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1. How Are These Terms Applied
The Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “the Terms”) apply to any and all use of primedating.com (hereinafter “the Site”), as well as all purchases of services and communications referring to the Site, including without limitation postings, messages and emails.
Once you register with our website, you enter a legally binding agreement with the Service, which is provided to you as stated in the Terms. We exercise the right to change and update the Terms without notifying you. All information and reviewed versions are available all the time via the URL of this page.
You are also obliged to abide by the rules and guidelines, which regulate the use of our Service, when using any services or elements mentioned herein. These rules and guidelines are published as part of the Terms.  
2. Access
We provide temporary access to our website, and the Service can be terminated or modified at our full discretion without notice. All activities aimed at accessing the Site are your responsibility. Also, you are to ensure that all users accessing the Site via your Internet connection are familiar with and abide by the Terms.  
3. Information
All information shared by you is processed according to the provisions of our Privacy Policy. Registering with the Site and using it constitutes your consent with such processing and your readiness the warrant the correctness of the data you provide.
Content we DO NOT allow: pedophilia, incest, zoophilia, graphic violence and any other type of abusive, obscene or illegal materials. Website administration abides by a zero tolerance policy towards any inappropriate content.
4. Eligibility
In cases whereby you are prohibited to register with the Site, your membership shall be outlawed. By registering you confirm that you are eligible for signing a contract as specified herein and are ready to follow the Terms.
The Service is not intended for any commercial purposes whatsoever and is for personal use only. Corporations, enterprises, organizations and other legal entities are not allowed to register as members or use the Service. Individuals are not permitted to hand over or sublicense the right to use the Site without our consent.
5. Registration
By filling in the registration form you verify that you are 18 years of age or older and you are allowed to use the Site and consent to be bound by the Terms. In keeping with the Terms, you are obliged to:
 - share accurate, complete and true information about yourself as directed by the registration form (the “Registration data”)
 - regularly review and update this information when necessary.
In cases whereby users provide inaccurate, incomplete or untrue information or the Site’s service detects any signs of your providing inaccurate, incomplete or untrue information, the Site reserves the right to place your account on hold or terminate it temporarily or permanently for the person who has provided improper information. This can apply to the entire site or a portion of it.  
Once the registration procedure is complete, account information and password will be sent to your email. Do not disclose the password and/or account information to third parties. You accept responsibility for all activities detected from your account. 
You shall agree to:
- notify the Service immediately should any signs of unauthorized access or breach occur;
- log out when you finish using the Site.  
The Site shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring due to your failure to follow the provisions of Section 5.
6. Membership
We do not charge membership fees. Your profile will be activated once it is approved by our moderation service.
7. Fees
A number of services and options, such as sending letters, video viewing, online videochat, instant messaging, gift sharing, are not free and are charged with fees.
All activities detected prior to our receipt of a notification from you about unauthorized use of your password and/or login or any other breach, entail your responsibility.
primedating.com shall not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to abide by the provisions stated herein.
All attempts to deny purchases made by you entail legal proceedings against you and may result in a lawsuit, prosecution, administrative punishment and poor credit history.
The Site strictly follows the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA), which regulates activities of International Marriage Brokers (IMBs) residing in the United States. Also, the law regulates activities aimed at helping people to make acquaintances, build relationships, arrange for weddings and exchange of information between American and foreign citizens. IMBs are not allowed to disclose or advertise personal information verbally or otherwise via the Site’s services that employ translators, including, but not limited to Live Videochat and E-mail. If your partner lives in a different country and he/she has filled in and signed your IMBRA form, you can exchange personal information.
9. Data protection
primedating.com or similar services that you have chosen may send you offers and promotion information. You can contact Support and unsubscribe from these offers.
10. Intellectual Property Rights and technical aspects
primedating.com is licensed to, owns, asserts and reserves all rights, which include copyright, patents, design rights, trademarks/trade secrets (both registered and unregistered), trade and business names, rights to know-how and inventions, database rights, unless specified otherwise.
As shown in the following example, you are forbidden to:
Operate any element on the Site for purposes other than those stated herein. Any attempt to hack the Site, modify or distribute, reuse or repost any of its content will constitute a violation.
Use the Site for public or commercial purposes without primedating.com written consent;
Share URLs or hypertext links, hyperlinks or any other channels to avoid payment or gain profits without primedating.com’s written consent, by you or other persons;
Demonstrate, post, publish, change, print or copy the Site or any elements or information thereof for the benefit of third parties or resources without primedating.com's written permission;
Distribute, modify, make public or reproduce any copyrighted content or data, proprietary data, trademarks, etc., without prior written consent of the copyright owner;
Modify, process or otherwise operate any content of the Site in any unfair, immoral or illegal fashion whatsoever;
Damage, hide or remove any proprietary notices.
11. Disclaimer
The user shall agree that:
He or she assumes all risks of using the Service, which is provided on an as-is basis and only when available. Neither the Site, nor providers, shall make any warranties about its usability for particular purposes, title, merchantable quality and/or adherence to proprietary or third-party rights. The Site disclaims all warranties of text, links, graphics, software, services, as well as timeliness, reliability or accuracy of materials posted on it.
The Site shall not accept any responsibility for the actuality, accuracy, reliability, completeness or helpfulness of information exchanged via the Service, and it shall not make any warranties about the content of messages sent via mailing lists.
The Site disclaims any warranties that:
You will be fully satisfied by the Service;
The Service will guarantee desired security, reliability, non-stop or error-free operation;
The results of your using of the Service will meet your expectations;
You will be fully satisfied with the quality of all services, materials, product and information purchased by you via the Service;
Your computer system and data will be safe and secure after using materials downloaded from the Site;
Any oral or written recommendation or information obtained by you from the Site or via the Service shall not be regarded as a warranty not expressly included in the Terms.
The Site shall not be responsible for materials provided by third parties, which are posted on the website.
12. Service and Content Use
Any illegal use of the Site, including without limitation collecting usernames (logins), email addresses or passwords by aid of electronic and other tools, with the goal of spamming, unauthorized linking to or framing of the Site, will entail an investigation and a legal action of criminal, administrative and injunctive nature.
We are not obliged to, but entitled to remove any and all content, which we regard as violating the Terms or offensive, unlawful and potentially dangerous for other members.   
Users accept full and complete responsibility for creating, uploading, sharing, publishing and posting Content on the website. We shall not be held responsible for any content or its accuracy, to third parties in any way. Should we receive a claim from a third party that content or any part of it posted by you violates any of this third party’s rights, including without limitation Intellectual Property Rights and privacy rights, we reserve the right to report your identity to such third party.
Your posting of Content to any publicly available part of the Site shall constitute your granting, representing and warranting your right and readiness to endow us with permanent, irrevocable, fully paid, non-exclusive and worldwide license to demonstrate, operate, copy, share and disclose such Content and to create derivative materials of or include in other materials such Content and to authorize sublicense holders to do the foregoing with any goal related to popularization and operation of the Site, as well as resources operated by the Service and primedating.com.
In case whereby a member fails to use the Site or the Service properly, demonstrates improper attitude or conduct, which can be considered illegal or unlawful or not allowed by the Terms. The user shall warrant that he or she shall not post any Content  (unless otherwise set by the Site or the Service), which:
Violates any third party’s rights, including, but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights, or breaches of any duty of confidence to such third party;
Is potentially harmful for computer systems or mobile devices, such as viruses, Trojans, logic bombs, worms or other malware or harmful elements;
Discloses personal details of any user of the Service without the user’s consent;
Ascribes any statements made by users to us, directly or indirectly;
Contains racist, provocative, threatening or other offensive statements, which are potentially menacing to the online community or individuals;
Constitutes harassment or advocates it;
Can be regarded as ‘junk main’, ‘spam’, ‘chain-letter content’ or part of any other unsolicited message types;
Advocates false, misleading, abusive, insulting, obscene, libelious, threatening information or conduct, or other types of activities, which can be termed illegal
Advocates illegal and/or unauthorized use of other users’ copyright-protected works, such as using and distribution of pirated software or media, or providing links to it, channeling data and information to circumvent manufacture-installed copy-protect devices;
Includes pages, to which access is restricted by passwords, as well as hidden pages or elements not linked to or from other accessible pages;
Provides materials, which include sexual or violent scenes, to persons under 18, or obtains personal information from people of this age group;
Instructs on illegal activities, including without limitation violating privacy, creation and distribution of malware, illegal production, distribution and purchasing weapons;
Obtains personal information or identifying data (passwords, logins, etc.) from users for commercial or other purposes;
The Service must be used as required by any and all applicable laws and regulations.
You are not allowed to access the Site, its server or any other server, PC or database used by the Site or perpetrate denial-of-service attacks on the Site. Should we detect any signs of such activity on your part, your account will be terminated immediately.
The Site shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss inflicted by a distributed denial-of-service attack, malware or other harmful technical solutions, which are potentially dangerous for computer equipment, software, data or copyrighted material, arising from your use of our Site or your downloading of any elements from its pages.
You are not allowed to share personal contact information via your profile, such as phone numbers, last names, URLs, home addresses, email addresses, etc.
You are not allowed to advertise to or solicit other users to purchase or sell any products or services via the Service, direct junk mail or chain letters to them. Use of any data or information in an abusive, harassing, provocative, offensive way or advertising and selling services or goods to any member without their consent, or soliciting them to make such purchases, in offline mode, also constitute violation of these rules.
You shall agree to secure us and the Site against any loss, costs or expenses resulting from any violation or breach by you of any obligations or warranties mentioned herein.
13. Indemnity
You shall agree to provide due protection and indemnity to the Site, its agents and staff members, from and against any demands, actions and claims, including lawful accounting payments arising from your use of the Service or the Content, your interaction with the Service or your violation of the Terms and Conditions. Should we receive such claim or notice, we shall notify you and help you defend such claim at your expense.
14. Limitation of Liability
You shall accept all risks arising from your use of the Service. You are free to quit the Service should you feel dissatisfied with its Content or any part of it, or with the Service.
You shall accept that then Site shall not be held responsible for any direct/indirect, consequential, exemplary, or any other damages or losses, including without limitation those resulting from loss of profits, data, goodwill, or intangible damages, even in case whereby the Service has been warned about the possibility of such losses and damages, arising from:
The use or inability to use the Site
Costs resulting from procurement of substitute services related to any information services, messages or financial operations conducted via the Service;
Hacking or unauthorized modification of your data or transmissions;
Behavior or utterances by any third party on the Service;
Other events or matters relating to the Service.
15. Use of the Service and Data Storage
You shall admit that the Site is authorized to limit the use of the Service in any aspect, including without limitation terms of storage of Content, such as message board postings, email messages, uploads, the maximum size and number of email messages sent from and received by accounts, the maximum server disk space assigned to each member, and the maximum number of logins and duration of visits  permissible within a set period of time.
Users shall accept that the Site shall not be held responsible for loss or removal of any of the foregoing. You shall agree that accounts not used or little used for lengthy periods of time may be logged off at the Site’s full discretion. You shall admit that the Site is authorized to change or amend these practices and limits with or without notifying you.
16. Termination of Accounts
You shall agree that the Site reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account or any part of it and block your use of the Service, delete, archive and discard any Content, including member sites, for different reasons, including but not limited to inactivity, breach or inconsistent use of the letter of spirit of the Terms, or violation of other rules and requirements posted on the Site.
The Site has the right to stop providing the Service or any part of it without notice. You shall acknowledge that termination of your membership and use of the Service may occur without notice, and you shall agree that the Site is entitled to immediately disable, archive or remove your account and all its content and permanently block access to such content or to the Service.
You shall admit that the Site shall not be held responsible to you or any third party for termination of your use of the Service.
You acknowledge that termination of your use, including termination upon your request by reason of changing host, of the Service results in termination of all rights previously granted to you.   
17. Modification of the Terms
We reserve the right to change or amend the Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion without notice. You shall agree that each visit makes you subject to the current Terms, and your further use of the Site or Service following any change of the Terms signifies your awareness and acceptance of the modifications and agreement to being bound by them.
18. Release
Should you have any claim against any other user resulting from the user’s handling of the Site or using of the Service, you accept that you release us from all liabilities, claims, demands and damages resulting from the claim.
Should we face a claim due to your activities and use of the Service or Site, including any deviation from or violation of the Terms and Conditions or any complaints and claims from other members and third parties against you, you shall accept responsibility and defend us from all claims and make payments if necessary. You shall cooperate as may be reasonably required in defending a claim and acknowledge our right to use any exclusive defense  method at our sole discretion.
19. Privacy
Privacy terms are available on the Privacy Policy page.
20. Data Monitoring
We reserve the right to track all postings, messages, media recordings to check their compliance with the guidelines.
21. Contact Information
Sono RC LP
16/5 West Pilton Rise, 
EH4 4UQ, 
United Kingdom