Skiing is considered one of the most difficult sports, taking into account the technical component, the amount of physical activity and psychological pressure. In addition to all these factors, one cannot exclude the high risk of injury.

Everyone who has ever skied knows how easy it is to stumble, confuse something and fall down, getting a bruise "as a memento" or pulling a muscle. So, you can imagine what these famous women skiers are going through. However, you won’t mind learning how to ski when you get to know the following hot female skiers in order to have at least one common interest and topic for conversation.

1. Dorothea Wierer

Dorothea Wierer

It’s just impossible to imagine the list of the hottest female skiers without this sultry stunner. The Italian biathlete means a lot to her team. Thanks to this athlete, Italy became the bronze medalist at the Winter Olympic Games in 2014. Besides, she took the second and the third places at the world championships and became the owner of the Small World Cup in 2016.

Dorothea Wierer plans to continue her sports career after the Olympic Games in Korea and is going to perform until 2020. Her final tournament, according to Vierer, should be the home world championship in Anterselva, where her professional debut took place.

In 2015, Dorothea changed her family status with a technical manager of the Italian Winter Sports Federation Stefano Corradini. Stefano is 12 years older than Dorothea, but this does not prevent the newlyweds from being happy. You know that Playboy magazine cooperates only with the hottest girls around the world, and Dorothea Wierer got an offer thanks to her charming face and pumped-up body. She is considered one of the most sexual biathletes of modernity.

2. Sierra Quitiquit

Sierra Quitiquit

Who are really hot? Models! And if a model is one of the professional women skiers, she is double hot! However, this girl is not just charming, she is also on the list of the most aggressive and strongest professional skiers. She cannot boast many sports achievements, but it’s not so important for the list of the hot skiers, is it? Sierra tries to do her best to combine her two jobs on the regular basis, being not just a professional skier but also a full-time model. If you search for the pictures of skiers, you will surely come across this hot girl because she is the face of many brands. Have you ever seen a skier, skiing in a swimsuit? It’s all about Sierra. If you want to enjoy her professional photos, you can search for her account on Instagram.

3. Tiril Eckhoff

Tiril Eckhoff

Tiril Eckhoff is considered one of the most beautiful, positive and hottest female skiers. On her Instagram page, you will hardly find a photo where the girl does not smile. This Norwegian girl started the international sports career only in 2011.

She has followed the example of her brother and sister who are also the shooting skiers. She has preferred biathlon because usual cross-country skiing is boring for her.

Tiril graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology holding a degree in engineering and joined the national team in 2008. In the season 2012-2013, she won her first bronze medal in the relay race in Sochi. In general, if you look at the statistics, the World Cup is the most successful tournament for the girl. In the Norwegian championship, the biathlete won gold in the pursuit race and two silver medals in the sprint and in the mass start race. Her private life is hidden from prying eyes. It is known only that her boyfriend's name is Anund Lid Bigland, and he is a skier.

4. Yuliya Belorukova

Yuliya Belorukova

Yuliya is one of the hot female skiers and Sports Masters of Russia in skiing. In 2012, a promising 17-year-old skier was taken into the team of the Center for Sports Training of National Teams, specializing in racing. Belorukova was awarded the title of Sports Master in cross-country skiing and became a member of the national team of Russia and the Republic of Komi. This charming girl with a stunning body is a silver medalist of the 2017 World Championships in Finland. In 2018, the Russian skier won two bronze medals at the Olympics in South Korea, proving the professionalism and consistency of the country's ski school.

Yuliya Belorukova is single but judging by a big number of romantic photos on Instagram, the girl has a beloved one. Subscribers of her account have found out that her boyfriend is a skier from Chelyabinsk Nikita Stupaka. Nikita, like Yuliya, is the master of sports in skiing and the silver medalist of the national championship in the sprint relay race.

In February 2018, her fans who closely followed the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang-eup were very pleased with the fact that the girl won the bronze medal in the sprint race in classic style. She is surely one of the top female skiers.

5. Mikaela Pauline Shiffrin

Mikaela Pauline Shiffrin

This snow bunny is one of the hot female skiers thanks to her slender seductive body and pretty face. This attractive American girl was just 18-years old at the Olympic Games 2014, and she became the youngest winner of the Olympic Games in slalom in the history. It’s interesting that the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang-eup was the second one in the life of this young girl, and there she won her second gold medal. In Korea, she won in the giant slalom, so nowadays, she is the Slalom world champion and Olympic champion. Some people joke that she is Mozart of skiing with the Olympic gold. She has got her nickname thanks to her virtuosity, being one of the best skiers in the world.

There is no much information about her private life besides a small remark that she likes tennis and European football. Her famous motto is, “Always Be Faster Than the Boys.”

6. Gabriela Koukalová


Gabriela is a Czech biathlete and a two-time world champion. The athlete is called the most smiling and one of the most beautiful skiers in the world. She has been engaged in the sport since childhood because Gabriela's parents are professional skiers. Parents became the first coaches of their daughter.

Enthusiasm for sport did not prevent Gabriela from completing her schooling well and going to university at the Faculty of Graphic and Design as well as doing music and singing. Repeatedly, Gabriela became the author of mock-ups of medals for the World Biathlon Championships. Her favorite artist is Van Gogh. In addition to skiing, the girl's passions are football, swimming and horse riding. Despite the intense schedule, the sportswoman always looks stylish and watches her appearance. You can admire the beauty’s personal photos on Instagram. Gabriela is one of the hottest skiers who has appeared many times on the pages of Playboy. 2017 was the most fruitful in the sporting career of Gabriela. At the Biathlon World Championship stage, which was held in Hochfilzen, Gabriela won gold, silver, and bronze medals.

7. Lisa Vittozzi

Lisa Vittozzi

Lisa has been engaged in biathlon since her 13 birthday, and she is an alumna of the clubs Camosci Sappada and G.S. Fiamme Gialle. Katia Wilhelm is her idol in biathlon. According to Lisa, she tried biathlon just out of idle curiosity, and it was a new experience, which immediately made her fascinated and keeps her till now. Earlier, she was engaged in football.

Lisa started performing at the international level in 2012 when she took part in the Winter Youth Olympic Games and the junior world championships. In 2013, she won her first silver medal in the sprint. In the 2013/14 season, Lisa Vittozzi debuted at the adult level, taking part in the final stage of the IBU Cup in Martello. She took the 19th place in the sprint and became the second in the mixed relay, as part of the Italian team. Like many beautiful girls, Lisa likes shopping. She reads mostly thrillers and novels. She has two tattoos, one if it is a quote, "Sometimes the winner is just a dreamer who did not give up."

8. Sabrina Weilharter

Sabrina Weilharter

Sabrina tried to ski when she was 3 years old, and she started her sports career with a downhill. She has been engaged in ski cross since 2009. Talking about the list of her most notable achievements, it is possible to mention the European Cup and her 3rd and 4th places in France. Anyway, her best results are still ahead. She isn’t going to finish her career, and you have all chances to see her as one of the Olympic skiers, female skiers. If you don’t understand why she is on the list of the hottest skiers, then you have probably not seen her photos on the Internet. In 2013, she was one of three German athletes, engaged in snow sports who decided to arrange a really hot photo session for their fans. So, thanks to this lovely desire, 15 pages of the German version of Playboy were dedicated to these naked beauties.

On the one hand, Sabina isn’t one of the famous female skiers at the world level, one the other hand, it is worth noting that the girl won the race in France, Germany, and Finland. Besides, she has a stunning body.

9. Nadezhda Skardino

Nadezhda Skardino

Nadezhda Skardino is a Belorussian biathlete, who has managed to achieve the glory of the most accurate woman. She has not only won the title of a champion of Europe and the world, but she has also proved by her own example that nothing is impossible. Because of problems with the right eye, Nadezhda has to shoot with a special butt of a rifle, designed specifically for her. However, this did not become an obstacle for the goal-oriented beauty. She started being interested in sports at the age of seven, she seriously engaged in skiing and planned a sports career. Nadezhda reached her prime in 2014, the year of the Sochi Olympics. She won the Olympic bronze medal, becoming the third in the individual race. In addition, she won gold in the first stage of the World Cup in 2017.

The girl admits that nowadays, the sport has priority in her life. However, Nadezhda wants to have a big family in the future, she dreams of at least four children.

10. Yuliya Dzhima

Yuliya Dzhima

Yuliya Dzhima is a Ukrainian biathlete, an Olympic champion of 2014 as well as a four-time European champion. In addition to professional victories, her charming smile has brought her great popularity. Yuliya is fond of painting, she has succeeded in writing portraits since childhood. The girl even wanted to make a collection of paintings for her own exhibition, but she postponed this venture because of the busy schedule.

In a short time, Dzhima has become a true leader of the national team. The highest personal place in the overall standings was achieved in the 2015/2016 season, where she was 13 with 494 points, and a year later, she entered the top 10 of the best biathletes in the world.

Yuliya has long been on the list of the top sexiest sportswomen in Ukraine, but she has neither a husband nor children yet. She prefers sociable and smart guys. According to Yuliya, she would not have been able to take part in a frank photo shoot, but you can find many interesting photos of the athlete on the Internet.

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