1. What Is a Physical Attraction?
  2. Emotional Attraction vs Physical Attraction
  3. Signs of Strong Physical Attraction
  4. Сan You Have a Good Relationship Without Physical Attraction?

There are different opinions about how important physical attraction is for relationships. The reduction of physical attraction to each other in a loving couple is a fairly common phenomenon. It is even taken for granted because everyone knows that after the courting period, “harsh daily routine” begins, and physical attraction is lost in the pool of everyday problems. Today we are going to talk about physical attraction in a relationship and give an answer to the question, "Is physical attraction important in long term relationship?”

signs of strong physical attraction

What Is a Physical Attraction?

Physical attraction is a mechanism inherent in the very nature of humankind. Some physiologists point out that physical attraction is a creative potential that manifests itself at a certain point. As a rule, the desire for the opposite sex appears in adolescence, that is, just at the period of the formation of individuality.

Physical attraction is an instinctive desire for physical intimacy, aimed at a person of the opposite sex, caused by individual preferences in appearance and certain features of a partner. This is a mental state expressing an unconscious or insufficiently conscious human need for physical intimacy. It already has an emotional coloring but not yet associated with setting any conscious goals.

Emotional Attraction vs Physical Attraction

People often do not understand the difference between physical and emotional attraction and confuse these two concepts, calling them love. So what is the difference? First of all, you should explore how you start a relationship. What is important for you when you meet a person for the first time? What does your interest include and trigger the chemistry of falling in love: sexual desire or emotional attachment?

Physical attraction is a desire for physical intimacy: affection, sexual intercourse, and sexual satisfaction. It is a complex of desires and experiences associated with them, which are based on biological instincts, aimed at providing future generations. The key point here is that physical attraction arises to the image that a person corresponds to externally or by his behavior. It is not based on deep feelings. It occurs even before you even talk to the person.

In the case of physical attraction, the inner world of a person is not important. Only those parameters that activate your thirst for possessing them and entering into sexual contact are important. Although, it does not mean that the words and behavior of this person do not matter. Not at all! But all these speak for your desire to have sex with them or not. If a person to whom you feel a physical attraction rejects you, it does not cause you much suffering, and you find the next partner rather quickly.

Emotional attraction is a desire for intimacy and rapprochement – is a kind of "one on one" and at the same time, "always together." Emotional attraction keeps two people together. People feel a constant inner closeness and harmony in romantic relationships that are based on emotional attraction.

Men’s emotional attraction is imbued with the excitement and admiration for the "femininity" of a woman, the women’s is imbued with the excitement and admiration for the "masculinity" of a man.

In the case of emotional attraction, both the appearance and the inner world of a person are important. It is as if you meet someone who has long lived in your beliefs about the ideal partner (ideal woman or man). As if the image that exists in your head finds its real embodiment. You are captured by romantic dreams and fantasize about this person and your future with them. You feel sympathy for the other person, warmth, and a desire to take care of them. In such a relationship, you enjoy mutual understanding, common values, and intimacy. You feel the stability, security, and confidence in a happy future. Parting with a person you are drawn to can cause melancholy and a desire to change everything back.

can physical attraction develop over timeSigns of Strong Physical Attraction

It is important for women not to show their sympathy, be modest, mysterious, intriguing, and make men suffer in ignorance. But the stronger sex is arranged differently – men are usually very free-spoken, open, and persistent. In fact, it is easy to understand whether a man has a strong physical attraction. He does not keep it secret. So, look at the signs of strong physical attraction.

Special treatment

Communicating with a man in a large company, it is easy to notice if he sets you apart from the rest. Pay attention to how he communicates with other representatives of your sex – on his intonation, speech, expressions, and gestures. And then compare these signs with those in relation to you. If they are clearly different – you can draw conclusions. It applies not only to men. These are signs of physical attraction between two people.

Look at his gestures. As a rule, during a conversation, a man keeps his hands at the height of the abdomen or chest. And when he talks to a woman he is really drawn to, all his gestures are concentrated in the pelvic region. This is psychosomatics, and rightly so: gestures demonstrate our inner desires and thoughts.

Also, a man can involuntarily move his hips or knees, it happens very naturally and almost invisible to himself. It is the surest sign that he already makes passionate love with you in his mind. The speech and the voice of a man will be different too. Listen to how he speaks with other ladies and compare. If in the conversation with you he tries to be more polite, his voice is softer and quieter, this is one of the clearest signs of physical attraction.

Changing posture

In the case of physical attraction, men either try to spread their legs wider and take a more stable position (after all, flirting and seduction are a duel between a man and fate, and during the duel he needs to have his feet on the ground), or on the contrary, they show frankly relaxation. Therefore, their postures are either steady-symmetrical or frankly relaxed.

Cannot turn his eyes away

This sign speaks for itself. A man tries to attract the attention of a woman by looking at her. Maybe he just has poor eyesight, but usually, a long look indicates a desire to make eye contact. By the nature of the gaze, the man can conclude whether the woman is ready for further rapprochement or he needs to look for another victim.

If a man looks at your lips, neck, chest, and legs while talking, it is obvious that he is physically attracted. Moreover, such looks are often not intentional. This is how the stronger sex works – his gaze is attracted by beautiful parts of the female body. There is no way around it! So watch out for eyes that can tell a lot! Being in a big company, stand back and try to watch a man. While he is busy with something or, for example, talking to someone, he will occasionally throw glances in your direction.

Shows clear signs of attention

Most likely, a man shows signs of attention because he does not feel physical attraction – he certainly thinks about how to get a woman. And to achieve it, he needs to take care of her, give nice gifts and flowers, make beautiful compliments and so on. The presence of sexual attraction makes him choose special gifts and say beautiful words. This is different from the romantic youthful impulses and certainly has subtle sexual innuendo. Thus, a girl can understand the real intentions of a man. If a man gives you sexy lingerie, peignoir, or robe – it is an open offer and not even a hint. It is one of the most obvious signs of physical attraction from a man. But it happens rarely, more often a man who feels physical attraction gives a woman very cute knick-knacks – teddy bears, pretty jewelry, huge bouquets of flowers, and tasty sweets.

Suddenly becomes so beautiful

Every man is well aware that he must be attractive to get a unique woman. So he suddenly reinvents himself – puts on clean ironed shirts and smells extremely good. The appearance of a man will give you a direct answer about his true intentions – if he begins to look neat and fresh, going out on a date with you, it is likely that he is physically attracted and hopes to get you.

Always tries to touch you

For every man, the female body is an object of admiration. And if a man has physical attraction, then, first of all, he feels an overwhelming desire to touch you. It is very simple to distinguish friendly touches from those that have some sexual overtones. If his touch is gentle, very light, and seemingly accidental, this is a clear sign of physical attraction.

It is also worth knowing the places to which man's hands are drawn. This place is slightly lower than the waist (a well-mannered man is unlikely to grab by your buttocks, although he will have such a desire), hair and neck, face, wrists, hips, knees, and legs. Also, men are always very excited by the feminine smell. Therefore, you will be able to notice if a man seeks to smell you – he will try to whisper something into your ear or kiss you, inhaling the scent of perfumes.

emotional attraction vs physical attractionHe seems to be a little bit nervous

When a man really likes you, his heart is racing like it is going to explode. Especially when you are talking tet-a-tet. It is normal for men to feel less confident and insecure when they are around people they like. You can't even imagine how men hate to lose their confidence and feel insecure in front of women they like. Therefore, he begins to be nervous because he fears that he won't be able to impress the girl he likes - you. Pay attention to his behavior. For example, he will be playing with his hands, smartphone, or even parts of his clothes.

He always smiles when he sees you

Pay attention to his face because smiles can serve as very nice indicators of physical attraction between people. It is normal when we smile when we get acquainted with someone. It is just a matter of politeness, and nothing more. On the other hand, when you see that he constantly smiles during your conversation with him, or even when you give him a quick glance, then you have all possible reasons to believe that he actually likes you. People smile only when they truly want to see someone. Of course, some people may fake smiles, but you will easily notice this.

Tries to look better than others

If you are with a man in a big company, and there are other representatives of his sex, then he will obviously try to be better than the rest. By nature, men are leaders and conquerors, and being the first is very important for them. So he will try his best to be much better than others in order to get in good graces and win over your heart.

Сan You Have a Good Relationship Without Physical Attraction?

There are many examples of romantic relationships that began with passion and then quickly faded away, never developing into a strong union of love and respect. Also, there are examples of how spontaneous sex on a first date led to decades of living together. Today, most couples build their relationships based on trust and friendship, first communicating for a long time and then moving on to more intimate relationships. Such relations either last long and happily or break at one point.

Moreover, many couples are able to build strong relationships with minimal physical attraction. They can focus on other qualities such as love, intelligence, common interests, and values. So what is more important in a relationship: a friendly disposition or a physical attraction? How important is physical attraction? Can physical attraction develop over time?

According to Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, love consists of three aspects: intimacy, passion, and commitment. If relationships are built only on commitment, excluding intimacy and passion, such love will be empty. It is the relationship of two roommates who live under the same roof because of the children or for some other reason. Love-whim is love at first sight when only passion and sexual attraction are important. If there are passion and commitment in the relationship, then love will be frivolous, it is the love of insufficiently familiar people who do not trust each other. Passion and intimacy without commitment lead to romantic love, and commitment to intimacy without passion leads to "sociable" love. Only complete love harmoniously combines all three aspects: passion, intimacy, and commitment.

Do you wonder, “Is physical attraction important?” It is impossible to imagine a healthy relationship without physical attraction and sex. Sexual relationships can be called a mirror of your love – if you are not satisfied with them, it's time to change something. People who live together but do not have sex are only friends or cohabitants. Tenderness, affection, and mutual interests are based on love – when physical attraction disappears, the couple is doomed to break-up. After all, the root of many problems and quarrels often lies in the fact that someone from the couple does not have enough sex. Lack of physical attraction is an obstacle that must be overcome on the way to true and deep love.

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18.02.2020 12:25
I don't even know if it's possible to be with someone if you're not physically attracted to them. It's hard to say, really. Well, at least I didn't have that relationship. Still, physical attractiveness is important to me.
Sam Hambleton
01.05.2020 00:35
It would be just perfect if people could be together even if they have no physical attraction. However, it is what shows up on the surface that counts. Unfortunately, we still pay too much attention to physical looks and our desires, forgetting that we date personalities, not empty bodies.

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