1. What Is Boyfriend Material?
  2. How to Be Boyfriend Material?

Attractiveness is not just about appearance, and when a girl is looking for a partner, man’s appearance doesn’t play a crucial role in this process since it is subjective and can be changed at the whim of the latest trends. Attractiveness and ability to become boyfriend material is about how you act and how you behave when interacting with women. It is about you as a person, and not you as a nose shape or imperfect weight. All in all, any man is just a person with a certain number of characteristic features and flaws. To become good boyfriend material, who is able to make a partner happy, it’s very important to develop certain behaviors that act as a magnet for others around. However, let’s first answer the question, “What is boyfriend material?”

how to become boyfriend material

What Is Boyfriend Material?

People have different requirements for their future partners. Some of those demands are simple, while others are quite complex. What is a crucial component of boyfriend material? What is the difference between an ordinary man and a perfect partner? Is it about traits? Is it about values and principles? Virtues? Attitude to the world? It is possible that all these points are taken into account. Anyway, it’s not that easy to be a perfect boyfriend even if you love your girlfriend. You should make efforts to become the best option for the girl to make her choose you for long-term relationships. If you ask yourself, “Am I boyfriend material?” then it’s necessary to look at the boyfriend material checklist to get the final answer.

How to Be Boyfriend Material?

Every man wants to be a superstar who attracts the attention of all the worthy women, especially when it’s somehow about serious relationships. However, many guys are sure that they are cool by definition, and it’s not that necessary to make efforts to become good boyfriend material. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t forget that life has a curious sense of humor, and one day you might find yourself in love with a wonderful girl who is interested only in committed relationships. In addition, she may reject you for some reason, making you reflect on the question, “Are you boyfriend material?”

1. You should be a good listener

Girls like to be heard and understood. Being a good listener is one of the most attractive qualities that a man can have because it practically guarantees the effective development of relationships. When you can listen to what other people say, and not just wait in line for your turn in a conversation, you can give meaning to the speaker. Being a good and active listener means that you accept and understand what your girlfriend says, and it works magically. So, you should be able to listen to her and not just pretend that you do that. Usually, girls share information that is of great importance to them, and one day this information can become your safety ring.

2. You should be kind

It sounds simple and trite but being kind is another very attractive quality of man’s character. When you show kindness, women begin to reach out to you because you radiate positive energy, giving others the feeling that they are loved and appreciated. Girls are more attracted to those who show selflessness and behave sensitively and thoughtfully, rather than to cruel and selfish guys. You will be surprised to find out that your altruistic behavior makes you a very positive person, and this attracts worthy girls to you.

are you boyfriend material3. You shouldn’t be afraid to smile and laugh more often

It is also an easy and simple, and most importantly, effective way to show your attitude towards a person, especially when both of you have a hard day. A smile is one of the most reliable methods that a man can use to make himself more attractive to girls. A smile cheers you up, making you more relaxed and calmer. And seeing your smiling face, girls will associate you exclusively with happy emotions and goodwill. So, how to be boyfriend material? Don’t forget to smile at the girl more often to make her feel truly special. Like a smile, laughter also attracts worthy girls. Laughter is another action that stimulates the production of endorphins, which is very useful for your emotional and physical health! It will reduce your stress level and improve your attitude. Women like those guys who know how to laugh and provoke laughter and joy in them.

4. You should demonstrate confidence

Confidence is your personal pin-code to the hearts of wonderful women who are looking for good boyfriend material! It will make you attractive in their eyes and, of course, will contribute to improving your own self-esteem. Confident movements, confident decisions, confident speech, and self-control are always attractive and are a part of the image of a man, suitable for long-term committed relationships. Bearing in mind a boomerang effect, you will get those emotions that will illuminate you. On the other hand, when you are in control, you will be more likely to make others feel good and confident with you.

5. You should learn to understand non-verbal signals

Being a good listener is extremely important in a relationship with a girl who is looking for serious relationships, but how about understanding what girls don't voice? The ability to read women’s body language will help you become an even better listener and surely great boyfriend material. In addition, doing that you will show that you are able to understand how people feel, even if it is not spoken out loud. Empathy is an attractive quality, and the ability to “receive” non-verbal signals is one of its components. You can give girls what they need without having to ask, and this is very valuable in any communication and in any healthy relationship.

By spending time exploring your habits, you can change them into more attractive behavioral patterns that truly work wonders for all the social interactions you have in life. You will also find that your attitude towards life can transform itself, becoming more optimistic and positive, and you will become a sensitive, kind and sympathetic boyfriend material.

6. You should keep your word

One of the main features that define a real man who is suitable for serious relationships is the ability to keep one’s word. You might not believe, but a lot of the representatives of the stronger sex fail in this very way. However, responsibility determines many other qualities of a man. Just when you say that you are going to do something, do it. If you do not want to do this, never talk about it. When you promise to call back at a specific day and time, fulfill the promise, especially if you appreciate the girl. When you give the floor that you will be able to go on vacation on Tuesday, do your best to not postpone it for later. This responsibility should apply to all areas of your life, both personal and professional. The ability to keep one’s word is one of the signs a guy is boyfriend material.

7. You should be able to control your emotions

Nobody says that men should suffer in silence, keeping their feelings and emotions inside. Of course, this approach is often called the classic basis for any quality of a man, but it is fundamentally wrong. This is a categorically wrong method that becomes a very serious problem and manifests itself in all sorts of disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Nevertheless, fury, anger and attempts to blame others for their own problems are already manifestations of weakness. Life challenges you, and there are aspects that are beyond your control, that’s why you should learn to show some resilience and restraint to external shocks. When you manage your emotions, you can manage your problems. So, how to become a boyfriend material? You should learn to control your emotions, especially if your girlfriend is a very emotional person.

8. You should treat her with understanding

If something is important to her, it should be important to you as well. It does not matter that you would never be interested in such things if not for her. In a healthy relationship, you need to share experiences and support each other no matter what. When your girlfriend is upset, try to put yourself in her shoes and understand what she feels. If you want to become good boyfriend material, you shouldn’t ignore her feelings and perceive them just as girlishwhat is boyfriend material delusions. If it seems to you that you cannot share her feelings, just try to look at the situation from a different angle. Sometimes, the very thing a girl wants is to feel your support and have a shoulder to cry on. It’s not necessary to try to solve her problems at light speed, first you should calm her down and then offer a possible solution. If you see that she is upset by something, just ask her whether she wants to tell you about her worries. You should show that you are not indifferent to her problems and are ready to be on her side. However, if she refuses to tell you anything, don’t put pressure on her.

9. You should learn to show your feelings

Ideal boyfriend material is one who can express his feelings. A woman feels happy when she knows that she is truly loved and appreciated. To do this, she needs to constantly hear gentle words and see men's actions.

A man who does not hesitate to talk about feelings and cares about the lady, even without words, will get attention and many different bonuses from the girl. If he brings flowers for any reason, makes her laugh and shine with happiness as well as doesn’t forget to pay compliments, then there is a high probability that she will reciprocate and consider the partner to be perfect boyfriend material.

10. You should develop your brain and sense of humor

A popular belief that the brain is the sexiest part of a man, is quite true according to many psychologists. It's amazing how attractive a man’s mind is for a woman. Moreover, it is not about IQ level or man’s encyclopedic knowledge or even higher education. Women are attracted rather by the passion for knowledge, the man’s desire to discover new things, and understand the essence of things and events. The mind, as a tool of owning the world, is what excites the female imagination and delights the ladies. It is important for girls to be interested in talking to men, arguing and listening to their opinion. If a man fascinates her with his intelligence, she will definitely feel sexual desire towards this man.

11. Take charge, but be attentive to her desires

Nowadays, girls still prefer active men who take charge of relationships. Those men, who struggle when they have to be leaders in relationships often can’t find suitable partners, because of this fact. However, even if you are capable of taking charge in a relationship, but never pay attention to the desires of your girlfriend, your relationship won't last long. Act on her wishes to show her your care and intention to make her happy. For example, if she said she likes Asian food, then arrange a date in some Chinese or Japanese restaurant.

12. Try to become friends with her friends

You see, quite often, girls seek advice from their friends before making serious decisions, especially when it comes to dating. This is because, in some aspects, people trust their friends more than they trust themselves. Thus, the opinions of her friends are very important to her. After all, our friends often provide a voice of reason and rationality when we have problems with something. Of course, you should never suddenly start texting and calling them. The best approach is to be friendly when she invites you to spend time with her friends. The task is much easier if you share the same company.

Talking about the sense of humor, it is an important component of sexuality, closely related to intelligence. What could be more asexual than a man who understands everything literally, who doesn’t smile or take the jokes? A man who lacks a sense of humor is just not boyfriend material. And a man who can amaze and make a woman laugh is a completely different thing. Alike sense of humor brings together, removes barriers, and makes you friends. The coincidence of "cultural codes" is also of great importance there. If the same things make you laugh, then the path to a mutual understanding is open! And a girl will hardly ask herself the question, “Is he boyfriend material?”

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18.02.2020 12:47
Actually, all girls dream of such boyfriends. But not all guys understand this. Of course, it is difficult to be perfect, but you can at least try to become a better version of yourself for you girlfriend.
John Spencer
30.04.2020 22:25
When I was a teenager, I believed that everything would change in the future. As you can see, the future has come, but I am still single. I can't say that this article opened my eyes to my life, but it definitely clarified many things for me. At least now, I know what to improve in me to achieve success.

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