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Refund policy

Primedating.com Refund Policy is described in “Membership Terms and Conditions”. You will be required to sign the application form and the refund policy agreement before you are allowed to joining our dating service. This is our way of improving our service and raising customer satisfaction level.

We do not charge our customers for using our service except communication services. After a service is provided, we do not refund it except in cases whereby payments fail due to technical issues on the website or fraud. Should you detect any proof signifying that an unauthorized payment was made on your behalf, you should contact our support service and claim a refund. You will receive a response letter within 48 hours.

We do not guarantee 100% availability of our service, because there is nothing to guarantee 100% stability of Internet connection. Because breakdowns occur almost every day, sites become unavailable from time to time, and our service is no exception. If you have an access problem or see an error message when trying to open our website, wait until the problem is fixed.

primedating.com requires users to be polite and does not favor abuse or insults. Should we discover any signs of violation or inconsistent action, which goes against the Terms and guidelines posted on the pages, the administration reserves the right to place on hold or terminate an account without refunding any fees.

If you have any questions, please contact us as follows:

Sono RC LP
84 Park Road, 
KY11 2JL, 
United Kingdom