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Viktoria Dating Profile & Photo Gallery.

age 25. Kiev, Ukraine

Marital status:single
Height:5'5" - 165 cm
Weight:106 lb - 48 kg
Eye color:brown
Hair color:black
Body type:slim
English level:speak at a good level

About myself

If it is possible to combine passion and tenderness in one person, it is about me! At this moment of my life I feel like a tender and refined flower in a large field. I feel lonely and unprotected, but I believe there is someone who can find me in this large field, between the same beautiful flowers around.I am a very serious and responsible lady who values family values. People say that I am punctual and reliable. I am a strong woman with a sensitive soul. I am simple and friendly. I like to enjoy life and not to complicate things. I believe life is too short for conflicts and this is why I am always trying to stay in positive mood. I am rather romantic and for me it is important to love and to feel loved.

About my partner

I am looking for a man who is reliable and confident. I need a man who will respect me and will treat me as a woman. Being in relationship for me is dating with man, who has stable life position, who is self confident enough to understand that woman is a person, who share happiness, sadness, smiles, who is staying with her partner no matter what and believe in her relationship with her man instead of anything. I am looking for a man, who would be a partner in life for me, a best friend, a person, whom I could tell everything and be sure, that I will stay and support my man in the same way, I feel support and understanding from him.


I really enjoy staying outdoors. That's why traveling is my passion!

Age criteria

searches a mature person