more important to you at such a moment? It is just rude to dig in the phone on a date. Yes, in our time, obsessed with technology, it is permissible to sometimes check gadgets, but calling or chatting with someone all the time is impolite. Avoid such behavior in all possible ways.

Don’t demonstrate your weaknesses. Sometimes it is pleasant to allow yourself to be vulnerable and gentle, but on the first date, it will rather scare a woman off than attract her. Leave the problems of life until the moment when a relationship between you becomes closer.

Don’t lie. What do you do on a first date? Most likely, you want to seem better than you are. But you must be honest! Honesty and sincerity will never spoil a date, especially if you are going to continue a relationship. Even if you consider yourself “not interesting enough,” never lie in order to look more successful, strong or attractive!

what do you do on a dateDon’t be rude. Even if you understand that you don’t like a woman, don’t say the words “let’s stay friends!” Just let it run its course. Enjoy the moment. You can stop this game at any time. The main thing is not to finish the date before it starts!

Don’t immediately invite a girl to your home. It doesn’t matter where you met a person with whom you spend time – in a club, on a dating site or in a bar, don’t utter the phrase “let’s go to my place” on the first date, even if you really don’t want to end it. The sexual overtones of the phrase are too obvious here.

What to Do After a First Date?

Did you manage to interest a beautiful girl and have a successful date with her? If yes, then we congratulate you. The foundation for creating your future family has already been laid. Now it remains to find out what to do after a first date. Of course, you will have to do something in order not to disappoint your girlfriend.

Many men do the following mistakes: after taking a girl home, they kiss her and then ask to meet again in two days. Or there is another option: after a date, they immediately call girls and talk about the second date. No matter how it looks, it is undesirable to do that since a man has not sufficiently fueled the interest of a girl to further communicate with him. And this is fraught with the fact that further relations with the girl will develop not quite as you would like.

After you returned home from a date, try to remember some awkward moment when a girl was acting weird. For example, she was embarrassed to make eye contact. Reflect this in your message for her. But write her something like, “I wonder, do you always look away, not wanting to make eye contact?” Such a question would raise her doubts: did you like her? Did the date go as smoothly as she thought? Will you continue to meet?

Of course, she will respond to your message. But don’t rush to answer her. It is necessary to pause to keep the intrigue. In addition, this step is necessary to somewhat cool her ardor and lower her self-esteem. This applies to beautiful and self-confident girls. If you meet a girl whose self-esteem is low, then don’t do this, otherwise, she will completely close herself off. In general, it should be clear how to behave: as for a beautiful and proud girl, you should lower her self-esteem a little, and as for a shy girl, encourage her, make compliments, and increase her self-esteem to the desired level.

Other Tips

The main thing is not to pretend. You must get to know each other in order to understand whether you are fit together or not. The most important thing is to be yourself. You should not spend too much money on a first date. Girls regard this gesture as selfish, or they think that you are trying to buy their attention, but it never works. Buy her an ice cream, that's fine. If you go shopping asking “Do you want this?” When she points to any thing, this is a bad idea. You will still have time to buy her a present.

Do not forget about the compliments, but do not overdo them. It will be enough to make one or two compliments at a meeting. Try to keep the conversation going. The enemy of any date is dead silence. If necessary, practice in front of the mirror. Do not be shy. Remember that there are girls who behave arrogantly. If she is not like that, she will not constantly talk about herself, exchange messages with her friends and will not be rude. If a girl behaves this way, do not waste your time on her. When talking, do not forget about eye contact. But remember that this is not a competition who will review whom.

And the last thing – after a girl responds to your message, wait for about half a day and then call her. But don’t say that everything went great, and you want to meet her again. She must want it too. But in order to achieve this, you need to keep the intrigue, be unpredictable, so that it will also be interesting to you. Communicate with her as usual, don’t show that you are crazy about her so that a girl doesn’t think that she does a favor by going on a date with you. If you do everything right, the question of what to do on a second date will not arise.

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18.02.2020 12:18
I've never been took a girl to watch a football game. I guess I should try it. It's so exciting.
18.02.2020 12:20
I've never took a girl to watch a football game. I guess I should try it. It's so exciting.
05.05.2020 16:28
Here’s a thing, they always say that you have to be yourself and thus, everything will be fine this way. But I believe that being yourself can be quite boring, you have to at least try to present yourself in an interesting way, tell some interesting stories and focus on the positive aspects of your character in order to make a good first impression.

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