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Privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy regulates handling of personal information shared by users. We place a strong emphasis on protecting personal and Registration Data, and this section describes how we manage this information. If you are using the primedating.com, referred hereinafter as Site, and are intent on buying our products and services, you automatically agree to submit your personal information and let us handle it as specified in this Policy. We focus on providing high quality services and due safety and security to our customers. We strongly recommend that you read the Policy and the Terms and Conditions and make sure they are acceptable for you, and you are ready to comply with them.

1. Information we need

According to our Policy, we exercise the right to request your name, address, email address, phone numbers, photographs and some additional information, which is not private. Registering with our service constitutes your readiness to submit this information and letting us collect, store and share it as stated in this Policy. This data is stored on our system, and no part of your personal data is shown in your profile or made available to other users by any means. If you are intent on using electronic payment cards, you will be requested to submit your card details and billing address. We securely hand this data over to our payment providers, and it remains unavailable to us throughout the period of your using the service and later. All sensitive data is encrypted via HTTPS/SSL protocols.
Some information can be collected by us when you are contacting us or other Site users.

2. How we handle sensitive data

When you submit your sensitive and personal information and agree to this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, you allow us to process this data, which includes all sensitive information, for any purposes users agree to and for making the Services available to you.
Also, your data can help us monitor our Site’s and Service’s work, see what should be done to improve our website and content, as well as solve problems, which occur from time to time.
Clients’ information will not be disclosed to third parties except qualified staff members and data storage/processing experts.
Clients are advised to update personal information on a regular basis. This includes changing username, location, email address, password and other data.  Clients can either do it themselves or ask us to update information in their preferred way.

3. About IP Addresses and Cookies

- We track our users’ IP Addresses for security, statistical and demographic purposes only and are not intent on building profiles. An IP Address is a group of digits, which is individually set for every user, which identifies location and Internet Service Providers. It does not make your personal information available for any third parties whatsoever.
- We also send cookies once our users open our Site. Cookies are tiny files, which are saved on users’ hard drives and perform some record-keeping functions. This is how they work:
- Every time you visit the Site, cookies help us detect the visit and trace advertisements shown to you. Thus we can monitor advertising and adjust it according to your preferences. Some advertisements may belong to third parties, because we use third-party ad servers.
- Cookies anonymously provide us statistical data reflecting the use of the Site’s services and browsing. This data is used to assess the work of the website and compile performance reports. Cookies do not collect any sensitive information and are used solely as instrument of improving and, when needed, modifying our web sites.
Users are free to switch off the cookie function in browsers or set them up to reject cookies. In the latter case, some parts of the Site may become unavailable.

4. Storage of personal data

All data users share with us is stored on our servers, and we work non-stop to provide due security and prevent breaches. Meanwhile, the user shall realize that no system, which is accessible via the Internet, is fully secure, and breaches may occur. In case of a breach, we take immediate steps to solve the issue. We do not guarantee, however, complete safety of data, which is compromised or lost due to breach, and we strongly recommend all users to keep passwords protected and change them from time to time. If you notice any signs of activity on your site, which you have nothing to do with, change your password immediately.
You can remove your profile. In that case, all data you have shared will be removed from public view. However, your details, as well as your personal correspondence with other users and support inquiries, will remain on our server for 24 months or such other period as may be required by legislation. This data can be accessed by us only in certain cases.
We store personal information in compliance with our obligation to cooperate with security services in preventing breaches of law, such as fraud, as well as collecting unpaid fees, settling disputes and solving other issues within the scope of legislation.

5. Third parties’ rights

We disclose personal information only in cases whereby it is required or permitted by law. Non-personal data may be shared with commercial organizations and advertisers on our sites. This can be done to help them understand the needs and preferences of potential clients. 

6. Amendments and changes

We exercise the right to revise and update the Privacy Policy and post new versions on our pages. We recommend that you review the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions every time you enter the Site and keep track of changes. If you continue to use our Service, you will be bound to follow the updated version of the Privacy Policy.

If there are any statements in this Privacy Policy you are not sure about, please, contact us:

Sono RC LP
16/5 West Pilton Rise, 
EH4 4UQ, 
United Kingdom