1. Main Reasons Why She Doesn't Text Back
  2. How Long Should I Wait to Text Her If She Doesn't Text Back?
  3. What to Do When She Doesn't Text Back: A Detailed Guide
  4. Main Mistakes Guys Make When She Doesn't Text Back
  5. Be Your Priority

There are such situations that can never possibly bring any joy to a person. Being ignored is one of them, no one likes being ignored, and the same goes for situations when a girl doesn’t text you back in your online or phone communication. But before you start weeping and ripping out your hair, you have to analyze the situation to find the best way out of it.

she doesn't text back

Main Reasons Why She Doesn't Text Back

Here are the main reasons why she may not want to text you back in your online or phone communication.

She is really busy

The most logical reason when she doesn't text back is that she is busy with her work, studies, or does something else that occupies her attention. In this case, she will not appreciate your attempts to get her attention.

She gave you her contacts just because of politeness

A lot of people do that even if the first date didn’t go all too well, they can give their contact number just out of politeness, so as not to cause pain to a person, but relationships are such a thing that you must talk about your feelings and never delay the inevitable. But don’t you worry, there are millions of women you can find online, and if you want to meet girls online, then don’t be afraid of getting registered on a dating service or few.

You disappointed her on your first date

This can be the continuation of the previous point. But if the first date didn’t go all too well – she may not be interested in continuing this relationship any forward.

She lost her interest

If she doesn't text back is she not interested? You cannot really love someone just because they want love in return, and this applies to you. If a person doesn’t feel anything for you – it is very unlikely that you will be able to win over their heart.

She is afraid to refuse you

She can be afraid to tell you the damned words of rejection, and while it will be painful for you, it will also be painful for her to reject you, this is stressful and can provoke a negative reaction from you, she will have to deal with that. She didn't text back, how long should I wait? Let’s find out.

How Long Should I Wait to Text Her If She Doesn't Text Back?

But how long should you wait before trying to text her once again after she ignored your previous messages?

when she doesn't text backGive her some time and then text her again

Do you want to be a good boyfriend? If this is the first message you sent her, wait a couple of days and give her time to reply. If she does not answer in two days, perhaps she finds it difficult to remember you or understand what she feels for you. Two days later, try to text something special, for example, "Hello, Jessica. This is Joe - the guy from the cafeteria. I’m still waiting for a first date." Such a message will show the girl that this is your second attempt to contact her, you are interested in continuing your communication with her.

What should you do if she doesn't text back for days? You can also try calling her in a couple of days. If she doesn’t answer, leave a voice message like, "Hello, Jessica. This is Joe. I sent you a message, but I am not sure if it reached you. I just wanted to talk and find out how you are doing." If she does not call you back or text to you within a day or more, you should leave her alone and move on.

Give her time if she stops writing in the middle of a conversation

What to do when she doesn't text back? Remember that sometimes things that are much more important than correspondence can happen. Perhaps her mother had to go to the hospital or her car broke. There are thousands of things that can happen at any time and require interruption of correspondence, no matter how much you like the person you are talking to.

What to do if she doesn't text back? Text her something on the lines of "Is everything all right?" So she will understand that you noticed the absence of her answer, but also see that you are worried about her well-being.

How long should I wait to text her if she doesn't text back? If she still doesn’t answer, wait about a week and send her a laid-back message about yourself and your interest in her. Tell her something like, "Hi, Jessica. I just returned from a vacation in the mountains. I just wanted to find out how you are doing. See you soon." If she again does not answer in a couple of days, then it’s time to move on.

What to Do When She Doesn't Text Back: A Detailed Guide

Previously, your girlfriend was glad to meet you, but as of now it seems that she is either constantly angry with you or does not even notice your presence. Perhaps she doesn’t answer your messages or spends whole nights at parties, hanging out with everyone who isn’t you. Whatever the reason is if you feel that your girlfriend is ignoring you, in all likelihood, you are offended, upset, or even angry. You may be tempted to do the same, try to provoke jealousy, or even go as far as break up the relationships, however, the safest way to figure out why she doesn’t want to talk to you is to ask directly about it. But first, if she doesn't text back, let’s figure out the nature of the problem.

  • Try to figure out the nature of the situation

Give her some time and freedom

If she doesn't text back should I text again? Perhaps your lady of heart is angry at you, or maybe she is not going through the best of times, and this is not related to you. In any case, if you feel that she treats you negatively, do not force her to lay out everything at once. Give her time to get back to her normal state. Then you will also have time to think about your feelings.

Does she actually ignore you?

What to do if she doesn't text you back? Ask yourself, has your girlfriend’s attitude towards you really changed? Perhaps something depresses or disturbs you, and therefore, you imagined that she began to treat you worse than usual? She may have always been a little cold with you, but as your relationship developed, you realized that you weren’t happy with her actions. Have you had any difficulties lately? Maybe you have demanded too much attention from her as of late, and it has been difficult for her to satisfy your needs, and this is why she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Don’t ignore her

You may be tempted to do the same in response or try to provoke jealousy, but such actions will not do you any good. Moreover, if your lady of heart is suffering from depression or other difficult reasons, by ignoring her, you only complicate the situation and can really ruin your relationship. They say that you can make a person want you by moving away. This may work with some people for a short period, but you won’t build healthy relationships with such behavior.

Think about your own needs and desires

Try not to think about how painful/sad you are because of your girlfriend’s behavior. Be the master of your own emotions, it’s not her actions that make you feel bad, it is your interpretation of these actions. You can admit that you are sad, but not let this stop you from enjoying the beauties of life. Do something that cheers you up: meet with the people you love, hit the gym, do your favorite activities (playing the guitar, editing videos or jogging).

  • Talk about it

Set a day to talk in person

What should you do when she doesn't text you back? If your girlfriend completely ignores you, doesn’t reply to your messages, then try any other way to contact her, by using a common friend that won’t try to stick their nose into your affairs, arrange a meeting in real life.

if she doesn't text back should i text againUse empathic nonverbal cues

If you can meet her in private to talk, use empathic body language. Such body language will signify that you are ready to understand her point of view of the situation, and then she will open up to you.

Forget about any sort of violence or threats

You have to focus on the things you feel and want to tell your partner, and not on accusing them of having done something wrong. Build your speech in the following way: observation, emotions, desires, and requirements. For example, “Over the past month you ignored my calls and canceled our plans to go to the cinema twice. I’m worried that you are no longer interested in continuing relationships with me.”

Give her something that is missing

If she says that she is somewhat unhappy, find out how you can fix that problem and make her feel better. Perhaps she needs personal space, maybe she wants something new, something that is absent in your relationships - it can be just a small thing: for example, hug her more often or tell her that she is beautiful.

Listen to what she has to say

Give her all of the time she needs to speak out. This includes empathic nonverbal signals (open posture, nodding, sounds of acknowledgment and understanding), as well as a demonstration of your understanding of what she is talking about, repeating what she said/or clarifying the things you didn’t understand. If you were hurt by her words, she should know about it, but try to tell her about it without any sort of aggression.

  • Find a solution to the problem

Identify the ways to solve the issues

What should you do when she doesn't text back? Once you've figured out what the problem is, figure out the way to solve them. If she said she ignored you because of your excessive attention, ask her about some specific situations when you were too much for her.

Understand that you can end up breaking up

If you are worried that your girlfriend is ignoring you, most likely, you want to maintain a relationship. If you have no problems in understanding the reason for her behavior, and her attitude towards you is not connected with any personal reasons, and if she really ignores you because she is angry with you, you should think whether or not you want to be spend your time and love on a person who would rather cause you pain and not talk about the issues that bother them.

Main Mistakes Guys Make When She Doesn't Text Back

And last, but not least, here are the main mistakes that guys make when their girlfriend doesn’t text back.


You’ve sent dozens of messages to all available instant messengers. Monotonous and meaningless repeating questions about where she is and no less monotonous persuasions to answer your messages. It looks like a tantrum, and no one likes tantrums.


All of your messages seem to ooze passive-aggression, you always try to be the victim in any given situation and put the blame on them, every message gives the impression that you can do no wrong and you are the one who is hurt.


Here’s a fairly obvious point, but many do not see the difference between, “Why won’t you reply to my messages?” and “I will not leave you alone, I will text you in every messenger and call your phone all the time that I can.” Threats are a great way to lose a girl.

The only thing you can say is, “If you want to communicate, please text me.”

She already ignores you and does not want to talk. Without your activity, nothing will change.

Alarm all of her friends

Do you have mutual friends? Call everyone and let the lady of the heart disappear from your radar. She will be delighted that half of her friends know that she did not answer you. You are not the parent who lost the child who went for a walk. You are two adults; you should solve the problem without involving third parties.

It is common for girls to ignore men in communication. If she is silent for an hour, there is no tragedy in this. Just express your feelings, apologize if you said something offensive, suggest another topic for conversation. If this does not work, text her in another messenger or call her phone. If it doesn’t work, it’s not a problem. Leave her and switch to other girls. Do not think about it, if she wants to continue communication - she will return, if not then you will always have someone to communicate with.

Be Your Priority

How long does it take to respond to a message from a person you like? Of course, your first reaction is to respond immediately. To continue the dialogue. To find out what else fascinating they will tell you. The bottom line is ... when you like someone, you want to communicate with that person. You do not make them wait for too long. You do not think that their message is too insignificant. You do not ignore it because your heart does not allow you to do this. But it could be the other way around. If this is the first time, she hasn’t answered your messages, she may have been damn busy at work, or she may have family problems. Or her phone is discharged. Even though she probably always keeps the phone with her, this does not mean that she constantly checks it. Ignoring your messages once or twice does not mean anything, if a girl is very attentive, kind and polite to you. But it happens often, then you have to face the harsh and unpleasant truth. She does not want to communicate with you. She does not consider you a priority.

You do not need to text her three times to finally get a response from her. Do not overwhelm her with messages. You should not write to her first every time. And you do not need to force her to answer you, just move on.

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18.02.2020 13:25
I always worry so much when a girl doesn't text me back. Although on the other hand, I understand that she may be busy or just can't text right now. But still, I can't stop thinking about it until she replies.
05.05.2020 15:48
I cannot understand this attitude since if you don’t want to communicate, you are not interested or something else, why not to say that directly? What’s the need to play hide-and-seek? I found myself once in such a situation 5 years ago, but I decided neither to chase her nor send 10 messages in a row. I waited for a couple of days and deleted the dialogue. She never wrote back.

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