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So, what is the true story behind the queen of all beasts – Leo woman? Fiery and super enthusiastic, cheerful, and open, Leo females always make enormously loyal friends and passionate lovers. In a nutshell, a typical Leo girl is the embodiment of the most romantic things. Never doubt it, though, that she will be expecting her love to be returned to her with the doubled intensity of passion and devotion.

If you’re dreaming about dating a Leo woman, you must be aware of the fact that those women born between July 23 - August 22 do have a dynamic personality constantly drawing attention wherever they go. And if you still want to date a Leo girl, you’d better be absolutely ready for a pretty fast and furious ride as it is the only way she always rolls. Below are some dating a Leo woman astrology tips and other facts about a Leo woman personality that will help you achieve the best compatibility in this truly fiery relationship!

leo woman traits

How to seduce a Leo woman

1. Pile on the flattery

Speaking of attracting a typical Leo female, it can be incredibly easy if you’re provided with some simple seduction tips. Out of those, so far the most essential one is to pile on the flattery exactly by making a lady believe that, in your eyes, she is the most beautiful and unique woman in the whole world. No need to resort to some minor subtleties or go about all of that in a roundabout way. Be sure to keep on dishing out the sweet praises and compliments. Any Leo woman will most likely lap it up with delight coming back again for more. On the other hand, criticizing her, wounding her immense pride or subjecting a woman to even the slightest humiliation would permanently ruin your fine chances to win over the girl.

2. Let her take the lead

It’s all about Leo woman to always remain an alpha female of the very first order, so do not be expecting her to play the submissive role. If you really want to attract a Leo chick, be willing to let a woman take the lead more often, rather than just trying to call the shots yourself. She definitely wants to be the one doing the asking out thing, making all the arrangements and being in charge of your entire relationship. Finally, you will win a Leo female’s affection even more easily just by agreeing with most of her ideas, following her suggestions and bowing to girl’s superior authority.

3. Get her into that “party” mood

The simplest way how to tell if a Leo woman likes you is to make her feel you are good fun to be spending time with. Be playful, laugh a lot and always look as if you are genuinely enjoying your own to make a woman review you as a full-time romantic companion.

To conquer a Leo lady’s admiration, just dress up nicely, wear your smoothest adornments and be that kind of man she can be proud to have by her side. Still, avoid making the fatal error of competing with a girl for attention. She always strives to be the center stage and often sulks once she is pushed into the sidelines. At the same time, give your crush the chance to show off just a little bit, and then you may follow up with a bigger round of applause.

4. Show her tons of affection

Underneath all the big talks and bravado, the wild she-Cat is seriously vulnerable and constantly needs literally tons of ego-stroking to stay happy and totally secure. In addition, you would score some extra points with the girl if you manage to be the only one who is always there to console a Leo woman in her dark times.

Make it totally obvious for her that she will always be the most important person for you by offering the girl your unwavering loyalty, and, ultimately, you will have a much better chance of conquering a Leo woman’s heart.

5. Keep her just a little jealous

The female Leos are essentially searching for a one-man type of relationship and will be greatly turned off if they find out you are a cheating fella. With that said, such woman will be way more attracted to your personality once you drop a couple of hints there may be other contenders for a major part of your affection. However, don’t take it too far, making her overly jealous, otherwise you will unleash a full-scale flood of anger that‘ll be almost impossible to contain.

how to seduce a leo woman6. Avoid being controlling or possessive

By now, it should be obvious that Leo women, more than anything else in this world, value their independence and freedom. To be honest, everyone hates to date a controlling and possessive partner. Human controlling and possessive behavior roots from our history, when life was far more dangerous. Thus, people had to protect their partners not only from potential competitors from men but also from wild animals and nature. Today, those issues are no longer a threat, and controlling behavior from a sign of care turned into a sign of a bad partner.

7. Be confident, but not overconfident

Leo women want their men to possess qualities of kings. If you are one of those men, you can rest assured that everything will be okay. However, even in this case, you still should never forget about confidence. Therefore, you should never hesitate to make the first step, approach her, get acquainted, and start a conversation. Also, feel free to let her take the lead if she wants to, because truly confident men always feel confident, even when they let other people take control over them. On the other hand, your overconfidence will only scare her away from you.

What Leo woman wants in a man

Guys opting for dating a Leo woman should be:

  • Really talented for actually being blessed with such a cool Leo girl as his romantic partner.
  • Patience is a real must in the potential life partner of a Leo female.
  • A totally honest, fun loving and social dude can make a definite hit with a woman of this sun sign.
  • The potential dating partner of a Leo girl should be quite a sensitive and highly intelligent person.
  • He must be sensitive enough to realize that beneath all the class of this truly gorgeous lady lies an ordinary girl requiring lots of love, tenderness and affection.
  • A man has to be smart enough in order to understand that all his lady might ever need is to be the best girl on earth…and a dose of flattering at times.

Do Leo women cheat?

So, speaking of Leo woman traits, you might actually wonder if she will be faithful in a relationship. Well, that depends. Those women are extremely idealistic, always looking for an ideal match. They seek both beauty and comfort and do have quite lofty ideas regarding what a solid relationship should be like. The ego of such a woman has to be constantly stroked, and the lioness will always expect you to keep up with her sexually. Leos are uniquely intelligent as well, and they will be expecting their romantic partners to stimulate them matching them in their wit department. Once Leo woman in love finds all those qualities in her relationship, she will turn her inner beast to a little kitty cat which will be fiercely loyal and devoted. But, when you hurt a Leo woman, be ready for her packing all up and moving towards a better game.

The main problem, though, is that most of the lions’ romantic partners have pretty much trouble keeping up with a typical Leo lover. With that, if you can’t become a worshipping subject fulfilling all Leo woman’s mental and physical desires, your lioness is likely to go out on the prowl searching for more lively “love” prey. So, as we may see, unless all of her needs are met, a Leo female can be enough fickle, constantly prancing from one partner up to another, seeking for the perfect match. And once your stunning Leo lover has decided the lion is entirely compatible with you, your woman will help you navigate through the wicked mists that tend to surround the queen of the jungle. She will also tell you what can appeal to her own and offer some particular advice on what you should never do. All in all, your gorgeous leo girlfriend will make absolutely sure you really understand her personality from the inside out and on its deepest levels.

Leo woman compatibility

A Leo certainly got some Zodiac signs they usually get along a lot better with than the other sun signs, though it is of vast importance to remember that the Zodiac sign is just a smaller part of imprint stars can make on a particular individual. In fact, there is no typical Leo woman kind of romantic relationship, as each and every Leo person is entirely different in their needs and wishes. What’s more, the positions of Neptune, Mars, Venus, and some other planets at the birth time all influence a person’s character.

At the same point, by far the most compatible Zodiac signs with Leo are commonly expected to be Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Libra.

Leo woman in bed

Leo women are full of secrets and mysteries which often get revealed slowly as those women get closer with their dating partners. So, from time to time when a Leo woman ignores you it might be complicated to tell the exact reason of that until you get close enough with her. Accordingly, they are full of secrets and mysteries to be explored by their partners in bedroom. Leo women take sex very seriously and they do not consider it as any form of mutual entertainment or even fun but rather a part of their normal personal life and lovemaking.

dating a leo womanThese women use their natural feminism and inborn sensuality to grant their partners the best sex experience in bed. As much as they may enjoy giving pleasure those females also expect their partners to tease them with shuddering orgasms. Oftentimes, Leo women prefer absolutely wild and mindblowing sex with their romantic partners and they are usually adventurous and exciting in bedroom.

Leo woman is truly sensitive to her partner’s needs and she would basically do anything in order to make her love partner reach maximal satisfaction. She can also be both pampering and dominant to have dual sides in bedroom which she might use according to her own mood. Topping it all, she is that type of woman whom you would not feel shy of exploring new things to do in bed as she is absolutely ready to try those out with her beloved partner.

Famous Leo women

This list of most famous Leo females is a cross-section of all the world’s most notable celebrities and a description of the common Leo traits. Some of the fairly hottest celebs of all time are precisely Leos, and with the large list of notable Leos, we’ve actually managed to crop it a bit so that you can quicker find out which female celebs are the representatives of Leo sign.

1. Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez aka J. Lo, is an American actress, producer, fashion designer, dancer, and singer. Lopez got engaged in a career in the entertainment business following a minor role of hers in the 1986 movie My Little Girl.

2. Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence is a well-known American actress. Jennifer’s first significant role as a movie actress was a lead cast member on the sitcom called The Bill Engvall Show. Moreover, she appeared in such independent dramas as The Burning Plain and Winter’s Bone, for which Lawrence received her Academy Award.

3. Madonna. Madonna is a world famous American singer, songwriter, actress, and a successful businesswoman. She reached the peak of her popularity by pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in the mainstream pop music and stunning visuals in her music videos.

4. Sandra Bullock. Sandra Bullock is an American actress and film producer. Bullock is one of the industry’s highest-paid actresses, and the recipient of one Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award respectively.

5. Halle Berry. Halle Berry is an American actress and formerly a fashion model. Berry is known for having won an Academy Award in the nomination Best Actress in 2002 for her wonderful performance in the romantic TV drama Monster’s Ball.

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It will be a huge understatement if I say that there is nothing special in Leo women. I have dated a Leo woman only once, and everything ended pretty badly. However, now, I can't imagine myself with any other woman. So, here I am, learning from my mistakes and dreaming about the future with a Leo woman.

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