1. Signs of a Working Relationship: A Checklist for Couples
  2. Signs Your Relationship Is Failing: Is It Over Yet?
  3. How to save a failing relationship
  4. Sum up

Love is a complex of chemical reactions in our brain. At the very beginning of every romance, we are too intoxicated with neurotransmitters and hormones to understand that this feeling cannot simply last forever. Of course, some people manage to carry their love throughout the decades, which makes a great example of perfect matches. However, it is not all about affection, desire, and points of contact. Love is just one of the many other building materials for those that we call healthy relationship, and it requires more efforts to be saved.

Some couples are doing fine, others are not. Why does it happen? Sometimes men and women just cannot notice signs of a healthy relationship or instead, they do nothing when their love is almost wasted. It is important to distinguish signs of a good relationship and analyze the every aspect that holds you together. Otherwise, you are doomed to go through a breakup. So, which are the signs a relationship will last and how to notice the signs a relationship is over? Let’s check it out in our article.

signs of a healthy relationship

Signs of a Working Relationship: A Checklist for Couples

A proverb says we don’t appreciate what we have and start doing it only when we lose it. In order to save your happiness, consider these signs of a healthy relationship and do your best to preserve them. Remember, harmonious relationships require a hard work and a constant development. Moreover, there is no place for one person, you both should make an effort to preserve your feelings.

1. A mutual respect

Nothing and no one is perfect. We are all different and the sooner we accept this fact, the easier our lives will be. When dating someone, it is very important to accept their point of view and try walking in their shoes. When you do it right, there won’t be any place for pointless fights and offends. Wise couples learn to compromise and put each one’s interests above their own. When they both behave this way, it leads to understanding, and when different people understand each other, they have no reasons for confrontation.

2. You have the same worldview

Saint-Exupéry once said a genius thing: love is when people look in the same direction together, not at each other. Among all healthy relationship signs, this is one of the most important and obvious. The same life goals, values, attitude to commitment, faithfulness, family, children, and division of responsibilities (when you live together) play a huge role in couple’s future. Of course, sometimes the differences between us only increase the interest in each other, but the diametrically opposed worldviews have never made any relationship stronger. So hold your loved one tight if your interests and goals coincide.

signs a relationship will last3. You trust each other

One of the vital signs your relationship will last is trust. Happy couples do not hesitate to discuss everything that bothers them. They do not conceal anything; they can confide in each other; they look for a support in their everyday conversation. And when they do it regularly, they achieve the next level of respect in relationship. Trust leads to a natural and sincere behavior. When you see a real person next to you, you also have nothing to hide.

4. You both change by choice

There are some things in life that are worth changing. When you realize this, you start changing willingly and gradually. The same happens between two people and this is one of the healthy relationship signs. Long-term relationships require a huge patience and self-improvement. When BOTH people sacrifice something and slowly change their habits, it means they show respect for and love each other. Of course, you cannot change completely, but even small attempts to become a better person for your darling demonstrate your sincere desire to stay together. Why is it so important? Because human is an extremely selfish creature for the most part. The ability to change for someone shows the seriousness of our intentions.

5. You respect each other’s personal space

Everyone needs to spend some time alone. We all feel a strong necessity to stay in private with our thoughts. We have a different circle of friends and relatives, hobbies, and occupations, tastes and preferences. Finally, we simply get tired of the same routine and just need to have a rest from something we see every day. A couple is not an exception. Sad but true: even a person we love can be a bit annoying sometimes. The sooner you and your partner put up with it, the faster you will rich an understanding. We should respect each other’s personal lives and let each other do something alone (or with their friends). It is easy to reach when the thing in paragraph 3 works well. In general, in a healthy relationship, nothing restricts your individuality.

6. You are primarily friends

What is friendship? It is a strong, mutual, and selfless affection between people, which is based on common interests, understanding, and respect. One of the signs your relationship will last long (and even forever) is when you admit you are friends, first and foremost. In most cases, the strongest connection between people is built precisely on friendship. When sex and obsession comes first, such romance is doomed to fail very soon. Are there any things you enjoy doing together? Do you find something more entertaining when you do it with your partner? Do you feel your partner is unselfish? Congratulations! You are definitely involved in a happy relationship.

7. You save passion and tenderness (and have sex often)

Some people think passionate sex and displays of affection usually fade away after some time in a relationship. They think it will inevitably happen after several months or years. Wise couples and sexologists claim the opposite: you need to have regular sex and keep a fire burning to harmonize your connection and be closer. If sexual relations bring you joy and satisfaction for a long period, you are on the right way to happiness.

signs of a good relationship 8. You have quarrels that help your relationship

Do you really think the idyll exists? No. In fact, a harmony is possible only when two people trust each other and are ready to discuss their problems in order to fix them. Everyone has argues, but not all of them succeed in solving them. Every regular couple has their fights, but when they get something reasonable from them, they develop their relationships instead of destroying them.

9. You evolve and feel complete

Relationships complete each one of you if they are healthy. Every moment you spend together opens new aspects of life. You begin to perceive this world from another person’s point of view. It broadens your horizons and you realize you become better every day. When both partners express the same, they start living for each other and it is a magnificent feeling called love.

Signs Your Relationship Is Failing: Is It Over Yet?

People take a breakup like it is the most terrible catastrophe that can happen to them. However, some signs of an abusive relationship should make you reconsider your point of view. Not a single person on earth should make you suffer and feel miserable. So, if you notice these signs of an unhealthy relationship, you have to put up with the fact this person cannot make you happy, and you can’t do the same either.

1. Humiliations

It is unacceptable when someone asserts himself or herself by humiliating the other. Whether it is badmouthing, or physical violence, or displays of contempt, or humiliation in public, it is a serious problem that cannot be a benefit. If you can’t feel safe and respected, it is one of the signs your relationship is over.

2. Egocentrism and avoiding compromise

Your partner does not accept your point of view. He or she does not consider your feelings or preferences (especially in bed). You feel that you are the only one who gives, and your partner only takes. You have to listen to such pointless arguments like “because I said so”. These are signs of an unhealthy relationship that must be over.

3. Addictive behavior

When you are in love, you both feel that you cannot live without your significant one. But there is a far cry between affection and an addictive behavior. Independence in a relationship is an extremely valuable aspect, and it refers to the ability to solve your own problems as well. Undoubtedly, people in a long-term relationship should help each other and be supportive. However, a simple unwillingness to deal with troubles and the constant shifts of responsibilities always make one of the sides feel uncomfortable. Do not confuse this sign of an abusive relationship with the mutual help.

signs a relationship is over4. Constant compulsions to change

When you and your partner change for each other to become better, it leads to self-improvement and development of your connection. A completely opposite situation happens when one of the sides forces another to change and refuse to sacrifice something in their turn. The blind wish to change someone in order to make him or her a more suitable candidate is awful. One of the most primary basis for the relationship is an acceptance of each other. No doubt, some flaws are needed to be fixed or minimized, but some abusive actions may ruin a personality. If your partner demands complete changes, you do your best to satisfy these whims, and you don’t get anything in return, be sure this is one of the most terrible signs of an abusive relationship.

5. Mistrust and lies

When couples start losing trust, they start lying to each other, and vice versa. These factors generate a constant control, and it is impossible for two personalities to bear. Then there goes jealousy, scandals, and different constraints of a personal life. And you already know that healthy relationships are impossible without independence, don’t you?

How to save a failing relationship

Think about when the preconditions for a deterioration in relations between you began

If the relationship is on the verge of collapse, think about what led to such a deplorable situation. If you determine when exactly the problems started, it will be easier for you to discuss the current situation with your partner. Sometimes you can easily determine the main reason for the deterioration of relations, for example, you or your lover were not faithful to each other, and this factor negatively affected your relationship.

Decide whether to maintain a relationship or not

Unfortunately, in some cases it is simply impossible to maintain a relationship, especially if your partner is not ready for this. If only one of you has a desire to maintain a relationship, then believe me, these are meaningless attempts. In addition, if there is emotional or physical violence in your relationship, you should not try to save such a relationship.

Talk to your partner

Obviously, the problem has existed for some time, so a conversation with your partner will not take them by surprise. However, if you have not discussed the existing problem, you will have to do it. It is best to do this when you are calm and balanced. Otherwise, your conversation may end in a scandal.

Sum up

So, can love last forever? Some might say “Yes”, but they miss one significant thing. Love should be nurtured with trust, understanding, and passion. Quarrels and selfishness must be replaced with respect and desire to experience something more than just intimacy. When a man and a woman overcome all the difficulties and change for each other, then a strong and happy relationship is born. Otherwise, they get only disappointment and misery.

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06.05.2020 12:48
I think that a simple feeling of respect for your partner goes a long way, it is the most important feeling in a relationship. If you simply respect your partner - you accept them, you support them, you value them, and you trust their judgment. First comes respect, then everything else.

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