1. Dating in 2019: Online or Offline?
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Nowadays, you can hardly find a person who has never used the Internet. We begin to do more and more different things online, and this is actually not a bad thing. But this process may scare some people because trusting our romantic feelings to something that we cannot even touch sounds like a surrealistic picture from the cyberpunk world.

But this is not some science fiction from books, this is our reality, yes we don’t have any VR lenses mounted in our eyes, but who knows what the future will bring us. Nowadays, online dating has become a big part of our lives, more than 50% of people get acquainted online, and this number continues to grow. So, let’s find out together where the best place to meet women is.

where to meet women

Dating in 2019: Online or Offline?

In 2019, dating has become easier and more accessible than before. But does it mean that the best places to meet women are various dating services? Yes, and no. First of all, it all depends on who you are looking for because people who belong to different generations use different dating services and apps. Besides, notwithstanding the above mentioned, lots of people still use standard dating approaches. Here we are talking about offline dating because still lots of people get acquainted offline. So, online or offline dating? It is you who should give yourself the answer because you should use what is more convenient for you.

Modern Dating Culture

First of all, you should know that human's desire to have romantic relationships hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the 20th century, so no matter how old you are, you still have many things in common with other generations. Secondly, in 2019, we are talking about opportunities. Thus, you can choose any dating approach or even combine online and offline dating to your own advantage.

The modern culture of dating presumes that we live in the open world, nowadays, it is not a problem that you can’t meet a partner in your local town, because with modern means of communication and transportation, you can get to any place on this planet. Thus, you should never be afraid of searching for international partners.

Generally, modern dating culture presumes that there is a place for everything. You can be an old-school gentleman who doesn’t want to use any online dating services or a modern-age man who can’t live a day without visiting a single woman dating site where he searches for love. All that you need to do is to be able to choose the right person since people are very different, and showing your uniqueness is another tendency in the modern culture of dating.

As you can see, there is a place for everyone in modern dating culture. The most efficient way to find a good romantic partner is to search for single ladies online and offline. Thus you will be sure that you are paying as many efforts to this process, as it is only possible. Of course, the formula "the harder you work, the more you get" doesn’t particularly work in dating. But still, it is increasing your chances to find a partner even if you have no idea how to meet women online and where to meet women offline. Remember, your current inexperience in dating doesn’t mean that you will remain lonely forever.

Offline Dating in 2019

You may not believe it, but offline dating still exists! People still get acquainted on streets and other public places. Plus, we can’t forget that online dating should get to the point when it turns into offline dating. There is no online dating method, website, or an application that can completely substitute offline dating. However, online dating is very popular not because it substitutes something, but this is just the best way to quickly get acquainted with someone, especially if you have no idea where to meet women offline.

As you know, offline dating takes a lot of time. Because you spend the whole evening when you go on the first date with someone, and you can be sure that you will have the second one. And time is the most precious resource for modern people. Since, nowadays, we are overloaded with different tasks and have too many distractions to be able to deal with those tasks very fast. Due to this fact, most of the people after graduating from their schools don’t have time for offline dating. What should they do in this case? Where to meet single women if you don’t have time even to prepare for a date?

The answer to those questions is online dating. Only in online dating, you can have a conversation with many different women simultaneously without even leaving your house. This yet doesn’t mean that you date all those women, this only means that you have got acquainted and now are getting to know each other better. And only after some time (usually no more than a week) you go on your first date, already knowing whom you are going to meet there because you have already had some conversations and have common topics. According to all above mentioned, online dating is not an alternative for offline dating, but it is a way how to make dating easier. Remember, online dating should, at some point, lead to the real offline date with a person. If you don’t use online dating in your search for a partner, it means that you don’t fully use your potential. Thus, you are making dating harder for you.

places to meet women offlineBest Place to Meet Women Offline

Now, when you know how to use both offline and online dating to your own advantage, it is time for you to create a list of places to meet women offline. You should never substitute offline dating with online dating. Thus, you must be ready to get acquainted at any time and place. This is actually why your self-confidence plays a crucial role in dating since confident people don’t have problems getting acquainted even in the most awkward situations. We are going to show you a small list of places to meet single women.


Cinemas are widely considered to be the most popular dating places. But even though it may sound like a good idea, you should never invite your new girlfriend there for the first date, because the first date is the best opportunity for you to learn more about your partner and create a picture of your future together if there is one, of course. But in the cinema, you won’t have the opportunity to do this. The same happens when you want to get acquainted with girls there. The best time for you to get acquainted there with someone is to do this when you stand in lines in front of the ticket window. Use this place only when you have a really nice movie at your local cinema. Thus, you won’t waste your money if your dating attempt fails.


People go to various clubs and bars to relax and find partners. Some search only for a one-night stand, while others will be glad to create a long-lasting relationship with someone. Of course, learning to tell the difference between those two types of people will take some time, but cubs and bars are definitely must-visit places when you want to date someone. Especially if you have been lonely for too long and now, you are searching for a quick way to get acquainted with someone.

Pet park

This is the best option for you if you have some pets. Usually, people go to the pet parks to spend some time with their pets and don’t expect to get acquainted with someone. Often lonely people buy a pet to have a company, you can use this fact to your own advantage, especially if you are a very shy person. It is way easier to start a conversation, for example, with a dog owner if you dogs “accidentally” decided to play together. Start a conversation with a compliment to his or her pet, and then it all depends on you. In pet parks, you have good chances to find someone for serious romantic relationships.

Meditation group

People visit those groups because they want to relax and spend some time away from their everyday life problems. Organizations of those groups usually create a very open and relaxing atmosphere during meditations. The best option for you there is to get acquainted before or after the meditation because, during the process of meditation, you won’t be able to talk. Also, you can offer to accompany a woman home, but only if you have spent some time chatting, and already know at least something about each other.


Not everyone who regularly visits gyms, does it to work on their physical conditions, some people go to gyms to find a perfect match. Going to the gym is always a good idea, even if you fail to find a partner there, you will improve your physical conditions. Thus you will make future dating easier for you. So, if you have some time that you can spend in your local gym, you should go there. With time, you will learn how to tell if a girl visits the gym to work on her body or in her search for a romantic partner.

Where to Meet Women Online

I bet that now you said something like, “I already know where to meet women online! On various dating websites!" Yes, you are completely right, but this is not the whole specter of dating possibilities provided by the Internet. Of course, dating websites are the best choice, because they all have been created for this purpose, while other possible places initially had a different purpose, but, clearly, it doesn’t mean that you can use them for dating purposes.

Social media

Initially, social media were created for people to chat, organize groups according to their interests and other stuff that usually takes too much time if you try to do it offline. Of course, as soon as the first social media appeared, people started searching for partners there, and not without success. Yes, social media were never meant to be used just as dating places, but no one tells you that you can’t use them like that. For example, Facebook has recently launched its own dating app.

Dating sites

As we have mentioned before, dating websites are the best option to find a perfect partner. Many of those websites are very popular among people from all around the world, and unlike social media, people come to dating websites with a clear purpose – they search for partners. And don't forget about special filters that allow you to precisely search only for the most suitable person for you. As a result, you get the most powerful tool for finding a partner online.


Frankly speaking, before writing this article, I believed that nowadays, forums are mostly used by programmers who search for ways to solve different problems in their code, but I have never been so wrong about it. After doing some internet digging, I have found the whole world of various forums where people discuss literary everything. And searching for romantic partners is not an exception. Forums are a relatively slow way to find a partner because sometimes you can wait for more than a day to receive a letter from your online dating partner, but forums don’t take too much time either.

Online video games

You may not believe it, but online video games can help you not only with entertainment but also with finding a romantic partner. Not long ago, my friend went to Great Britain because he was acquainted with a girl from there while they were playing some battle royale game. This is definitely not the best way to find a partner, because you are risking to spend too much time playing a game itself instead of dating some girl. So, don’t dive into online video gaming only because you want to find a romantic partner. But if you already spend a huge amount of time playing some game, you should try to find a partner there. Join the biggest clan in a game you play, connect to their Discord channel, and see where this will take you.

where to meet single womenOnline dating apps

Online dating apps are becoming more and more popular because it is way more convenient to use them from your smartphone. Sooner or later, all online dating websites will turn into online dating apps, and this actually not a bad thing. If today, you spend a lot of time with your smartphone, then you definitely should try them. Dating apps are not very different from dating websites when it goes to the main idea, but they are very different in the way how they implement it. My advice is to try both of them to find out what suits you better.

How to Ask The Girl Out for a Live Meeting?

One day you realize that online conversations are not enough and you would like to ask her out for a date. Successful phrases for inviting girls to meet in real life through social networks and on the Internet apps are divided into three categories:

1. Surprises. Something that has a little secret.

“I know one place that you will definitely like. I won’t say where it is, but I can show it. How about that?"

“You were interested in ... I know something about this, I can tell you about it over a cup of coffee. Let's meet tomorrow at seven? ”

2. Compliments. Tell the girl about what you like about her and suggest related leisure activities.

  • “You are the only one who loves horrors as much as I do. Why don’t we go to the cinema and see the new horror film from Guillermo? ”
  • “You are so good at art!” And I'm a complete dummie but I want to see a new exhibition at the House of Artists. Would you like to accompany me? ”

3. Quests. The essence of the method for the girl is to do something to get an invitation.

Hide a few notes, each of which will tell the girl how to find the next. The last note should contain an invitation with the address and time. “You have come a long way. Only one last step remains - and the result will pleasantly surprise you. I’m waiting for you in the coffee house at six in the evening. ”

How to Meet Women: General Tips

Even though the modern world provides us with a tremendous amount of opportunities to find a romantic partner, many people still have no idea how to meet women. If you are one of those people, you should immediately stop thinking that you are a loser or doing something wrong. No. It happens purely because people don’t have enough time to adapt because our society changes way too fast. We are going to give you three tips that will significantly increase your chances, both in online or offline dating.

1. Your looks matter

Many people believe that if they have a large house, a good job, and a nice car, they can forget about style in clothes. They all are horribly wrong. Yes, it is very important to be a decent person and have some achievements in this life, but no one will understand that you are a decent person, and no one will pay any attention to your achievements if you hide them behind your terrible outfit. You may not have some super-style, but you should forget about your old clothes. Thus, to be successful in meeting women, your clothes should look neat, nice, and clean.

2. Self-confidence

Your self-confidence plays a crucial role in your success in dating. No one likes people who always doubt themselves. When we are talking about self-confidence in men, we mean confident behavior. Many different articles will tell you how to work on your self-confidence if you lack one. But the best way is to begin leaving your comfort zone just now. Thus, if you are afraid of dating a woman, you should go and try to date one.

3. Work on your account

No matter what online dating service you will decide to use, they all will ask you to create your dating profile. Each dating app, website, or just some social network, pay special attention to different factors of online activities. But there are general rules that will help you be successful in all of them. Choose nice photos: don’t upload too much of them, don’t use selfies, or photos where you have covered your face (even with sunglasses), or photos where you are not alone. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to writing your bio, because it is the second thing that people will see on your dating account.

I hope that in this article, I've managed to convince you that you should use all possible means of dating to find a romantic partner. There is no reason to limit yourself in the means of achieving your goals, especially if all those means are very popular among other people. Remember, you are not the only one who just begins, his or her way, into online or offline dating, the most important thing is to be a good person. Good people always attract attention, and they will never be alone for too long.

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18.02.2020 13:09
I like to chat with girls online. So simple. And after a week of such communication, I can invite her to a restaurant.
01.05.2020 16:18
Personally I have met all my boyfriends online. I use dating apps for this because it saves time and is the most convenient. I really think you should give such apps a try if you are fed up with being alone! The most important is to meet in real life as soon as you are confident in a person because online texting can last for months...

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