1. What is love at first sight?
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Is there such a thing as love at first sight? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in its attitude towards love at first sight, humanity is divided into two categories: some believe that true love at first sight exists, others are firmly confirmed that this is a mere fable.

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The first, as a rule, have learned love at first sight to their cost and describe this incredible feeling like a stroke of lightning. The second, who haven’t yet experienced anything like this, say that firstly, you need to know a person - ideally, eat a peck of salt with him, and then, if he turns out to be worthy, you can fall in love with him. Who is right? Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? And is there such a thing as love at first sight or is it just a fiction of romantic poets? Incredible as it may seem, both are right.

This is a fact established by scientists: it takes only 30 seconds for a person to fall in love. During this time we manage to evaluate all the factors that are important for us in the person of the opposite sex. And these factors aren’t only physical - the figure, height, and hair color but also moral - the mind, wit, sincerity and frankness, or, conversely, secretiveness and inaccessibility. So judging from this, love always happens only at first sight.

What is love at first sight?

Psychologists don’t separate love at first sight from any other. However, experts are sure: this feeling fundamentally improves life, increases efficiency, physical activity and even is able to change the biochemical composition of blood.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Admit it, most of you, recalling your "life meetings", remember that special premonition, which appeared already in the first minutes of acquaintance with a person. The premonition that it’s with this person that something will twist your fortune, a feeling as if you met an old friend whom you haven’t seen for a hundred years. You felt drawn to them by an unknown and incomprehensible force, and the whole world accompanied you to be together.

The question arises: why among the thousands of people you met on your way, this person has left such an indelible impression on you? From the first meeting with them, your body seemed to get a shake, your heart was beating wildly, and the soul found an incomprehensible joy. There are quite a few versions on this subject. Physiologists explain this phenomenon through the action of pheromones - the special substances released by a person to attract the opposite sex. They don’t smell but affect certain receptors, cause strong emotions and sexual attraction.

Scientists Michael Lebovitz, the author of The Chemistry of Love, and Anthony Walsh, the author of The Science of Love, explain such feelings with an abrupt release of neurotransmitters, substances that interact with our brain cells. In this case, the main role is played by phenylethylamine, which is concentrated in the amygdale. It is similar in composition to amphetamines, acts as a drug, and causes euphoria. A powerful flow of emotions changes the perception of lovers and can rock their worlds. They fly high as if caught in a whirlwind, passing all the usual stages in the development of relations: it seems to them that they have always known and loved each other.

Anthropologists believe that love at first sight is a literal meaning. It's about the eyes, or rather, the contact with the eyes of another person. They believe that this is an instinct that we inherited from animals. The close gaze of an animal forces him to take a fighting stance and sends an impulse to the brain zone responsible for the action - to approach or to leave. Such a shake is perceived by people as love. Scientists carried out a research, where they offered men and women to maintain eye contact during the conversation with varying degrees of intensity. It turned out that a long look increased the feeling of love and inspired confidence in the partner.

If the person who you like looks at you intently, you respond in kind. As a result, love arises. And if you don’t like this person, then you just look away and don’t feel anything for them.

Part of psychologists, Freud's followers, believe that the first and bright love appears in childhood - it's the love for the father or mother. And after becoming adults, women look for a man similar to their father, and men respectively search for a woman like their mother. Therefore, if you were in harmony with your father, then when you meet a man who looks like him outwardly or in details, you can suddenly get a wave of "love at first sight". Or vice versa, if there was a conflict with the father, then a woman looks for a man like him to finish the dialogue and prove that she is better than he thought about her.

According to another version, a woman unconsciously looks for a man who looks like a person who once left an indelible impression of himself. It could be a neighbor boy, a guy with whom she had a first love or the first man in her life. Sexologists came up with a term describing this phenomenon - the "topography of love." As if the notches of pleasure and pain that remain in our heart.

Therefore, when we meet a person who is similar to the one who gave us joy or despair, we immediately fall in love - in spite of all logic.

When a woman is single for a long time or surrounded by "wrong" men: a low level of education, lack of morality, etc., she creates the ideal image of her chosen one. And when she meets a man who is at least a bit matches this image, she begins to experience feelings of love for him.

Sometimes people fall in love in response to someone's feelings. If you are loved, you feel good and have a lot of healthy energy. And in return, you are ready to respond in kind to the person who managed to raise your self-esteem so much!

People who are fond of mysticism are sure that there are couples who have a karmic connection, which means that they will meet in a new life. This can be attributed to once separated lovers, or enemies who didn’t forgive one another. Meeting in a new life, they continue the unfinished dialogue.

The statistical probability of love at first sight

It may seem that women by nature are more romantic and sensitive and much more susceptible to romantic feelings. However, this is not so. Another study of foreign sociologists has shown that men, unlike women, lose their head much easier, are more romantic and can fall in love from the very first sight more often than women.

They conducted a survey in which 25 percent of the men admitted that they have fallen in love from the very first moment when they saw the woman. Another 29 percent said that they began to fall in love after the first meeting with a new girl. But among the fairer sex, only 20 percent told that they fell in love with a man during the first meeting with him. And only every third lady told that she liked a man on the first date.

According to the experts, this is because the feeling of love for the opposite sex arises in men and women in different areas of the brain: men fall in love with their eyes, and therefore they just have to look at a woman to fall in love. But women are more concerned about the inner world of potential partners, and it takes them quite a lot of time to evaluate a man. Women are more practical and, before choosing a partner, they ask themselves whether he will be a good father, whether he will be able to protect her and the children. Comparing the age limits of the respondents, the scientists came to the conclusion that the older the person, the more likely he or she is to fall in love at first sight. It’s an awesome discovery! As it turned out, about 45% of people aged 18 to 24 can meet their soul mate in such a way, but by 65 years this percentage is increased up to 62%.

Love at first sight signs

Don’t worry if you don’t know what love at first sight feels like. Everyone should experience this light feeling at least once in a lifetime. We will share with you 8 sure signs of love at first sight.

You feel very nervous

When you fall in love with someone, your instincts don’t allow you to sleep or eat properly. It's like an exam that you have to sit. Nervousness is a mixture of happiness, fear of being rejected, anxiety because of a desire to make a good first impression, and pressure to attract attention.

If after the first meeting you have a feeling of unreasonable nervousness and are drenched in sweat at the only thought about a person, these are signs of love at first sight. You behave this way because you are afraid of losing someone you have just fallen in love with.

1. The feeling that you have known each other for decades

You have just met a person and started to communicate, but it feels like you had known him or her for a long time or as if you had already met somewhere before. In other words, there is a strong emotional connection between you. You don’t have the feeling that there is a stranger in front of you, whom you still need to learn better.

2. You have a strong desire to speak with this person

This can be particularly noticeable if you are usually a calm, shy person who is never the first to start a conversation with the opposite sex. You have an irresistible desire or a subconscious aspiration to start a conversation with a person you like. In this case, you want to talk with them as long as possible.

3. They differ from the image of your suppositional beloved

Every person has a type of people that they like. Someone may like muscular-looking people, others - a "bad guy", a military man, an artist, a botanist, a slender girl or a fat woman. And if you have noticed that although this person is different from your suppositional image, but you are attracted to them by an irresistible force, then this can be love at first sight. After all, not always a loved one matches an image painted in the mind. In most cases, the opposite is true.

4. You want to get to know each other better

It has no sexual innuendo. At the appearance of sympathy or heart craving, you want to know more about the personality, not the body. You have a desire to find out about their childhood, hobbies, plans, attitude to the opposite sex and whether there is a chance to please them.

5. You find this person really attractive

This is love at first sight even if the person is far from being beautiful, but you like the way they look. In your eyes, they appear the most handsome, beautiful, and sexy.

6. You begin to visualize your future with them

If this is really love at first sight, you most likely begin to visualize your future with this person. You start dreaming of a meeting, relationships, and dates. Or imagine how you buy your own house, and maybe even start a family. You become so confident in the future of your sudden love attraction that it seems to you already a fait accompli.

7. You feel that this is your person

No one can tell you whom to love. If you fell in love with someone at first sight, then you simply won’t feel any doubts about your feelings, although you have just met. It's like an invisible magnetic attraction, that it isn’t possible to escape.

To sum up, of course, falling in love at first sight is really possible. When the moment comes, you will understand that you have met the right person.

What's the Difference Between Falling in Love and Having a Crush?

How to recognize the state of falling in love? Is it when someone gives you butterflies? How to understand that you love a person and are ready to live with them for a lifetime, supporting and caring, sharing joys and sorrows? Yes, you can really have a crush at first sight. Many people face a situation when you meet a person, pay attention to their appearance, facial expressions, voice timbre. You feel somehow uncomfortable. You feel butterflies in the stomach, and a feeling of shyness and self-doubt appears. You like everything in a person. Besides, you feel an inexplicable attraction to them. This is about having a crush — a “chemical” attachment, a feeling that arises at the level of hormones and the subconscious.

Having a crush, we do not think about the soul of a person, their interests, and the possibility of living together. We cannot even imagine that they have shortcomings. Moreover, we are fascinated, inspired, as if enchanted by love spells. And so, in the process of further communication with the beloved one, the next stage begins, in which two options are possible. You fall in love or break up. This is one of the reasons why love is different from having a crush. So, to make sure there is true love between you, one should be together for years.

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18.02.2020 11:54
I'm sure there is love at first sight. I'm proof of that! When I saw her, I knew that she would be my wife. And so it happened. I don't need anyone else!
05.05.2020 15:26
Well, everyone has their own opinion on this matter. Some believe that love at first sight exists, and some that it does not. For example, I believe that you cannot fall in love at first sight. Sympathy is possible, but you fall in love when you find out about their drawbacks and advantages and decide to stay together no matter what.

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