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When people have been together for a long time, it seems to them that the personality of the better half loses its appeal due to the fact that there is no more secrecy between them. Have you ever thought that this is nothing more than a common misconception?

intimate questions for couples

If you do not believe me, I'm happy to argue my point of view. To begin with, most couples often quarrel. It does not matter how long they've been together – for a week or ten years. I’ve met couples who spent half their lives together. Nevertheless, a small misunderstanding is enough for a big quarrel. They begin to insult each other, make mutual claims and sometimes even humiliate one another. Of course, these quarrels do not have serious consequences. At least so it seems to the outside observer. And to the direct participants in the quarrel, it seems that that has nothing to do with real problems. They sincerely believe that all this is nonsense.

However, each such quarrel causes a growing, like a snowball, discontent. Believe me, if this snowball did not hit your head like an avalanche, it does not mean anything. Just your avalanche has not reached its apogee. It builds its power to crush you and your life once and for all.

Why is this happening? As it seems to me, the whole point is that people do not really know each other. The joint living is not the best indicator of characters. It does not reflect the inner world of people in full. Even worse, it very often distorts the real picture. People are so busy with making money, paying bills and another bustle that they very quickly forget about really important things. There is a substitution of concepts. This process is invisible and very destructive. But relationship building questions for couples may help you.

If you, the reader, have long been in a romantic relationship, ask yourself the question: "When I was really interested in the personality of the person I love?" Answer this question as honestly as possible. When I talk about the interest in the personality of another person, I do not mean his or her household needs. I mean the inner world of those we love. Most people will answer this question like this: "I already know everything about the person I love." By the way, where is my credit card? I need to put a limit on purchases on the Internet because we do not have enough money. "

Lack of interest becomes the cause of the emergence of an emotional avalanche that destroys everything on its path. You can avoid this - you just need to learn how to ask deep questions for couples and not hesitate. If you do not know what to ask, we will be happy to assist you.

questions for engaged couplesWe have collected a selection of questions for couples to ask each other that will help you get to know each other better, in different situations. Read it carefully and start using it today!

Why Is It Important to Talk in Relationships?

Men know how important it is to talk with a woman at the beginning of a relationship. But when they realize that they have won her heart, they begin to behave in the usual way. For most members of the stronger sex, this means using conversations only to achieve a specific goal. For the vast majority of women and a small number of men, the conversation is primarily a pleasure. Communication allows them to feel the connection with their loved one, recharge with energy.

If one of the partners (usually a man) limits the possibility of spontaneous communication and it all comes down to a discussion of practical issues, the second partner feels unhappy, but is forced to put up with it. How to start talking heart to heart as deeply and interestedly as it was at the beginning of the relationship? You need to:

Allocate time. Add the conversation to your schedule of the day. If, when you return home, the first thing you do is turn on your computer or put your nose into a smartphone, the chances that you will switch to a partner are slim to none.

Interest a partner. Start the conversation with what is interesting to them. For example, if you ask: “Who do you think will reach the semifinals of this game?”, you will most likely immediately grab their attention.

Be an attentive listener. You save time if you are washing dishes or dusting during a conversation, but for a person, your ability to do several things at the same time means no interest in their words. They will stop talking.

Questions for Couples to Ask Each Other

So, we'll start with the basic get to know you questions for couples. They will help you identify new traits of each other's character. In addition, the answer to each of the questions involves working with memories. And such work almost always ends with something interesting. A simple question about the nickname of the first pet can cause such a storm of emotions and a flurry of memories that this is enough to write memoirs.

What was your first mobile phone?

This question will help to find out how much your partner values material things. In addition, you will learn how your partner received this phone. Perhaps he spent a lot of money on it, which he earned himself. And perhaps it was a gift from the parents, which brought to naught a conflict. It is a good option if you need some questions for new couples.

What is the biggest prank you did in your childhood and how did they punish you for it?

Perhaps your partner was not always a quiet nerd. Believe me, the answer to this question can be very unexpected and interesting. Most likely, you will learn how your partner treats corporal punishment if he experienced it.

What was the worst job you had to do?

Do you think that your partner always sat in a cozy office and earned well? Prepare to hear the story of how he worked in the mine 10 years ago and almost died. Ask it if you want to hear an interesting answer to relationship questions for couples.

What famous person did you meet?

An excellent opportunity to exchange stories about meeting with celebrities. For example, you will find out that your boyfriend once drank in one bar with Matthew McConaughey.

What is the strangest and most disgusting thing you ate?

It will be funny if he forgets about vigilance and says that the ugliest dish in his life is a meatloaf that your mother cooks.

If you could change the country of residence, where would you go?

Surely you have heard many times that your better half dreamily says: "I would like to live in Europe." And you said indifferently: "Yes, me too." But what if you talk more about it? Why does he or she want to go to Europe? And suddenly your partner will like your idea to live a few months in India or Bali, renting a small house with another couple of travelers?

Would you have decided to rob a bank if you knew that you will not be caught?

This question will help you find out who your partner really is - a real moralist or disguised gangster and swindler. It is a good option for questions for engaged couples.

What was your first favorite song?

After hearing the answer to this question, find this song and listen to it. And even better, dance, if this, of course, is not black metal.

Questions for New Couples

When you enter a new relationship, the most important thing is to ask the right questions. There are no mutual claims between you, you have never lied to each other and you can be sincere with each other. However, do not turn all this into an interrogation. Remember, you should have fun and feel comfortable. Therefore, offer your partner to get to know each other better in a game form. Ask questions for new couples one by one and swear to answer them as honestly as possible!

Choosing from all around the world, who would you invite to visit for dinner?

Find out who your partner considers an idol. Perhaps your tastes match. But even if it is not, you already have an excellent occasion for discussion.

Would you like to be famous? In what field?

How do you feel about vanity? What does your new girlfriend or boyfriend think about this? Perhaps you are completely indifferent to everything related to fame, but your partner does not think so. He dreams of landing on the unfriendly surface of Mars or making the world's first head transplant operation. Why does your partner want to become famous in this area? Ask this question and you will get an excellent dialogue.

Before you make a phone call, do you ever rehearse what are you going to say? Why?

You will find out who your partner is - a spontaneous person or a person who is obsessed with planning. Based on this, we can conclude whether you will be able to build a relationship. It is one of the best compatibility questions for couples.

compatibility questions for couplesWhen was the last time you sang alone with yourself? And for someone else?

Who is your partner - a modest or charismatic person who demonstrates his talents? Perhaps, the discussion of this issue will end up with your joint vocal performance.

Do you have a secret premonition about how you will die?

Create an atmosphere of mysticism. It's fun and romantic.

What do you feel most grateful for in your life?

What if your new friend turns out to be an ungrateful bastard? This is also possible. Or suddenly it turns out that your new friend has achieved everything in life himself and the only person he should thank is himself.

If you could change anything in your education, what would it be?

Here you will find out whether your new friend is capable of self-criticism. This is a very important and useful character trait. In case he or she says that he does not see flaws in his upbringing, most likely you are dealing with a narcissus.

Romantic Questions for Couples

How about adding some romance to your game? Answering the questions listed below, you will have an opportunity to talk about abstract topics and have a great time. After all, it's not at all necessary to concentrate on finding out the hidden traits of each other's character. Enamored couples need to be able to enjoy direct communication.

If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about you, about your life, about the future or about something else, what would you like to know?

  • What do you value most in friends?
  • What is your most cherished memory?
  • What does friendship mean to you?
  • What role does love and affection play in your life?
  • Make up three true sentences starting with "we". For example, "We both feel in this room ...".
  • Continue this sentence: "I would like to share with someone ...".
  • If you were going to become a close friend of your partner, please tell what you think he should know about you.
  • Tell your partner what you like about him; be utterly honest, say what you could not say to an unfamiliar person.
  • If you were to die that evening, without having the opportunity to communicate with someone about what you did not tell someone, would you regret?
  • Why have you not told them yet?
  • Your house with all your property caught fire. After saving loved ones and pets, you have time to run into the house again and save one thing. What could it be? Why?

Intimate Questions for Couples

deep questions for couples And now it's time to talk about the most interesting. Many people avoid intimate questions for couples but we think this is a big omission. Firstly, a conversation about intimate things will help improve the quality of your sex. But you should be extremely honest. Secondly, playing the "intimate questions for couples" in itself is an excellent prelude to sex. Believe me, by the end of this entertaining survey, your room will be very hot. Maybe you’ll even have to call firefighters.

  • How old were you when you first had sex?
  • How do you like making love?
  • Do you prefer traditional sex or use auxiliary items (toys, costumes)?
  • What do you think about role-playing games?
  • What part of the female/male body is the most erotic for you?
  • How do you feel about the experiments in bed?
  • Is there any difference between making love and having sex?
  • Do you consider yourself to be vulgar? And if so, why?
  • What intimate topics embarrass you?
  • What do you absolutely dislike about sex?
  • What things do you consider acceptable in the intimate plan, and which you do not accept?
  • What things do you find most sexual?
  • What kind of girls makes you excited?
  • Can you describe your latest erotic fantasy?
  • Tell about the first girl/boy who made you want to have sex?

You can make 100 questions that interest you and invite your lover to choose 20-30 and answer them. When composing, remember that the main goal is to get to know each other better than to quarrel in the process of discussion.

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18.02.2020 11:25
Wow, these are very cool questions! I'll try them with my girlfriend today. I want to check how well we know each other.
30.04.2020 22:45
Me and my girlfriend love playing such question-games! We often come up with different questions when we are on the road and then the time passes seamlessly. Of course, the best tip is to respect each other's opinions and the value he answers your partner gives you. They may not always be pleasant to hear but they are true and they too have a right to exist! Otherwise, you will only quarrel.

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