1. Why 30-Year-Old Men Date 20-Year-Old Women?
  2. Main Cons of Dating a 20-Year-Old Woman
  3. Rules of Dating a 20-Year-Old Woman as a 30-Year-Old Man
  4. Bonus: Best Gifts for a 20-Year-Old Woman to Win Her Heart
  5. How to Give Your Young Girlfriend an Expensive Gift

It has been traditionally throughout the years that younger women have always attracted older men. Most often, men choose women younger than themselves, and women prefer older men because there are many benefits in such relationships for both of them. This choice was made in the course of evolution by the mother nature. This approach provides favorable conditions for having children.

Scientists from Austria have found out that the largest number of children appear in a couple where a man is 4-10 years older than his woman. One of the confirmations of this conclusion is the British monarchy couple, Queen Elizabeth and her partner, Duke of Edinburgh. The difference between the partners is 4 years and 10 months, and they have four children, which exceeds the average in British families. By the way, in families where the man is much older than his beloved, that is more than 15 years, such an advantage in the number of children was not noticed.

But let's put the evolution theory aside and talk about the modern world. Why the situation of 20-year-old dating 30-year-old has become so popular?

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Why 30-Year-Old Men Date 20-Year-Old Women?

Couples in which a man is much older than a woman is a subject of increased public interest. Such lovers are often followed by curious glances causing a new topic for discussion. About the advantages of such a relationship for a man, everything is more or less clear: who does not want to be next to a twenty-year-old beauty?

They are sweet and beautiful. Who can be cuter than a young woman in love? Not yet spoiled by the mess of this world, she trusts people and tries to look at the bright side of the things. What is more, her body is flourishing with youth, attracting men with its beautiful shapes and luscious forms. A young woman seeking older man knows how to care about her beauty and stay always fit and sexy. They remember that beauty is their main armor and will use it to conquer your heart.

They are full of energy. Young girls have many dreams and plans and not so many funds or opportunities to yet implement them into life. They are still thirsty for adventure, want to open new horizons and discover the world. She will keep up with her studying or working, coping with the house duties and will have time to devote to you. She will stay full of energy and passionate lover too. You won’t even need to invent bedroom ideas for 20-year-old woman, she will probably amaze you with her own fantasies and creative imagination.

They are open to everything new. When you date women online who are younger, no matter what you do in life and what your hobbies are, you may have more confidence and experience in things they still know nothing about. When you tell them about anything you are competent at, you will notice that gleam in their eyes, they will be listening to you spell-bound and absorb every word. Younger girls stick to the more experienced men because they seek resources to learn something new and discover this world, if she notices that you can give her this, she will be yours.

Main Cons of Dating a 20-Year-Old Woman

Thoughts about dating women who are 10, 15, or even 20 years younger than yourself can be very attractive because such girls are usually more playful and optimistic, have less negative experience concerning past relationships, their bodies have not yet seen so much. It is not surprising that meeting young women can be a real treat for a mature man, but there are a few things to keep in mind before starting a relationship with someone younger than you. Many men like to be around young women because they feel more valuable and interesting to them.

bedroom ideas for 20 year old womanYoung women usually have less busy schedules and fewer obligations of any kind, so they have more free time to be around. They are also more spontaneous and happy to travel and try all sorts of new things and love to seek the advice of a mature man. But dating a 20-year-old woman shouldn’t look so perfect to you, there still some major drawbacks of such relationships. What are they? Young male competitors. As long as you love a 20-year-old girl for her natural beauty and her luscious forms, there will be other males attracted by this. But you should consider one thing: they are her age, and you are not 20 anymore. In case you are jealous, we would not recommend you start a relationship with a younger woman at all. Or you can end up being trapped in a toxic relationship where you will get mad at her for going out in an outfit that is too sexy for your taste, and she will leave as soon as she gets fed up with feeling constantly restricted.

You need to look after your appearance. Of course, you need to do it all the time and no matter how old you are, but in this case, your appearance is of special importance. If you fell in love with a hot 20-year-old woman, it means you should be suitable for her and look not like an old dork trying to desperately fall after a girl he is not worth. It means you do have to attend the gym, implement some modern tendencies into your style, and spend money on some beauty procedures even. Girls appreciate men who look after themselves because they understand how hard it is to stay forever young and beautiful.

She may be unbridled. Some young women have not yet had time to finally understand what exactly gives them pleasure, and from which they experience maximum relaxation. Perhaps she will still be too shy, and she will need patience from the man to help her learn her own body. But as she has little experience, it does not protect you from the fact that she may want to try something new with another person. As soon as you help her open her sexuality, she can get excited to test it on other men.

People may disapprove your choice. Even if you fit together perfectly, there is also a chance that your families and friends may not be as enthusiastic about this connection as the two of you. Your relationship can be seen as fleeting stupidity or worse, and outsiders can take you for a father and daughter.

She may expect only serious relationships. Young women, depending on age, may still not understand themselves. There is more mess in their heads, fewer mature thoughts, and less experience. In other words, they are still trying to figure out what to do with their own life, not to mention how to behave while living with someone else. So, she may see you as a solution to all her problems and hope that you will give her stability. Because of this, she may need more male support, both emotional and financial when you only need something less pathetic.

It goes without saying that all relationships face some problems, but even though the cons mentioned above do not say that people should better date someone from their age group. It is up to you to understand how to feel near someone who supports you. And if this is a woman who is 15 years younger than you, why should anything stop you from being together?

Rules of Dating a 20-Year-Old Woman as a 30-Year-Old Man

There is nothing bad in the fact that you are already well over thirty, and she is a student. Tradition is on your side. The age difference has always been socially acceptable (unlike the class difference), and even more so now. Moreover, many women want a man to be older. So, there is no problem here, but there are some nuances. And in order not to look funny and increase your chances of success, you need to avoid some mistakes. We have prepared some tips that will work for any 30-year-old man dating a 20-year-old woman.

Be yourself

It’s good when you are a rock star, a crazy artist or a fashion magazine editor. Artistic habits automatically level age and soothe a girl’s conscience. But what should you do if you are a middle-aged manager with a belly and no artistic interests? Practically nothing. Because if the girl has chosen to be with you, it means she wants you as a personality to be near her. In general, do not try to look younger (a special case of the universal rule "do not try to be someone else") or rejuvenate, the girl wanted to be initially with you because you attracted her the way you are. No matter how you like yourself in a new image, this will be not your real personality and maybe the girl will not even appreciate or understand the efforts you do for her. So, get better in what you know and amaze her with things about which you are confident instead of inventing something new.

Stay fit

This is a much safer way to look younger and attract a 20-year-old woman. Chronological age is conventionality, physiological age is a reality. And the second, unlike the first, is in your hands. Nothing new here: a balanced diet, gym, and the service of a professional cosmetologist. Your inspiration should be James Bond. Despite his age, he is always well-groomed, fit, pleasantly smelling, dressed in a classic style. It is an outer component. Inside you should stay yourself, just the way you are. If she doesn’t like you as a person in the first place, then it’s not about age.

Don't let her take the initiative

“Let's go to the new art cafe, there is a hookah here! No, I don’t want a hookah! Let's call my friends! No, let's go dance! No, just buy ice cream!” Having lost the habit of youthful spontaneity, an older man can begin to take every burst of her initiative for a serious intention to manage leisure time. And wanting to please her, you can only bring chaos to your common life. By killing a couple of nights in this way and not really doing anything, you will understand one simple thing: you must be the initiator. You decide where you will go and what you will do. When dating younger women, dominate gently and with a smile, just play the role of a leader in this strange tandem.

Be her stone wall

Why do so many girls admit that they prefer mature men? Because their company brings them to another world. A world of comfort and pleasure, where there are no domestic and material problems. So you have to match. Solve her problems, take her for holidays, do not look at the price tags, choose better and more expensive places, and you will live up to all her dreams and expectations. This is what she imagined under the term "adult man." Do not deceive her expectations thinking that you can rely only on your brutal sexuality.

20 year old dating 30 year oldThis does not mean that she will cynically use you. It’s just that the concept of “you” for her includes not only your appearance but also your lifestyle, your opportunities, your position in life, and work. So, in your union, you will inevitably have to be a responsible soulmate, a partner who knows what is useful and what is not. Crazy impulses to walk along the ledge or spend all the savings on a motorcycle are good to boast in front of her peers. You should give her stability and explain what is not rational.

Do not force events

Just like you can think that she needs only your money, she can worry that you need only her young body. We are all afraid to be used (although it is much more unpleasant when no one wants to use us). The image of a lustful old man occupies a place of honor between the evil teacher and the mother-in-law in the girl’s gallery of scary characters. So, the next advice for older men dating younger women is to stop rushing things into sex, be a little indifferent, and mysterious. Like all the others, this old rule is quite universal for relationships.

Bonus: Best Gifts for a 20-Year-Old Woman to Win Her Heart

What can be a more straightforward way to state your serious intentions, show love and attention to a girl than making her a gift? It is not at all about money, although she waits for you to be more financially stable because of your older age. Nevertheless, our list of gifts for a 20-year-old woman includes ideas for every budget and occasion.

1. Anything connected with self-development

Such a present will make your girl better, pump her in a feminine way, and develop her. It should be something that will give her new skills. For example, gourmet courses if she likes to cook. Or driving lessons if she is interested in it.

Think about what she has long wanted to learn. Does she say she loved diving in her childhood? Go ahead, present her a certificate for diving. Dreamed of becoming an artist? School of Arts or drawing classes. Think about what she likes and choose the right option. Or it may be something that you want to see in her. Does the tango turn you on? Dancing classes would be one of the best gifts for a 20-year-old woman. Another option is twerk or strip gymnastics classes, they will boost your girl’s confidence a lot. Or do you want your beloved to look bomb? Hire a stylist and give her money for shopping.

2. Emotions

A wonderful gift is to pay for entertainment that will bring her joy. For example, bowling, billiards, or hot-air balloon flight. Think about what your girlfriend likes to do and arrange a fun weekend.

One of the most exciting options is parachuting. Such a gift will amaze her and will be remembered by both of you for a long time.

Does she post Instagram photos almost every day? Order a romantic or extreme photoshoot for the two of you. Let her choose the style and scenery, and you should look for a good photographer in advance. A chicer option would be a trip. New cities and experiences will leave a lot of memories.

3. Desires

These are the things that she wants but does not buy. For example, she saves up money. Or admires something but believes that it is too expensive for her. Surely your girlfriend has already mentioned what she likes.

For example, a visit to the spa. Or to the hairstylists – she will not only beam with happiness but turn back home looking refreshed and even more beautiful. So, this is a win-win situation.

Another great idea would be to give your girl jewelry or another expensive thing that she finds very beautiful but couldn’t afford to buy. Especially if she uses it every day, she will remember that you care for her and spend money on details she would never buy herself on her own money.

4. Proven options

If you have not yet understood what your girl needs, here are a couple of universal options. It is not hard to choose a gift for a young lady; they basically love shopping and anything connected with it. Most girls will like jewelry, gadgets, expensive perfumes (choose something that she would like, for example, you can take her best girlfriend with you to help, do not focus only on the perfumes you would like her to wear).

Also, a universal option would be clothing (look at what she likes). You can buy a girl the most beautiful dresses, blouses and handbags almost endlessly. She will still find a place in the closet where to shove them, and time after work, where to put them on. If you want to do something to raise her spirits, take her shopping.

5. Renewing the old stuff

Not so obvious one but a proven option for those who want to make practical gifts and hit the target. Look for the electronic devices, sneakers, and makeup that the girl likes. Maybe some of them have been fully used or require being replaces as they have worn down? In this case presenting a girl with a new pair of headphones, lipstick or latest model of trendy shoes will take her back. And, of course, she will appreciate that you are so attentive and careful about the details.

So, here's the last tip for you: don't think what to give the girl and what she needs. Think about what she is and what she likes. If you understand this principle, choosing gifts will become easier and more pleasant. And yes, sometimes make her surprises for no reason or occasion. Any girl will appreciate this.

young woman datingSo, the unions of men with younger women are, as a rule, stable. A young woman next to a mature man grows up mentally and physically, she is no afraid to build plans because she knows there is a more experienced person near her to help. He is only getting younger not only psychologically but gets under the influence of her ideas and stays aware of modern tendencies.

There is no better cure for any mature man than a young loving woman nearby. Such a union can be beneficial for both partners if age is the last thing they care for. You shouldn't focus on it too much because those are just numbers. When you relax and try to enjoy the company of each other, value the personal attributes of each other and solve your problems considering the person as a whole, not their age in the first place, your relationship will be successful. At least they will not differ by anything from all other couples with a slight age difference.

How to Give Your Young Girlfriend an Expensive Gift

Expensive gifts should be chosen and presented carefully. And then the girl will be blown away and feel like a queen, which every beautiful lady deserves. If your financial situation allows you to give her anything she wants, why don’t you treat your girlfriend to something she has been dreaming of? But you should know how to do it properly.

Do not give expensive gifts at the beginning of a relationship! When you meet the prettiest woman in your life, the first thing you can think of is how to win her heart. It is important here not to make hasty conclusions. It is better not to hurry with spending huge sums on her because this will make her think this is everything you can do.

At the beginning of the relationships, it is better not to spoil the girl too much. She will appreciate such a gesture and the value of gifts, of course. And draw conclusions about you! You will become another “daddy” for her, who will carry out her desires and wishes for the opportunity to spend time with her. Remember that in addition to a nice appearance, every beauty has a brain. And if you do not match each other intellectually, sooner or later the pretty face will not bring so much pleasure. Or the lady will find a better sponsor and will wave her tail.

Take a closer look, chat, and then decide whether you are ready to choose the best gifts for 20-year-old woman. Of course, no one says you should deprive the girl of the pleasure to receive bouquets and pleasant little things at first. Girls love attention, and gifts for them are part of showing your attention. A man should be generous and courteous during the romantic period and so on.

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I think it's even easier with a 20-year-old girl than with an older one. Moreover, girls always want to have older boyfriends, because they consider them wiser, smarter, and more experienced.
29.04.2020 21:48
According to a “half your age plus 7” rule, 30-year-old guys should date girls around 23 years but I think that 20 is no a big deal! Girls at this age are mature enough for a serious relationship and a family but still, the 10-year difference will favorably affect the man. Near such a girl he himself will get younger, more energetic, and keep up with everything!

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