1. Do All Girls Use Men?
  2. For What Purpose Can a Woman Use a Man?
  3. Main Signs You Are Being Used
  4. How to Avoid Being Used by Girls
  5. What to Do If You Are Already Trapped

A healthy relationship is a balance between taking and giving. Unfortunately, not everyone adheres to it. To understand that you are being used (even communicating on a single ladies site) means protecting yourself from unnecessary worries and saving valuable time.

signs she is using you for attention

Relationships between people are often not sincere. Many ladies claim that everyone uses them. But this applies not only to women. After all, they are ready to use the opposite sex. Guys often become real hostages and don’t know what to do. So, what are signs she is using you for attention and her purposes? There are several simple factors, which will be discussed later.

Do All Girls Use Men?

Women use men! How often do we hear this phrase from offended or rejected men or see such articles in single ladies website blogs? But is that so? The reason is often that a man didn’t receive reciprocity and warmth from the one he hopelessly loved. That is why men tell different stories about how women use them.

In fact, there can be several reasons for such women's behavior: lack of love (if a woman doesn’t love but tolerates a man, then this is compensation); public influence (men are chasing beauties, and women are chasing a wallet); selfishness (a woman considers herself very cunning or doesn’t know the measure); upbringing (a lot comes from the family; there is the cult of money in the family or maybe a girl spent all her childhood in poverty, etc.).

But actually, women know how to love! Not all of them use men. And they are ready to give men time, warmth, and tenderness without demanding anything in return. Just sometimes, a woman, having met someone, understands that this is not her man, not her significant other. And one woman will break up immediately because she realizes that there is no future. And the other will gradually move away, not wanting to hurt you (but it will hurt anyway). But when a woman meets his man who truly loves her, she will be ready to do anything for him!

For What Purpose Can a Woman Use a Man?

Well, a girl can use a man to forget her ex-boyfriend, to distract from bad thoughts. If a girl is always with you, but often remembers her ex and looks at his page on social networks to see when he was online, then this is not normal. In general, of course, these ladies can be given a chance, but if you are together for several months and nothing happens, then it’s time to get rid of such ballast. This is one of the signs she is using you for validation. Let her miss the ex in splendid isolation.

Women may want you to buy something. Thus, she is using you for money. If your girlfriend periodically hints that she wants you to buy her something because she doesn’t have money now, then this is also a reason to think. And if a girl says that you MUST buy something for her, then it is obvious that she uses you.

Does she love you or is she just using you? If your girlfriend constantly praises your achievements, then it seems a bit like you are some kind of trophy for her. Well, if you havehow to tell if she is just using you a nice car, you shouldn’t take her from work if there is no such opportunity now. You don’t have to go to her friends just because “all friends will envy her,” and so on.

Main Signs You Are Being Used

You have probably heard many stories about how mercenary and treacherous women are sometimes. But this article is not about the fact that all women are bad. Today we want to tell you about some signs she is using you and not guided by hearty impulses in relationship with you.

1. She needs your money

Is she using you? Yes, if she needs only your money. Men with a high level of income, a good car and a position in society find themselves in such an unpleasant situation. However, girls also often use men with middle income. For example, if you have a car, she may like it when you comfortably drive her to work or take her home.

2. She talks a lot and doesn’t do much

Something is going wrong in your relationship, but you can’t quite figure out what it is? Maybe it’s because you’re being used. Lulling your vigilance, such a woman can talk for hours about her feelings, joint plans and prospects of relationships. However, when it’s time to act, she finds a million excuses not to do the voiced.

3. She is not interested in your friends and family

This is the exact opposite of when she is interested in your life. However, the difference is not that she would prefer to communicate only with you, and not with everyone around you, but that she doesn’t care about your life at all. There is nothing good in both things, and if you feel the absence of any interest, then you need to pay attention to this. This is how to know she is using you.

4. Relatives worry about you

We often hover in the clouds and idealize a partner. You can’t fool other people as they look at your relationships from the side, and the option “pink glasses” is not available to them. Therefore, their opinion is worthy of at least consideration. If your mother and friends try to reach out to you and say that something is wrong with her, then listen to them. Ask why they think so. Facts will help prove or disprove their truth.

5. She asks for gifts

This is one of the main signs she is using you. The girl complains that she has nothing to wear, and nothing suits the new dress? Does she say that her phone is old, and she needs a new model? All this is done for one purpose – she forces a man to offer his help in the form of gifts. As soon as the man utters his offer, the girl happily accepts it.

How to Avoid Being Used by Girls

Each girl has her arsenal of techniques and methods of manipulation, with the help of which she can get anything from a man. Girls like to quietly and accurately control a man so that he doesn’t even suspect it. Female manipulations must be known so as not to make the same mistakes 1000 times in a row.

1. Do not try to be a “good” boy

Don’t try to seem like a nice guy. Be the way you are; be honest with yourself in your desires.

2. Don’t indulge all her desires

When she says that she is unhappy, then remember that girls are smart actresses. They can play very well, checking your character, how confident you are, how strong you are morally, how persistent you are in achieving your goals. You do not owe anything to anyone, including women.

3. Don’t buy expensive gifts for a girl

This does not mean anything to her, or rather, it means to her that you do not know how to seduce girls and try to “buy” her with gifts. Do not give expensive gifts in the early stages of a relationship.

4. Don’t show that she is very important to you

When you make it clear to a girl (at the stages of communication before sex) that she is very important to you, you become not important to her because such your behavior tells the girl that you have little experience in seducing girls and you don’t know how to do it. You immediately get a label of a “weak male” in her eyes.

5. Be more self-oriented

Change your attitude: pay attention to your feelings, needs, desires, and senses. Treat them with respect. Do you remember what the flight attendant teaches us on the plane? Put on an oxygen mask on yourself first, then help a neighbor. The same is in life – you need to learn to take care of yourself with love, only then you can truly love others and take care of them.

6. Trust your intuition

How to tell if she is just using you? Intuition is within us all. Intuition is designed to guide, protect and help us grow. As we grow older, we can push intuition aside to match what our partners tell us to do. The more we do this, the less we tend to listen to this small voice or our inner feelings. If you feel that something goes wrong, then listen to your intuition.

7. Stop being a victim

Understand that you have become a victim by chance. Such women, as a rule, choose easy-going, naive men and those who have problems with self-esteem. The opinions, thinking, and actions of such individuals are easy to control. Therefore, if you are used, your fault is also in this. Perhaps you are not confident enough in yourself, are afraid to defend your interests, and don’t have a share of healthy egoism.

What to Do If You Are Already Trapped

It is unpleasant, insulting, and painful to realize that your truly beloved woman uses your feelings in her interests. It is better to end the relationship immediately and forever, as soon as the realization of feeling that “something is wrong!” turns into firm confidence. And yet, instead of decisive action, most of the suffering men prefer to look for the answer to the question, “What if she is using you?” Let’s think together!

1. It is necessary to discuss everything in advance

So, how to ask a girl if she is using you? Well, just talk about your relationship. This means that at the initial stage of the relationship, you shouldn’t expect from a woman what she didn’t promise you. Don’t expect that after going to the cinema, restaurants, and cafes, the girl will immediately agree to go to your home. Nobody has promised anything to anyone. You can come up with a plan, but does the other person agree to follow it?

how to tell if she is just using you2. Think about whether you equally invest in each other

In a couple, sometimes a situation appears when one person only takes and requires but gives nothing. Maybe this happens subconsciously, but in fact, he or she uses another person to satisfy their own needs. If such a “parasitic element” is your loved one, you shouldn’t deal with it.

3. Try to do the same

Decide for yourself how exactly your loved one can be useful for you and, without a twinge of conscience, demand reciprocal courtesies. Love will not increase from this, but the feeling of resentment and dissatisfaction will gradually leave your soul (by the way, along with a person who is not used to giving something in return).

4. Take the first step to end this relationship

When you learn sure signs to know if she is using you, you need to think about whether you are always comfortable with this person. Don’t you feel that you are doing something against your own will just to please your woman? If you always sharply change your mind to the opposite after talking to your loved one, perhaps she willfully affects your consciousness. As soon as you realize it, it will be easier for you to free yourself.

5. End a relationship

How to ignore her when she is just using you? When you have finally realized that you are being used, find strength in yourself to end a relationship. The main thing is to keep calm and stay confident. Listen to your woman and say that you will think over her words. Also, you can simply avoid or sharply limit communication with her.

Well, you can’t blindly love, give yourself completely to a woman who doesn’t need it. It is important to understand it in time. Who needs love that requires only sex, money, and gives nothing in return? You need to respect yourself and not allow women to use you. In life, there will be a person who will say that three important words. And most importantly, she will feel the same warmth, awe, and love.

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30.04.2020 13:07
Girls always use me. I am a fairly wealthy person. I want to give presents and make my girlfriends happy. But they just do not understand the boundaries of what is permitted and demand more from me. I thought that all modern girls are like that, but now I understand that it is my fault. From now on I will be more restrained in relation to girls.

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