1. Does size matter?
  2. What do the women think about that?
  3. Why it matters and why not
  4. Tips to have sex with a small penis
  5. Sex positions for small dick
  6. Use all your ace in the hole

It would seem that in the world of big things, everything should have a big size. Of course, the ability to satisfy the girl is an important factor in the competitiveness of men, but does it depend only on the size? Size has always been a sort of shame or pride of a guy, but does size really matter, and does it affect the process of satisfaction? Yes, it does, but a little differently than you think. Efficiency and physical strength play a much greater role for a girl than a penis size. You should know that and not look constantly for some additional proof.

However, good outfitting is not always a pledge of victory. Sometimes, you need something else for that. You don’t think that only a pair of good sneakers is a pledge of victory in the race, do you? It is necessary to find the final answer to the questions, “Does penis size matter? What do girls consider more important: technique, skill, or other goodies?

size does matter

Does size matter?

It is quite interesting that the statistics of penis size has been kept since 1942. It is relatively long ago, isn’t it? All these data, that have been collected for so many years, confirm the fact that the average size of penis over the globe is from 14 to 16 centimeters in length and from 4 to 6 centimeters in diameter.

However, the researchers were not satisfied with that, and they interviewed 50 thousand heterosexual men and women to find out if they were satisfied with their penis or the penis of their partner. 80 percent of women noted that they were quite satisfied with their chosen one's penis, while only a half of the men surveyed were satisfied with their penis size. It's amazing, isn’t it? Women are much more liberal and democratic in terms of penises because these arguments do not really bother them. The main thing is to get pleasure. You're not a porn star, are you? So, when men are worried about their penis size, it can be said with certainty that their girlfriends don't care for that, and they are satisfied with everything.

What do the women think about that?

Do you think that girls are really able to determine the length of your penis to within half a centimeter? Fortunately, they are not able to do that because the biggest part of them has a faulty eye. Most girls are unlikely to distinguish 18 centimeters from 24. If a penis is small, a girl will certainly understand that it is not giant, but she will never recognize its exact characteristics.

Have you ever thought that penises have much in common with women's breasts? As is the case with women's breasts, many guys think that the main thing is the size, but many large breasts, even real ones, can turn out to be extremely scary when a girlfriend takes off the T-shirt. They can look like spaniel's ears, have strangely deformed nipples, stick out in different directions, be asymmetrical, and what happens most often, they can simply be so ugly that nobody will want to say, "Tastes differ.”

The same thing happens with penises. It seems to be big, but it looks frankly terrible for the girl (besides, often, penises are not very beautiful and resemble tentacles). Also, a penis may be big but curved, and this moment quickly nullifies all of its achievements. If the girl is going to choose between a man whose penis size is quite big, but whose skills are low, and a man whose penis size is below the average, but whose skills are above the average, she will prefer the latter. Fingers are quite helpful in getting the pleasure, so, in most cases, penis size does matter no more than the size of your fingers.

does dick size matterWhy it matters and why not

The female vagina is a thing that is extremely adaptable to any changes. It can, with due diligence, take both small and very impressive penis sizes. A girl who has had a small number of men can experience quite the same with a man who has a penis of an average size as a girl who has had a very large number of partners and whose man has a very big penis. In addition, in a relaxed, not excited state, the woman's vagina has an average length of 7.62 cm. When the girl is excited, its length increases by an additional inch.

All the rest is the ballast that either sticks out or occasionally beats and rubs on something. It is not pleasant at all, for example, any touches with the uterus are quite painful, according to women. In addition, do not forget that the woman's sensitive nerve endings are at the very beginning of the way. So, in most cases, size doesn't matter.

It’s not about the size. Dissatisfaction with the new partner's penis most often arises precisely because the girl has changed quite a lot of partners. A girl who hasn't had more than four sexual partners can easily get used to the penis of an average size. Does size matter to women? If she feels your confidence, affection, and love, she will never be worried about your penis size. You can consider that self-confidence increases your penis by a few centimeters.

Worry less about your penis size, read more. The size of your penis is one of the things that you cannot actually change. Besides, have you ever heard that many women consider the brain to be the most attractive part of the men’s body? So, does brain size matter? The level of your intelligence plays one of the biggest roles in your attractiveness and increases your chances to have sex with a worthy girl. If you are worried about the size of your penis, you should level up the skills of communication and satisfaction of the girl in different ways. In addition, develop your mind and watch your physical fitness.

What about the studies? Does dick size matter? Women who prefer vaginal orgasm and have had many sexual partners, really need a big penis, but not all women want and can experience this kind of orgasm. A well-known sexologist Beverly Whipple, who has discovered the G- spot, believes that nobody should get too hung up on a vaginal orgasm because many studies focus specifically on this kind of orgasm. So, draw your attention once again to “Does size matter survey” that has been shown before and move on to the tips.

Tips to have sex with a small penis

The question of penis size is serious and, at the same time, incredibly ridiculous. This topic is, as they say, quite hot, and everyone can put their two cents in it. "Size does not matter." "What is more important: length or diameter?" "Be honest and tell about your penis size. Is it small?" In a word, it is butthurt, and everyone experiences it in different ways. The average length of the penis is 15 cm, and if you are the unlucky one, and you, alas, are outside the lower limit of the norm, firstly, don’t be upset because sex with small dick can also be good. Secondly, let's say that too big penises also have drawbacks.

Even small “dimensions” of your penis do not deprive you of the ability to satisfy a woman if you use sex tips for small penis. In the end, anything can work out well if you apply it correctly, technically and for the intended purpose.

At the very beginning. Sex is something bigger than just penetration, and everybody knows how important foreplay is. One of the sex tips for men with small penis is to use foreplay as effectively as possible. You should prolong foreplay until the partner will be, as they say, completely ready. The closer your girlfriend is to the culmination at the moment of penetration, the better lover you will seem, using the small dick sex positions.

Don’t forget about the foreplay. The foreplay should be filled with everything that your girlfriend likes. Kisses and caresses are always a good idea but do not limit yourself to the old-fashioned and all known methods. Different sex-toys, dirty talks, biting, slapping should be also used. It is necessary to do what she likes to turn her on as much as possible and make her be anxious to begin the joint process.

Clitoris. It is a very sensitive area, from which you should take everything to the maximum. So, one of the small penis sex tips is to play with her clitoris by all possible means, and if she reaches the first orgasm before the beginning, it will be better for you.

does size matter surveySex positions for small dick

Even though the majority of women feel completely satisfied with their boyfriend's sizes, men still tend to doubt themselves. As you may know, doubts and worries are the worst enemies of sex. Your doubts and worries can kill your erection in no time. Furthermore, some men are simply inconvincible, no matter what you say and what proves you give them. Those men, always worry and doubt themselves and their sizes. Needless to say that they often have problems with sex. Consequently, if you believe that you are not big enough, here are the most interesting sex positions for people who believe that they have smaller than average dicks.

1. Doggy-style position. You need to find the right angle to take the best of a doggy-style position. The best option is when her shoulders and head is on a cushion, and the ass is lifted upwards. To find the optimal angle, she needs to arch her back and move her hips together. It is one of the simplest positions for men with a small penis.

A word of advice: lean forward and maintain your physical contact as close as possible, in which you can move comfortably. So, you will be closer to each other, and your efforts will be more effective.

2. Antelope position. This is a variation of a doggy-style position. Get on your knees before the bed, the girlfriend leans on her hands. The position is extremely good because you both have free hands, and you can caress her erogenous zones. You can even spank her, anyway, there is much scope for such experiments.

3. Snake position. The girlfriend lies on her tummy, having moved her legs together. To make it easier and more comfortable, put a cushion under her hips, so the optimal angle will be created. Bend your knees and make penetration. Slightly push her hips to make your penetration easier. Try not to lean on your girlfriend with all your weight, lean on something with your hand.

A word of advice: if you want to get a tighter contact, clench her hips during penetration.

4. Rabbit ears position. Lay your girlfriend on her back, push her legs apart and pull them up, her knees should be close to her own ears. Put a pillow under her to create a suitable angle. She will hardly be able to stay in this position for a long time, so, help her with your hands.

A word of advice: in this position, her hands are free, and she can use them for her own pleasure. You can hint without saying a word, just take her hand and pull in the right direction.

5. A cowgirl position. This one begins with men lying on his back while a girl climbs on him to be in a face-to-face position. This position ensures the deepest penetration. Plus, the partner on top can fully control everything and can ensure that the penis remains inside for the whole time. It is achieved by moving side-to-side instead of simply moving up and down. Also, this position is suitable for beginners, because it is very easy to perform and can be modified without any problems.

6. V-formation position. The girlfriend lies on her back, and you are between her legs. Now, lift her legs, grasping at her ankles, and then pull them apart, you get the shape of the letter V. You will be able to penetrate quite deeply, for convenience you can lean against the wall or the headboard. To do that, just lean her legs on your shoulders.

A word of advice: this position gives you the opportunity to caress her clitoris. Just get your one hand free, putting her leg on your shoulder.

Use all your ace in the hole

The society believes that the penis size is very important, but the truth is more complicated. The female orgasm depends not only on the penis size but also on the man’s ability to manage his penis. Yes, you will have to work with your hands, but it is necessary even for owners of big penises. To take matters into your own hands is much better than to be sad, getting the hump. If it is not a one-night stand, women like men not for their penis size but for the smart mind, good features, attentiveness and ability to love. So, use all your ace in the hole.

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30.04.2020 19:42
Thank you for this article. It was very helpful and awesome. Since my teenage years, I have been questioning my own ability to please a woman, because I am a little under 6 inches. Guys, if you still doubt yourself, try to learn other techniques, you will be surprised to learn that there are soo many ways to make a woman happy even with a small penis.

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