1. When It's the Right Time to Say I Love You to a Girl
  2. Signs It's Too Early to Say I Love You
  3. The Most Unsuitable Moments to Say You Love Her for the First Time
  4. Different Ways to Say I Love You
  5. General tips
  6. Final Thoughts

Sooner or later, every man finds his one and only and falls head over heels for her. But many guys do not know when and how to confess their love. After all, telling a girl about your feelings is not so easy as it seems at first glance because everyone wants their declaration of love to be vivid, romantic, and memorable. Due to the fact that the words “I love you” are so meaningful, people sometimes find themselves confused: to be the first to make a declaration of love or wait for confession from a partner? And is there the perfect moment to reveal the soul to a loved one? Today, we are going to consider the most romantic ways to say I love you and figure out when it is best to say these words to a beloved girlfriend.

different ways to say i love you

When It's the Right Time to Say I Love You to a Girl

First of all, a declaration of love should be timely and appropriate to evoke the expected response in the heart of a woman. Of course, a girl will be pleased to hear a love confession of a guy in any case, but there is no guarantee that she will answer him, "I love you too!" And reciprocity is a very important factor in love affairs.

When to tell someone you love them? The timeliness of a declaration of love lies in the fact that if it is made almost on the first date with a girl, it will not only fail to strike the desired impression on her but also can give rise to a thought that this guy is the most common womanizer who tries to accelerate the development of relationships through declarations of love and eloquent compliments to single women.

The appropriateness of a declaration of love implies the existence of a certain relationship between a guy and a girl, or at least prior courtship on the side of a man. If a guy declares his love for a girl who did not even think about the possibility of a relationship with him, then he may run into the most unpredictable and unpleasant reaction, up to a frank mockery. However, it does not mean that the guy should be afraid to talk about his feelings or wait for the girl to do this first. Still, these are men who should take the initiative in such things!

A love confession will be quite appropriate and timely if:

  • you have been together for some time;
  • there is a sexual relationship between you;
  • you are comfortable in the company of your girlfriend;
  • she understands and appreciates you;
  • her friends and family like you;
  • she asks you for advice and help;
  • she respects you and does not allow herself to offend you;
  • you have common plans for the future;
  • she cares for you;
  • your beloved girlfriend always hears and listens to you;
  • she demonstrates her love – kisses, and hugs you, tell you pleasant words and pay compliments;
  • she respects your opinion, interests, and hobbies.

Signs It's Too Early to Say I Love You

Love has no time or emotional scale. You do not have to measure the level of passion between you two daily or count the days of your relationship to identify the right moment to confess your love. You should know about saying I love you too soon. So, there are some clear signs that it's too early to say I love you.

saying i love you too soonIf you still can't forget past relationships or so does she

Perhaps, it is one of the most global problems in love relationships: residual feelings for an ex-partner. Such a state of things can provoke several problems at once. Firstly, you can unconsciously start a relationship just to be distracted from a break-up with your former partner even without experiencing true feelings for someone. Secondly, if you still cannot forget the past relationships, you unconsciously look for a person similar to your ex. It is the most obvious saying I love you too soon red flag. Before plunging into a new romantic adventure, say goodbye to the past relationship. Make sure it's really over. Sometimes it takes a long time to part with the past. It hurts, you are downhearted and tormented by memories. But the end is the end, do not try to grasp at the elusive shadow of happiness. It's time to start all over again!

You have doubts

True love takes time. When you become attached to someone, it is easy to confuse the joy of intimacy with true love. You may like to spend time together with a girl, feel her hand in your palm, and enjoy being a couple – but this is not the same thing as real feelings for someone.

True love is not just a desire or passion and still less dependence. It is a deep feeling of accepting each other when you can be who you are without pretending to be someone else or having a desire to change a partner according to your principles. You need time to realize that this is truly your person and that you match each other well. Therefore, if you are not confident in your feelings, take a decisive timeout to think about what this girl means to you.

You date for several months but see each other seldom

The first months of relationships are a rose and candy stage both when you date women online and in real life. But remember that you should not confess your love to a girl if you see each other very rarely. After all, you know too little about this person. At the courting period, you like everything in your loved one. But over time, you will learn new facts about your soul mate and perhaps even begin to get annoyed at the things that you previously liked in them. It is better to learn more about a girl before telling her the cherished words of love. In addition, if you see that the rose and candy stage runs over time, but your relationship does not develop, you should reconsider the seriousness of the relationship.

You still say and think "I" instead of "we"

Scientists from the University of California at Riverside prove that the frequent use of the pronoun "we" indicates a strong and healthy relationship in a couple. Experts have found a common factor: the use of this word means that partners are ready to rely on each other and feel satisfied and happy with each other. Moreover, it makes their relationship longer. If you still say and think "I" instead of "we," it means that your relationship is not yet ready to get to a new level of intimacy. Therefore, it is too early to tell the girl "I love you."

She or you don't look for something serious

Have you been dating for quite a long time, but a girl still does not make common plans with you, talk about love, or discuss your future as a couple? It means that she does not plan anything serious with you and is unlikely to change her attitude towards you. She is satisfied with such relationships and simply does not want to get them to a new level. Think about whether you are ready to wait for her commitment or force your girlfriend to work on the relationship? No? Then do not lie to yourself as well as say the words "I love you."

It may also be that you are not yet ready for serious relationships for some reason. In any case, you do not need to confess love to a girl if one of you is not ready for a serious relationship. After such an affair, you will find true love, that is, a person with whom you will be able to build a happy and strong family.

The Most Unsuitable Moments to Say You Love Her for the First Time

Despite the fact that people describe love in completely different ways, almost everyone agrees that this feeling is the most powerful in the life of a person. A man in love is ready to do everything for the sake of his beloved. But at the same time, most people encounter some difficulties when trying to confess their love. Representatives of the stronger sex face this problem especially often.

Today, there is an incredible number of different options on how to say I love you to a girl. Therefore, each guy has the opportunity to choose a way that is the most appropriate for him. However, before making such a serious step, you should know the most unsuitable moments for saying I love you for the first time.

To make amends after a fight

These three magic words are very important and special, but they are not a medication or a way to make up a quarrel. If, after a squabble with a loved one, your partner threatens to leave you, you should never use the phrase “I love you” to save the situation. This is wrong. Especially if you declare love for the first time. You are unlikely to be sincere as you say these words just to look better in the eyes of your partner and make peace with them. Moreover, if you feel that you love a person, why didn’t you tell them this earlier, before a quarrel? You are simply afraid to lose a person, but it does not mean that you love them.

During or after sex

It's quite normal to confess your love to a partner during sex if you have been together for a long time. But you should not make your first declaration of love during or after sexual intercourse. Sex is similar to drugs and alcohol in its action: you cannot think clearly at this moment. You are filled with emotions and sensations that mislead you. Hormones and passion can make you believe that you love a person. Although in reality, it is not so. In fact, you do not feel love but, let’s say, an orgasm.

how to say i love youWhen you meet your/ her parents

Although it may seem to you that such a meeting already implies that your relationship is serious, you should not talk about love just to make the parents of your beloved realize that everything is fine with your relationships. Avoid the phrases "we love each other so much," "I love your daughter because of...” etc.

Moreover, you should not confess your love to a girl for the first time when you meet with your parents. After all, you do not know how she will react. Such behavior can shock her and spring a surprise. Therefore, first of all, you should tell the girl about your love, and only then notify her parents.

When you are drunk

When you are drunk, everything that seems you to be a wonderful idea is often not as good. If you want to make a romantic gesture to a girl you love, do not do it under the influence of alcohol. When you are drunk, your feelings become aggravated, therefore, you can feel that you love someone, but in reality, it is not so. Most likely, you will not be sincere in saying the words of love and a girl may not take you seriously, deciding that it is alcohol speaks for you. In addition, it might seem her that you just do not have enough courage to make a declaration of your love. Even in case, the girl reciprocates you, you want to remember such a special moment, don’t you? And alcohol usually misrepresents recollections.

On a first date

A lot of guys make a mistake when confessing their feelings to a girl immediately after the first date. Most often, they do this for several reasons:

  • love at first sight;
  • banal desire to get a girl into bed;
  • the desire to get a hold over the affections of a girl.

What do ladies do in such cases? That’s right, they take leave. So, if you say “I love you” to a woman just after the first date, she will not believe a single word. More likely, she will consider that this is a banal desire to get her in bed. Some girls still agree to such a scenario. But in other cases, ladies will simply not be ready for such a turn of events, they will consider you wacky and suddenly want to “remain friends.” The reason is the unnecessary haste of a young man. In love affairs, any haste is useless.

Different Ways to Say I Love You

The film industry has imposed a stereotype that a declaration of love has to be festive and massive – that along with the words “I love you,” a man should give his beloved woman a necklace priced at hundreds of thousands dollars, write a confession in the sky using a plane (it’s advisable that the man was at the controls), or book a table in the best and most expensive restaurant in the city and ask a waiter to bring a bottle of rare wine. But in fact, everything is not so complicated. There are many other good ways to say I love you to a girl.

1. Declaration of love in nature

Many girls prefer romantic adventures to handsome gestures of attention. One of the obvious options for declaring love is a picnic in the park. You should think over everything to the smallest detail – from a throw blanket, fresh fruit, and wine to the place where you will take seats.

If a girl really loves nature, you can look for some wonderful places with a pleasing view and arrange a romantic date there. Pretty landscapes will create a suitable intimate atmosphere, and you will be able to declare your love to a girl in the background of this indescribable beauty. She will definitely remember such a love confession.

2. Romantic declaration of love

Most women love romance. Based on this well-known fact, you can make a confession of love in a romantic way. To do this, you need to reserve a table in a good restaurant and ask your beloved woman to go out on a date with you. In such a romantic atmosphere, it will be easier to confess your feelings to the woman. To make the love confession even more beautiful and memorable, you should prepare well for a date. Come to the restaurant in advance, leave a bouquet of her favorite flowers there and, if possible, request romantic music. During the dinner with your girlfriend, you can take a bio break and return with flowers. Such an act will make your love confession even more romantic and touching. The main thing is to take this issue seriously.

3. Chef's Dinner

Of course, the chef is you. First of all, you should visit one-time cooking courses (yes, they exist) and learn how to cook some stunning and unusual dishes, which will later become your "signature dish."

Invite a girl to a romantic dinner at your place. But take the choice of food products and dishes seriously. You should not cook a dinner replete with fatty or spicy foods since the main goal of this evening is to win over the heart of a lady but not to overfeed her. Thus, try to make a light supper. This may be her favorite fruits, champagne, and that “signature dish” that you've learned to prepare during cooking classes. Delicious food will ingratiate a girl to communication and lift her spirits, and right at this moment, you will confess your feelings to the beloved.

4. Creative declaration of love

If you have a good voice, you can make up and record a song specifically for your girlfriend. This method of love confession has been very popular both now and always. And this is understandable because girls like when guys dedicate songs, poems, or paintings to them. Therefore, for creative people, it is a bit easier to express their feelings.

different ways to say i love youGiven the fact that recording technology has taken a huge step forward over the past few years, even those guys who cannot sing well can take advantage of this way of love confession. However, you should take into account the fact that in this case, the recording of your song should be done in a professional studio.

5. A quest with an unexpected ending

There is nothing unusual and suspicious about visiting an escape room on the weekend. A lot of people do it and get a great charge out of such quests. But no one realizes that this is a wonderful and very unusual way to make a declaration of love. All you need to do is to touch base with the quest organizers in advance and arrange for your girlfriend to find a secret note or a sealed envelope with a letter from you at the end of the quest. Of course, you can try to make your own quest – on the Internet, there are a lot of tips on this issue. However, it takes a lot more effort, and the eventual result can be completely unpredictable.

6. Declaration of love at a height

You can make a declaration of love by arranging an evening date on the roof of a high-rise building. First of all, decorate the roof so that a girl likes it. If possible, bring some tasty food, a soft throw blanket, and a bouquet of her favorite flowers, place candles, and buy a bottle of good wine. In general, do everything so that your beloved likes it. But do not lead a girl to the roof immediately when you see each other. Moreover, do not say directly where you are going to go and what you have prepared for her. Let it be a pleasant surprise. Intrigue with her because all girls love pleasant surprises.

7. Extreme declaration of love

A lot of people dream of a parachute jump, but not everyone can do it. Many are dissuaded because of some factors such as a high cost of the jump, personal circumstances, or state of health, but the most common thing that prevents people from making a parachute jump is still fear. However, a man can do everything for his love. In case a girl wants to make a parachute jump too – you can do it together and confess your love before or after the jump.

You should choose a parachute club in advance and make sure that there are the best instructors and high-quality equipment. Do not be afraid to jump with an instructor – first of all, you should think about your safety. And do not be embarrassed by their presence when you confess your love to a girl. The instructor is busy with something completely different – your safety. Parachute jumping is something incredible. Such moments are priceless. The girl will never forget such a brave act.

Also, there are some other ways to say I love you if your girlfriend is very fond of extreme sports. Think, maybe she has long dreamed of ballooning, cruise, conquering mountain peaks, etc. It will allow you to make a declaration of love in an unforgettable atmosphere. It is one of the best ways to say I love you.

General tips

Psychologists do not recommend waiting for the moment when the girl herself says that she loves you because many girls are waiting for the first step by the man. And this is really correct because it happens in 70% of cases.

If you just wait, you may lose your loved one, perhaps the love of your whole life. We recommend that you do not rush things, but at the same time, voice your feelings as soon as you feel really warm feelings towards the girl.

There are no specific deadlines or any established standards. For everyone, this is a certain period and certain feelings, as well as psychological maturity. Nevertheless, if the girl said these words first, but you are not yet ready to reciprocate her because you are not quite sure of what you feel, and not because you do not love her, then you shouldn’t keep silent or lie. That is, saying that you love her in return is wrong. Of course, a girl may be offended if she does not hear three words in response. So, try to explain to her your feelings. You’re just not ready to say it yet. Therefore, you do not want to deceive.

Final Thoughts

In fact, it is very simple to make a declaration of love to a girl. It is much more difficult to gain confidence that your love confession will have a positive effect. There are many different ideas that can help you confess your feelings to a girl. The main thing is that your words come from the heart. Do not be afraid to talk about your feelings for your beloved, find the right time and place for the most important words, and make a declaration of love to your girlfriend! Good luck!

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18.02.2020 13:02
These are very important words and all the girls without exception want to hear them.
01.05.2020 08:55
Girls love with their ears and it is true. And men are often stingy with pleasant words. It is not necessary to say it every day, but the main thing is to prove and confirm these feelings every day with all your actions. Surprise, inspire, care, give attention and warmth. Show by all possible means that this person is really important and special for you.

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