1. Is It Normal To Miss Your Ex?
  2. Why Can’t I Get Over My Ex?
  3. How to Let Go of an Ex-Girlfriend?

How to move on from an ex you still love? Most people can get over a breakup, even though it’s always sad and traumatic. But those who suffer from being separated from their partners can’t be excluded from our list. We all lose dear people at some point in our lives, so this topic will be relatable for everyone. Breaking up is a serious and inevitable step that happens not once but several times throughout the lifespan. It’s a very philosophical question about whether you should be disappointed by breaking up. OK, maybe it’s too tough to have all that on your plate, but every grown-up and wise mentor would say that it’s just the start of something new, a better path in your life. If the choice is right, you’ll understand love differently now because you know a different meaning to it. Capacitive crowds of people who have overcome a breakup will say that because of this phase in life they have become stronger, wiser, more independent, and happier.

how to let go of an ex-girlfriend

How do I move on from my ex? Are you still in love with your ex? Here will be some essential tips and tricks that will give you a remedy.

Is It Normal To Miss Your Ex?

Longing for a girl is always hard for any man. In fact, it is not easy to cope with the absence of a loved one nearby when you have been together for long and suddenly everything ended. Unfortunately, this s our life. Sometimes not everything goes according to plan, and some people's roads diverge. You need to get out of this horrible feeling of missing someone as soon as possible in order to go on because it will poison your life. Make conclusions, think about what this experience has taught you and move on. In the end, everything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Longing for a beloved girl is like giving up a bad habit. The brain of a person in love behaves in the same way as the brain of an addict when quitting smoking, drugs, or drinking. “Addiction” is, of course, manifested in the form of an ex-girl. When you miss her so much that this causes discomfort.

Therefore, one can easily conclude that longing is a feeling of lack of someone or something in one’s life. Often accompanied by a feeling of weakness, ubiquitous anxiety, and a feeling of great sadness. Mental pain after a breakup can be felt for a very long time. People who cannot recover from parting are sometimes even going into depression. So, in conclusion, missing your ex-partner is normal but not for long because this feeling is detrimental and it doesn’t dring any good into your life.

Why Can’t I Get Over My Ex?

There are some things you arguably can control, like the will to be stronger where every damn thing in your apartment is literally a reminder of your ex. Do you still keep their stuff in your drawer? No wonder why you take them out to cry all of your heavy tears and finish the day. That is how you know your ex won’t leave your head any time soon.

You have a mutual circle of friends

People ask how to move on from an ex and wonder why everything is so reminiscent of them. How many times a day do your friends mention your ex's name and tell how much of a jerk they are. Anyway, if your family keeps talking about how wrong you were to not work things out, and your buddies try to sabotage you by making you drunk and calling her.

What do you do then? Cut all ties. But if you can’t and those people, unlike your ex, are still very close and supportive, don’t get rid of them, it’s just stupid to lose important people over one unimportant. Just call this topic a taboo.

 You’re clingy

how to let go of an exBeing an over-attached person is very romantic in a sense, but it’s absolutely unnecessary and definitely unhealthy. Being addicted to the past is good for a while, but you need to realize that it makes you unproductive and totally detaches you from new opportunities.

What do you do? Try to involve in as many tasks as possible. Run, write, draw, sing, dance, walk, do whatever you feel like doing. Be confident to find another person. Go on a date even though it seems like a betrayal, especially if you broke up on good terms. But this will help you switch onto someone different, and sometimes it’s a positive change.

You still have their stuff

“Why do I still love my ex?”, you ask. I wonder why your ex pops up in your mind when half of your drawer is her panties, her makeup, and cotton pads, her knitted table covers and hand-sewn pants, her presents and gifts she gave you. Do you still think you are sane if you keep all of those clothes?

What do you do? Wake up, move on, and throw away all of her stuff. If you don’t want to do it, give it away to your friends if they agree. And, under any circumstances, don’t be tempted to call her just to offer her clothes back. If she wanted to take them away because of their necessity, she would’ve done it a long time ago. But if she didn’t call you right away after a breakup, don’t search for an opportunity. Who do you want to justify?

 They are successful now

Success is what draws us to our exes. When you were together, she was a bit plumper, wasn’t into cooking or was not as sexy as you wanted her to. However, your breakup was a kickstarter for her, so now she is a bombshell. She is clever, taking part in conferences, she has a sexy boyfriend and seems genuinely happy. How do you know that? By stalking her on Instagram, of course! But that’s a whole other topic!

What do you do then? Deal with it. Seriously, if you loved this person, be happy for them. Let somebody’s life be fulfilled without you. Be confident, try to work on your own insecurities.

They are engaged/ taken

What does make you remember about your ex's family status? It might be hard to realize that someone you used to know moved on, and now you’re just a shadow that can’t move on in life and enjoy other people.

Solution: don’t be jelly! Let people be happy and move on, too!

You are a stalker

Having access to their page is worse than having a full closet of their clothes because it updates daily. So, you search for news and, if they blocked you, ask your friends to monitor her status instead of you. Is it fair? No. Is it necessary? No. Is it interesting? No. So don’t do that. Do you really think that your ex would talk about things that upset them via social media? No! They want you to think everything is marvelous. Don’t be a fool and assure yourself you’re the loser now. People lie, too.

Solution: her social media needs to be a taboo for you. Forget it. Don’t monitor, never call, never ask. Break these chains and that’s it.

How to Let Go of an Ex-Girlfriend?

End it all

If a person wants to go, let them go. Stories can be different, as well as some people change for the better. But you will never be the same for each other. Let them go. The path you had made together now went to an end. Ceasing to try and change a certain person for better is a must to overcome a breakup. Some of us would like to cling onto a person for ages. And while they are being attached, they are suffering. It often happens that ex-lovers (especially mutually attached) start an on-off relationship. And the more they break up – the more they degrade themselves and become disappointed in humanity. Relationships like that won’t let you find a person who is destined to be your future.

Let your inner demons be defeated

Let’s put it like that – 10% of our inner suffering happens for a reason, while 90% is our paranoia of being alone and anxiety. The faster you will release all of those thoughts – the faster the healing process will happen. If you’re dealing with an ex who won't let go, ask yourself – do you want to be manipulated this way? At times we know that this situation is avoidable, but we choose not to avoid it. What do you do if those thoughts are too strong? Don’t fight them! Instead, analyze them and make them 100% more absurd, to the point where it’s even boring to think about stuff like that.

 Don’t seek revenge

How to move on from an ex-girlfriend? Forget about her! When you try and seek revenge, upload photos with different girls, go to clubs and create an atmosphere of success, it’s an illusion of revenge. In fact, you spend more energy and time to appear better, and this makes you think about your ex six times more. Revenge is a low-low, it doesn’t guarantee that she cares at all, and will consequently make you even sadder.

how to move on from an ex Forgive both of you

People don’t know how to move on from an ex because they are low-key jealous and bitter about them breaking up. That’s why you should find the inner strength to forgive your ex-girlfriend because if a couple has problems, they happen because of two people. Understand that you are not an angel too, so have a tweak to admit it.

Learn your lesson

How to let go of an ex you still love? Transform your past feelings to essential lessons. If you had a partner that didn’t satisfy you, don’t be attached to a certain relationship paradigm. It sounds difficult, but the only thing you can really do is analyze it. Ask your friends what your ex did wrong, which things sounded sketchy, what slipped through your mind. Usually, other people are the best when it comes to finding flaws in somebody else’s relationships. Let your relatives answer a bunch of questions about your couple. Write all the consequences and lessons you’ve learned, and when you happen to fall in love with the same type of person again, just stop. Learn how to detect bad signs. That will save you and free you from unnecessary disappointments.

Don’t be alone

When you break up with your girlfriend, don’t be alone. The best thing is to be surrounded by friends, family, and dates. Be social, communicate and be sure that people who truly love you won’t let go, they will always provide support.

Be flawless

After breaking up, people can regain the meaning of life and be happy, and therefore work on themselves. Many men make a huge mistake in such a sad situation: they cease to look in the mirror and work out. But it is still more pleasant to be sad with a beautiful face and flawless body. Do you want to start a new relationship after breaking up? Or maybe you do not need anyone, and you want to live for yourself? Anyway, slay in life. Visit the spa, gym, change a hairstyle, practice yoga, or offer a session of massage.

Set the goal

How to survive a breakup? Revise your plans because when you lived as a couple, you used to follow common guidelines and constantly make compromises. If you wanted to go on a trip, and your now ex-girlfriend was against it, then now is the time to pack your bags. Take action now, it won’t hurt. Aim for a promotion, work diligently, but don’t overwork. Be sure to take some time to relax as well. Start a workshop, communicate with other people, take up a hobby, do anything that will make you distracted, educated, and happy.

Now you know how to let go of your ex. It seems hard to let go of your past, but if you tried to convince yourself that all emotions are controllable. Don’t be alone, don’t seek revenge, forgive yourself and your ex-girlfriend, stay social, work on yourself, and find hobbies. Hopefully, you will be blessed soon!

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18.02.2020 12:35
I also couldn't let go of my ex for a long time. Everything reminded me of her-mutual friends, common affairs, her stuff was at my house, we always had dinner on weekends with her family. But! you need to accept the situation and move on.
30.04.2020 22:01
I will show this article to my boyfriend! He cannot forget his ex for over a year... They had been dating for 4 years and it has been already 10 months since we are together. But he still talks about her sometimes and I get insanely mad. It's sad I know he cannot get over her, hopefully these tips help.

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