1. Does Friendship Between a Man and a Woman Exist?
  2. More Than Just Friends But Not in a Relationship: What's It Like?
  3. Signs She Wants to Be More Than Just Friends
  4. Signs You're More Than Friends

Some will say that platonic relationships are the best since you do not require anything from each other, just spend time together enjoying the company of your friend and can date the person you love at the same time. But in every friendship there comes a crucial moment when it seems you are more than friends but not in a relationship. Unfortunately, it means you both need to make a decision on whether you stay together and act as if nothing has happened, or fall in love and at least pretend you are a couple. It is a complicated situation for every party of this “are we more than friends” affair but definitely not a dead-end.

signs he wants to be more than friends

Does Friendship Between a Man and a Woman Exist?

There are plenty of opinions on this. Moreover, they are usually directly opposite. True, we must honestly admit that there are still more negative answers. The English writer Oscar Wilde, for example, spoke of the impossibility of friendship between opposite sexes, "this might be passion, enmity, adoration, love, but not friendship."

Especially weak this “friendship” becomes when the dusk comes. Perhaps something more is experienced then and it’s hard for people to control it. In this, one can find not only negative but also positive aspects. Young people have known each other for a long time, they know their habits, tastes, the character of each other well. Back in the 19th century, the great Frenchman who knew women perfectly, Honore de Balzac, said that a woman will never be friends with a man who couldn’t become her lover just in case.

But nevertheless, a wonderful relationship between a guy and a girl exists but they aren’t called friendship. Friedrich Engels simply brilliantly said that friendship between a woman and a man exists, but it results in having children. Undoubtedly, discussions on this subject will continue forever. Evidence of this is numerous articles, films, series, television shows. But still, believe that unanimity, spiritual community, cooperation can unite young people into a single whole.

More Than Just Friends But Not in a Relationship: What's It Like?

To understand what being more than friends but still not dating feels like, let’s conclude what means being a couple after all.

  1. When you are dating, a person tries to fulfill all your wishes and whims. It is one of the signs he wants to be more than friends if talking about men. Such a person obviously wants to please you and make you feel more than comfortable. Your joy gives them happiness. But when it is more than friends with benefits but not a relationship, your ex-friend/partner does not have any obligations and will not try to please you. Yes, they can make you occasional surprises or say compliments, but in difficult situations, they will not do their best to help.
  2. They listen to your opinion. It is common for practically all relationships between people that are dear to each other. Even if you are still not officially dating, the person that wants you to be a partner will ask you for advice, share their opinion with you and be interested in you.
  3. They can behave very awkwardly in your company - if this happens, it means love looms over the edge, and you will safely call her your girlfriend soon. Physiological processes cannot be reversed, and sweaty palms, downed breathing, or rapid heartbeat will be noticeable. It is also important to pay attention to non-verbal signals. If a woman has real feelings for you, she can be very worried in your presence - shake out non-existent dust from her clothes, smooth her hair, straighten her shoulders or back or avoid eye contact.
  4. Being more than friends but not dating also means suffering from trying to touch or longing to hug a person. But you just cannot afford to do it because they will not understand. To stop this vicious circle when you both feel uncomfortable, and it feels that you both want to hold hands or give a pat on the back, you need to start dating finally. And if you are not partners still, of course, it means your physical contact cannot get any closer.
  5. If you attend events together, but you have to pretend you are friends when everyone around already knows you aren’t. Switching from friendship to relationships means all your common friends are used to the complicated connection between you but will act as if they do not notice. So, when being more than just friends but not a couple you will most likely not hold hands or sit too close together, but your looks at each other will speak for themselves.
  6. Another thing about being in a “more than friends less than a relationship” situation is dating other people. Chances are both of you will try to make each other jealous and make out with other people on parties as nobody owes another one anything. But at the end of the day, you only make each other suffer. When you finally get together, you will only regret your attempts to attract attention in such away.

are we more than friendsSigns She Wants to Be More Than Just Friends

Hopefully enough, girls who are interested in switching your relationships to the next level will sooner or later hint you at this. It means if you do not notice any of the signs she wants to be more than friends and your female pal, you can quit dreaming about becoming a couple. And if you do, she is definitely giving you a green light.

1. The girl hints at her feelings. If a girl calls you affectionate words, for example, "bunny," "cat" or uses your name as often as she can, she flirts with you. These are sure signs that she has a crush on you and is now waiting for you to take the initiative, for example, invite her somewhere. So do not hesitate and use your chance!

2. The girl wants to talk to you. If a girl can spend hours just talking to you, she might want to be your partner. She calls you for any reason or for no reason, especially in the middle of the night. And if you unexpectedly call her and say that you want to talk with her, she will quit all her other plans and affairs!

3. She easily gets jealous. Girls in love are very jealous and do not like when a potential rival appears on the horizon. If you notice that your female friend is noticeably nervous when you talk to other pretty girls, then she has already fallen in love with you and thinks that you are her boyfriend.

If you want to check if she is really in love with you, try to start flirting with other girls when spending time together. In case she really cares for you, she will get nervous, angry with you, or, on the contrary, make a cold and indifferent look and demonstratively show that she doesn’t notice.

4. The girl takes care of you. Every girl wants to surround her beloved man with affection and care. She is worried about your health, for example, it’s cold today, but you didn’t put on a hat, then she would notice it and tell you about it. She may try to give you useful tips, for example, on how to cook something delicious. She may care about your success at work or in some other business.

5. She is glad to see you at any time of the day or night. A girl in love is changing at the sight of a loved one. A smile appears on her face and her eyes start beaming.

6. The girl gives you gifts. A loving girl will never forget about her beloved one's birthday, or will not miss a reason to make him a pleasant surprise about some even insignificant event. If a girl is in love with you, she is unlikely to give you a birthday card or a chocolate bar. Rather, she will present something special to you that will remind you about her more often, for example, a shirt with your inside joke meme on it, or a home-made cake.

7. She gets worried about your problems. When a girl communicates with her beloved man, she is always a little worried. If her cheeks flush and her voice breaks when you talk about something important for you, no doubt it is a sign she wants you to be a couple. Sometimes it can reach the point that she is angry at you for no apparent reason.

8. The girl reacts at your touches. The surest sign that a girl is in love with you is that she will not only allow you to touch her, hug her waist, but she will snuggle up during the dance, take your hand or site close. And if she touches you despite other people around, it means that she considers you her boyfriend and wants everyone to know about your relationship!

9. The girl is trying to make you jealous. A girl in love will never meet other guys until she realizes that she has no chance of winning the favor of a beloved man. But to make him jealous is a whole other plan! If a girl flirts with other guys in your presence and begs for compliments, but at the same time, doesn’t allow them to do anything extra, then she just wants to encourage you fo some active actions.

10. The girl goes for reconciliation first. There is no relationship without quarrels and arguing. Usually, girls do not like to put up first and wait for the first step from the man. But if your friend after a quarrel with you can not do even three days without your communication and calls you first, then she is very afraid of losing you, and your relationship means much more to her than her own pride.

11. The girl shows you her charms. The girl hinting at relationships will "accidentally" expose those parts of her body she thinks are the most beautiful. She can show you a little more of her legs than usually or be accidentally caught at the moment of changing her clothes. A girl in love wants to interest you, showing what you can get.

12. The girl is ready to have sex with you. If a girl directly or with hints makes you understand that she wants you, it means that she does not just like you, but you make her crazy, and she is ready for anything to keep you close. Remember: most girls sleep only with the guys they really love! And after that, you can ask her, “Are we more than friends with benefits?”

more than friends but not datingSigns You're More Than Friends

Very often, a friendship develops into something more. Maybe you have never even dreamed about it, but it still happened. And here are some signs you're more than friends.

1. You call or text each other every day. Your day does not start without you wishing each other good morning. Her voice is the last thing you hear before bedtime. Even during the day, you speak at least once. It is already a sign that it is more than just about friendship.

2. You share everything with each other. One of the signs you're more than friends with benefits is the emotional bond. When you talk, you can tell each other everything. This is very good, especially for men, who are usually quite tacit, especially about their emotions. But if she shares her feelings with you without any problems, you are more than a friend to her. She trusts you much more.

3. Her friends and relatives know you. Well, when a girl introduces you to her loved ones everything is clear here. It is even better when you meet with them and understand that they have already heard about you.

4. You always try to cheer each other up. When you can laugh together, it means you want to make each other happy, and you obviously have a similar sense of humor. This is a great sign!

5. You do not hide that you appreciate each other. If you both know that you do not want to lose each other, even if you talk about it, then your relationship is definitely more than just platonic.

6. You are each other's priority. If you notice that you are ready to change plans for her sake, if she is ready to give up everything and meet with you when it is very necessary, it is obvious that your relationships are the most important thing for both of you.

7. Even your other friends notice that there is something between you. They can talk about it, teasing, they notice how you touch each other and the way she looks at you.

8. You both get jealous. When she talks about some other guy, you feel jealous, and vice versa: she cannot calmly listen to your stories about other girls.

9. You prefer to spend time only together. Because in fact, you no longer need anyone. It's time to make the relationship official!

10. Their happiness is more important to you than yours. You feel ready to do much to make her happy. And she is also ready to do a lot for you.

When you realize that all this is mutual, it is very important not to miss the moment. After all, the love that has grown out of friendship is one of the strongest and most beautiful.

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18.02.2020 12:42
Yes, it happens that friendly feelings turn into romantic ones. They say that friendship between a man and a woman does not exist. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that your friend may say that she loved you one day.
01.05.2020 16:50
oh, I have been friends with my best female friend for 10 years now, we have known each other since school. And I do believe that friendship between a man and a woman exists! It is just a problem of perception. But being in a platonic relationship is pretty cool, we both have our partners and when we need advice or want to talk - I speak to her because she understands me.

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