1. Some Situations When a Girlfriend Gets Fat Are Normal, Just Deal With It
  2. Natural and Uncontrollable Reasons Why Women Gain Weight
  3. Controllable Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Gaining Weight
  4. My Girlfriend Is Gaining Weight – How Can I Help Her Without Being Rude?

You suddenly notice that you cannot sit next to your girlfriend in public transport as comfortably as before because she has gained so much weight. Or that the new jeans of the soulmate are three sizes larger than a year ago. In general, you see that a loved one needs to lose weight. Here it is, the day when the question "How do I look?" comes, you must either lie or say your overweight girlfriend the truth.

It's one thing if a loved one gained a couple of kilos (yes, at least all five), but did not go beyond the boundaries of a healthy norm, and you want to see a slender nymph next to an Apollo. And it’s completely different thing when excess weight creates real problems with appearance and well-being. But how to motivate but not hurt a person and help her cope with the difficulties of losing weight? Read on to find out.

how to get your wife to lose weight

Some Situations When a Girlfriend Gets Fat Are Normal, Just Deal With It

As a rule, each person gets a little fatter closer to winter. This is due to the natural process: the body is gaining reserves for the future. After all, winter can be hungry. Besides, fatty and sweet foods quickly give energy, that is, they warm perfectly in the cold. For this purpose, we are drawn to delicious and want to sleep more – our activity lowers while calories consumptions get bigger. Lack of sunlight in the autumn-winter period leads to a lack of positive hormones. During it, we also really want to treat yourself to sweets (or fat), as products of this type give a short-term feeling of euphoria which results in girlfriends getting fat and problems with physical attraction in a relationship.

What to do to be independent of the winter? First of all, control the serving size. Cold and hungry wintertime is in our genetic memory. But for an urban man, usually, winter passes under acceptable conditions. Of course, the efforts of the body are spent on heating, but for the sake of this, eating sweets is not worth the pounds you will gain. After all, we spend most of the day in heated rooms, and more often, in a sitting position at the desktop. By spring (April, not cold March), a period of weight loss usually begins, and 1-3 kilos are easily lost. This is especially facilitated by the transition to "garden" food - greens and vegetables.

And in many other situations, it is normal for people to gain a few kilos too. And we discuss below stress, pregnancy, genes and other quite common reasons for such a change in the appearance.

Natural and Uncontrollable Reasons Why Women Gain Weight

When starting relationships and dating girls, men expect them to stay forever beautiful, skinny and young. But this is not mature – you should realize the impossibility of such a scenario for the majority of people. During her life, your girl goes through so many hormonal and physical changes that it is just selfish to make her to look all the same. So, let’s consider the girlfriend gaining weight situations that are quite common, and you can be sure that she will go back to her normal sizes.

Their biological features. People can be naturally skinny, chubby or of a middle body type, and you can notice such things with a bare eye at the beginning. You were well aware of what a person you start dating, if she loves to eat and her relatives are overweight, do not expect that she will always keep fit for you. Diets, exercises, and calories will exhaust her one day. Some girls eat ten times more and never get fat while others cannot eat an extra apple a day because it will result in inches on their waists. Do you want to know how to get your girlfriend to lose weight or how to make her happy? Will she be genuinely enjoying life constantly dieting when you see that her biological constitution is different. This game cannot last forever because this is fighting against one's own body and nature, so, you should decide what a partner you want near you. Skinny but broken and exhausted or with extra kilos but happy.

Genetics. The tendency to fullness is transmitted through the blood, more precisely, in the cells. And scientists at the University of Cambridge found out that several genes are responsible for obesity. One of them, the mutated KSR2 gene, is responsible for the breakdown of sugar and fats. Sometimes it manifests itself in childhood. how to tell your girlfriend to lose weightOverweight babies can get slimmer during puberty but still go back to their natural shape after 25 when the body is already formed. The second fullness gene, FTO, causes a desire to eat sweet and fatty. Obviously, it relates to controlling the emotional state of a person. As you know, both sweets and fatty foods bring a sense of happiness, as they affect the synthesis of positive hormones. So, dating an overweight girl, do not wonder why it is so difficult for her to say goodbye to those extra kilos.

Age. Why do most people quickly gain extra pounds, having crossed the age threshold of thirty years? At the same time, even those who never suffered from extra pounds and were slender and fit in their youth, maintaining a diet and lifestyle up to a specified age now have to deal with fat. The main reason why your girlfriend gets fat is a change in the hormonal background of a person after thirty. Moreover, the nature of these changes in men and women is different. In a woman’s body after forty, two hormones inevitably decrease - progesterone and estradiol. These substances are responsible for the intensity of metabolic processes and the ability to give birth.

The deficiency of progesterone and estradiol slows down the metabolism, which ultimately leads to weight gain. After 45 years, the first symptoms of menopause may appear sweating, migraines, flushing. If a woman is also gaining excess weight for no reason at this time, then this is the effect of age-related hormonal failure.

Pregnancy. Many women gain weight before, during and after giving birth. This also happens with those who have never suffered from excess weight before childbirth. And this depends on the number of children, on hormonal problems, on whether a woman is breastfeeding, on age. Anyone can be at risk. Of course, the mother’s life after childbirth will not be the same. New worries, new fears, responsibilities, sleepless nights appear, and relations with a spouse are sometimes complicated. And now stress overeating, fatigue overeating, problems overeating begins.

After giving birth, it is often difficult to find an extra minute even to eat, so women begin to eat out of order, on the go, whatever they’ll grab from the table. Drink teas with milk for lactation and snack with sweets. Sometimes women do not want to admit that they simply do not want to do exercises every day, go to the gym or start running. They explain to themselves and others that there is no time, the child takes so much strength. And we understand them, it’s really hard. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to forget about yourself.

Hormonal disorders. Abrupt weight gain not related to pregnancy is a very dangerous sign. Often indicating a hormonal disorder. First of all, your girl needs to contact an endocrinologist, do an ultrasound of the thyroid gland and pass the hormonal panel. She will also have to check the sex hormones and adrenal glands. Changes in behavior, such as moodiness, lethargy, aggression, and irritability, also speak of hormonal failure. Failure can be triggered by severe stress, but sometimes, it speaks of systemic disorders, for example, the development of diabetes. It is impossible to ignore this alarming bell not only for the sake of returning a good figure but also for maintaining health in general.

Diseases. Among endocrine diseases that can affect weight gain are hypothyroidism (deficiency of thyroid hormones), adrenal gland disease, impaired ovarian function, and type 2 diabetes. All these diseases are most often found in women. With these diseases, being overweight is not the only symptom. In hypothyroidism, for example, fatigue, drowsiness, muscle weakness, constipation, decreased appetite, and blood pressure are added to it. If fat is deposited on the face, neck, chest, and abdomen, while the legs and arms remain thin at this time, the menstrual cycle is disturbed in women and body hair grows more than it should.

If extra pounds are a symptom of the disease, then you need to treat it first of all. And although in this case, it’s not food at all, the patient’s diet should still change. You should limit fats and carbohydrates, give preference to protein foods and plant foods. A patient who wants to lose weight should be limited to 1300 kcal per day and not forget about moderate physical activity.

Controllable Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Gaining Weight

Probably, everyone noticed this phenomenon: after the wedding, one or both of the newly-weds starts gaining weight. The same applies to the people who have recently moved together. It is so rapid and enormous that it can be very difficult to recognize a person. What is the reason for this and how to tell your girlfriend she's fat? And why do people who are happy in dating gain weight much faster and more actively than before? There are several reasons why this happens to women.

She cooks a lot for you. A man wants a delicious dinner in the evenings and a nourishing breakfast in the morning. And not three salad leaves or diet bread, but a normal dinner: something meaty with a side dish, and a glass of beer, or a sandwich (a normal sandwich with several pieces of cheese and sausage). The woman, of course, is preparing dinner for her beloved, but she is trying to refine the menu to the best of her ability. how to get your girlfriend to lose weightThe meat is replaced with the lean one (which, nevertheless, can lead to gaining weight if you consume it in large quantities), sandwiches are shamefully expelled from the table, the amount of beer drunk at dinner is regulated. True, while preparing all this, she cannot resist the temptation to try the food. So, if you want tasty dishes as if from the restaurant every day, do not complain then "my girlfriend is gaining weight."

She adopts your eating habits. Moreover, according to psychologists, women cease to keep their diet when living with a man. Researchers say that the main thing here is the pleasure of a joint meal. And, as happens in most cases, women adjust menus to the tastes of their beloved ones. So, if you are not a vegetarian and are not a supporter of low-calorie foods, then it is harder for your beloved one to pay attention to her weight. If it is within the normal range, this means that you both managed to achieve complete harmony not only in your close communication and emotional exchange, but also in the matter of nutrition, and this, according to the same scientists, can significantly extend your life.

Her passive lifestyle. Working from home, having a sedentary lifestyle or being unemployment, in general, are the reasons why your partner may put on extra kilos. Often men happen to be the main breadwinners and lead a more active way of life, going from home to work, attend gym in-between and enjoy active leisure activities. While for many women, it is normal to spend a day at home, doing household chores to keep the family nest clean and cozy. And cooking delicious snacks ad meals for her partner during this time. In this way, she tries to express her love. Of course, some guys will say "my girlfriend is getting fat and I love it!" because they care for the personality of their partner and not so much for her experience. In this case, when everyone is happy, and the weight of the girls is still in the normal limits, it is good for her and her beloved!

Constant stress. Women who have had serious troubles in life are more likely to gain weight. It is, of course, about stress and its causes - after all, any stress begins with something concrete. Researchers from the medical university of California analyzed the medical data of 22 thousand women on average about 72 years of age, and about 23% of them were obese. As it turned out, those who had big problems in the past: from a sudden dismissal or a serious illness to tragic events suffered from excess weight more often. Moreover, the number of troubles coincided with the likelihood of obesity. If over the past five years a person had to go through more than four stressful events, then the probability of gaining excess weight increased by 36%, but if there was only one such event, then the probability of obesity was only 17%.

My Girlfriend Is Gaining Weight – How Can I Help Her Without Being Rude?

No matter how hard you love your partner, changes in their appearance can become a stress for both of you, and one day you can come to realize you are not so attracted to them physically anymore. And extra kilos can also cause them inconveniences and become even the ground for mental and physiological problems. In this case, you have all the rights to wonder how to tell a girl she's fat without hurting her feelings and helps her fight the situation.

Get rid of harmful products

So, it is hard to imagine man not eating meat or greasy food even in today's so gluten-free-lactose-free-vegetarian friendly and tolerant society. Of course, no one tells you to give up meat but let this be a chicken, duck and natural protein source and not fatty pork or beer. These products should be completely excluded from the shopping list, as well as dumplings, sausages and other semi-finished products. Replace them with low-fat veal, chicken, turkey. Cooking methods matter: say no to deep-frying because roasting or grilling is both healthier and easier. How to get your spouse to lose weight? Start from eating properly together, and you will both benefit from this.

Face to face with facts

Explaining to your loved one why you are concerned about her figure is the most difficult thing that can be in this process. When you find the right words, you can assume that half the work is done. How to tell your girlfriend to lose weight? Tell the truth. Without truth, you are not motivating anyone. But the idea you have about your new healthy era of life should be transmitted to her head. On the one hand, words should reflect the full extent of a possible disaster. On the other hand, show your sincere intentions.

she gained so much weightShare information

Gather information about what helps lose weight: with what services it is convenient to monitor nutrition, what training is needed for those who are losing weight, at what speed it is normal to lose kilograms, how to make plans and how to stick to them, where to get motivation. And then send everything you find to the addressee. Do not forget to dose the flow of information so as not to get a person unmotivated or scared.

Such research work should be carried out so that a person does not suddenly decide to lose weight with the help of fast diets or miraculous means. We all know that they do not work, but someone may not know. And this work will also help you not wait for an instant effect from your initiative: the words “you have to lose weight” have no effect, it can take months to lose weight.

Do not provoke a diet breakdown

If you live together, then take food into your own hands. Remove all dangerous foods from the house in general, including sugary, fatty and full of gluten foods. You should stick to exclusively a healthy diet too so that a person simply does not have an alternative. You might even have to learn how to cook. Yes, no one said that “losing weight” of another person would be easy. It is the same challenge for you because you should work in pairs and motivate each other. Later you will both enjoy the results, and the partner will only thank you.

Be an example

When you see that your girlfriend gains weight and you don't like it, the best way to let her know about it is to be an example. Pay attention to your own body and ask yourself a question, does it match with your desires concerning her body? Things are not going to work if you want her to have abs and be very slim if you have some excess weight yourself. When you start working on your body, you send the signals that will make her want to improve her body too. Thus, chances are she will also do sports.

Do not forbid

Way too often, people use this mechanism against their own partners. Of course, when a person loves you, he or she will against their will obey when you forbid them to eat fatty food and so on. However, this is the best way to destroy your relationship, because by forbidding something, you will only insult and upset your partner. In this article, we have already shared a couple of much better ways on how to help your partner lose his or her weight. So, please, forget about this mechanism, unless you want to end your relationship.

Help her get started

Sometimes people are just too shy to start to lose weight. "I am too fat to go to the gym, and people will laugh at me there." On your part, it will be right to independently find a good coach and explain to them the situation so that they support the beginner. And then give a loved one a few lessons from this same trainer. But when you help the loved one get in tune with the new lifestyle, do not control every step. When you find a trainer and buy a gym subscription, do not run to check how a person is doing there. Allow working independently, and not under your watchful eye.

And a few words about support in general. It is generally accepted that a person should only make decisions and find all the solutions to problems on their own. But your partner cannot always assess the situation soberly and notice that they have put on weight, and they cannot be constantly motivated. So help your woman, especially on such a delicate matter as diet. The reward will be a grateful pretty girlfriend with a slim figure. And also, if you engage in the process, such joint activities perfectly strengthen family relationships. What could be more beautiful than a healthy and beautiful family? For this reason, do not refuse to help the dear, adjust your nutrition, find time for sports, and let your relationship be as strong and healthy as you will be after attending the gym.

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My husband and me, have been married since 2000. I consider myself a very happy person who lives with a perfect man. More than once, I witnessed how my friend's husbands shamed their woman for being "too fat." You know you live with a perfect person if you can tell them: "Hey, we are becoming too fat! Let's do something about it!" and this doesn't lead to problems.

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