1. Why Do Girls Play Hard to Get?
  2. How to Tell If a Girl Is Playing Hard to Get
  3. Is She Playing Hard to Get or Not Interested?
  4. Should I Play Hard to Get?
  5. How to Conquer a Girl Who Is Playing Hard-to-Get?
  6. How to Play Hard to Get with a Girl

Why Do Girls Play Hard to Get?

Let’s start from the beginning, why do girls play hard to get? The first reason may sound very cynical, but it is true. It’s quite simple, it is better to be this way. In the process of searching for a partner, this tactic has quite a few positive sides to it. First off is that it will be easier for a girl to “filter” decent guys from normal ones. Such an attitude, by its very nature, raises the level of expectations that a lady has, and it is evident to everyone who is around her, she won’t just go out with some random guy, she will take the best one, only the best. When a man is in love with a lady and will do everything she wants, he can be abused in all of the different ways, the less he knows about a lady, the more he wants her, the stronger his desire is.

why do girls play hard to get?

The second reason why girls play hard to get is that it will make them stand out of the crowd, not like others. A lady that is acting this way is visibly different in her attitude towards men, and by our own very nature, we strive towards things that we cannot reach. Regular girls that are practically “easy” can be found anywhere, for example, bars and nightclubs are filled with them. To be distant is to be a better prize, the one that you have to earn. Not a participation trophy but a championship.

Why do women play hard to get? This will make and keep a man intrigued. This is the third cause of it. Every family psychologist will tell you that people get tired of each other when they run out of things to find out about each other. When a book has been read, and there is nothing more to learn about a person it gets quick difficult to get excited about anything that has to do with them, this is one of the main reasons why people cheat on their partners. Their relationship has reached its expiration date. This is why ladies wear this mask of mystery, and a man should strive towards discovering all of the secrets that a lady has, and this is what makes him feel excited.

The fourth reason is quite different, as it may not be conscious. She may be acting this way because she was hurt in the past. Now, we all had some terrible experiences in love, whether we were dumped, we were cheated on, and there was no mutual love on the other side, etc. This defensive mechanism may be in place in order to protect a lady from all of the guys that remind that lady of a man who has hurt her in the past. And while this logic is flawed, this is the reality of things, a lady should be proven that a man that approaches her is different from the crowd and is truly charmed by her, it’s not about one-time sex.

The fifth reason is a bit similar to the previous one. A lady got sick of all of the annoying men approaching her, telling her the same old compliments, saying the same things over and over again. Most of the ladies that were born highly attractive are bound to be like that in one way or the other, they practically cannot avoid attention from guys, and this is why they have to “sort them by quality.”

How to Tell If a Girl Is Playing Hard to Get

A lady will feel like the ultimate prize, the goal for which a man should strive for. A lady will never text you first, but she’ll always respond to your texts and calls straight away. Ladies who are acting this way are bound to traditional gender roles in relationships. This implies that a man is in the position of the hunter, and a lady is in the position of the prey. A man has to do his best, show his strong sense of commitment in order to get the things that he wants.

do guys play hard to getFrom the perspective of a guy, such a situation can be compared to a tightrope walk over a canyon. It is hard, it involves lots of pressure, fear, anxiety, and any wrong move may be a man’s doom.

The next clue is that she seems to be busy all the time. Reasons may be different, they will be, but a man will be faced rejection upon rejection. However, what should be done in such a situation is to push on forward, there surely must be an hour or two during which she won’t be busy. This is quite hard, as you may just annoy her with all of the questions, don’t be too clingy in this. There is a very narrow line between clinginess and commitment, and as we’ve said, this is the tightrope that one has to walk.

The third clue is that she isn’t afraid of mentioning other men. As in anything that has to do with such ladies, you should be afraid of not getting stuck in her friend zone. If a lady is mentioning other men in your presence, she’s teasing you, it’s a stress test, "Will you fight for her against other men or not?" What will your reaction be when she starts mentioning her ex or best friend? Both of the answers are crucial to your success. In order not to lose her (or not to obtain her as just a friend) you must show her direct signs of attention, give her flowers, visit cafes and restaurants, be sincere about your feelings, give her compliments. The main thing is to keep on fighting, keep on getting back after each blow that is thrown your way.

She may even try to flirt with someone else. Again for the narrow line, if this is something small, like blowing a kiss to another guy, then this may very well be just her way to get you intrigued, make you aware of the competition that you are facing, but if she’s blatantly kissing another guy or goes home with him – well, you are done.

It will be difficult to get the attention of that lady and actually get her on a date, she’s constantly busy with all sorts of different work-related things, despite her being sorry – she still isn’t on the other side of the table. It bears repeating that a man should not stop after such a “tantrum,” you can pick her up after work, come to her place, and help with a thing that is bugging her.

Is she playing hard to get or not interested? Ask yourself, can you honestly tell what is her opinion of you? The right answer is no. If you think that she’s into you, considering all of the signs mentioned above, well then, maybe you are too full of yourself. If she never answers messages that you send her, she’s constantly busy, and there are no buts and ifs about it – she doesn’t like you. If you don’t know which way the wind blows – you are on the right track, the sense of mystery is there, she’s not willing to talk about her emotions and feelings just yet.

Is She Playing Hard to Get or Not Interested?

Now let’s talk about this tightrope that we keep on mentioning, and now it is as relevant as ever. It is very important to be aware of the difference between these two positions towards you: girls playing hard to get and an absence of interest. A lady cannot act this way if she isn’t attracted to someone, there are differences that must be seen, and they can be seen, you just have to try.

First off, she’s just playing if she quickly responds to messages that you send her, but she isn’t predisposed to any further communication if your conversation is quite one-sided. Don’t be ridiculous, if she keeps on ignoring you for more than a day, and she isn’t constantly offline, she posts photos on the Instagram, well then, she’s just not into you. If she knows how to play hard to get over text – you will not be ignored.

You got her intrigued if you actually see her, even if only occasionally. While it is a hunt, and you are a hunter, she’s still quite attracted to you. Thus, in order for her to satisfy her feelings towards you – a lady will come to your dates. If she’s not into you – well, you won’t be seeing her anytime soon, matter-of-fact you won’t. There is no real reason to mention, but love is not a one-sided affair if she’s acting this way – she’s intrigued, she’s into you and is simply testing out your feelings, yet it doesn’t deny the fact that she needs to satisfy her desire to see and hear you.

As we’ve said, there are differences between small signs of attention to other men, simple tricks up her sleeve to get you more competitive, and full-on flirt. Yet you must not fool yourself and think that her sex with another guy is a fort of a test or something. The men that she mentions may not even battle for her feelings, it is unlikely that a lady will mention a guy that she’s dating right now in your presence, this is stupid. There may be some mention of men hitting on her, trying to attract her attention, but such memories will be accompanied by her negative comments on such situations, “What a clingy asshole that guy was, so annoying…”

She's playing hard to get if there is some room to breathe, you are given chances, and to be distant doesn’t mean to be absent. If she says that she has a lot of work to do, she may accompany it with a hint that she’ll be free next week or in a few days. You will be given opportunities in such a relationship, you must utilize these opportunities, use every single one you have. Let’s say that you were busy for a couple of days, you got some things to do, you weren’t able to text her and ask her for a date – she would text you. The topic doesn’t really matter, she’ll remind of her existence, she may be worried for you, the simple phrase like, “How are you?” or “How are your things going?” will be the hint that you need. Truth be told, a polite girl that doesn’t want to ghost a guy may ask the very same question out of pity, she doesn’t want to just dump you like that.

A lady may be excessively distant in communication, ignoring your messages for a day or two, but if she goes as far as to block you – well, the battle was lost. Sure, ladies and men are quite different in their approaches to relationships and the ways in which they are trying to attract each other, but ask yourself, “Would you want to keep on communicating with a person that you don’t like?” “Why wouldn’t you block them if you are simply not intrigued by the idea of the common future?” If there is no desire – there is no communication, it is as simple as that.

how to play hard to get with your girlfriendWith that being said, do guys play hard to get? Let’s go even further, should they?

Should I Play Hard to Get?

Honestly, we think that ladies are better suited for this role by their very nature.

This desire to be mysterious and to be fought for is quite natural to ladies, throughout history they were often the ultimate and the final prize of many tales about heroes and valiant knights.

It should be done if you are certain that a lady is into you. But how to play hard to get with your girlfriend?

How to Conquer a Girl Who Is Playing Hard-to-Get?

The intention and dedication are the most important. Guys who are in love with a girl either win her heart or get stuck in friendzone. Because they do not know how to clearly indicate their sexual intention.

You, of course, will now think that the girls understand what men want from them. But this is a little different - they have a fear looking too approachable. Therefore, not noticing in you an explicit intention, it will be easier for her to offer you to stay friends. For centuries, girls have been taught that they should choose brave and confident guys who will treat them like princesses and cherish them as the prize they have won in a dangerous battle. And we must say, this is a true belief because the good guys are waiting for the princesses. And which girl does not want to be a princess right?

And in order not to become a friend to her, it is important to show your intention. How can you do that? You should learn the difference between the behavior of a good guy (potential friend) and the behavior of the one who wants to seduce her.

For example, a potential friend would:

  • be afraid to touch her
  • try to make her comfortable
  • speak on deep philosophical topics
  • discuss what she likes and pretend he likes it too
  • listen to complaints about life and other guys

A potential lover will be:

  • fool around and not be scared to look silly
  • make her laugh
  • show his sense of humor 
  • touch her
  • behave very confidently
  • look at her like a python at her potential prey
  • flirt with her
  • confidently communicate with her and invite her somewhere.

Your task is to strive for the second and try not to behave according to the second set of actions.

How to Play Hard to Get with a Girl

It is worth doing so in the case when you are pretty much sure that a lady is attracted to you. Yeah, you can never be truly sure about it, but if she seeks communication with you, this may be the time to be distant. How to play hard to get? Interest provokes desire, all of the information mentioned above can be applied to yourself. Be busy, be distant, be mysterious, make her wonder about who you are.

But in the meantime, don’t forget about communication, showing signs of attention, giving clues and providing opportunities to a lady. To be excellent at playing hard to get is to spark interest and then make strong fire out of it.

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18.02.2020 12:29
This is the norm for girls. They always try to seem unapproachable. And that's good, I think. It would be worse if they entered a relationship easily. It's not interesting at all.
30.04.2020 22:18
We girls like to be looked after and receive the most attention possible. And if a guy is dedicated and graceful, we are ready to break that image of being unapproachable. So, in case a girl plays hard to get for long, you should reconsider your communication. Chances are, she is not interested, no matter how sad it is... There is a thin line between getting stuck in a friendzone and trying to win a girl who plays hard to get!

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