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Some people believe that the world is either black or white, and there are no other colors in between. And when it comes to male personalities, people think about Alpha and Beta, forgetting right away about Omega one. Thus, an Alpha male is an embodiment of power – he possesses leadership qualities, is self-confident and courageous. While Beta males prefer not to stand out from the crowd, and it is easier for them to run an errand than call the shots. However, the world is more multifaceted, and if you use different sides and shadows, you can describe the same thing more skillfully. If you look around, having broadened your horizon, you will see that men cannot be divided just in two categories. Some combine different qualities and form a new reality. One day you may run into a person who is neither Alpha nor Beta and definitely nor Omega. He is like nobody else. At first, it may seem that he is a typical Alpha, but if you take a closer look, you will understand that it’s not the case. He is a rule-breaker and maker. He is a Sigma male.

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What Is a Sigma Male Personality?

You may wonder, “What is a Sigma male?” and whether it has something to do with your personality. This man is a mysterious character from all the possible angles. He is an introverted version of an Alpha, who prefers to not give in to anyone but live according to his rules and aspirations. He can possess the brightest characteristics of Beta and Alpha, so it’s easy to confuse him with the representatives of other groups of the classification, depending on the things he is doing right now. It’s hard to highlight Sigma male characteristics since they can differ in each man. Their nature is much deeper than it seems at first glance. Thus, unlike Alphas, he may not want to be in the spotlight, so he will hardly approach the most beautiful girls online or do something awkward to draw someone’s attention and show off. Such a man prefers to quietly stay in a shadow, being in no hurry to reveal anything about himself. However, it is not worth believing that he is weak or shy since it has nothing to do with reality. If necessary, he will demonstrate his strong character and turn on a “pushy” mode, looking like a true Alpha. Such a man has an opinion about every little thing, and often it differs from the socially accepted concepts, but he doesn’t care about that. He is self-confident, curious, and smart, so he can deal with any task of both physical and mental character. Well, if someone asks to describe this man in a word, then it will be “loner” who has been building his character for years. The chances are high that he has passed through numerous tests that contributed to the development of his personality. When necessary, he can be very persuasive and manipulative, and this quality makes him stronger than the rest.

And even though he is not interested in the leading position, he will hardly follow anyone if it doesn’t fit his worldview. Such a man will not start a relationship just not to be single and lonely since he is interested only in deep and sincere feelings, and he doesn’t want to experience relationship anxiety, being with the wrong person. He will stay single until he meets the soulmate that shares his values and makes him stay interested in communication. One of the distinguishing features of such a man is the readiness to take risks to get something better. When it comes to committed relationships, such a man will search for the best representative of the fair sex. Usually, their partners are intelligent and beautiful women.

It is also necessary to mention that such a man can be vindictive since he doesn’t forgive those who hurt him back in days, and he will make up a plan on how to pay them back. Besides, it’s better not to argue with such a man when he has lost his temper.

Well, Sigma male personality has many good sides as well. They know how to be faithful friends and become a shoulder to cry on when necessary. They are loyal partners who are ready to do everything possible for their significant others. It seems most girls will be glad to start dating a Sigma male.

Sigma Male in Relationship

Considering all the main sigma male traits, one can say that such a man is a perfect option for committed relationships. They are not into casual dating, so such a man is like a cherry on the pie for many girls. He is a bit old-school in his life views, having taken the best manners of previous generations. Nowadays, guys forget to behave like gentlemen and treat their girlfriends with respect and care, and it’s when Sigma males get additional scores on their background. If you compare Sigma male vs Alpha male characteristics, you may believe that the first option is the most suitable one. However, is it really so? What should you know about the Sigma male relationship? Can you handle this challenge?what is a sigma male

1. They never open up to the fullest

You might have heard many times that the image of such a man is covered with some mystery. It is really so, and this notorious mystery attracts women to this man on the subconscious level since they want to solve the riddle of his soul. He resembles a closed door behind which you can find almost everything, and his high level of intelligence and self-confidence only contribute to that image. However, it doesn’t matter how much a man loves his woman. A part of his soul will always stay closed for her. It’s extremely hard for them to open up even to the closest and dearest people. So, a woman should be ready for such a feature if she wants to be with a Sigma male. Putting pressure and making demands to open up will not help but only worsen the situation.

2. They are independent

Being either in a relationship or single, a Sigma male will stay free-spirited. He is used to be a decision-maker and is not going to change his principles. If a girl dreams about a female-led relationship, then such a man is not for her since he will never be henpecked. If a girl tries to impose her decision, such an attitude will not lead to anything good. It will become a big deal breaker for such a man. The same goes for drama queens and those who like to manipulate their partners. A Sigma male will never agree on such a scenario, so the chances are high that their relationships will end soon. Besides, sending mixed signals is a failed strategy that will push a Sigma male away.

3. Their personal boundaries are of great importance

To build healthy and happy relationships, partners should respect each other’s personal boundaries. It is one of the most important things in the life of a couple, and it’s especially true when it comes to relationships with a Sigma male. A girl shouldn’t violate boundaries and invade his personal space if she wants their partnership to work out. Usually, friends of such a man play a big role in his life, so he is not going to forget about them or reject hanging out just because he has got a girlfriend. Actually, it’s a healthy position of a mature person that will help him avoid codependence and boredom in the couple.

4. They are great partners

When such a man meets a soulmate, who corresponds with the image of his perfect partner, then all other women will cease to exist for him. Such guys are not interested in casual dating just to spend time with pleasure and have fun. They prefer serious relationships with someone special. So, if a woman has managed to get such a man, she will be surprised to realize what a perfect partner she has got. These men are ready to do everything possible (and sometimes even impossible) for the sake of their beloved partners. A girlfriend of such a man will feel his care and support, and she will know that he will always have her back.

5. They are keepers

If a girl is going to start a relationship with a Sigma male, she should understand that he may try to control her in some way. It’s not necessarily about some toxic behavior patterns, but such a man is a keeper. And if a girl has agreed to be with him, then frivolous contacts with other males are prohibited. Talking about Sigma vs. Omega male, it is necessary to understand that Sigma is closer to Alpha-type than Omega. Such a man treats relationships too seriously, so he will not tolerate the flirting of their girlfriend with someone else. So, if a girl doesn’t want to limit herself to close communication only with one man, then Sigma male is not her perfect match. Besides, one shouldn’t forget that an angry Sigma male can be really furious, so it’s better not to provoke him.

6. They don’t like just beautiful womensigma male traits

It’s not enough to be just a beautiful woman to attract a Sigma male. Even though appearance plays one of the crucial roles when it comes to attracting a stranger, Sigma males are too old-fashioned, and they are not into all those modern trends. In most cases, they are sapiosexual, so they value mental abilities no less than physical data. He can get almost any girl he wants, but since he is not into one-night stands, he is looking for a special woman who fits the image of a life partner. A woman should challenge her man to stay attractive to him. He is ready to be a shoulder to cry on for his beloved partner, but he is not attracted by girls who perceive a man as a safety ring.

7. They are not very romantic

Being rather a loner than a romantic nature, a Sigma male is not good at making great compliments and arranging cool surprises. They are rather pragmatic guys who prefer to show their affection with the help of deeds instead of words. So, if a woman cannot live without romantic stuff, and it’s her language of love that allows her to feel adored and beloved, then Sigma men seem not the best option. In general, they don’t like to talk much, even though they can maintain almost any conversation. So, you will be able to discuss various things both of you are interested in, but you will hardly find yourself at a romantic secret party.

8. They will respect partners

Everyone knows that a healthy relationship cannot do without respect. It’s a foundation of love and guarantee of successful development of further connection. When a woman starts dating a Sigma male, she can be sure that she will be respected in all spheres of life. Sigma males treat this moment very seriously, and it is manifested both in living together and in communication. If a woman has some specific demands to her partner, she should inform him about them, not to blame him for violating her personal boundaries later. Talk everything through to create a strong connection based on mutual respect and understanding.

Sigma Male Test: Simple Questions to Understand Your Personality

It seems to you that you know how to be a Sigma male because you are one. Even though yesterday you were sure that you are a true Alpha male, and a week ago, when you didn’t manage to cope with some task and had awful mood, you considered yourself Beta or even Omega? Well, it happens, and it’s not always easy to understand who you actually are. And if you run into Sigma male examples, represented by some famous people or fake characters, you may be confused because sometimes we all want to be like a cool dude from the movie. However, it doesn’t mean that it has something to do with reality. Here is a small Sigma male test that may bring you closer to the understanding of your personality. Answer yes or no.

1. You like alone time

Some people adore the noisy society and cannot live without the people around them. So, they visit numerous parties every Friday and hang out with friends even though their work relates to communicating with people as well. They “charge” in such a way. And you are the opposite of all that stuff. You need some time alone to get back to normal after spending time with other people. Your productivity increases when you are alone.

2. You like to reflect on something

It’s not about usual thinking when you are communicating with someone or decide what to cook for dinner. Many people don’t want to stay alone with their thoughts because it makes them get depressed. They turn on TV or music, and sometimes even drink not to hear their thoughts. But you are comfortable with yourself. You like to reflect on life, comparing your past with the present or dreaming about the future.

3. You have your opinion on everything

While most people believe that it’s impossible to exist without strict rules, binding themselves to a dogma, you prefer to stay faithful to yourself. If something or someone doesn’t suit you, you will not turn a blind eye or pretend that everything is fine. You will leave right away because you don’t want to be limited. And talking about something, you will always have something to say about the topic.

4. You don’t like authority

Nobody can tell you what to do even it is someone who takes a higher position. If your opinion contradicts their words, you will do your own thing. Maybe you have launched your own business not to have a strict schedule as well as some stupid and unnecessary tasks.

5. You are smart

Your wit and high level of intelligence are your calling card. You are constantly involved in self-development and self-improvement, being curious by nature, you try to find out as much as possible about the thing around you. Besides, you have great analyzing skills that come you in handy very often. You are not afraid to ask questions if you are interested in something because curiosity is your driving force.

6. You are self-confidentsigma male test

While an Alpha male tries to make sure that everyone knows that he is a boss here, then a Sigma male doesn’t feel any need to talk about his capabilities here and there. So, you are a self-confident man, and you don’t need to get confirmation of your abilities from the outside world. You may not even have an Instagram profile. It seems a rare person can convince you that you are not enough.

7. You are interested only in committed relationships

While most guys take love affairs easy, you are not interested in casual dating even if a girl offers you something herself. You want to meet a decent girl with whom you are on the same page, who shares your worldview and fits the role of a life partner. Thus, a one-night stand is not your cup of tea.

8. You fit anywhere

Some people face difficulties when they find themselves in a new company. They behave either too shy or try to show off right away, and in both cases, people around them feel confused. However, it’s not about you since you easily blend in any company or group because you know how to attract attention without demanding power. People like your company.

9. You are in the spotlight

Even though you don’t do anything special to draw someone’s attention, you attract women pretty often, comparing to other men. Sometimes you may not even understand why they pay so much attention to you or even approach you to get acquainted. And when you are in a new company, it somehow happens that you are in the spotlight as well.

10. You know what you want

You may try numerous things, being sure that this time everything will work out. And even if you fail, you don’t get depressed but try something else since your self-confidence and curiosity make a great tandem that helps you try different things. You know what you want, so there are no problems with setting goals.


Have you passed the test? What results have you got? If you have found yourself in 0-4 cases, then you rather belong to some other type of personality. Depending on the points that you have chosen, you can be an Alfa or Beta male. If you have got 5-8 yes, then you are a mixed type. You have some qualities of a Sigma male in combination with some other types of personality. And if you have got 8-10 yes, then, congratulations! You are a pure Sigma male. You are a classic kingmaker.

Be Yourself

You can try very hard to be someone else, but if it doesn’t match your inner state, then all your efforts will be in vain. Of course, it is useful for everybody to develop such qualities of a Sigma male as self-esteem and charisma. But it is more important not to pretend to be someone you are not. It doesn’t really matter what your personality type is if you are happy with yourself.

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