1. Do girls like compliments?
  2. How to compliment a woman without being creepy
  3. How to compliment a girl on her looks
  4. How to compliment a girl through text

A compliment is a special part of social life. A correct compliment can create so much positive energy that relations between people will develop quickly. It doesn’t matter in which sphere you communicate with a person: compliments are appropriate both between lovers and friends. Therefore, you have to be able to give compliments to everyone. But why are compliments so enjoyable for women? Because they are like gifts without a reason; they are not asked and they are given without cause, but they almost always cheer up.

compliments for women

Do girls like compliments?

Everyone knows that women love with their ears. If a man is genuinely passionate about his chosen one, he doesn’t even think about why it is necessary to give compliments. He just says that his woman is the best. Are compliments important for women? This question is especially relevant for those who are not in a hurry to say pleasant comments about a woman. First of all, a woman always waits for flattering words. If these expectations are not met, the result may be completely unpredictable and turn into a storm of scandal. To avoid such troubles, it is enough to give some pleasant words. Everyone who has ever been in love knows about the benefits of compliments. Even if a woman doesn’t notice her admirer, a compliment will certainly not leave her indifferent and help attract her attention.

Why do men give compliments to women? With the help of a compliment, you can change a hot topic and put a conversation into a new direction. A proper compliment, which is nice to a woman, can change her mood and distract her from a quarrel. A compliment also serves as a reminder to a man of those qualities of his chosen one that attracted him. Thus, he maintains the fire of mutual feelings. If a man tells his woman a few pleasant words, he will not be tortured by questions about the shortcomings of her body or appearance.

Pleasant words can significantly change a woman’s mood for the better. Any man is afraid of women’s tears, but they can’t be avoided. To calm an upset girl, you can say a compliment. Of course, this will not solve the problem, but it will distract her from sad thoughts and cause a smile.

How to compliment a woman without being creepy

When creating the first impression, it is desirable to say those compliments that best leave a mark in the memory of a girl and sound most sincerely. Of course, if you calmly note: “Girl, you have beautiful eyes!”, then she will be pleased to hear this. However, in order for you to be able to “melt the ice” in the consciousness of a girl with maximum efficiency and speed, we offer three main types of compliments to give a girl:

Find some distinctive feature of a girl

Before leaving the house, a girl always tries to highlight one minor detail in her image, which is of great importance to her since, in her opinion, this detail emphasizes her originality and uniqueness, singles her out from the crowd. What is the best way to compliment a girl? Your task is to notice this detail and inform a girl about it with an elegant compliment. A lady would be very flattered if you have precisely found her “distinctive feature” (especially if it was not very obvious). If you do everything right, you will rise in her eyes to a person with whom it is pleasant to talk. The main thing here is not to be mistaken. Therefore, use this kind of compliments only when you are sure of the correctness of your assessment by at least 90%.

best compliments for a girlAttractive power

This is one of the things to compliment a girl on. The option of a direct compliment: “You know, you have some kind of attractive power that just doesn’t let me pass by and not talk to you!” And here is an example of an indirect compliment: “Girl, you have such beautiful hair, I just can’t keep silent. I really like your hands. The skin is as soft as velvet. You are so beautiful that I even forgot where I was going!” Of course, it is necessary to back up your words with appropriate intonation, facial expressions, and even touches (but very carefully). Your compliments must be remembered. The central problem is that a girl shouldn’t feel the falsity.

Complete surprise

You show a girl your admiration for the details of her appearance, but she just doesn’t expect such admiration. A girl becomes interested in further communication on the proposed topic and the opportunity to learn something new about her merits and maybe even get rid of her own complexes. For example, you can tell a girl with a long nose that she has a very sexy nose that means that she is passionate, etc. But remember that the most important thing in a compliment to a girl is its sincerity. Without this component, a compliment will cause a smile and most likely, resentment and rudeness from a girl. So, give compliments to a girl with caution. The ability to speak beautiful compliments and find in a girl something beautiful that no one notices has the power of a nuclear weapon for a positive impact on a woman!

One of the main precepts of courtship is: “Watch her appearance and her feelings.” This, along with other commandments, aims to make a girl understand that she is a woman and you are a man, and these poles should be attracted. Here are some ways to compliment a girl:

  • “I could talk to you until the morning!” – Every man, who has some experience with women, knows that they attach great importance to communication. It may be much nicer to hear from a man that it is pleasant and interesting to communicate with her than to know that he likes her eyes or legs. For such compliments for girls, you need to choose the right time – it’s best to do it during a lively conversation. For example, after she tells something interesting or listens attentively to you, take a short pause, and then say with admiration and amazement in your voice: “You know, I could talk to you until the morning.”
  • “I like the way your mind works!” – The style of thinking of women is often an object of jokes and anecdotes, but compliments to the female mind are rarely said. Praise her style of thinking when she makes an ironic remark or a delicate observation – a girl will surely appreciate it.

How to compliment a girl on her looks

Many men don’t even think about how to compliment women – they just say something standard, for example: “You have beautiful eyes!” and don’t want to come up with something more unusual. But many women hear such compliments many times. So, to become special for her, you should tell her something special. Many inexperienced men believe that at the first stage of the development of relationships, it is not necessary to show a girl that they like her appearance. It is not right! But you also shouldn’t tell a girl that her appearance is the only thing that interests you.

The right tactic is to talk with a girl about all sorts of topics, in which you will periodically say compliments as if again and again complimenting her mythical beauty. In this case, compliments to a girl can be straightforward, but not vulgar. After all, everything that you find attractive in a girl is largely the result of her work aimed at getting your admiration. And if you tell her a compliment, then she feels that she gets a kind of payment for her work and that she does it for good reason.

Women have a genetic need to be admired. Any girl wants to please men around her and be more attractive than other women. After all, an unattractive woman is practically excluded from natural selection and has no opportunity to choose a man because he simply doesn’t need such a woman. Therefore, every normal woman is in a state of easy drug dependence on pleasant words about her attractiveness. She needs to realize that the world created by her causes admiration in men and envy in women. And here are two best compliments for a girl:

“You look amazing!”

Most women spend a lot of time and energy on their appearance, so men need to make compliments about appearance, even if they don’t notice that a woman has a new haircut, don’t distinguish one shade of lipstick from another, and the day after the meeting, they can’t remember what a woman was wearing on a date. Despite all this, it is enough to tell a woman that she looks amazing. Thus, she realizes that she does beauty procedures not in vain. But compliments like “You have a beautiful dress!” are better to avoid. First, it is unoriginal, and secondly, she can ask, for example, which dress is better: the one that is on her now or the one she wore on your first/second/seventh date. If you forget that dress, she can be offended, and if you remember it – congratulations, you are an absolutely extraordinary man. Also, this is a very good variant of how to compliment a girl picture on Facebook. She will definitely notice you.

how to compliment a girl picture on Facebook“You are the most beautiful among your girlfriends!”

Women go to nightclubs or bars with girlfriends. But most of them secretly want to be more attractive than other girls. This is not an occasion to joke again about female friendship – just almost in every circle of friends, there is a competition, which doesn’t necessarily lead to conflicts. Anyway, a woman will be pleased to hear that she is more beautiful than her girlfriends, but only when you are talking to her. If you say this in the presence of other women, it will cause outrage of all of them, including a woman you try to compliment.

How to compliment a girl through text

Nowadays, online dating becomes more and more popular. As you may know, text messages are the most popular mean of communication in online dating. Of course, sometimes, people arrange video-calls or record voice messages. But still, more than 90% of all communication in online dating apps and websites is done through text messages. Consequently, even if you make super-photos, write a bio that seems to be written by a professional writer, you still may fail at online dating if you can't compliment nice girls. So, your ability to write nice text messages is crucial to your success in online dating.

Here are some tips to help you write a good message:

Write short messages

Learn to express your thoughts as concisely as possible. It is generally a very useful life skill. After all, the most important words in a relationship are only three (I love you) and everything else is just details.

Don't be predictable and boring

Remember, there is nothing worse than being boring and predictable in online dating. Literary, this is the worst crime in flirting. By making your text messages interesting and funny, you will win a girl's attention. Thus, it will be much easier to have a real date with her.

Don't send too many messages

Here is the golden rule of online dating: you have to send an equal number of messages. When one partner sends a considerably larger amount of texts than the other one, it means that there is no mutual interest between people.

Communicate on equal terms

Remember that your girlfriend is not a sophisticated diva from a picture. She, first of all, is a living person and then – a friend, and only then she is your girlfriend. Look for common interests with her and discuss them.

Tell her about your feelings

Tell her what you feel about her. The message “I missed you!” has a much greater effect than “Your beauty eclipses the sun!” not only because she knows how beautiful she is but also because this compliment contains feelings towards her. Also, “I like you very much!” will be better than “You are so charming!”, and “I love you!” will be the best option. But, keep the distance both in space and in time until you are sure that you have at least some connection with her.

What else can be said?

  • “Hi:) I miss you and I really want to meet. Let’s go somewhere tomorrow?” – That is all. Nothing superfluous. You just really want to meet her because you like her.
  • “Good morning! We are not very familiar, but I like you very much. And I would like to get to know you better!” – This is good when you are almost unfamiliar, but a girl has something that you like and you tell her about it.
  • “Hello, my love! How are you? Do you have time to talk about something good?” Just show that she is interesting to you as a person and not just as a girl for sex.
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18.02.2020 11:22
I always compliment girls. And it doesn't matter whether it is our first date or a long-term relationship. I know how girls like it, so I make them feel good this way.
Sophia Phillips
01.05.2020 01:37
Dear men, please stop sending obscene or sexual messages in an attempt to arouse our interest. This looks just terrible, and we are very tired of blocking people like that. Even if there is time and place for such messages, those should never be your first ones. Please, be polite and cute with others. P.S. I wish more people were concerned with this.

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