1. What's a High Sex Drive?
  2. Signs of Unhealthy High Sexual Drive
  3. What Causes High Sex Drive?
  4. What To Do About High Sex Drive?

It's quite typical for many to brag about their high sexual drive. Of course, it's great that you don't have to turn down any possibility to fulfill your sexual desires, but sometimes your sexual drive can get to dangerous levels. Let's figure out what's a high sex drive and when it is unhealthy.

what is a high sex drive

What's a High Sex Drive?

Before we are going to talk about what is a high sex drive, let's figure out what is sex drive in general. Sex drive or libido is your overall desire for sexual activity. Sigmund Freud, who postulated the existence of libido, defined it as "the energy, regarded as a quantitative magnitude... of those instincts which have to do with all that may be comprised under the word 'love'". Biological, psychological and social factors affect your sex drive.

Biologically, it is believed that sexual drive is regulated by sex hormones. Social factors such as work and people you communicate with also have an influence on your libido. Among the psychological factors that can affect your sexual drive, stress and your own personality are the most frequently recognized. Aside from that all, your lifestyle and medical conditions can also affect your sexual drive. When we are talking about high sexual drive, scientifically we mean hypersexuality. When you have sexual desires more frequently than usual or as people have on average, you may be experiencing hypersexuality.

High Sex Drive In Women

Women with a high sex drive is a real fact, but there are thousands of different variations of what is considered a high sex drive for a woman. The main problem is that scientists still have no clear answer about what hormones influence female sexual drive. Some scientists linked low androgen to low sex drive, but no one has a clear answer whether the low androgen is a cause or the result of low sex drive. But the more or less right answer is that women are way more complicated than men. Their sex drive is more influenced by social and cultural factors. So, if a woman's peer group is all about sex, she's going to jump on this bandwagon.

The statistics show that women who attend church on a regular basis are more inclined to have the lower sex drive, while women with higher education are more inclined to have a high sex drive. The problem with defining high sex drive in women lies also in a patriarchal society that we live in. A woman who's not afraid of talking about her sexual desires is most likely to get pathologized by men, as they find her intimidating.

High Sex Drive In Men

Either blame science for sexism or accept the fact that men are just simpler than women. Generally, scientists put it this way: if a man is constantly thinking and talking about sex and has multiple sexual partners, then his level of testosterone is very high, which is causing his high sexual drive. There is no connection between church, education, and libido when it comes to men. So, either embrace it or get offended.

why is my sex drive so high latelySigns of Unhealthy High Sexual Drive

While you may be still asking yourself "Whether my sex drive is too high or not?", we decided to help you a little bit by providing you with signs of a high sex drive. Mind that signs of unhealthy sex drive in females and males are the same. Mind that it is okay to have a bit higher than average libido, if that's just results in having sex with your partner more frequently than usual. Here we are going to talk about the signs of extremely high sex drive, which may easily cause troubles in your life. So, let's check them out without further ado.

1. You Choose Sex Over Seeing Friends

When you experience an extremely high libido, it may easily escalate to sex addiction, which can affect everything in your life. You friends are asking you to join them on some party, but you either refuse or just won't show up without explanation. What was more important than seeing your friends? Right, having a hook-up or planning the next hook-up.

2. You Are Constantly Talking About Sex

Have anyone ever pointed out to you that you've been talking about sex too much lately? Maybe someone was embarrassed by your conversational topics' preferences? Well, regardless what are you chatting about, if you are in company, most likely everything will end up in conversations about sex. That's the only thing you are talking. And you get your friends embarrassed and confused by that.

3. You Can't Stop Thinking About Sex

Your friends could have been too harsh in judging you. Most likely you don't want to talk about sex all the time. But there is one big problem – that's the only thing on your mind. This is one of the outcomes of having extremely high libido – you are constantly thinking about sex. Even if you want to stop thinking about it, you can't. You are trying to focus on something which has nothing to do with sex, but your brain brings out some association with sex anyway. You just can't get sex out of your mind.

4. You Start Having Problems With Your Work

When your high libido is escalating to sex addiction, you are most likely to stop taking seriously everything else in your life. Your responsibilities at work are left wayside. You may get late for conferences, because you are having a new hook-up or you just masturbating in the water closet. You forget about the work that has to be done, as sex is the only thing that you have on your mind. A lot of sex addicts get fired because of their sudden inability to focus on the work.

5. You Neglect Your Partner

Nobody said that sex addicts are not in relationships. They are and they are ruining them. Aside from the fact that different sexual drives can easily cause problems in a relationship, sex addiction ruins relationships more often than you might have thought. Of course, your partner is not enough to satisfy your constant sexual longings. That's why you start masturbating and watching excessive amounts of porn. But that's not enough and that's why you start having some side affairs, which can bring STDs, aside from the fact that infidelity is already not that pleasant.

6. You Use Sex To Cope With Depression

Of course, breaking up and getting fired are great reasons for depression. They can also force you into thinking that you have problems, but no... You found the perfect way to cope with your depression. You have even more sex with multiple partners, as sex is the only thing that you have on your mind.

7. You Use Sex To Cope With Anxiety

We all experience anxiety from time to time. Now, think of the ways how you cope with anxiety? Masturbation or any other sexual activity is your best way to cope with anxiety? Well, that's one of the clear signs that you are having hypersexuality that escalated to sexual addiction.

8. No Strings Attached

Now, we are not some evil puritans who are telling you that hooking up is bad. If having sex with random sex strangers is your kind of hobby, please continue. Especially when you are practicing safe sex. It is absolutely okay. And it's also okay not to let feelings get involved. Such affairs are great exactly because you don't have any emotional connection. However, if unemotional sex with strangers is the only sex that you have, you need to get worried. It's one of the signs of having high libido escalated to sex addiction.

causes of high sex drive9. You Are Constantly Planning Your Next Hook-Up

Yep, we all use some dating app to find a hot hook-up, and that's just okay. However, you should get concerned when planning your new hook-up is the only thing your spare time is devoted to. If scheming your next hook-up is your everyday routine, that's a clear indication that you experience high libido problems.

10. You Are Caught In The Web Of Lies

Most sex addicts lie to their partners, to their relatives, co-workers, and friends to get laid. The biggest problem is that they lie to themselves as well. If you are experiencing all or some previous points and lie to yourself that everything above-mentioned is not even a mere indication of concern – congratulations! You are a typical sex addict caught in the web of lies.

11. You try to justify your sex drive

You simply can't feel comfortable if you lose control over some important things in your life. The same goes for your sex drive. Somewhere deep inside a part of your personality tells you that this is not okay. This is why you subconsciously try to justify it. For example, you will catch yourself having thoughts like "I don't hurt other people," "It is just my way to have fun!" Surely, you don't hurt anyone and have fun, but it is clear that something is wrong if you need to justify your desires.

12. You can't imagine your life without sex

Want to know whether you are a sex addict or not? Just ask yourself, how long you can survive without sex and masturbation? Try to be honest, at least with yourself. Of course, there is no golden standard of how often couples must have sex, but if you can't spend a day without sex or masturbation, it is a clear sign of addiction. Without a single doubt, sex is a great and pleasant thing, and everyone wants it. However, normally even those who have a very high sex drive can spend a couple of days without sex and masturbation, especially if they are busy with something.

What Causes High Sex Drive?

Now, as we've cleared up when you should start worrying about your high sexual drive, let's answer another question of yours "Why is my sex drive so high lately?" What causes high sex drive in males? Increased level of testosterone! What causes high sex drive in females? Master’s Degree! But things are not that clear as they seem at first glance. Causes of high sex drive can vary greatly, and your gender means much less than you might think. Hormonal imbalance may cause a high sex drive. Mental disorders can cause a high sex drive. Even medical treatment of some other health problems may cause a high sex drive. Even genetics may play a huge role in your sexual desire. So, the only thing that can be said about the causes of high sex drive – there isn't one standard reason behind your increased libido.

What To Do About High Sex Drive?

Whenever you experience signs of an unhealthy high sex drive, first of all, you need to acknowledge having a problem. Don't lie to yourself. Then, you should seek professional help from sexologists and psychologists. They will help you figure out the reason behind your extremely high sex drive, as well as find the ways of treating this problem.

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18.02.2020 12:08
Is it bad? Find the same person with a high sex drive and be happy and satisfied.
Tobias O'connor
04.05.2020 17:14
Some people simply don't understand how it feels when the only thing you can think about is sex. It is very disturbing when you can't control your own thoughts. So, surely, if you have a healthy high sex drive, you can find a partner with whom you will be happy. But it is a whole different story f your sex drive is not healthy at all.

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