1. Advantages of The Long-Distance Relationships
  2. Why Sometimes Long-Distance Relationships Don't Work?
  3. Main Signs of Long-Distance Relationship Cheating
  4. How to Improve the Long-Distance Relationship and Avoid Cheating

Today we will talk about everything that has to do with long-distance relationship cheating. We will focus on the long-distance relationship cheating signs, and “cheating in a long-distance relationship” advice, but we will talk about some other nuances of cheating in such relationships as well. And we will start off by talking about long-distance relationships and cheating, why such relationships may not work out in the end.

i think my long distance girlfriend is cheating

Advantages of The Long-Distance Relationships

It happens that one partner leaves for a long time to another city (or even a country) to study or work, while the other cannot or does not want to leave. Both face a difficult dilemma: to break up or try to maintain a relationship, despite the distance. Let’s discuss the positive sides of such relationships.

More romance and attention

If you meet once a month, each of your meetings can be unforgettable, even if you have been together for fifteen years. Your partner will not go to drink beer with friends, leaving you feeling sad alone or engage in videogames while you sit near them bored. Even the most distant from romance person in the world is able to understand that your every rare meeting is a special event that works wonders.

Take a break from each other refreshes relationships

When two are nearby 24 hours a day (or even eight which is not a big difference), sooner or later they begin to irritate each other. If you always eat the most delicious dessert in the world, sooner or later you will get fed up with it. Alas, with the relationship everything is exactly the same, but temporary separation allows you to fix it.

Love boat will not break about the stiff cliffs of routine

Sometimes the purest and brightest love cannot stand a banal meeting with everyday problems and disagreements. The constant lack of money or time, disputes over whose turn it is to do the dishes and who should walk the dog, battles for a place in front of the computer or TV ... People can adore each other for fifteen years, living separately, and then move together - and break up in a week. With a scandal. 

Why Sometimes Long-Distance Relationships Don't Work?

Let’s first identify some reasons as to why such relationships can just not work out in some situations.


A person asks themselves, “how to be romantic?” They think that the answer to this question is to be the one with your partner, always be there by their side. One of the reasons for the decline of long-distance relationships can be clinginess of one of the partners, they interfere into everything that their romantic partner does and plans to do, they have to control everything that happens in their life, know about everything that happens, call every few hours, constantly text them, etc.


Lack of trust in a relationship, a seed of thought that your partner is not worthy of your trust, they cheat on you, will eventually drive two of you crazy. If your partner mistrusts you – you will feel a ton of pressure, constantly annoyed by the antics of your partner. And they, on the other hand, will not trust you, always doubt the things you do as you are not around to be controlled and monitored.

Craving for physical intimacy

In a long-distance relationship cheating is a matter of satisfaction of physical desires. Lack of physical intimacy is what destroys a lot of long-distance relationships. After all, long-distance relationships are not for everyone, not all of us can make them work. If this is not something that you are ready for – you have to move on. It is incredibly easy to find a decent single woman dating site on the Internet right now and start dating people, so don’t waste your time.

And now let’s switch our attention to signs of long-distance relationship cheating.

Main Signs of Long-Distance Relationship Cheating

What are the signs of long-distance relationship cheating? Are you 100 percent sure of the fidelity and reliability of your soulmate? Or is there something in their behavior that bothers you? Carefully analyze their words and actions. The following long-distance cheating signs will clearly indicate that something is bad in the relationship, and your partner seems to be cheating.

1. At one time, your relationship began as an affair behind your partners

Here’s the first of long-distance girlfriend cheating signs. Cheated once, cheated again. It is a mistake to believe that "this will not happen to me." If your relationship began as a relationship of lovers behind your partners, then it is likely that your loved one can do the same with you. Remember, everything returns with a boomerang. And if you once hurt someone, it is likely that after a while, someone will do the same to you.

what are the signs of long distance relationship cheating2. They regularly accuse you of cheating

I think my long-distance girlfriend is cheating. Is this true? The best defense strategy is to attack. This behavior makes you defend and leaves neither strength, nor time, nor opportunity to convict a partner of treason. In addition, if a partner accuses you of cheating, it can also be a genuine reaction to the fact that they project their dishonest behavior on you. A person capable of deception and infidelity suspects others of the same. And since they were completely deceived, in their opinion, probably you could have done that too.

3. They suddenly began to criticize you

Often the cheaters begin to justify the infidelity, exposing their relationship in a bad light, and that they had no choice but to cheat on the partner. As a rule, people begin to behave detached and even criticize their soul mate, indirectly or directly shifting the blame on them for problems in relationships. And their partner in such a situation seems that it is their fault that happens because they do something wrong, thereby causing a cold attitude on the part of the partner.

4. They suddenly began to care about their appearance

When people feel confident in their relationship, they relax and take less effort to look good. At the same time, new relationships require always to be on top because there is still a winning partner. If your partner suddenly enrolled in a sports club (although they were not going to do it) in order to look better, or they suddenly acquired beautiful underwear, or shave regularly, in general, they began to do what they did before only at the initial stage of the relationship - that means a reason to think. Perhaps starting to sharply pay attention to how they look, a person is worried about how to please a new partner.

5. They forget what they’ve told you before

If your partner often starts the conversation with the phrase, "Have I said that already?" or simply confused in the "testimony," this means that they have problems with the consistency of what they said before. After all, if they tell the truth, they will never forget what they are saying. Such inconsistency and inconsistency may indicate dishonesty on the part of the partner.

6. They began to trust you less

If they stopped discussing their problems with you, then it is likely that they have just found someone else for these purposes, someone who listens to them and gives advice. Even if physical infidelity has not occurred yet, perhaps there might be emotional or spiritual infidelity when your partner feels better with someone else. This is a clear sign that they have someone on the side.

7. If deception was commonplace in your lover’s family

If the child grew up in a family where the father and mother cheated or did not respect each other, they would consider such behavior normal. And, having risen as an adult, they will also project a similar manner of behavior on their new family. That is, if your partner was cheating in the family, it is possible that they would also build their family on the same "values and principles."

8. The cheater is easily annoyed and angry

If a person neither deceives nor cheats, they will reassure their partner, dispel the suspicions that have arisen, they will do everything possible to make their beloved one feel safe. But the cheater, on the contrary, can take a defensive position. They will be annoyed and angry with the questions that they are asked about where they were, with whom, what they did, why they did not pick up the phone. Avoiding responsibility, they may begin to criticize you and raise their voice. They may even blame increased suspicion and excessive control.

9. They raise their tone of voice

By the way, even a change in the timbre of the voice can signify that your partner cheats on you. It turns out that changing the level of testosterone rises very much, which affects the voice. And a partner themselves, feeling that they began to sound unnatural, is trying to fix it, which leads to the fact that they begin to sound even more strange. This applies not only to men but also to women. Watch how your favorite person speaks with you, especially when it comes to your relationship with them.

10. They show their aggression

Here’s the first of signs she is cheating in a long-distance relationship. Everyone knows that cheating is not good. And no matter how you try to justify your behavior, no matter how weighty your arguments may be, you still understand very well that it is you who is wrong. And not just wrong. You do vile things. All these feelings torment the person who cheats. long distance relationship and cheatingEspecially if they do this for the first time, in general, they usually don’t behave this way, and earlier they condemned others who did this. Over time, this leads to the fact that it is becoming increasingly important to justify their behavior. And you can justify it only by accusing the partner you are cheating on.

Now that we are done with long-distance relationship cheating signs of a girlfriend/boyfriend, let’s talk about some ways how you can avoid being on the wrong side of long-distance relationship cheating statistics and make your relationships stronger.

How to Improve the Long-Distance Relationship and Avoid Cheating

And here are some ways to improve your long-distance relationships.

Talk to your partner

Before you ever start googling the long-distance relationship cheating signs of a girlfriend, you have to talk to your partner. All relationships, both at a distance and ordinary, should be built on open communication. Before you agree to a long-distance relationship, you and your partner should seriously talk about how the relationship will function.

What do you expect from a relationship? What are you afraid of? How often do you intend to contact? Will you communicate daily in any way? How often will you see each other? Which scenario will be most likely based on your budget and work or study schedule? Will you meet other people at the same time, or will you be faithful? How will you satisfy your physical needs?

Make sure both of you are confident in this relationship

You can talk with a partner daily or demonstrate your affection through everyday activities. Try to inform your partner about all the events in your life, including communication with other people.

If the partner knows what you are doing every day, they will feel involved in your life and daily activities. Thanks to this, they will know that they play an important role in your life. When making decisions, consider how your partner can relate to this. For example, if you decide to go to a bar with a beautiful colleague or with a former partner while your current partner is far away, this can make the person nervous.

Decide on your plans for the future

Most likely, both of you want to expect the same thing from a relationship. If you explain to each other how you see the future of relationships, you can save them. Discussing the ultimate goal of a relationship is also important in order to know that you both want the same thing. Perhaps you are hoping to get engaged in a couple of years if all goes well. If this relationship is not serious for both of you, there is nothing wrong with that either. But it is important that you both know this, otherwise, one partner will be faithful, and another will meet with other people, which will be unfair.

Make plans

Even if plans cannot be implemented immediately, it is important to talk about the future. Where would you like to meet with a partner and what would you like to do when you meet? Talking about the future will reduce the distance between you and give you hope that the relationship will develop. Try planning a joint trip. Create a shared document on Google Drive or a page on Pinterest and record everything that you would like to do while traveling. You can even think of a route together.

Read the distance relationship forums

Your family and relatives may try to help you, but they will not fully understand how you feel. There are many forums on distance relationships on the Internet, including the popular Reddit forum. Forum participants talk about their problems, fears, and joys. They also share tips that help strengthen relationships and maintain a spark in them.

Do not panic

Such relationships are imperfect, but they can be no worse than ordinary ones. Below we present the key characteristics of reliable and stable relationships at a distance: people in a couple have a positive attitude to relationships at a distance and do not feel their relationship is at risk due to distance.

long distance relationship cheating signs girlfriendAppreciate what you have

If you love your partner, be grateful that you have one, even if physically they cannot be near you now. Be grateful for what you have, and do not focus on the negative (that is, at a distance). Perhaps due to the distance, your relationship will become stronger, and you will know each other better. If you think about the good things that are in your partner and relationships, you will love your partner more strongly and be more relaxed about the distance, so you can stay together, despite the circumstances. Use confidence in your relationships to develop other areas of your life: work, study, personal goals. Relationships at a distance will give you more time to develop, and relationships will also not stand in the same place.

Maintain a positive attitude

Of course, the fact that you cannot be together is sad, but if you think only about this, you will stop seeing good things in a relationship. A positive attitude means, among other things, informal conversations with a partner, for example, about how your day was. Of course, you can discuss with your partner what really bothers you. It is important to try to maintain a positive attitude but not pretend that everything is okay if it is not. If your partner does something that hurts you, it’s important to tell them about your feelings. So you can decide together what needs to be done to avoid a recurrence of the problem.

Try to be positive about yourself

Scientists have found that a person feels happier and is more satisfied with their relationship if the partner does not express their doubts about themselves and their relationship. It is not necessary to completely close, but you do not need to express all your thoughts out loud. For example, do not call yourself stupid.

Have realistic expectations

It is important not only to maintain a positive attitude but also to be realistic. If you become aware of what you can and cannot do in a relationship, it will be easier for you to maintain a healthy relationship. For example, if you know that you will not be able to see more than twice a year, honestly say so right away, otherwise, it will become a problem in the future. Being realistic means understanding that you will miss your partner from time to time, and sometimes you will not be able to talk to them at the right time. Realistic expectations allow you to get rid of feelings of helplessness in some situations. In difficult times, the support of loved ones will come in handy.

Trust your partner

This is the most important thing you can do to ensure that the relationship is successful (both ordinary and at a distance). If you don’t trust the partner, and they didn’t deserve it in any way, it is likely that you have trust issues, and you need to work on them. See a therapist. Do not transfer your problem to a partner.

In any relationship, the key is communication. And in a long-distance relationship, communication plays a particularly important role. Talk more often - talk every day. Share even the most ordinary life moments, so that the second person feels a connection with you.

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30.04.2020 23:38
The signs stated in the article are so true and at the same time obvious! But when we love, we do not notice them. I was once dating a girl on a distance for a few months and did not want to believe that she could cheat on me. Even when my friends were telling me so, it is because love is blind... I wish I paid more attention to such signs earlier.

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