1. Why Is It Sometimes Difficult for People to Part Completely?
  2. Why I Cannot Get Over My Ex?
  3. Do Disappearing and Changing All Contacts Say for Itself?
  4. Signs That Your Ex Is Still Attached to You
  5. Best Ways to Tell She Is Over You Finally
  6. Is It Worth Winning Her Back Or Is It Better to Focus on Yourself?

Love and romantic relationships between people have never been simple or easy to understand. Even though everyone has a desire to love and to be loved, each of us sees love and relationships in his or her way. Each of us has their preferences and treats love in an absolutely unique way. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that we also have different feelings from breakups. Surely, we all enjoy different things in relationships, but we all feel pain when our relationships end with breakups. No matter who your partner was, if you truly loved him or her, you would never be happy breaking up with him or her.

signs she is using you for attention

There can be many reasons why people may want to part completely and end their relationships, and we won't even try to name them all in this article, as this is impossible. Instead, we will concentrate on the results of this process. Surely, some people say that you should start searching for single ladies for dating immediately after the breakup, but things are way more complicated than that. Too often, people after their breakups suffer from severe moral pain and feel emotionally disturbed by the fact that they are alone now. In this article, we will give you a list of signs your ex-girlfriend is over you because we hope that it will help you deal with your breakup.

Why Is It Sometimes Difficult for People to Part Completely?

So, why you have a very strong desire to find some signs your ex-girlfriend is not over you? The reason for this lies in our nature. You see, first of all, humans get used to good things very fast. You have been dating your partner for quite a time, and, surely, you can't feel comfortable and happy when she is not with you anymore. Even if you feel tired from your relationship with her, you still want her to come back to you because your brain still remembers that good feeling of being with someone.

There is another reason why subconsciously, you don't want to accept the fact that you have parted. Also, the same reason makes you search for signs your ex-girlfriend is pretending to be over you. This happens because you still love her. You see, real love can't appear without a good reason. A whole combination of physical, emotional, and social factors affects how we treat this or that person. If you, due to these factors, fall in love with your ex-girlfriend in the first place, your love for her can't simply disappear, even if you had lots of problems in your relationship.

Plus, it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to move from your breakup to another relationship. In some cases, people recover from unhappy relationships way longer than those relationships lasted. Generally, the healing time is very subjective, and no one can predict how much time it will take in your case. Note, you should never force yourself to move from the breakup because, by doing this, you will only add more pain. Remember, you need time to heal and should only move on when you feel good and ready.

No matter whether you were happy in your relationship or not, after a breakup, you will always think about what-ifs. This is absolutely normal because you had emotional ties with a person, and there was a good reason why you decided to date her in the first place. Furthermore, this reason may still exist, but you can't be together anymore because the whole way how you see each other has changed during your relationship. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that our signs that your ex-girlfriend is over you, will give you relief or happiness. But, at least, now you know why you don't want to test your luck on some single woman dating site.

Why I Cannot Get Over My Ex?

The first step towards spiritual healing is to figure out the reasons, understand why it hurts so much, why can't you get her out of your head. Finding answers will make it easier to find solutions to the problem.

So, why do we catch ourselves thinking “What if we did not part? Was it the right decision? Why did I act like a fool?” It would seem that the answer is obvious - because we still love the person we are no longer dating. But in reality, everything is not as simple. Sometimes the image of a woman and memories are haunting us, even if love has passed and feelings have cooled. It’s a paradox, but there are situations when a guy himself was the initiator of the break, but after a while, he began to wonder how to forget the ex-girlfriend or how to get her back.

The fact that you miss your ex is not love, it is a psychological deception. It’s like with drugs, an ordinary addiction, an attempt to return yourself to a comfort zone. Memory is a stubborn thing. Bright and emotionally colored images are stored in it for the longest time, that is, during moments of negativity, good pictures pop up in your head. You begin to recall various moments when you felt good when she was doing something useful for you, and this causes pain, you understand that you are missing this. 

But in the past, there was not only positive. Since you broke up, this had to be for a reason. Even if now you are thinking about how to quickly forget the ex, it means that there was a global problem, some kind of disagreement, an internal conflict. It’s just that the brain loves to complicate, it tries to set you up for the best in moments of emotional decline, evoking good memories, but that only makes it worse.

Do Disappearing and Changing All Contacts Say for Itself?

signs she's over youSo, as we have mentioned above, romantic relationships are about mutual love and respect. Two people will never be happy together if their feelings are not mutual. And, in your case, I bet everything was pretty nice, at least, to some point. Otherwise, you won't be searching for signs ex-girlfriend has moved on. Therefore, by completely disappearing and changing all your contacts, you won't achieve what you want, and you will make your ex-girlfriend suffer. Honestly, this is the worst thing you can do to break up with your girlfriend. But what about changing all your contacts after the breakup?

Completely disappearing from her life after your breakup doesn't seem like a very bad idea, but only if you've managed to settle everything and your decision is final. Or, at least, you both think so at that very moment. This is important because chances are very high that you are not the only one who is interested in how to know if she is really done with you. Plus, we all remember those jokes about drunk people calling their ex-partners. Needless to say that all those jokes exist because people often do this, and the consequences of those actions quite often are very bad.

Consequently, if you both have managed to settle everything down, and don't plan to maintain your connection or remain friends, disappearing may be a pretty good option. By completely disappearing from her life, you will help both of you recover from your breakup faster. This happens because you won't be reminding each other of your past. Thus, your old wounds will heal way faster. However, it is pretty hard to completely disappear from the life of your partner, especially if you have been together for quite a while. You see, you may need to abandon some of your common friends, which is not a very good idea.

So, stop asking yourself, "Is she over me?" Instead, pay attention to your breakup and her behavior. If you both don't have "calling accidents," don't see each other much, and even when you do, none of you feel emotional pain, we don't recommend you completely disappear. If your accidental meetings are absolutely healthy and none of you want to reawaken your ex-relationship, then by disappearing, you may draw unnecessary attention to yourself. On the other hand, if one of you wants to reunite again while the other one tries to build his or her life, disappearing may be very useful and may help you deal with this.

Signs That Your Ex Is Still Attached to You

Since the beginning of this article, we have already discussed many important aspects, but we still haven't shared with you any signs she's over you while understanding those signs are very important when it comes to living after a breakup. Consequently, here we have collected the top 5 the best and the easiest to read signs she's over you after the breakup. We hope that our signs will help you understand when she's over you. Remember, even the most obvious signs she will come back to you can't guarantee that you will be together again. With that being said, let's get to the list.

1. She often references you in her conversations with your common friends

If your common friends frequently tell you that she always mentions you in conversations, it means that she hasn't moved on it. This happens because literary everything reminds her of you. When a person has moved on, he or she will never feel the desire to talk about their ex-partners.

2. She sticks to the same type of men

Frequently ex-partners pretty soon somehow find other partners. Often they do it to make their ex-partners feel bad about losing them. But the interesting fact is that people who haven't moved on always have partners who, in one way or another, resemble their exes. Therefore, if her new boyfriend looks like your twin brother, it means that she still has feelings for you.

3. She becomes anxious when she hears your name

The easiest way to tell she is over you is to analyze her reaction when she hears your name. People who have moved on will react with indifference and maybe with a small flicker of a memory, while people who still emotionally attached to their ex-partners always have a fountain of emotions.

4. She tries to build a friendship with your friends

If she is trying to get close to your friends, even the new ones, it means that she is still attached to you. This happens people in love want to be closer to their loved ones, even though friends. Unfortunately, this pretty often leads to awkward situations.

5. She tries to become your dream girl

She may even do it without any purpose, not understanding that she is doing this because you like her. For example, she may start buying new clothes in a style that you enjoy. Or she may go to the gym because you like sporty girls. There can be many examples, but the main idea is that she becomes what you wanted her to be.

Best Ways to Tell She Is Over You Finally

As you can see, human romantic relationships have never been very easy to understand subject because we all approach them differently. Of course, everyone wants to be happy, but pretty often, we see different ways to our happiness. The same happens when you try to analyze the main signs she has moved on. We have already given you 5 great signs that she is still attached to you, and, as you have guessed, they also may help you understand whether she has moved on. Nevertheless, we still want to share with you our top 5 clearest signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on

1. She doesn’t hate you

One of the greatest ways how to know if your ex-girlfriend is over you is to try to call her and watch her reactions. Some say that there's a fine line between love and hate. This statement is true because both love and hate arise from our emotions. When we are mutually happy with someone, we feel loved, and when mutuality disappears, our emotions pretty quickly may turn our love into hate. In this case, we use the emotional contrast, because people who have moved on, usually don't have any feelings to their ex-partners. While people who are still emotionally attached to you will react either with love or hate.

signs she has moved on2. She has changed her number

When your ex-girlfriend changes her number, it means that she wants to move on. Generally, everything depends on the way how things ended between you two, how you both acted during the breakup and after it. Usually, it means that a girl wants to forget everything and start her life from scratch. Ask yourself, have you been clingy after your breakup? Because your clinginess may be the main reason why she has changed her phone number. Maybe due to your behavior, she simply had no other choice. In any case, it means that she wants to forget you, and you should do the same.

3. She constantly tells you that she feels nothing for you

Surely there are many ways to seduce your ex-partner, and maybe you have already tried to do this. Maybe even your effort paid off, and you successfully did it. But if your girlfriend constantly tells you that she feels nothing for you, it means that she has no plans to get involved in any romantic relationships again. Yes, she may be lying about this, and maybe she still loves you, but this is her conscious decision, and it means that she is trying to move on. Even though this doesn't mean that she hates you, it will take an incredible amount of work and time to change her opinion.

4. She unfriended you on social media

Nowadays, people not only find partners online but also built their romantic relationships with them on various social media. Also, social media serve as a great indicator for other people telling whether you have someone or not. Consequently, if your girlfriend has unfriended you on social media, it means that she wants to heal her emotional wounds faster while your pages on social media only remind her of you and her pain after your breakup. However, there is no reason for panic because girls often do this if they want to draw attention, and she may be expecting your message.

5. She gives you back your things

When two people decide to be together, they always share a lot of different things, because they not only enjoy each other's company but also want to share everything. Humans are very visual creatures, and we want to look at what we like. Various things can serve as reminders of important people. It is possible that, after your breakup, your things remind her of you, while she wants to forget your relationship. In this case, she doesn't want to have them because those reminders only slow down the healing process. If she begins this painful process of returning things, it means that she doesn't see her future together with you. So, don't expect that you will ever be together again.

Is It Worth Winning Her Back Or Is It Better to Focus on Yourself?

To answer this question, first of all, you must ask yourself, "Do I still love her?" Secondly, you must analyze her and your actions before, during, and after your breakup. Thirdly, you must analyze the reason why you decided to break up in the first place. You see, if you had some serious problems in your relationship, it might not be impossible to bring everything back. Plus, if you have insulted each other during your breakup, your partner may not want to forgive you. Another aspect is that if you want to reignite your relationship with her, you must avoid being too clingy.

Remember, no one likes clingy people, especially clingy ex-partners. Sadly, way too often, people don't understand this, and in their desperate effort to fix the broken love, they behave inappropriately. For example, some people even begin to stalk or spy on their ex-partners. Surely, you are not one of those people, but by being too clingy, you will only scare her away. But what should you do if you still love her and want to be with her?

First of all, we recommend you calm down and come back to our first three steps. Okay, you love her, this is great and will help you a lot. Secondly, you had a reason for your breakup, try to fix this reason, but do it very gently one step at a time. Thirdly, don't set winning her heat again as your main goal. Instead, try to focus on yourself for some time. Let's say that two weeks after your breakup, you must completely focus on yourself. Try to spend more time with your friends and relatives. Surely you can text her during this period, but don't do it too often. Following two weeks of focusing on yourself, you will calm down and will decide with a clear head whether you want to be with her.

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I have never related to an article more in my life! All the tips are so true... I can tell this for sure because I had an unsuccessful experience of getting over an ex. I have been still loving her and trying to win her back for years but then realized that I spent my life on someone who waa happy without me and so should I. When it git me, I started living for myself and stopped terrorizing the girl I once adored!

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