1. Is It Okay to Make a Girl Jealous?
  2. Ways to Make a Girl Jealous
  3. Tips to Make a Girl Jealous
  4. Making Girls Jealous Main Mistakes
  5. What does female jealousy lead to?

Making a girl feel jealous is not so difficult. You just need to use the right methods at the right time. You don’t know how to approach a girl you like? She doesn’t even notice you, and the “friend zone” has become your destiny? Making a girl jealous may help you leave the friend zone, but there are many other pitfalls that you will face on your way from the friendzone. But this is a big topic for another article.

Today, we are going to discuss how to make a girl jealous, and whether you should do this or not. Of course, this approach seems very useful if the girl started to lose interest in you. This often happens if a girl feels unique in your life, then she gets bored and begins to search for new challenges. By making her jealous, you will reawaken her interest because you will become a challenge for her again. If you see that your relationship is over, then in most cases, it is better to meet hot girls online instead of taking a risk to hurt your girlfriend even more by lies and other machinations.

why would a guy try to make a girl jealous

Is It Okay to Make a Girl Jealous?

Long-term jealousy can ruin a relationship. Nobody wants to experience negative emotions for a long time. Therefore, if you overdo it, your girlfriend will have an emotional “fuse” that will turn off all emotions concerning you. In this case, your relationship may end with a breakup. Of course, you should avoid this by any means since your goal is to reawaken her interest towards you and not to ruin your relationships with her. A jealous woman can be very unpredictable. Due to this fact, you should never go too far with this tactic.

To safely use this tactic, you should be very careful and must remember that you need to ensure that there is no one big and real reason for jealously since this may lead to a scandal that will lead to a breakup. Instead, you should give her a couple of small, vague, and ambiguous reasons for jealousy. Thus, you won’t inflict emotional trauma. It is crucial not to inflict emotional traumas because they never heal. Even if your relationship continues, she still will remember this episode forever.

Stick to the middle ground since she should only guess that there is a reason to be jealous, but she should never know for sure. As soon as you achieve your first goals, and noticed a couple of suspicious glances, you should end provoking her. The time has come for you to enjoy the results of your efforts. Your girlfriend will be much gentler and more attentive to you.

Ways to Make a Girl Jealous

So, you decided to play this little game, and now you want to know how to make a girl jealous. You will be glad to hear that there are many ways to make a girl jealous, even apart from the most obvious approach. Don't know what this approach is? It is when you begin to search where to meet a girl now and somehow make your girlfriend see you with her. In fact, you should never do this since this may insult your current partner, and she will leave you.

1. Temporarily disappear from her life

One of the greatest ways to make a girl jealous is to temporarily disappear. Just disconnect your phone, deal with the abyss of social networks, be patient, and wait. This method is perfect for the first stage of the relationship. Since at the initial stage of your relationship, you are interested in each other and have mutual sympathy. There will be no better moment for you to temporarily disappear from her life. Usually, at this moment, the girl decides to wait for your appearance and wants to find you at any cost. A lot of strong relationships started this way. A little panic, anxiety, and growing love give a perfect reaction. If you play your cards well, she will be all yours.

2. Change the daily routine

If you have been doing something systematically, then you should stop. Change your habits and schedule just a little bit. This technique is suitable for a long-term relationship. If you usually arrive at the same time, a delay after work will alert the girl. By sharply changing the daily routine, you will make her pay attention to you, and she will appreciate you more. You can also put passwords on a laptop and phone. Not understanding what you are hiding and why you set the password, the girl will first think that you have someone else, and you want to hide this person from her.

how to make your girl jealous3. Simulate a telephone conversation with another girl

Ask your female friend to call you in the evening and talk with her for 2-3 minutes. Without giving a look, carefully study the reaction of your girlfriend. After bringing the girl to a state of intense curiosity, calmly end the conversation. If she directly asks, “Who called?” Answer something neutral that it was the girl from work or a former friend, a classmate. Your girlfriend will understand that you are receiving attention, and your rating will increase.

4. Flirt with other girls in front of her

This is the most dangerous technique that you may use to make a girl jealous, and you should only use it in the most desperate cases. Besides, your flirting should be very gentle since your girlfriend should only assume that you are flirting. For example, you can make a small compliment to the beauty of another girl. This technique doesn’t work at the beginning of a relationship, but it has proved itself pretty useful at the stage of establishing contact. By making a girl jealous in this way, you can see for sure whether the girl is interested in you or not.

5. Spend more time with other women

This doesn’t have to be something really big. For example, you can share a cup of coffee with some girl that you work with. It is just enough to be surrounded by other women to have a chat with them or make your girlfriend believe that you do. It is better when your girlfriend sees you with someone else with her own eyes. If someone else tells her about what they saw, they may change some details, and in the end, your conversation with another girl will turn into a date with kisses. In this case, you will hurt your partner, and your relationships, most likely, will be over.

Tips to Make a Girl Jealous

As you can see, there are many ways to make your girl jealous, but you should be very careful when you try to implement those approaches. Here, we are going to share some simple tips with you on making a girl jealous, but without going too far, since a jealous girlfriend can be unpredictable, and if you give her real reasons to be jealous, then you will have problems.

1. Get close with another woman

There are many women around, and it is easy to find a friend to spend time together. She will be just a friend, but for your current girlfriend, she will become a rival. Emotional intimacy with another woman, even hypothetically, for some women is worse than the real cheating. But in case of emotional intimacy, she has nothing to blame you for, since she can’t prove anything. The main thing is getting closer to other females is not to overdo it and maintain a thin line of friendship with a woman.

2. Don’t be too flirty with other women

To make your girlfriend jealous, you can go with friends to a pool, bowling or sports bar, and then you should honestly tell her that you came to the bar, and here you should give her a full list of females' names who were there with you. Your girlfriend’s imagination sees all those women as potential rivals, and she will become jealous. Of course, when we said, “honestly tell her,” we mean that she should ask you about this first. If you come to her and directly tell her how wonderfully you spend time with other women, you will deeply insult her.

3. Compliment other women in the right way

When you compliment other women, you should never do that openly. For example, if you and your girlfriend are having chat with another woman, then the worst thing you can do is to compliment this woman right in front of your girlfriend. Thus, you will offend your girlfriend, because the girl whom you complimented stood right next to her, and also heard your compliment. You should compliment another woman only when you know for sure that your girlfriend will hear this, but this woman won’t. Don't be afraid, even if these may be the last words in your life, give a compliment about a random stranger when your lady is next to you. Say something like, “Wow, what a beauty” loudly enough so your girlfriend can hear it.

4. Take a look at the other girl

For example, when you walk with your girlfriend down a street, holding hands, you can take a relatively look at the other girl. You should do this just once, but make sure that your girlfriend notices your move. By doing this too often, you won’t achieve your goals, and in the end, your relationships will end. The same approach you can use when you “like” pages of other girls on social networks. This is a very effective way to make your girl jealous if she likes to check all your female friends' pages on social networks.

5. How to flirt with other girls, but without giving any false hopes

When you use a flirting technique to make your girlfriend jealous, you should never insult her by going too far as well as give any false hopes to other women, who, in fact, are just your instrument. To avoid this, you should use the lightest forms of flirting. For example, you can smile at the girl when she tells something to you, and you can behave like a gentleman with her. This will be just enough to make your girlfriend jealous, but this won’t lead to any negative consequences.

how to get a girl jealousMaking Girls Jealous Main Mistakes

As we have said above, this is a very dangerous way to reawaken your feelings in relationships. You may go too far. Especially if you have no idea how to tell if a girl is jealous. If so, you, at the very least, will have a very hard conversation with her, or, in the worst case, you will lose her. So, think twice before doing this. To help you avoid troubles, we are going to share with you the top three the biggest mistakes that people can make when they try to make their girlfriend feel jealous.

Any kind of abuse

It is very easy to abuse someone, particularly when you try to make him or her feel jealous. This stems from the fact jealousy often stands right next to abuses. Often, jealousy is caused by the light form of abuse. If you truly love your girlfriend, you should never cheat on her. Yes, you can play this game, but this has to be nothing more than just a Game of Jealousy. Remember, your goal is to remind her that she actually loves and needs you, and not to make her hate you.

Ignoring too much

Remember, your goal is to make her jealous to let her understand that she really loves you, and not disappear from her life forever. So, if you decided to ignore her, you should never do that for too long. It is just enough not to answer her call when you are with your friends. The best way is to spend a lot of time with both your girlfriend and other women. Thus, she will know that in one way or another, you care about her, but also you are very popular among other girls, and this means that she has to take some steps to keep your interest.

Relationships with other girls

Obviously, this is not what you need to achieve. If you want to find another girl do date, then you should tell your current girlfriend that you are breaking up. Otherwise, this behavior is inappropriate. Remember, you should never give false expectations to other women, and you should use only light forms of flirting. If you want to reinforce your relationship, then why would you actually betray your girlfriend? You only have to make her feel that she may lose you, and if she really loves you, she will take action to save your relationships, even though there should be no real risk of losing you, but she doesn’t have to know this.

What does female jealousy lead to?

If a girl is prone to jealousy, and a guy overdoes the desire to provoke her, the consequences can be unpleasant:

  • Vigilant control. There is the desire to control every step of a man, both at home and beyond it. At the same time, the methods are very diverse: from a simple check of mail and phone contacts to the creation of fake accounts to spot treason.
  • Public showdown. The norms of social behavior for a woman become unimportant, which can provoke a scene of jealousy in any public place.
  • Sifting out the “wrong friends”. Single friends are perceived as a potential threat: they may introduce a man to another woman.
  • Job. Even slight delays at work provoke quarrels and scandals, as images of a love affair with a colleague are created in the girl’s imagination.

A pathologically jealous woman is a vulnerable person with an unstable level of self-esteem. The lack of self-sufficiency leads to the desire to confirm love and significance by any available means. Therefore, the lack of jealousy on the part of the girl does not always mean that she does not experience a feeling of love for her partner.

Generally, it is better to avoid making your girlfriend jealous because this may have quite the opposite effect. Besides, in a way, this is not fair, and, as you know, lying to your girlfriend is the worst thing that you can do to establish a healthy relationship with her. So, why would a guy try to make a girl jealous? Purely because this is relatively easy to make his girlfriend take action towards relationships with him. Is it an honest way to make your relationships better? No, it is not.

At first glance, this approach is very useful, but on the other hand, you should carefully evaluate all risks and think if you really want to make your girlfriend feel jealous. This behavior will make her feel certain emotions, and she will act according to those emotions. But what will happen when you stop making her jealous, and those emotions will disappear? If you are building your relationship only with this approach, they won’t last long because, sooner or later, she will start sorting things out to understand what is going on between you two.

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I don't think this is the best way to get attention in a relationship. But as an option, I think it might work.
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Interesting and safe ways to make a girl jealous. I think I'll try a couple of them in practice. It seems to me that a little jealousy does not hurt the relationship. For example, my girlfriend constantly makes me jealous. Why don't I do the same? Just kidding. I just want to see her reaction.

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