1. Getting a Ukrainian Girl to Get to Another Country: Possible Drawbacks
  2. Your Russian Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Leave Her Country
  3. Reasons Why Moving to Another Country May Be Stressful
  4. How to Get a Visa for Your Ukrainian Girlfriend

Getting a Ukrainian Girl to Get to Another Country: Possible Drawbacks

For the last quarter of the century, Ukrainian girls dating has been pretty much in vogue among western men. While dating a Ukrainian woman is easy, although requires knowledge of certain rules, things can get a little bit harder, when online dating faces its logical conclusion, which means transferring to the offline world.

At first, you are more likely to make a few trips to Ukraine in order to meet your Ukrainian girl offline, which won’t cause you any troubles. But in case if you don’t consider the possibility of moving to Ukraine, you are more likely to want to get your Ukrainian girl to your country.

It seems that you can make your dream come true. Finally, you can turn your long-distance romance into the romance in your native country. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s have a deeper look at the possible drawbacks of trying to get your Ukrainian girlfriend to another country.

visa for Russian

Your Russian Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Leave Her Country

When you are dating a Ukrainian girl, you tend to believe that all the Ukrainian girls are willing to leave their country for the country of their beloved ones. Unfortunately for those who are not considering relocating to Ukraine, while the majority of Ukrainian women are into moving to their partner’s country some are not. In case if you are into trying to make your Ukrainian girlfriend change her mind, here are the possible reasons she may not want to move and how to deal with them.

1. Language Barrier

“Why on earth you are looking for a partner from abroad then?” is the most likely question you would ask. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer to it, but it is more likely you like her despite her not so well knowledge of English. Still, it may make feel her confused. It is unlikely she has that big desire to move in with you in the country, which foreign to her just to spend her days locked in your apartment.

In this case, you should convince her that you will assist her in learning the language, that you will disallow your friends to make fun of her English, and that you will do everything for her to feel great in your country.

2. Cultural Barrier

Ukrainian women dating may be fun and you may relate to each other, completely forgetting that you have different cultural backgrounds. Cultural differences surface when you come to Ukraine to visit her. Some things, which are common for Ukraine may seem great for you, while others will remain a mystery for you for the rest of your life. But don’t forget that your Ukrainian girl may feel the same about your country.Something absolutely normal and common for you and your culture may be absolutely confusing to her.

spouse visa Russian So, whenever a case of misunderstanding occurs don’t get irritated and try to explain whatever it takes. Moreover, you shouldn’t get irritated by things you don’t understand in her culture. Leave your “It makes no sense”, “It’s stupid” and “It’s crazy” to yourself or tone it down to “I don’t get it, but it’s okay”. First, you don’t really want to hear “It makes no sense”, “It’s stupid” and “It’s crazy” about your cultural aspects from your Ukrainian girlfriend, besides “I don’t get it, but it’s okay” will help in avoiding quarrels on a cultural basis.

3. Paper Hell

Well, funny or not, but moving to another country for someone from the post-Soviet states requires a lot of paper chores that no one wants to go through. It is quite understandable, though. Imagine yourself going through the immigration process that is not that easy as moving from the UK to Canada, with a lot of documents you need to attach to your visa application. And don’t forget that in many aspects Ukraine has stuck in the mid-20th century, meaning you may need to go through paper hell, which is literally paper. No emails, or emails + physical copies of the required documents. Sounds like a lot of fun? We neither think so.

Of course, you must give your Ukrainian girlfriend support in this case and maybe give her some advice on her paper chores. In order to do so, check out the following text.

Reasons Why Moving to Another Country May Be Stressful

25 years have passed since the opening of the past USSR borders. The first generation of “international” children grew up, and the strongest families celebrated silver weddings. And based on memories, comments, and endless discussions at Russian forums abroad, we selected the three most common problems that Russians face when they decide to marry a foreign man. Hopefully, it will help you understand why your girl doesn’t want to move.


Even in the most tolerant European countries, people may still frown at interracial marriages, and what can we say about Russian women when stereotypes about them are so widely spread that most people think all the marriages they enter with foreigners are unequal.

Problems with mother-in-law multiply by at least three

It’s difficult to find a common language with an ordinary mother-in-law, your beloved woman will be forever a stranger to her, who has taken away the attention and love of her son. The Russian woman is younger, more beautiful, most likely more successful than her. Or, on the contrary, if she doesn’t meet all the requirements of your strict mothers, she will face constant criticizing.

You can live for 20 years and not understand each other

The mentality of people from different countries will never be completely the same. Even if you put life in a country for many years it will never make you a native. So, this difference may scare your beloved and this may be the reason she still hesitates. Such peculiarities of interracial or international marriages make moving to another country highly stressful.

How to Get a Visa for Your Ukrainian Girlfriend

It happened so that both the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as the most countries of the English-speaking world, has no visa-free regime for Ukrainians. It means that your girlfriend must have British or US visa for Ukrainian citizens if she wants to stay with you. So, how to get visa for your Ukrainian girlfriend? And what are visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens? Let’s check it out.

Visa Requirements for Russian Citizens in the UK and the US

If you are in the UK you are lucky… sort of… Your Ukrainian girlfriend may stay for 24 hours in the UK without a visa if she has a resident permit in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US or Switzerland. In all other cases, the visa is required. In the United States, the visa is required as well.

Of course, she can start registering visas in Ukraine, but that’s more likely to be a simple tourist visa, which is quite impossible, as single Ukrainian women rarely get tourist visas. So, what can you do to help in getting a visa for your Ukrainian girlfriend? You may send her an invitation or she may apply for a spouse… not so fast, fiancee visa, which will give you both certain benefits.

The Benefits of Fiancee Visa

So, as we have said fiancee visa is the best way to deal with getting your Ukrainian girlfriend to your native country. Moreover, it gets you closer to your dream. You see, the fiancee visa gives you ninety days to turn your Ukrainian fiancee into an actual spouse. Of course, we would advise you to divide this term in two. Take forty-five days to see whether you work out well as a couple or not. And if you are positive that you are eager to spend the rest of your life with your Ukrainian lady, take the next forty-five days to make spouse out of the fiancee. Sounds quite intriguing and too good to be true? Well, it is true. The next step you should take is finding out what you have to do in order to get the fiancee visa for your Ukrainian girlfriend.

visa requirements for Russian citizens Fiancee Visa Requirements

  1. You must have US citizenship…Okay, to avoid confusion. Not both of you, but you must be a US citizen.
  2. You must be legally able to become a couple, meaning you don’t have a spouse in your country and she mustn’t have a spouse in Ukraine. If you or she had a spouse you need to provide the divorce certificate or a death certificate if your ex is dead.
  3. It won’t work if you met only online, as a fiancee visa requires that you have met in person in the last two years before the application. Don’t throw away your airline tickets, as they on pair with photographs will work as proofs that you actually have met.
  4. Your fiancee mustn’t have any criminal records. So, in order to avoid stresses, nerves, disenchantments, and relocating to Ukraine - don’t fall in love with a criminal. Yeah, unfortunately, expats with criminal records won’t do for your Bonnie and Clyde reenactments, better pick an American girl for that.
  5. Another important thing, your fiancee must have no records on violations of the US immigration laws.
  6. Last, but not the least, you should check your bank account, as in order to get a fiancee visa for your Ukrainian girlfriend, you must meet certain income requirements.

You are sure that you and your fiancee fit all the six points of the visa requirements? Then, your next step would be applying for the visa. You are the one who initiates the procedure, as you are the US citizen. Initiating the procedure is easy. You need to go to the website of the US Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services. There you need to download two forms, I-129F and G-325A. I-129F - is the petition for Alien fiancee. After downloading you can fill it on your own. While the G-325A form, which is Biographical Information should be filled by both you and your Ukrainian Girlfriend.

After filling the form, you should mail both forms to the US Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services together with the cover letter and supporting documents that include, proof of your US citizenship, passport-style photographs of both of you, divorce certificates if required, and evidences that your relationships are valid (i.e. you’re not together for immigration advantages). After that, you should just wait for the results.

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