1. Main benefits of group dates
  2. The tradition of Gokon
  3. Main keys to arrange a perfect grouper date
  4. 25 fun group date ideas for couples who tried everything

A group date can be a great idea, for example, when you have a few single friends you’d like to bring together. It might seem simple at first glance, but in practice, group dates often end in disappointment. To make things right and avoid potential pitfalls, you should do a little research.

Group dates are often more fun and exciting than regular ones, but it’s not enough to come to the right place at the right time for magic to happen. If you plan to gather a few people together and have fun, you need to think of every detail. Your main task is to make sure everyone involved feels comfortable: maybe the people you invited aren’t used to such events. That's why you always need to keep a couple of wonderful and time-tested group date ideas in mind to save the evening from a total failure.

group date ideas

Main benefits of group dates

A group date is a great (and relatively safe) way to spend time with both your best friend and girlfriend, and that’s not the only advantage it offers. But for some strange reason, few couples practice double dates regularly. You may be worried that the date will be embarrassing, or you have no idea how to arrange it: no matter what doubts torment you, we have four good reasons why you should try to go on a group date at least for the sake of experiment.

The tradition of Gokon

Every year in Japan, there are more and more unmarried women and unmarried men who fail to find a partner to create a family. Gokon, a group meeting in an informal setting, is a very popular way of romantic dating among the Japanese. Gokon – is an abbreviation of two words, “godo” and “konpa” (group meeting). It was the way in which a group of university students called, at which several student groups came together for a joint banquet. Nowadays, a gokon is a group meeting of men and women who are actively looking for a partner to create a family.

How does the gokon go? First, two so-called “leaders” (a man and a woman) gather a group — these may be friends, former classmates, sportsmates, work colleagues, etc. The basic principle is that there are not so many participants and the same attendance number of men and women. At the beginning of the meeting, men and women sit opposite each other. First, everyone drinks for their meeting, then everyone talks about themselves, then everyone takes turns chatting in pairs, getting to know the representative of the opposite sex more closely. If a couple ends up liking each other, they can exchange emails or phone numbers and later continue to talk on their own.

Friendly atmosphere

Whether it’s a blind date or the first meeting with a girl you met online, a double date can make this special evening less stressful if you’re very worried and afraid to spend time tete-a-tete with her. Just make sure the girl also likes such an idea for a first date. Also, in a group of four people, it’s much easier to start and keep a conversation going, which can help you avoid embarrassing silence. You no longer need to poke around your head, desperately looking for topics to fill the gaps in a conversation.

More ways to socialize

When you meet other couples, you have a chance to talk about something outside your circle of interests. It’s fascinating how much you can find out about love by chatting with other couples. For example, if you think your relationship is moving too fast, feel free to talk about it and hear what a neutral side thinks about it. Or you can ask them about their craziest dating experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a trick or two.


Last but not least, group dates usually cost less than traditional one-on-one meetings. You simply won’t have enough time to spend money, as you’ll have to keep up with the conversation. Depending on the idea you choose for the date, you might be able to save a few bucks or even avoid expenses at all.

Main keys to arrange a perfect grouper date

When couples with different relationship experiences get together for a double date, then it’s usually up to the more “seasoned” couple to arrange the upcoming event. This role requires responsibility, as well as some tact: to make a double date go smoothly, you need to take each side’s interest into account and take care of some organizational matters.double date ideas

Plan a budget and schedule

Find out about the preferences of the other couple. Maybe they have plans for the day you chose for a date. Ask them how much they’re ready to spend. Check if all of you are OK with the appointed time. This isn’t a romantic first date, and everyone must come in time.

Pre-plan activities

Choosing between double date ideas is the trickiest task. The thing is that you need to choose ideas carefully because each of you has your own interests, tastes, and habits, and finding a compromise solution for four or more people is more difficult than for two. Here’s a small tip: during a date, try to avoid too personal questions, even if you plan on playing truth or dare. Also, a date shouldn’t go for too long. You’ll just get tired of each other, and the experience will be ruined.

Be in a good mood

The most important thing is not to spoil the atmosphere. It is unlikely that your friends want to spend a wonderful evening listening to your complaints. Again, try not to touch upon their relationship. If the other couple found each other on one of those sites to find women, don’t start arguing that online relationships are a myth. Besides, some couples skillfully project their problems on others, which can cause a conflict between friends.

25 fun group date ideas for couples who tried everything

And now for the main course. Just like with regular dates, the outcome of a group one largely depends on creativity. Instead of a good old (but totally banal) dinner in a restaurant, we recommend picking something unusual or even exotic. Creativity is a great thing, especially when it comes to double dating. If you want the event to leave a good aftertaste, try one of these group date night ideas.

1) A culinary battle

Split into teams: girls vs. boys. Prepare the same set of products for each team and set the task to cook certain dishes (like appetizers, salads, or desserts). At the end of the evening, vote and award the winners of the battle with some symbolic prizes.

2) Competitive sports

Pool, darts, paintball, bowling, table tennis – the variety of options is staggering. You can have fun competing for two by two. You’ll easily find plenty of spots to play them. All that’s left is to pick a place that would fit all of you. Add a bit of competition to your date.

3) Throw a picnic

There are a lot of things to do on a double date. How do you like the idea of ​​getting out outdoors? You can fry some meat in a park or the countryside. Or find a quiet spot on a beach if you live near the ocean, light a bonfire, wrap yourself in a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa and tell stories or funny jokes all night long.

4) Play some games

Poker, bridge, blackjack – there are dozens of card games. If you want something more entertaining, one of you probably owns a PlayStation. But you can always have fun playing exciting board games. In the end, you can even play the good spin a bottle. If you dare, of course!

5) How about racing?

Who doesn't like speed? And you can drive anything you like. For example, go to an amusement park and go-kart or buggy racing. Hire a couple of remote-controlled airplanes, split into teams, and find out who’s better at doing a barrel roll. Or maybe you should arrange a small sailing regatta? How do you like competitive double-date entertainment?

6) Beach games

Arrange a sports competition between your couples, fly kites together or play some beach volleyball or football. And let the losing couple treat the rest with drinks after the game. Have a small chat over a glass of cold juice or cocktail. No beach nearby? Don’t worry, we still have a lot of fun double date ideas.fun group date ideas

7) New experience

Choose an activity that will be new to all of you. For example, go to a fitness lesson or some class in a cooking school and learn how to cook something exotic. One more common hobby for the four of you wouldn’t hurt; plus it will add variety to your pastime.

8) Become tourists for a day

Pretend like you’re the guests of your city. Look at it from a tourist high-rise, take a few selfies near the main sights, or visit a high-class restaurant.

9) Take a gastronomic trip

When going on a group date, a café isn’t the most exciting choice. But! You can find a street with many different cafes, and visit them one by one. Go to one for a cocktail and try the main course in another. All the leftover awkwardness will disappear.

10) Go to an amusement park

Who says adults get bored with rides? What could be more interesting than a double date in an amusement park? Ride a roller coaster, get a lot of adrenaline and sweets, and scream your lungs out during breathtaking falls. At the same time, your memories of the date will be vivid and long, and you’ll have a few funny photos to show.

11) Try a master class

Sign up for a culinary or dance workshop. In the end, you can arrange a real competition using the knowledge you’ve got.

12) A trip out of town

Four adventurers in one car – this may turn out to be one of the cute double date ideas, especially if one of you is uncomfortable in communication. You’ll quickly plunge into the atmosphere of a mini-vacation.

13) A date on ice

Why don’t you take your girlfriend and the other couple to a skating rink? Don’t know how to skate and never set foot on ice? Relax, it’s pretty simple. After falling a couple of times, you’ll understand how to keep the balance. You never know when you can discover hidden potential.

14) Wine or beer tasting

This type of entertainment is easy to arrange at someone's home in case you don’t want to go outside. It’ll help you relax and learn more about each other’s tastes. For this, each couple should bring, for example, two bottles of wine (or several sorts of beer you haven’t tried before). Small canapes are perfect as snacks, and you can also make those together.

15) Art Party

Since we’re talking about wine, then another great idea would be to combine drinking and drawing. This pastime is also called an art party. The bottom line is that you get together to draw and drink wine. It’s as simple as that. And don’t worry if you’re not an artist and think that you don’t know how to draw. This is just entertainment, and you can all laugh at how silly your paintings or drawings look.

16) Quest rooms

A lot of fun group dates happen in quest rooms. They’re interesting and make you think quickly and act as a team. There are many different quests out there, so you should choose the one that will be interesting to all participants.

17) Go to a concert

The best thing about concerts is that you can make an entire day activity out of them. Go there, listen to the albums of your favorite bands, and remember the lyrics: you’ll be spending the rest of the evening singing them. There’s one problem, though: concerts are too loud for talking.

18) Karaoke in a private room

You may not be a fan of singing your favorite songs in front of the entire bar, but for this, you can rent a private room in your favorite establishment. You can compete as couples or go against your loved ones. Choose a genre, such as your favorite songs from the 90s, and let each team try to beat each other with incredible performance.

19) Korean barbecue

If you want to meet over dinner, then your best choice is a Korean barbecue. It’s fun, tasty, and requires action and not just sitting and awkwardly waiting for the waiters to bring the next dish.things to do on a double date

20) A contest evening at the bar

If you like contests and group date ideas for adults, then a bar party is a great idea. Drinking will make you talk, and the competitive spirit will make your couple a great team. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you’ll have a blast.

21) A one-day cruise

Alright, it’s time for some heavy artillery. If you want to make a date truly special, and the budget allows, you can spend a day aboard a cruise ship with all the perks of a real cruise. Alternatively, you might also want to consider renting a mall yacht and go on your own small cruise.

22) Rent a cabin

If you’re traveling types, feel free to book a cabin somewhere closer to Mother Nature. Bring drinks, board games, and a good mood.

23) A bonfire date

A double date doesn’t have to be super active. If you want to, you can just cozy up and have a few drinks in front of a warm fire. It’s one of the most romantic options.

24) A pool party?

Don’t know how to ask a girl out on a group date? Don’t tell her it’s a date. Say it’s a party! Gather a few couple-friends, find a place with a huge pool, and have fun.

25) Movie night, of course

You can either go to a movie theater or just crash at your place and watch some movies together. A small piece of advice: do it late in the evening and pick a horror movie. This way you’ll have an excuse to sit next to your crush (if you’re not dating yet) and let her grab you every time she’s spooked.

These were only the most popular ideas for a double date. You can always find more online or come up with your own ones. And remember a few things. On a group date, you need to find a bit of time for every person, not just your partner. It’s not a traditional date when romance plays the main role. It’s more of a small party for the chosen ones, so all of you should feel comfortable.

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I personally never have been a fan of group dates, I like my dates to be rather intimate in nature so that I and my partner can focus on each other, but I can see some arguments for it, after all, if you are a shy person by nature and you want to feel more comfortable on a date – then taking your friends with you can be a great idea.

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