1. Texting etiquette in 2018
  2. Texting a girl: do's and don'ts
  3. Tricks for correspondence
  4. Texting mistakes you should avoid
  5. Dirty texting examples
  6. Other Tips

It's a far cry from the days when you could call a girl and chat on the phone. How to conduct a talk on social media, using SMS or messengers? How do you need to communicate and flirt on the Internet to make the more intimate acquaintance with a girl? Do you want to hug and kiss the girl, instead of writing messages on the Internet? Everything's going to be okay, if you memorize this valuable information. We will tell you about online texting and how to chat with a girl on the Internet.

texting etiquette

Texting etiquette in 2018

Information and communication technologies are fast progressing, and we are along with them. Now people more chat than call on the phone. You’ve definitely noticed it by yourself. In order to do it, people use social networks, SMS, messengers and other means. Forward-minded youth has created a new culture and they are called the "TXT generation".

Now all modern people are online round the clock. Communication methods are changing, the same as communication between the sexes. Now you don’t need to call a girl, but write a message. These correspondences are a modern online pick-up art, one of the brightest phenomena of current culture, which is called texting.

Girls write messages at all stages of the relationship: if she wants to make acquaintance, after the first date, during the "courtship" of a relationship, after the first sex, and in relationships.

To impress a girl by correspondence, you should follow the rules of this texting girls guide and avoid common texting mistakes guys make. So you can quickly achieve the main goal of communication.

Texting a girl: do's and don'ts

1. Identify the purpose of communication

There is no point in getting onto communication with a girl, if you don’t know its purpose. The tactic of behavior is different in each case and depends on the goals: whether it is gaining experience of communication with the opposite sex, or simply a way to spend your free time (to have fun). Or a purposeful communication for further invitation to a date with the possibility of a relationship. The goal must always be kept in mind and achieved by the shortest route.

Suppose, you wanted to ask a girl on a date, but were so carried away by Internet communication that forgot your purpose. As a result, you spent a whole month on the correspondence with the girl, and when you have finally asked her to a date - it was too late, she had already got together with another man.

texting girls guide 2. Don’t doubt

Some men lack self-confidence so much that they begin to avoid a woman after the contact has already been established. They think that she isn’t as good as she seems, and probably will reject suggestions about a date. Instead of just continuing to communicate and invite the very girl to the meeting, guys begin to chat with others, hoping to assure that they are attractive enough. Remember, if a girl has answered your message, she is ready to consider you as a potential partner. So you don’t need to doubt. Just write her.

3. Show initiative

Most women are looking for a confident man who won’t be afraid to write her first, call, invite on a date, kiss and start a relationship. So if you expect her to write first, then we hasten to disappoint you, most likely, you will wait a long time. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been chatting all night long, the girl will still wait the first step from you. Again and again. The explanation is simple. She needs a self-confident man who will not be afraid of difficulties during their coupledom. A man who is always ready to take matters into his own hands, instead of giving up.

4. Publish more good photos

Work on your account and profile on the network. Surround it with a halo of success, mystery and intrigue. Share photos that will show you from the best side. Girls appreciate it.

It is recommended to post photos where you are:

  • in the family circle;
  • at a concert, a play;
  • go in for sports (snowboard, bicycle, football).
  • Watch that the girl doesn’t take you for a self-centered person, worried only about youself and your own reputation.

Don’t upload photos of this type:

  • on the back of expensive cars;
  • selfies at breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • with cigarettes, alcohol;
  • under the influence of alcohol.

Be an individual, have hobbies, interests and read books. Develop, grow as a person. A girl hardly like a guy that doesn’t know how to put two words together. But your erudition can catch her.

5. Don’t avoid personal meeting

The more a guy holds off on chatting and shirks a date, the more rapidly the girl goes cold on him. If she has already given you her number, it does not mean that you are special and that you are allowed to be in her life for many years. Hurry up and remember that there are a lot of other interesting guys around her, and she can meet them.

And if you were given a phone number, this doesn’t mean that she is looking for a pen friend. She seeks a man who will love her in real life, and not on the Internet. Write to her, but only in order to take one more step towards a personal meeting. If a girl answers your messages and gives her phone number, then don’t slow down the course of events. Go ahead! Don’t wait for anything to happen. Ask her on a date and enjoy a wonderful evening.

Tricks for correspondence

Limit communication. If you see that the girl has lost interest - leave the network. Only losers constantly stick out on the Web. A successful and self-confident person values his time. He won’t spend it on sluggish chatter on the Internet. Sometimes you can abruptly interrupt communication without waiting for her response. This will create a little intrigue. More often call the girl by name. All people are sensitive to the mention of their name. It’s proved by psychologists. Actively using this advice, you can attract attention and gain confidence.

Be evenly interested. Send her messages just about at the same pace as she does it. If you are too lively to correspond - you show an excessive interest in communicating with her.

Texting mistakes you should avoid


Many people make this mistake, believing that rudeness is an indicator of confidence, but this is a false stereotype. A girl doesn’t like when a guy allows himself to behave aggressively and familiarly with her, or use swear words in his speech. In reality, a guy with such behavior is more like a mugger than an alpha male.


It’s one of the worst texting mistakes guys make. If the girl doesn’t want to communicate, there is no point in insisting. It is not necessary to elicit information from the girl, or intrude on her feelings. Such emotional violence will scare her away. Let the girl save her private space.

Erroneous spelling

Don’t make mistakes in spelling. Your literacy is an indicator of intelligence. In this case, don’t criticize the girl for her mistakes - grunge attitude doesn't attract anyone.

online textingTemplates

Everyone is fed up with the standard expressions "Hi, how are you? What are you doing?" It’s better to start developing a theme of the conversation, based on her hobbies, interests. For example: "Hello! I noticed that you like [the name of the actor]. A film where he plays will soon be on. Let's go?"


You shouldn’t talk about your steepness - the girl will be disgusted with you. Less talk, more action.

Abundance of emojis

Emojis must be appropriate. A large number of smiling emoticons in each sentence makes women think about the adequacy of the guy.

Dirty texting examples

It isn’t recommended to immediately touch on the topic of sex. Let's say that a girl has a photo, where she is depicted in a swimsuit on the beach. Men are arranged in such way that they want to immediately write something about the figure and such things. But it's better to abstain and speak about her subtle spiritual organization, but not about her sexual figure.

How to write sexual messages? They are also called "sexting". You can write such texts only to those girls with whom you already have relationships. Otherwise, you can easily frighten a girl. Here are a couple of dirty texting ideas: Are you alone at home? What clothes do you usually sleep in? Do you look sexy today? How does your underwear look like? I kiss you on the neck.

Texting pick-up lines

Finding a pretty interlocutress on social networks is quite simple. However, the following problems immediately appear: what to write to the girl in the first message, how to start a conversation, what to avoid in communication and how to transfer the dialogue into a real meeting.

The first rule of pick-up lines - no platitudes! Throw out of your head the standard messages "Hello, how are you doing?", "Let's become friends", "Hello, beauty". Many guys start to communicate with girls just like that. But if a young lady is pretty, she receives such messages regularly.

Pick-up artists before sending a message recommend to check whether it answers three important questions that arise in each girl after she reads your message:

  • Who are you? We mean your name.
  • For what purpose did you start communication? Your goals: just communicate, learn something from the girl, ask her on a date, etc.
  • Why did you choose her? Perhaps you found out some commonality, noticed something on her page, etc.
  • The first message should be short and concise. Male greetings should interest a potential interlocutress, make her start and continue communication.

Do you need to invent a complex greeting or write a huge text? An important rule of pickup - the first message can consist of two or three sentences, but they should catch a girl.

Don’t forget to say hello and insert your own name into the greeting - you should represent yourself, even if you have personal information on the profile page. Do you want a girl to have favorability toward you? Moreover, in a decent society it is customary to voice your name.

If you don't know what pretext to specify as a reason for communication, don’t worry. Your desire to communicate, conduct a conversation and just get acquainted with a pretty young lady is already a sufficient excuse for sending a message. Here are some examples of pick-up lines for texting girls you like:

  1. The girl is depicted on the sea. Ask her where she rested and whether she liked it. Ask for advice on where it’s better to rest.
  2. A girl holds a pet. Make a compliment to the animal. Ask whether the pet lives at her house. Ask if it’s hard to look after it, and if she is happy with her choice.
  3. There is a photo with a familiar place. Tell you were there too, and that you liked it. Find out if she loves this place.
  4. Just a beautiful photo. You can express your admiration, say that she looks gorgeous.
  5. You like her dress, bag, or shoes. Ask for help with choosing a gift for your sister, and say that you rely on her amazing taste.

Other Tips

Do not bombard her with messages and do not expect her to reply to them. Remember that the lady may have her own affairs and her own life. If a woman does not answer you right away after you send messages to her, be patient. Do not send text messages to her with a question mark to find out what she is so busy with. Pay attention to the time it takes you to wrap up your conversations. If they last for long hours, she surely likes you! If it seems to you that she is making as much effort as you are, to continue the conversation is a good sign.

No need to always text her first. If she texts you in a few days, it may mean that she misses you and thinks about you. If you have such an opportunity, compare what and how much she texts to other friends - so you can understand whether you are important to her not just as a friend. Let her know that during correspondence you pay more attention to her than to others, this will make her feel special. You do not need to write a lot and often or immediately respond to her messages, otherwise, you will be considered annoying.

Your words should bestir. Write something that will not leave the girl indifferent. She must herself want to continue communicating and respond. Believe us, girls can talk for hours about things that interest them.

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Nothing else really matters as much as experience. You might wonder like, wow, how does this guy know so much about women and about texting, about dating in general, but, in reality, it’s not like it just all dawned on him from out of nowhere, he had to fail countless times and go through all of it before he became this good.

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