1. How modern girls see cheating
  2. 15 signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you
  3. To forgive or not to forgive?

Many men want to know why women cheat on, when they do it, and how to prevent it. After all, this is the most terrible thing that can happen in relationships. But often, girls and women do it consciously.

So, you liked a girl, gave her flowers and gifts, and were kind, caring and gentle with her. Perhaps you may even forgive her unpleasant actions towards you. But she cheated on you anyway. And now you have 2 variants for a response. The first one is to take offense at the whole female sex, considering them inhuman, deceitful and blame them for all the sins. The second one is to understand why girls cheat. And the more clearly you understand for what reasons this happens, the faster you will learn how to behave so that you will never be cheated on.

signs she is cheating

How modern girls see cheating

Psychologists have long proven that men cheat because they want to get the usual emotions and new sensations from someone new, despite the fact that they consider their relations strong enough and prosperous. But women have absolutely different reasons. A woman cheats on her man if she is sure that their life together with her better half has failed. Thus, scientists have come to the conclusion that the main reason that pushes women to infidelity is an unhappy relationship.

However, specialists identify some more causes that push cheating girlfriends to such actions:

1. Lack of attention

Sometimes routine life makes its own adjustments to family relationships. A woman becomes irritable and a man tries to hide from problems playing computer games or doing some other things. If you don’t pay enough time to your woman, she will get bored and start looking for someone else who will appreciate her.

2. Character of a man

Often, a weak character of a man leads to the crisis in the relationship. A woman looks for a strong shoulder that can protect her from troubles and difficulties. But sometimes women go too far and play the role of a capricious child. Thus, a woman feels her impunity and all-powerfulness and continues to behave perversely. And a weak character of a man and inability to tell a woman "No!" when the situation really requires lead to the fact that a woman cheats on a man.

3. Desire to take a revenge

A man cheated on a woman, he offended her, offended her self-esteem and it could give a green light to a woman. So, men, you should start from yourself and be faithful in order not to suffer because “A girlfriend cheated on me. Why did she do it?”

signs of a cheating girlfriend​4. Diversity in sex

She wants some diversity in sex as well. But, unfortunately, even ordinary sex doesn’t happen in some relationships. It may be for various reasons. For example, a husband can’t satisfy her sexual fantasies or needs.

5. New emotions

This situation is like an ordinary female novel. She has a man whom she knows better than herself, two schoolchildren, household chores and so on. She knows exactly why she may quarrel with her man, how her life will look like tomorrow, on weekends or in a year. And here he is — a smiling, kind, and patient man. She can meet him anywhere. It is important that a woman gets tired of life she has. Perhaps, she ceases to feel like a woman, even if she has sex with her man. Sometimes such affair develops into relationships, sometimes it ends with one or several meetings without obligations. But the fact is that a cheating girlfriend will blame you anyway.

6. She thinks that she deserves a better man

This, perhaps, is the most inexplicable cause of betrayal. A woman doesn’t like her relationship but she can’t leave it for some reason. Probably, there is not enough courage or determination. But it is hard to bear because everything is not as she wants. Both of you don’t want/can’t actively work on relationships. A relationship for her is just a status. For this reason, there are no boundaries for her and she doesn’t feel any guilt even after betrayal.

15 signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you

Signs of a cheating girlfriend, as a rule, are very obvious, but a loving man often consciously or unconsciously prefers not to notice them. Nevertheless, if there are suspicions that a girl has another man, then there are very simple ways to understand it. Look at them and highlight some information for yourself:

1. Increased attention to her appearance

If you notice that your girlfriend updates her wardrobe, changes her haircut or hair color, spends more time in beauty salons and gyms, then most likely she has someone.

2. Sudden changes in behavior

It happens that a girl, feeling her guilt, begins to please you and caress you much more than it was before. It may just be a change in mood, as usually happens to girls. But there is a flip side. Often, such behavior is observed in girls who were seduced, and they, in turn, begin to feel guilty. So, there may be sudden changes in your girl's behavior because of this.

signs a woman is cheating3. She begins to drift apart

Does your girlfriend begin to drift apart? Does she have any secrets now? If you used to tell each other about how your day went, about your impressions, then now a girlfriend is closed, behaves silently and thoughtfully, and doesn’t talk about the past day. This is one of the obvious signs your girlfriend is cheating on you. Your girlfriend has a lot of new hobbies, meetings with girlfriends become more frequent, and if you came late from work and a woman is not angry — then all this can serve as an occasion for reflection on possible infidelity of your girlfriend.

4. She ignores your calls

If she goes to see her friend but doesn’t pick up the phone and this is not for the first time, then it is time to think whether she is with her friend. Of course, you can call her friend, but if this is a real friend, she will always cover her.

5. Your woman begins to avoid sex with you

Now it's time to ring the bells because this, in any case, means that she has cooled to you. Of course, everything is fixable even in such difficult situation. But it could be too late to save something if she has already had sex with another man.

6. Constant mobile communication

Does your girlfriend talk on the phone constantly, hiding the conversation from you and going to another room to talk? Does she delete messages and leave only some of SMS from friends? These are signs she is cheating. By the way, don’t count it for meanness and check her phone — the recent calls and contacts of your girlfriend. This is normal. It doesn’t contradict the foundations when your relationships are in the face of collapse.

7. A girl starts to compare you

If a girlfriend didn’t do this before, then she might start reproaching you for your shortcomings after betrayal. She will constantly talk about them and reproach you for everything. She will start to compare you with other men, or rather with her lover.

8. She has new clothes and jewelry

Not every lover will give his passion gifts, but, he will try to give her something good from time to time, at least on holidays. Expensive things, jewelry, or some trinket — it doesn’t matter. If you started to notice that your girlfriend has new things, you should think about it. It is unlikely that she will buy a teddy bear, flowers, a box of sweets, etc. by herself. And if her salary is not high, then she will not buy expensive jewelry as well. So, be attentive.

9. She is not angry anymore

She usually becomes angry if you don’t meet her after work, or don’t want to go with her and her friends somewhere, but everything is okay now. Previously, she controlled every action you took, and now she doesn’t care about it. It will certainly please you. But why did she stop doing it?

10. She wants to rest alone

Women who prefer to relax but not to take care of their men and create a family coziness cheat in 70% cases. They often go on a trip without men in order to have more time to be alone with a lover. You can find out from photos about whether your girl cheat on you during her rest. Unlike men, women can’t overcome the desire to have a picture of their loved ones as a memory.

11. She doesn’t need you

If she was never independent, didn’t go to the store alone, didn’t travel without you, didn’t go for walks and trainings, and then suddenly ceased to need your company, it could only mean one thing: someone else took your place.

cheating12. She misses your calls, although you didn’t notice this before

Or even she pretends that she "forgets" her phone at home, or suddenly her battery began to live no longer than a day, and, therefore, the phone is often turned off. Most likely, she is somewhere and cheating on you at this time.

13. She often starts talking about a new fellow student, a colleague from work, a business partner about whom you haven’t heard before

And she always emphasizes that a relationship they have is just friendly, but, at the same time, she constantly talks about his cool qualities of character that she likes and that you don’t have — this is one of the signs a woman is cheating.

14. Smile disappeared from her face

Her poses are usually closed, she tries not to look in your eyes with the occasional contact of the eyes and so on. Also, she communicates with you as with an outsider. And you, probably, already one.

15. Straight talk

If a girl hasn’t changed her behavior, but the doubts remain, then you should invite her to a frank conversation. You can put the question point-blank and just ask a girl about the presence of some other guy. It is likely that she will admit her infidelity, but most often ladies try to hide their improper behavior. You have to watch her in order to find out whether a girl cheated on you. If your girlfriend starts to be very nervous, then she has something to hide.

Drawing a line under all the above, it is worth noting that the presence of one these signs in your situation doesn’t give you one hundred percent certainty that you are being cheated on. After all, if your girlfriend changes hair and is jealous of you, it can’t say about her infidelity. But it may mean the fact that you don’t pay enough attention to her. Maybe the reasons for this behavior are in you. Try to talk frankly and solve the problem together, so that there are no gaps between you later. After all, a relationship without trust is a torment for both partners. Trust each other. And let your relationship bring you only positive emotions!

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive?

After you realize that your partner has cheated on you, or in the worst case, has been cheating, your whole world seems broken. Now you may decide what to do and how to live further.

Arguments for forgiving

  1. This could be a one-time error. A person does not have special feelings for their rival, maybe this is generally a chance meeting. And they really love you, they have sincerely apologized ... 
  2. General shared values. For their sake, you can decide to save your relationship. Values ​​can be next: children, money, shared one apartment or career. And anything that you do not want to lose. 
  3. Fear of loneliness. It is better to let someone you have knows for so long be together than start all over again. You shouldn’t let go of everything - the main thing is not to give up. 
  4. Forgiveness is noble, it will make your partner understand that you are strong and loving. Do this if you are sure that they will never cheat on you again. 

Arguments against forgiving the cheating 

  1. The one who has cheated once - will do it again. Forgiving the partner the first time will let them think that everything is allowed, and now they will always be forgiven for everything. 
  2. If the person loved you for real, the would have never changed. So, if they do not love you - good bye
  3. Pride is above sacrifice. No values, neither children deserve your personal sacrifice. Think about yourself first. 
  4. If this is not the first time and the partner has been cheating for some time, this is unacceptable. It's a shame, this is annoying, but this scoundrel is not worth a drop of forgiveness.
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01.05.2020 17:00
To my mind, all those signs do not work unless you do. When you finally decide to sit down and speak to your girlfriend about your suspicions, you will not get anywhere. What helps is talking face to face and putting forward what you believe then watch her reaction. The emotions do not lie, in case she comes up with excuses or gets nervous, you were right...

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