1. What's it like dating a nerd?
  2. Reasons to date a nerd
  3. Benefits of dating a nerd
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What's it like dating a nerd?

So, how to date a nerd? Nerds are considered by many to be not the best partners in a relationship, but, in fact, it’s much easier to date them than other men, says computer engineer Nirali Arora. Take at least the fact that the average nerd has an excellent memory, which means that he does not need to be reminded of your birthday and such.

Also, she continues, the nerd usually lives a simple and unpretentious material life, setting himself somewhat different values and strictly following the rules he finds important. This, according to Arora, allows the partner of such a person not to think about many burdensome issues: the one who dates the nerd will always feel as if a reliable and smart person is near, because, he actually is.

nerd dating advice

Usually, nerds are very simple and honest in communication, which can also be safely attributed to their advantages. If the nerd says that he loves you or experiences pain, then it’s true, and he isn’t lying. Not everyone can boast about the fact that they are regularly just as straightforward with their partner.

Nerd is a great companion and friend for his partner in life. A person of such a mentality is always honest when it comes to answering questions, and any discussion or dispute with him will not be reduced to personal offense or insults. On the other hand, nerds often suffer from a feeling of their own superiority. Which can be quite tricky to overcome, since, if it is the case, then it means, that a nerd feels superior to you as well, which will lead to all sorts of issues. But let’s talk about something more positive.

Reasons to date a nerd

1. Not all nerds are ugly

Who ever thought of this stereotype? If a guy has brains, small vision problems and excessive modesty, then it’s only one step from the image of the typical nerd of the 90’s movies to the modern hipster. By the way, you can always work on his style if it is lacking.

2. They know a lot

You can pick a dumb muscleman who plays video games, or you can pick a really smart guy who also plays video games, but he also has the time to do all of his homework, he knows what the number Pi is, the speed of light and everything about Stanley Kubrick’s filmography.

3. They are interesting

It is really interesting to spend time with such a guy. It is he who will discover new things for you, and tell you many interesting stories. The main thing is that his monologues are not too boring. Well, if anything, you can always hint that you are bored.

4. You raise their self-esteem

Why not? Self-confident guys are always too arrogant and rude to girls. But the nerds, who think that they are not the best guys around, on the contrary, are sweet and courteous. A nerd will be happy by the mere fact that such a beauty, like you, is next to him. He will feel a little more confident and cooler.

5. They will fix your computer

We decided to mention this reason separately. While you should not be dating someone because of that alone, it is a helpful thing. It is great to have a boyfriend who reinstalls your Windows, downloads free TV shows from servers that only selected nerds know of, and finally teaches you to use iTunes.

6. They are romantic

If you think that being romantic is the business of ladies' men, then you are greatly mistaken. Modest guys who are not lucky enough to enjoy the attention of girls will try very hard to come up with something romantic. He will do it sincerely and will put a lot of effort in whatever it is he is doing.

7. They are unlikely to cheat on you

Remember a guy who in high school was considered the most handsome and coolest guy around. Well, don’t expect much love from him. I mean, let’s be honest here, we all know that guys who know that they are very good-looking do not like to stick to one girl for a long time. Nerd, on the contrary, will be faithful to you.

8. They will succeed in life

It is no secret that the IT field is profitable. And if your boyfriend understands computers, knows what HTML is and can easily make up a simple program, then, believe me, in 99% of cases, he will succeed in life. He will always strive for self-improvement and thus, will get better every day. Even gamers now earn more than bank employees!

9. They have a sense of humor

If you like jokes from The Big Bang Theory, then you understand what we are talking about. In general, a guy with a sense of humor is beautiful. After all, a good laugh is stronger than any problem or disagreement in this world.

10. They will not make claims to you

No, of course, if you kiss another guy in front of him, then forgive me, but even a nerd will not stand it. And all that concerns your problems, missed calls, lack of makeup – a nerd won’t be worried about such things. I mean, he will notice it, but you will not hear complaints like “why are you not wearing heels today?”

Benefits of dating a nerd

Here are some additional reasons why you should date a nerd:

  • They know that their hobbies may seem strange, so you may not be afraid of your own strange hobbies. Let’s say that you stayed all night on the Internet looking for gifs with cats in glasses. A nerd, who yesterday came to work in the Doctor Who outfit, won’t complain.
  • Nerds have well-developed self-awareness. They know how others perceive them, but they carry their title with pride. While they may have issues with communication at first, they will soon develop this self-awareness and nothing will be able to hurt them.
  • Nerds love everything that has to do with technology. He makes sure that the best software is always installed on your computer. Do not be surprised if his dog has an automatic feeder, and a hatch with an automatic closer and motion sensor is installed in the door for it.
  • With him, you will not be lost in a difficult situation, because he knows everything in the world and read everything about it. Even if a zombie apocalypse happens, he has read so much about it that you should not worry about a thing.

10 interesting facts about dating a nerd

  1. They don’t care about what other people think.
  2. They are constantly striving for things that are new and exciting
  3. Their main priority is to constantly develop and to find something new about the world.
  4. They tend to be loyal partners, not only because of stereotypes, like no one else is interested, but because they have different priorities.
  5. They have a unique sense of fashion.
  6. They are good at many things. Not just videogames, but anything that requires intellectual effort.
  7. They are unique in everything they do. From mannerisms to hobbies and from appearance to the way of life. They represent something unique and what you can rarely find, and that is a strive for constant self-improvement.
  8. They are quite creative. Whether it’s creating and painting miniatures, drawing or lots of other possible ways of self-expression, they will find a way to channel their creative energy.
  9. A nerd won’t care for your appearance on any given day. He is smarter than that and he loves you for all the different reasons.
  10. Nerds are ready for sexual experimentations. It has been scientifically proven, that people with higher IQs are more inclined to experiment in bed, which is lots of fun.

Tips for dating a nerd

Obviously, there are some downsides to dating a nerd. The following is our list of issues you may encounter and tips for dating a nerd.

1. He can’t see some things that are obvious to you

Psychologically, a nerd is a schizoid, and this is not a diagnosis but a psycho type. Often, such people think globally, but do not see what is happening under their nose, and in this, they somehow resemble a person with binoculars. Clever in difficult things, but helpless in the elementary ones.


You must accept this feature. If he is often stuck on his projects, it doesn’t mean that the nerd does not care about you, he is just in another dimension right now, thinking about other things. Agree on a specific time, which he will devote only to his work, this will give him time to communicate with you. Take care of the nerd in domestic issues. Don’t become a mother to him, just be near.

2. Lack of confidence

Nerds are usually not that self-confident. But in many respects, this is a consequence of the fact that self-confidence is inversely proportional to the level of education. In nerds, this is especially noticeable, since the reluctance to stand out is compensated by protective mechanisms: a tendency toward solitude and a strict selection of people that they surround themselves with.

nerd dating sitesSolution

Here’s an important nerd dating advice. Remind the nerd of his achievements in work or study. Fully support his desire to take part in a conference or a round table. Gradually, through the experience of communication with like-minded people, he will come to the decision that he himself will begin to give lectures and gain the same confidence.

3. Sloppy appearance

Many nerds don’t care about the way they present themselves, so when an executive director of a company needs to find an IT person to help him with something, he is warned that the sluggish appearance of the sysadmin is not a reason to choose someone else. For nerds, conservatism in clothing is very characteristic, and it is quite likely that they have been dressing up like that for a long time.


How to date a nerd girl if she dresses like a homeless person? Everything is quite simple here. Nerds are ready and able to change their ways. Be supportive and go out to buy some new clothes with your nerd.

4. Tactless behavior

Nerds are not evil, they just don’t understand that they can offend someone with truth. In nerds, communication skills are not very developed. They have small companies of close friends and rarely speak for a prolonged period of time to strangers. Sheldon is a vivid example of how the social deprivation of a nerd leads to such an issue.


Tell him, that his words were too direct to you or another person. The nerds are not very good with the empathic component of communication, but everything is fine with analytics. Be sure, he will remember your recommendations if he knows that you are trying to help.

Introduce him to your friends. Just let the first meeting happen not at a noisy party but in front of various board games or such. So immediately there will be general topics for conversations, and your nerd will organically join the company of your friends.

5. Unusual hobbies and "strange interests"

Even though nerds are not very active in social life, they have hundreds of various hobbies. The majority of which, from a first or even a second glance, seems to be, at the very least strange. For this very reason, it can be pretty hard to find common interests and hobbies with nerds. Also, nerds are very protective of their hobbies, and may even get offended by your words if you weren't careful enough with your words. Furthermore, the hobbies of nerds are very time-consuming. So, finding time for a relationship may be a very complicated task for a nerd.


Yes, it is absolutely normal if you are not interested in his or her hobbies. Nevertheless, it never hurts to show interest in his or her hobbies. At the very least, you can start a conversation with him or her, and ask your nerdy-partner why he or she likes all those movies and books. Try to play video games together. Also, it will be very cool if you subscribe to some pages that post news for nerds. In this case, he or she will slowly start doing the same for you. Thus, with time, you will finally find common interests and hobbies.

So, if you weren’t scared away by these issues, why not to pick a nerd dating website?

Nerd dating sites

It isn’t difficult nowadays to find a nerd dating site or a nerd dating app, yet we still want to give some personal recommendations in this. Here are our favorite nerd dating sites you should check out:

  • Geek 2 Geek – perhaps the best nerd dating site we know of.
  • Soul Geek – lots of nerd date ideas are to be found here.
  • OtakuBooty
  • IntellectConnect
  • AnimeDates – a great website for nerd girl dating.
  • The Right Stuff
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It was interesting to read the article. I changed my attitude to them.
01.05.2020 03:03
I met my boyfriend while playing one of those MOBA games. Before this, if someone told me that I would date a real nerd, I would say that this person is crazy. However, we have already been dating for almost two years, and we both feel happy together.

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