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Life expectancy in civilized countries increases every year. It happens thanks to the popularization of a healthy lifestyle and progress in the field of medicine. People face various diseases and breakdowns ten years later than forty years ago. However, many people believe that when they are 50 years old, they will face a lack of sex, understanding, hobbies, work, and health problems as well.

They don’t even try to figure out whether it's really so deplorable in fact. Specialists in anti-aging believe that the age from 50 to 60 years is actually middle age. Hence, the fears are unfounded. Nonetheless, to prolong this period, feel better, get the best of senior dating and keep self-esteem at the necessary level, you should adhere to certain senior dating tips.

How to Have Better Sex After 50

Desires and opportunities of adulthood.

When they say that harmonious sexual relations play a huge role in life, they usually mean young people, at least middle-aged, up to 40 years. Meanwhile, sex over 50 years is still of the great importance, but, for some reasons, people prefer not to talk about that.

How to Have Better Sex After 50

Nonetheless, firstly, normal sexual relationships have a positive effect on social activity. Secondly, regular sexual contact is an excellent exercise for the heart and blood vessels, as well as prophylaxis of prostate diseases (for men) and problems with bladder function (for women). Thirdly, people who remain sexually active after 50 years are much less susceptible to depression and emotional instability, which is a common thing in adulthood. Besides, of course, moments of intimacy with a loved one bring no less joyful emotions and bright sensations than in youth

Inhibition of male sex drive after 50: myth vs. reality.

On the one hand, sexual attraction, as well as the ability to enjoy sex after 50, remains practically at the same level for a long time.

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how well a person feels, the body inevitably gets through the age-related changes. For example, for many women, this is the time of menopause and, accordingly, a sharp decline in the level of estrogen, which leads to not the most pleasant changes in the body. Estrogen deficiency has a negative effect on the condition of the reproductive organs of a woman and can reduce her sexual desire. In men, the amount of sex hormones decreases smoothly, so they still want to have sex with senior women. However, they have fewer opportunities to realize their needs due to the chronic diseases that have arisen by this time. The only thing that can interfere with a man's sexual life at the age of 50 and older is his state of health. In women, the main role is played by the health of the reproductive system, including chronic inflammatory diseases, surgical interventions, hormonal failures, and in men, it is necessary to pay attention at the state of the cardiovascular system, including IHD, atherosclerosis, hypertension, etc.

How to have better sex after 50?

Sexual activity of a man directly depends on the state of his health because, usually, a sick person does not have an intimate relationship. However, for men and women over the age of 50, it is important not only to maintain good health but also to support the work of the main organs. The first place is given to the cardiovascular system, it is the state of the vessels that largely determines how long a person will be able to lead an active sexual life. Therefore, those who want to please themselves and their partners after 50 years will have to seriously reconsider their habitual way of life. Their lifestyle should be active in all respects, starting with daily exercise, long walks, interesting things and new impressions. You will be able to have better sex after 50 only if you maintain physical and mental activity.

Don’t forget about proper nutrition.

A full-fledged nutrition plays one of the biggest roles. On the one hand, your body needs less calories. On the other hand, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are still in great demand. This situation requires a mature man to take seriously what and when he eats. Besides, it’s high time to pay attention to all sorts of vitamin and mineral complexes and dietary supplements.

Avoid the routine.

Many people overlook that with age, human life begins to resemble a mechanical watch because everyday actions become so habitual and automatic. This habit can become a dangerous enemy of any intimate relationship, which seems to fade under the layer of everyday "dust." Only some shared experiences of unusual feelings and positive emotions can correct this situation. Travel, new hobbies, interesting plans for the future will allow you to remember that life can be bright and full at any age.

Keep fit.

One elderly sage said that he gets pleasure from sex, being 84 years old man, not because he takes medicine but because he goes in for sports every day and eats healthy food. Naturally, the frequency can decrease, but the process itself will not disappear. In youth, you can do everything you want, but you should understand that you blur the future of your sexual life.

Don’t forget about little joys.

To have better sex with women over 50, you need to create a warm atmosphere. You can help with cooking, communicate with your woman on different topics, do her a massage and give flowers. All this may seem to be just trifles, but they help the women relax and set their mind on the romantic vibe. Almost all the people do the same mistake, as soon as they get used to the person, they forget about all the important little things. As a result, their sexual life gets worse.

Never go to sleep angry.

Most of the strong relationships are maintained on the basis of the positive perception of the world. You can quarrel with your woman as much as you like, but the bed is a place for reconciliation. It is better to understand this early in order to have someone to share this bed with when you become 60 years old. You might have met many curmudgeonly old men in your life. Do you want to become one of them?

Use aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs mean products and substances that can enhance sexual desire due to stimulation of blood circulation, oxygen saturation of the brain, and improvement of metabolic processes in the body. It leads to increased sexual desire and sensitivity of erogenous zones. Moreover, aphrodisiacs are completely harmless to both men and women over 50. There is a list of aphrodisiacs you and your loved one can use to improve your sex life:

  • oysters (contain zinc and the dopamine enzyme, that is why oysters are recognized as a famous aphrodisiac);
  • avocado (avocado fruits contain vitamins A, D, E, and PP, fatty acids, and natural hormones. All of these substances increase potency);
  • tofu cheese, soy milk, tempeh, as well as soy meat (contain isoflavones, which are plant analogues of estrogen, the main female hormone);
  • onion and garlic (contain vitamins C, B, E, PP, essential oils, iron, iodine, copper, and zinc. It is vitamins and zinc that contribute to the production of male germ cells);
  • leafy greens, almonds, buckwheat (sources of magnesium, an element that affects hormones directly);
  • lean meats, fish, nuts, dairy products (high protein foods).

Do not be afraid of mistakes.

Some men perceive bed as a battlefield where they can face a real challenge. For example, a man can make mistakes, stupid things, or the body can let him down. The main thing is not to close in upon yourself and continue your sexual adventures on the senior sex dating sites after these mistakes.

How to Have Better Sex After 50

Senior sex tips.

Sex is one of the main joys in life, so you need to make every effort to make it remain an integral part of it. Of course, much is changing with age, and the state of health no longer allows you to be involved in the sex marathon as 20 years ago, but in fact, you don’t need it to such an extent. On the other hand, experience comes with age, and this means that a man in his 50s has already tried a lot and knows much about sexual pleasures. Do not let sex disappear from your life with age. Don’t ignore senior dating site where you can meet women over 50 having sex with whom you can get the same pleasure as in your youth. Fight for it to the last, and the following practical might come in handy.

Make love slowly.

When you have become grown-up and mature, you don’t need to run anywhere. Parents aren’t about to return from work and catch you in bed with a classmate, children will not wake up at the most inopportune moment. Nobody interferes you with enjoying sexual caresses, so, extend pleasure as much as possible. Learn to enjoy every minute, and your sex will turn into a game that you want to repeat on a loop, instead of the trivial routine and the marital duty.

Take a shower together.

Perhaps, you used to do this often, but now, you do not see the point in joint bathing. A naked body of a beloved one always turns you on, even if you see this body for the last 25 years of your life. It is necessary to save a little extravagance and romance in a relationship, otherwise, the intimate life will die prematurely.

Be sincere.

For many people, sex is a matter of life. And, of course, it's more pleasant to see an interest in sexual activity instead of just a "handout" from a partner. If you live for 10, 20, 30, 40 years with one person, then you need sincere sex for strong communication, which will be much more pleasant than a casual relationship with a stranger. This is difficult to achieve that’s why many people start cheating on their partners, and nothing can be done about it. So, be sincere in your desire, and live with a person who also shows sincerity.

Don’t forget about respect.

Treat your partner with respect. Often, you see that the woman is really tired or something like that, you need to wait. In addition, sex should be fun, so do not behave too seriously. If you treat sex as some kind of production process (like working at a factory), then you will definitely not get pleasure. If you live in the harmony and respect your partner, an active sex life can be up to 70 years.

Pay attention to a foreplay.

A good foreplay is sometimes more important than the culmination. Everything is simple here: if you want to have fun, then you should give pleasure. A foreplay plays a special role in this process. You might have already found out what parts of the woman’s body are most sensitive and acceptable for the beginning and the middle of the process.

Practice sexual meditations. These are measures that can be called a kind of complex of methods for the rehabilitation of intimate life. It includes stimulation of the penis and clitoris in unusual ways (use your fantasy), dirty talks about sex, and exciting techniques with using sex toys. All that your bodies want.

Don’t ignore lubricants. Talking about women, the production of natural lubricant decreases after the onset of menopause, so the use of lubricants becomes a necessary condition during each act. Remember, the more lubricant you use, the more pleasant and brighter the sensations will be, so do not ignore this useful product.

Sex is communication, not competition.

There are bad dancers, there are good ones. Not every man is born macho, and not every girl is born a sexual model. Old age does not spare anyone, that's why you shouldn’t take sex seriously, as many people do. In fact, sex is a kind of body language, you communicate through it. This is not a sport. You shouldn’t turn a pleasant pastime into a marathon for wear and tear.

Sex positions after 50.

  • If you are tired of usual sex positions like man-on-top or doggy style, and you have some health problems, then pay attention at the following sex positions.
  • If you suffer from arthritis, it is most convenient to have sex in an "on the side" position.
  • If it’s difficult to prolong an erection, then it is best for you to lie down on a woman, clasping her legs with your own ones.
  • If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, you should choose a sedentary position, for example, a cowgirl position.
  • Sitting positions are convenient for changing the depth of penis penetration, they also provide additional support.
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18.02.2020 11:43
I'm almost 50 years old and this question really torments me. Thanks for the advice, it became much clearer how to act in bed!
04.05.2020 14:23
I am 56, and my wife is 53. But we had never had problems with our sexual life. To say more, we still feel like passionate teens. What is the secret of such a sex drive? Everything is simple, we just live a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, and spend a lot of time with each other.

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