1. The History of Golf
  2. Why Is Golf Considered an Elite Sport?
  3. Top 25 Hot Women Golfers of All Time

Many people think that only retirees play golf because they are not capable of anything else. They walk with difficulty, move around the field on electric cars, just drink whiskey and smoke cigars. Also, it is widely believed that golf is an exclusively male game. There is even humorous decoding of the word GOLF: Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. Is it so? Of course, it is not! The “rules of the game” have changed. Just look at how many hot golfers women there are! You don’t even need to meet ladies online. They are in our rating.

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The History of Golf

The exact date of the creation of golf is not known, but it is believed that it was invented by Scottish shepherds who tried to roll stones with their staffs into the rabbit holes. Although many historians do not agree with this, there is an opinion that golf originated in the Roman Empire and this game was played with bent sticks and with a ball full of feathers. According to other theories, golf appeared in China during the reign of the Ming Dynasty, this is evidenced by a scroll with the image of an emperor who is trying to put the ball into a hole with something like a club. However, modern golf comes from Scotland. The first mention of the game is the 1457 decree of the King of Scotland, James II, on the prohibition of golf, as it distracted archers from training. There, rules and a system with 18 holes on the field were invented. In 1900, golf was first included in the program of the Olympic Games in Paris (France).

Why Is Golf Considered an Elite Sport?

Golf is a sport that is becoming more and more popular in the world. Golf originated in Scotland but became the most popular in the United States. Here it is considered a noble sport, which often has the prerogative of wealthy people. You might have seen more than once how famous people play golf in movies, news, on the Internet. It is believed that playing such a game, they have a good time and make new acquaintances, conduct business discussions, important transactions, and so on.

There is an opinion that golf is a sport of the elite. What is its feature? The thing is that in order to play it, high costs are required. Golf clubs have a price tag of at least $2000; there are expensive prices for special shoes, girls golf outfit, and other necessary accessories. The design and construction of a golf course can amount to more than $100.000. The cost of land significantly increases the amount. This leads to high rental prices, as well as membership fees in sports clubs. Only wealthy golf lovers can afford such waste.

Top 25 Hot Women Golfers of All Time

There are a lot of women among golf professionals, and they are truly beautiful. Some of them are so gorgeous that they can easily be represented as famous models or popular actresses. So, look at these 25 female golfers from around the world.

But before you start admiring these beauties, maybe you want to know signs she is using you?

1. Blair O’Neal

Blair's career started at the age of 13. In January 2004, Blair became a professional, and since then she has been performing regularly on the West Coast of the United States. The athlete devotes free time to the modeling business, which is not surprising with such a hot appearance.

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2. Sophie Horn

For the British golfer Sophie Horn, golf seems to be far from the main occupation. The fitness trainer didn’t win laurels as a golfer, however, she starred for a huge number of glossy magazines, where she was presented just like a sexy golfer. So, many champions can envy her popularity.

3. Sydnee Michaels

This girl is one of the best professional women golfers in the world. But no one can argue with the fact that she is simultaneously one of the most beautiful girls of this list of sportswomen. A nice body, beautiful hair, and a bewitching smile… What else does she need to attract all the men of the planet?

4. Maria Verchenova

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She was the only representative of Russia at the Olympic golf tournament in 2016. In Rio, Maria took 16th place, but on the final day of the competition, Verchenova managed to get into the hole from a distance of 142 meters with one blow. That was amazing! That is why she is in top women golf players.

5. Holly Sonders

Holly Sonders (aka Holly Niederkohr) is an American golfer who has become a sports announcer from Marysville, Ohio. Saunders acts as one of the main commentators on the coverage of the FOX Sports United States Association events and participates as a reporter for a number of NFL games. Since then, she has become one of the most recognizable television characters in golf.

6. Paige Spiranac

Paige is not only one of the sexy golf girls, but she is also known as one of the most beautiful athletes. She prefers to put on provocative dresses on the field, and that is why she is always in the top ten beautiful women golfers. She is also a wonderful gymnast, and her worldwide popularity is confirmed by the fact that her Instagram page has more than a million followers.

7. Belen Moso

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This is another American athlete playing golf since 8. Belen has not been able to take any outstanding awards yet, but she became famous for a very beautiful shoot for the Body Issue calendar, after which she received an offer to become an ambassador for the prestigious watch brand Audemars Piguet.

8. Christy Yun

Christie is not only a female golfer but also a famous fashion designer. So, she is one of the top ten hot golfers in the world and the creator of cutest golf outfits. This girl has achieved a lot in golf and in the fashion industry, and she is really a beauty worthy of our list.

9. Kathleen Ekey

Kathleen is a young golfer for whom this game has become the meaning of life. She started playing golf when she studied at Furman University. Kathleen also played golf at the University of Alabama. She never participated in any events as a model, but the girl’s external data can’t be missed when compiling such lists.

10. Beatriz Recari

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Beatriz is a Spanish woman and one of the top ten golfers. She has participated in many championships, of which the European LPGA championship and the European Women’s Tournament are worth mentioning. She is not only a beautiful and experienced golfer but also a brave woman. The girl faced an eating disorder and was able to defeat it. And now she is the Ambassador of awareness of an eating disorder.

11. Valeria Ochoa

Valeria wanted to become a professional golfer when she was only 6 years old. Judging by the fact that she is mentioned in this article, she succeeded. She is so talented that she twice won the title of champion of South America. Moreover, she is a mother of three children and still one of America’s top beautiful golfers.

12. Anna Rawson

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Before starting her career in golf, she was a model, and now, when she plays golf, she looks amazing in it. At the beginning of her career in golf, Anna didn’t have much success, but she worked hard to reach a high level of play and make a name for herself.

13. Sharmila Nicollet

The athlete from India Sharmila Nicollet became one of the brightest participants at the Olympics in Brazil. Fans call the 29-year-old Sharmila an Indian princess. She is definitely one of the hot women golfers. The girl won the hearts of not only fans from Europe but men from all over the world who appreciated the beauty and incredibly slim body of the girl.  

14. Michelle Wie

Look at this beauty golfer. Do you think this is a professional model? No, she is a professional athlete. Michelle Wie became famous at 10. She made a career at 13 and earned millions of dollars at 15. But despite the fact that she devotes all her time to sports, she doesn’t forget to care about her appearance. That’s why she looks incredible.

15. Shinae Ahn

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Just look how beautiful she is! She began her career in New Zealand under the name Shinae Ahn, but then she took advantage of the fashion for Asian women in golf and began to position herself as a Korean. She is currently playing in the Japanese golf league. She deserves to be on our list.

16. Sadena Parks

She grew up in the American college sports system and made her way into the professional golf world only in 2015, becoming the fifth African American in the history of LPGA. Also, she took a series of nude shots for the ESPN magazine’s Body Issue project. Look how hot she is!

17. Sandra Gal

In 2011, she won an LPGA tournament and the Solheim Cup team tournament. Also, she plays the cello, draws well, and enjoys dancing, and wakeboarding. She is not only a beautiful but also a diversified personality. Of course, she deserves the 17th place in our ranking. All men adore her.

18. Paula Creamer

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A 33-year-old blonde with blue eyes and a California accent is one of the professional women golfers, whose profit was more than 700 thousand dollars last year. She is also known under the pseudonym Pink Panther. Long before Paula declared herself to be a professional, she won the Sybase Classic when she was only 18 years old!

19. Christie Kerr

She has fourteen championship titles on the LPGA, and her bank account exceeds the $13 million earned by playing golf. In 2010, a wealthy American was three times the first in the women’s world ranking, while 42-year-old Christy Kerr came to professional golf in 1996. In addition, she looks like a real model.

20. Natalie Gulbis

She is considered the sexiest golfer in the world nowadays. A long-legged blonde wins many golf competitions, and she received her first honorable million dollars back in 2005. For external data and good professional skills, Natalie Gulbis is called Anna Kournikova in golf. Well, there is really something in her.

21. Lucy Robson

This woman was born in London, but she has been living in the USA since 2005 where she began to master golf. Now the girl specializes in various tricks, which she actively shoots and publishes on social networks. This Instagram beauty already has more than 300 thousand followers. Although, she clearly has something to show, except for tricks.

22. Lily Mhe

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Every man likes hot photos of women professional golfers. A sexy woman from China Lily Mhe caused a big stir in the network. She became a member of the LPGA’s largest women’s Golf organization only in 2019. According to the official LPGA website, she started playing this sport at the age of six, her hobbies are a healthy lifestyle and fitness. In 2019, she managed to earn about 33 thousand dollars.

23. Mackenzie O’Connell

This girl is always in the spotlight. Mackenzie grew up as an athlete, but she had no choice. Her mother is a golf coach, and her brother Kutter is a Sydney Ryders basketball player. O’Connell has been playing golf since he was 11 years old. And, of course, Maxim magazine drew attention to an elegant golfer.

24. Valeria Ochoa

Colombia-born Valeria Ochoa is recognized as the sexiest golfer, according to one of the sports sites. Alas, she still can’t boast of big trophies. However, she is beautiful. She has many Instagram followers, and she pleases them with her Golf game. You can follow her too. You will be satisfied.

25. Meghan Hardin

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She is considered the sexiest girl in her city because she was chosen for the cover of Wilson’s calendar. She took part in many golf championships, but with such external data, it would be very easy for her to conquer the world of fashion and models. Meaghan is an active user of Instagram, where she often publishes hot photos from training and relaxing on the beach.

These athletes not only win medals and the championships but also the hearts of the millionth army of fans with their beauty. Just look at hot women golfers pictures. These charming and graceful golfers are always aimed at victory.

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Never personally been a fan of golf, my girlfriend turned my attention to it, and I still believe that it’s not especially interesting to watch, I don’t see the point of watching it, but playing it is an entirely different thing. There’s something exciting about swinging the golf and getting it from the first shot, so much precision, accuracy, and lots of little factors go into it

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