1. Common sex myths
  2. Interesting facts about sex

Sex is a strong emotional feeling and joy. People make love expressing their tender and quivering feelings towards each other, which distinguishes people from animals. Apart from monkeys and dolphins, a human is the only living being who has sex not only for the sake of procreation but mainly for pleasure.

Despite the fact that in the modern world sex is extensively discussed, some people are still at the mercy of stereotypes and stupid sex myths. So, we’ll tell you what facts and myths about sex life have nothing to do with reality.

sex myths and facts

Common sex myths

Myth 1. The G-spot doesn't exist

False. German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg was the first to announce the existence of the magic G-spot. Approximately 60 years ago, the doctor suggested that in the body of every woman there is a neural bundle and its stimulation inevitably leads to multiple orgasms. The only thing is to find its location.

G-spot isn't just a spot, but a whole area in the vagina, and with its stimulation women can get very bright orgasm. You need to look for it when you girlfriend is sexually aroused. Scientists around the world are still arguing whether the G-spot exists. While disputes continue, many women openly declare that, nevertheless, it exists. And orgasm at the stimulation of this spot can't be compared to anything. By the way, for the first time it’s best to look for it by yourself.

Myth 2. Self-pleasure is harmful to health

False. Dozens of myths that masturbation harms health apparently were generated by compassionate parents - to dishabituate their young children from this addiction. They frighten: it can lead to blindness, hands will be covered with hair, and over the years young sinners will become impotent. However, doctors always support the accused: masturbation, they say, is not harmful, but absolutely natural for an adult organism. Unreasonable and too rigid abstinence can just do harm.

Myth 3. Women treat sex more seriously than men

Truth. Such is the established stereotype: a man, like a male, can have as many intimate connections as possible and don't have any deep feelings at the same time. But a woman instinctively looks for "one and only" and after the first sexual intercourse is ready to follow him to the edge of the world.

It's true - but only partly. As most psychologists say, ladies do experience heavier pangs of conscience and may even become depressed after an accidental night with a stranger. However, this is true not for everyone: a survey of one of the American magazines showed that about a third of the fairer sex enjoy casual sex without any emotional consequences.

As for a brief attachment to his fleeting partner, it is experienced by both men and women, but romance and sentiment have nothing to do with it. During an intercourse, in the human body is released a large amount of the hormone oxytocin, which causes a short-lived feeling of happiness and love.

myths about anal sexMyth 4. Size doesn’t matter

Truth. This is one of those sex myths that are true. For women, it is, as they say, a matter of taste. Although both psychologists and the fair sex themselves in their majority claim that for them, the prioritized isn't the physical but the emotional component. If a woman is in love and feels intimate affinity as the affirmation of the inner one, centimeters are not at all important to her.

But for men it's the other way around: the size of his own penis plays a crucial role in man's self-esteem, influences his self-confidence, and consequently - the quality of his sexual life. The online survey, conducted in 2005 with the participation of 52 000 men, showed that only 55% of respondents are satisfied with the size of their genitals. At the same time, 85% of women answered that they were absolutely satisfied with this parameter of their partner.

Myth 5. Orgasm isn’t important to women

False. The main myth of the patriarchal society sounded so that women don’t need an orgasm. Of course, it isn’t true. This opinion was spread to ensure that men were comfortable - he received the pleasure himself, but he doesn’t have to strain for the partner. In fact, orgasm has a very important role for women's health. So, regular and qualitative orgasms can guarantee gynecological health, as well as less propensity for depression. Actually, doctors are sure that orgasm is more important for women's health than for men’s.

Myth 6. Women rarely have orgasm

False. According to the widespread belief, the fair sex representatives are biologically doomed to a lesser sex life, because they are not able to orgasm often. Numerous studies rely on statistics: in absolute enumeration, men experience more orgasms than women. However, psychologists brought here a small, but a very significant amendment. They found out that if you smash "one-time sex" and long-term love relationships, the data will change. With a constant sexual partner, women are able to have almost as many orgasms as men.

For women, it is important to have a partner who cares about her sexual satisfaction. So in this case, biology has nothing to do with it.

Myth 7. Men think about sex more often

False. Even the established cliché that men think about sex every seven seconds turned out to be a half-truth. Although researchers don't argue that they really fantasize about sexual topics more often than women, this disparity is far otherwise if you look from a different perspective.

The study showed that men think about sex, on average, 18 times a day, while women - only 10 times. However, an in-depth analysis of the obtained data showed that men think about meeting other physical needs (such as eating and sleeping) in the same proportion as women. Thus, it’s a mistake to say that sex occupies a more important place in the life of men than women.

Myth 8. Anal sex doesn't bring pleasure to women

False. This is one of the most common anal sex myths. But it's quite far away from the truth. Of course, it is difficult to enjoy the first anal experience, but with time, anal sex begins to bring pleasure. In many women, the most sensitive part of vagina is the posterior vornix, which is anatomically located very close to the rectum. With anal sex, penis intensively massages this zone, causing violent orgasm.

Myth 9. Fellatio brings pleasure only to him

False. This oral sex myth is especially popular among men. If the partner observes the basic hygiene rules and excites you before fellatio, you will also experience pleasure. The main secret is not to do it when a girl is not ready. Experienced men know that girl's arousal is a pledge of excellent oral sex.

stupid sex myths Myth 10. All men's sexual pleasure is concentrated in the genitals

False. For some reason, many women believe that all pleasure and sexual arousal a man feels only with the stimulation of the genitals. In fact, this is not true, and the male body is as sensual as the female. So do not be afraid to experiment and look for those same spots on the body of your partner. An interesting fact: many men say that they like when women caress their feet, ears, back, and also anus.

Myth 11. Anal sex - very dangerous and harmful

False. In fact, anal sex is really associated with increased risk of injury, and therefore requires extreme care and special attention. But if you use lubrication and listen to your body, you’ll have no problems. Another important point - it isn’t recommended to combine anal and vaginal sex, since there is a risk of entering gut microflora into a vagina, and then into the uterine cavity that can lead to inflammatory processes.

Interesting facts about sex

Sex, perhaps, is one of the most interesting topics. And people want to know everything about it. Here are 5 interesting facts about sex that you probably didn’t know.

1. Socks help get an orgasm. No, it's not about new sexual practices, but about usual cotton socks that can make your sex better. No matter how ridiculous this may sound, socks are the way to orgasm. Researchers are ready to confirm that it is easier to reach the final point of enjoyment when your feet are warm.

2. Sex can improve memory. But only in women. A recent study has shown that regular sex improves the ability of the female brain to memorize words and whole phrases – it happens on account of increasing the blood flow to the hippocampus. And although the same effect can be obtained with the help of any aerobic activity, doing it in bed is much more pleasant.

3. Men also have the "G-spot ". Conversations about the female "G-spot" are so popular that we don’t even think whether men have a similar "spot". And you will be surprised, but yes. According to research, it is located directly under the bladder, and with the right stimulation is able to increase the quality of sex.

4. Sex is getting better with age. This is one of the most interesting facts about sex. Maybe it depends on the gained experience or hormonal changes. Maybe it's because you finally learned to understand yourself and your partner. But, anyway, the future is fine! Many women admitted that they began to feel the real orgasm only after forty. And men with age become more attentive, caring, and can better control themselves in sex.

5. Allergic to orgasm. Unfortunately, an allergy to orgasm is not an invention, but a reality. Some men develop an allergic reaction to their own sperm, they have the symptoms of a cold after sex and even masturbation.

6. Sex is beneficial for health. If you are a man, and you have sex at least once per week, you will be glad to hear that you have by 30% lover risk of heart disease, by 50% stroke, and by 40% diabetes. Furthermore, people who regularly have sex are most likely to live longer than 80 years. In turn, orgasms lower a woman's risk of having breast cancer, heart disease, depressions, and stroke.

When talking about sex and sex-related things, the majority of people tend to blush. Even though this always looks cute and even funny, you need to understand that there is no place for doubts and shame when you have sex with your significant other. The reason for this is that the quality of sex strongly depends on our emotions and calmness. Quite often, uncontrolled emotions serve as the main reasons for problems in sex. This happens because our doubts and worries prevent us from fully relaxing and enjoying our partners. Therefore, if you or your partner still believe in some myths, now you have the best opportunity to re-read this article together with him or her to have fewer reasons to feel worried or awkward.

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30.04.2020 19:10
Thank you for this article. To be honest, before reading it, I used to believe in some of tose myth. It is very hard to imagine a more complicated aspect of our life than sex. I see that this is the main reason why people believe in so many myths about it. Never doubt yourself and your abilities, and everything will be just fine.

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