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A strong dominant woman will always be honest with you when it comes to her needs, so you have to be sure that you are ready for it.

They are firmly on their feet and for this they do not need a man. Not all men can meet the standards of a strong and independent woman, because she challenges everyone who appears in her life. She will never date a man who cannot match her. She knows how to be patient, but she will not tolerate mediocrity. It will make you look at the world differently, and you must be open and ready to hear it. So, today we will discuss the topic of “how to meet dominant women” in detail.

Dominant woman submissive man relationships: do they work?

Everything has changed in life, but not in the image of reality that we see at parties or on TV screens and billboards. There, men and women still present themselves as ideal objects of desire: firm breasts, an underlined waist, high heels. Or unshaven strong hands and muscles ...

All of it is so exaggerated that it looks like a masquerade: as if everyone around decided to dress up as "real men" and "real women." What do we achieve when we strongly emphasize the signs of sex? Do we really convince ourselves?

So it is, social psychologists and sexologists are sure. Since we pay so much attention to the external, it means that sexual self-identification is becoming increasingly blurred. Traditionally, a man was engaged in work: there he spent almost all of his time, but this gave him the dominant position in the family.

Women and men became too similar to each other. They study, work, share house duties together.

Dominant woman in a relationship became normal. Now women make up the majority of workers. Male superiority has ceased to be undeniable, physical strength is not in demand, men spend more time with children, take care of their body and appearance.

On the other hand, women, when making a career, often feel uncomfortable: they are embarrassed to earn more than men, but at the same time they do not have the right to take time off from work to do home and children. Such inner confusion cannot but affect the intimate life.

When an independent, self-realized modern woman meets a man she dreamed about, it turns out that she ... does not want to live with him at all. Yes, he is ready to protect her, but at the same time he treats her patronizingly, insists on his own, considers himself to be the leader here. And she involuntarily thinks: "Who is he to tell me what to do?"

Women and men have become too similar. They study, work, share household duties, occupy the same positions, lead the same lifestyle. This brings them closer and makes them more understandable to each other ... until it is not about sexuality. After all, the nature of desire has remained unchanged: it still arises separately from our will and is looking for different things in our partner. It is the differences that attract us and excite us, and we just do not have them today.

Any system is based on two forces: centrifugal and centripetal, experts say. In order for the family to take place, the partners must balance each other. The goal-oriented man is oriented outwards, he remains a classic "provider" in the pairing. The question is whether the woman agrees to the accompanying role.

If passivity does not suit her, you can try to combine roles, which is quite difficult. Especially hard is to be the most energetic and independent: they do not know how to delegate their powers, they want to be always right, they are not ready to admit their weaknesses.

Many "girls of character" choose the image of the fatal seductress already in their youth, which must protect them from disappointments. The Don Juan style implies a reluctance to recognize one's own and others' feelings and the ability to move from friendship to sex and back without mental suffering.

If a woman does not cause trust, behaves too uninhibited, a man often prefers to retreat.

"I often think that I'm in love, and then it turns out that it was better for us to remain friends," the 27-year-old Jessica argues. "And when I drop them, they take offense, they do not want to see me anymore. It's a pity!"

And what about men? They still want to please women. They are worried that they will not be able to satisfy their partner, they are afraid that they will be compared to others. Many of them feel like a victim, a woman's toy, and therefore the sexual act inspires them with anxiety. If a woman does not cause trust or behaves too uninhibited, a man often prefers to retreat.

The fact that women feel the same is not a secret for anyone, but when they express it without embarrassment, it still leaves men confused. If a man loves a woman and trusts her, then he dreams of being good in her eyes and therefore adjusts, yields, behaves as she likes ... and runs the risk of losing her appreciation.


Psychic bisexuality is one of the discoveries of Freud. It is thanks to it that in fantasies of both men and women there are images penetrating, dominant and passive, conquered. A man who likes it when a woman is in the prevailing position does not become feminine at all, experts say. And women do not mind to dominate, if you understand this as the desire to capture your partner. This is at the essence of “dominant women submissive men” trend.

What is the forecast? Where are we going today, when the union of the two is changing before our eyes? Apparently, this is how a new model of relations is being created, which was not yet in the history of mankind. Yet it seems to be more and more popular, which means there is a reason for it, a demand, if you will. So, a relationship of “dominant woman submissive man” is completely normal.

How to find a dominant woman

Dominant women dating can be hard, they come in all shapes and sizes. But if you truly want to find dominant women, the most important thing is to be prepared for them. So, how to find a dominant woman? First off, you have to know what is a dominant woman, because, there is obviously no service or site to find only strong women, “strong” is a subjective word.

A strong woman is a confident woman. She is self-sufficient, and she knows what she wants from life and from men. She is able to make decisions, answer for her actions, adequately experience all adversity and go through life with her head held high. Very often, such women are a soft spot for many men. They are compared to steel roses. The outside is a beautiful, fragrant flower, and inside is real steel.

Any female dependence repels men, and they begin to perceive such women as normal. A strong woman cannot fall so hard for a man to humiliate herself with it. Her decisions are not dictated by the fear of losing a man. Men are pleased to subordinate a strong woman, and it is impossible to subordinate it, and this pours oil into the fire and winds them even more. Such a woman used to play only the first violin in relations with men. Facing such a woman, a man is constantly looking for internal excuses - why the relationship with her does not add up to the script he wrote.

Strong women try not to lose financial independence. They do not want to depend on other people's desires and needs. Such a woman is her own mistress. Even if her companion is a very rich man, her dignity is above all.

Only a really strong person is capable of strong actions, and strong actions shock and attract men. Such women do not correspond to the clichés and frameworks in which they are trying to drive the townsfolk. They have their own rules and laws. Strong women are women who have decided to achieve everything in this life themselves. They do not depend on male authority, whim and approval. They destroy the stereotypes that our society is imposing on us. Men are given to women who know how to respond with a blow to the blow and do not lose their own face. She always remains a lady.

Sexually-Dominant-WomanI know a lot of examples, when men went for girls who are too kind and compliant, forgetting about their interests, completely dissolved in their chosen ones. Over the years of relationships, these women hang on their necks as a burden, and men come to the idea that this burden is getting heavier and heavier. As a result, it turns out that women simply shift responsibility for their lives on the shoulders of men and do not want to take care of themselves. Then men start looking for a personality, and when they find her, they feel on the rise from the fact that they managed to attract the attention of such a strong person. Strong women behave unpredictably, and this adds to the relationship of keenness and interest.

Men, like a magnet, are attracted to women who like to walk on the edge of a knife and live on the verge of feelings and emotions. These women are too attractive and intriguing. Very often they get away with it. At times, men turn a blind eye to their madness. The behavior of such women is rarely deliberate. They just do not understand. Men are attracted by their adventurism, a sense of flight in her soul. Such women are often called bitches. But they take it as a compliment: if they are called this way, it means they outperformed someone.

A strong woman is, first of all, a bright person who has got used to the best. That's why she wants to see the best man next to her. Next to such a woman, life is full of surprises, because you never know what to expect from her. Predictability makes relationships boring and, often, kills them. Men like the fact that these women are not to be manipulated. They are well versed in male psychology, they can correctly calculate the actions of men for several moves forward, always know where they can give a slip and know how to adequately assess the situation.

Therefore, a man who sincerely thirsts for such a woman in his life should not have problems with a search of her. The most important features of the such character are given away by her manners, and from a short conversation, one can understand whether they are looking at a strong woman or not.

Dominant woman in bed

In many ways, the bed aspect of dating a dominant woman is similar to dating itself. Strong women love just as strong. Love for the lover is manifested in many ways, and, of course, in bed. They know how to be dominant in bed. Love with such a woman is passionate and active. She will not tolerate boredom, she will not tolerate apathy in intimate affairs. Men can easily ignore the lack of movement in bed, but for a woman ... for a woman this is much more important. It will require you to be active. If you aren’t, then she will create this activity. But do not rely on the efforts of a dominant woman in bed, be active – strong women love strong men, and it works for the bed as well.

What's interesting is that specialists from Yale University have announced that a woman should be the dominant in sexual life. Scientists have made such conclusions being based on the years of investigations on the intimate aspects of life of about 500 people. Some time ago, it was believed that it is a man who should strive to the leadership in the sexual relationship with a lady, subjugating a woman to himself, and that a woman who had already matured and gained experience in relations with the representatives of the opposite sex should be pleased with the fact that a beloved man takes care of her and leads her through life. So, she becomes soft and pliable in his hands and, in the end, obeys his will.

Specialists from Yale University disproved this well- established myth, having conducted a survey of 357 women and 126 men aged from 18 to 29 years old and found out that most women feel in bed at a height when they dominate a man. When a lady takes the situation into her own hands, this raises her self-esteem and makes a man proud of his partner.

Thank you for reading our article on the topic of “how to meet dominant women”. Godspeed!

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18.02.2020 11:49
I love these women!!! They're really hot!
04.05.2020 14:59
My beloved woman is dominant and I feel absolutely okay about it. Although some of my friends criticise me, I really don't see anything insulting in a relationship with such a strong lady. My beloved is independent, purposeful, and self-confident, she definitely knows what she wants and always achieves goals. It inspires me to develop myself and reach for more.

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