1. Casual vs Serious Relationships
  2. How Do You Know If Your Partner Is Serious About You from the Start?
  3. Signs a Relationship Is Getting Serious
  4. How to Develop Such Relationship When You Know It's Serious
  5. Don’t Be in a Hurry to Skip Any Stage of Dating

What is as complicated as a relationship? There are not so many things that can make you feel so happy and awful in different periods. Even if your other spheres of life are successful, you can still feel unhappy if your relationships leave much to be desired. Nowadays, many people choose casual connection instead of a serious relationship because it is much easier, and it doesn’t involve numerous issues and making crucial decisions. You enjoy your pastime together, and you don’t worry about anything. Both genders choose this scenario pretty often, convincing themselves that they are not ready to become committed and responsible. However, sometimes life makes it changes, and you start looking in the direction of serious dating and want to meet girls now. The time may come when casual relationships are not enough for you. This awareness can catch you at the most unexpected moment, for example, during lunch together when you understand that you want to put this moment on repeat. Let’s answer the questions, “When does a relationship become serious? What are the main signs a casual relationship is getting serious?”

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Casual vs Serious Relationships

You easily understand all these signs you're in a relationship, but how to get the difference between serious and casual connection? First, it is necessary to delve into the issue and turn to the concepts that lay in the foundation of any relationship. Thus, it is about affection, intimate relationship, love, serious intentions, and cheating signs. And while some partners stay together thanks to sex and affection, others prefer love and the same values as the only possible reason to be together. Is there any difference?

We all know that love is a major driving force and the most wonderful feeling that everyone wants to experience at least once in their life. Some people claim that it doesn’t exist and is the result of someone’s vivid imagination, but things change drastically when they meet someone special who turns their world upside down. People in love are ready to do almost everything for the sake of the beloved one, no matter what. Unfortunately, the modern pace of life with all these rapid changes has led to a huge misconception when people take a passion for love. To love someone and to be involved in sexual intercourse are different things. Well, it is true that everyone imagines love differently and can attach different meanings to it. They say that while girls want love, guys strive to satisfy their physical needs and get sex. However, everything is not that simple as it seems at first glance. Both emotional and physical closeness with someone special evokes the range of pleasant sensations in your body, increasing the level of “right” hormones, thereby improving your mood and state in general. The main difference between love and casual intercourse lays in the motives that become a major driving force. Love makes people do something, not expecting to get anything in return, and even sexual intercourse gets another meaning. When it’s about having a pleasant pastime together and satisfying physical needs, people are not attached to each other, and they always put their interests and desires first.

Casual relationships suggest that people are together because of pleasant pastime, some common interests, and passionate sex. It doesn’t involve any serious issues, responsibilities, and obligations. The fact that you are together today doesn’t mean that you will not break up tomorrow. You don’t talk about the future because you are not sure that the next summer, for example, you will still be a couple.

When is a relationship serious?

Your connection becomes serious when you feel strong chemistry between you, when you realize that your life values match, and it gives you an impetus to reflect on your compatibility as true partners. You start thinking about the common future and become committed to each other. What makes a relationship serious? Your relationship is not only about a great time together, having fun, or wild sex. It’s also about the satisfaction of physical and mental needs that suggest giving birth to the common offspring, joint vacations, and celebration of the New Year at their parents’ house. Now you know the serious relationship meaning.

How Do You Know If Your Partner Is Serious About You from the Start?

If you are not interested in casual dating because the time has come to start something serious and think about the future, then you might wonder how your partner treats your connection. It’s very important to look in the same direction and share life views, especially when you have reached the stage when you are ready to start a family. One-night stands are great when you have other priorities and have neither time nor desire to invest in relationships. And the situation is quite the opposite when a committed partner seems to be the best option possible. How do you know if your partner is serious about you? What are the signs she wants a serious relationship with you if she says nothing directly?signs a relationship is getting serious

1. She changes her attitude and behavior

It is not that difficult to understand that a girl has feelings for you and wants to develop your communication. Thus, her behavior and attitude change because you become her priority. She devotes all her free time to you and can even put aside some tasks and reschedule other meetings if she gets a chance to spend this time with you. She experiences the need to meet you, hear, and touch. Physical contact plays a very important role here since a woman wants to touch only a person to whom she feels great sympathy and affection. And if the situation plays against her, so she has no opportunity to meet you in person during the week, she will try to compensate for her absence with the help of constant messages and calls. You can also pay attention to her behavior in the company of other guys. If a girl treats you as her potential life partner, she will neither flirt nor show sympathy to other men because all her thoughts and feelings are focused on you.

2. She says sweet words

The first stage of relationships is always the most exciting one, when you don’t know the person well enough and try to find out as much as possible. It’s when partners want to communicate as often as possible. So, girls are very talkative, and the manner of her speech and behavior can tell you a lot about how she treats you and whether she wants something serious with you. If she is talking only about herself, not showing interest in you, or she is telling you about other dudes and asks your opinion about their behavior, then chances are high that you have already got into a friendzone. A woman who wants to attract a man and has some feelings for him will highlight his good qualities as if accidentally and will not share info about other men or her problems to not scare him away.

3. She cares about you

When a woman is not indifferent, she can start showing different signs of attention. It can be expressed in numerous ways; for example, she may ask whether you are hungry or not, or how your day went. If you told her about some health problems, then chances are high that she will worry and try somehow to control this issue. Most likely, you will feel her care in everything. Thus, she can bake your favorite cherry pie or will show interest in your hobbies. If you ask her to help you with something, she will gladly do that because you are dear to her, and she cannot just reject you (if it doesn’t contradict with her principles and values, of course).

4. She introduces you to her friends and relatives

Usually, girls don’t rush to introduce their boyfriends to friends and relatives if there is nothing serious between partners, and the girl is not going to develop this connection. If she offers to hang out with her friends, it already means a lot. She perceives you differently than many other guys, and she may have already come up with a perfect picture of your happily ever after. So, it is one of the signs a relationship is getting serious, at least for her. You have taken a higher position in her life and heart, so you can be sure that she doesn’t perceive your relationships as casual dating.

5. She can be jealous

They say that jealousy is a wrong feeling, and a person in love shouldn’t feel it. However, when you meet someone special who suits the image of a perfect partner, you automatically switch on a “keeper” mode. So, you may notice that the facial expression and behavior of your girlfriend changes when other women appear on the horizon. She can become jealous even if there are no reasons for it. And if she is interested in your circle of friends, especially in its female part and your attitude towards them, then chances are high that her interest has a serious background. She strives to become your significant other.

Signs a Relationship Is Getting Serious

When you just start a new relationship, you don’t expect anything extraordinary, especially if your previous connection has left scars on your soul. You may have numerous doubts about your compatibility. You can weight their pros and cons all the time, trying to understand whether you should give them a try and open up. It’s not that easy to meet a worthy person who can become your perfect partner and meet your requirements. Besides, the list of that notorious demands becomes longer with each year passed. So, when you meet your true soulmate, you calm down with time, and your feelings move to another level where respect, trust, and comfort prevail. So, it’s not surprising you want to make sure once again that there are signs of a serious relationship, and it’s not just your vivid imagination.

1. You share only good moments about each other

You will hardly find an ideal person who will not have drawbacks. Things that you perceive as the pros of a person may turn into cons for someone else. So, when you pay more attention to each other’s strong sides and diminish weaknesses, it means that you have fallen in love. Of course, the situation may change with time, and you will find many things that need “improvements,” but you are ready to accept all these negative moments because they don’t prevail. The fact that your girlfriend may have mood swings doesn’t seem the determinant factor for the further continuation of your relationship. And if someone asks you about your partner, you will tell only about their strong sides, and they will do the same.

2. You use “we,” talking about the future

Everybody knows that a moment when the two "I" turn into one "we" is crucial, and it means the start of a serious relationship. Everything that somehow involves your relationships gets “we” form. And when you start talking about your journey, you say, “We are going” instead of “I.” This change in the perception of your couple reflects in every trifle. At some moment, you may notice that both of you have changed the pronoun, and it seems none of you can imagine your life without the partner. It’s one of the most obvious signs that your casual relationships were left in the past.

3. You understand each other’s needs

People in love who value their relationship, treat each other with respect and great care. They treat seriously each other’s needs and don’t ignore them. When partners move to the next stage of relationships, their communication changes. They don’t want to hurt each other even when they have a dispute or argument. A woman doesn’t turn into a drama queen if you don’t fulfill her whims or when things get out of control. You know that both of you are ready to have each other’s back no matter what. If these things happen in your life, you can be sure that you’re a perfect match, and your relationship becomes stronger and serious.

4. You are happy togethersigns you're in a relationship

If you can say that positive moments prevail in your life, then you are a lucky person whose relationship is filled with happiness. It means that you have met a wonderful person with whom you can create no less wonderful family. You have already got to know each other better to understand who is in front of you, and you feel as if you have got a successful lottery ticket. You are ready to share each other’s problems and deal with them as a team. None of you throws a tantrum because of a trifle, you have accepted their drawbacks and don’t want to leave.

5. You believe your relationship is perfect

It can be far from the truth, but each of you sincerely believes that you are happy together, and it is a great fortune that you have met. In your head, your relationship is a thousand times better than one of your friends and relatives. This unshakable faith in the success of your couple is one of the signs you are on the way to the committed relationships that may result in creating a family and giving birth to kids. You boast about each other when you meet friends and are ready to scream about your love because there are positive vibes in your heart that you are ready to share with the whole world. It is crucial to be confident about the relationship to move further hand in hand.

6. You don’t notice anyone else

You are sure that you have met your soulmate, so all other people have lost their significance for you. Attractive singles are not perceived as potential partners because you have got one. Your beloved one has deleted their dating account and doesn’t hang out in the night club without you. So, you discuss other people only in a friendly context and only if they are your colleagues or friends. None of you wants to make the partner feel jealousy because it’s an unpleasant feeling, and you wish all the best for your significant other. It seems you have found your “home” – a person who is always happy to see you, ready to support you no matter what, and become a shoulder to cry on.

7. You put your relationship first

When someone or something becomes a top priority for you, it means that you have really serious intentions and aspirations. You are even ready to sacrifice something for the partner without waiting for a response. The matter of money or time has stopped play any role for you because your attitude and inner state have changed a lot. If you know that something will make your significant other happy, you are ready to do that. Even though you don’t forget about your values and principles.

How to Develop Such Relationship When You Know It's Serious

Everything will depend on your goals and what you are looking for. When you know that your relationships are getting serious, you should understand whether you are ready for further continuation. A committed relationship goes along with numerous responsibilities and obligations. Love is about hard work that needs your constant presence, attention, and involvement. So, it’s up to you to decide whether you are ready to move on. If you want to develop this connection, then the first thing you shouldn’t forget about is that you shouldn’t rush. Every relationship develops at its pace that is the most comfortable for the couple. So, you should talk more, devote time to each other, travel together, move in together, and try to withstand living under the same roof. After all these moments, you will know what to do next and what ring to choose for your beloved woman.

Don’t Be in a Hurry to Skip Any Stage of Dating

Each stage of relationships is wonderful by itself. Don’t hurry up to change everything if you don’t feel like you are completely ready for that. Casual dating has many pros, especially for those who have recently broken up with their ex-partners and need time to recover. However, you should warn the partner that you don’t need anything serious in advance, you should give the person a choice – whether they are ready to stay or it’s not their cup of tea. Be frank with yourself and the person you are dating. If both of you are okay with such things, then just let it flow and enjoy every moment spent together.

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