1. How to politely say no to a date?
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You might have already faced such situations when you see that a girl likes you, she shows her interest in you and hints at a date. She perceives you as a potential partner with whom she is ready to have sex and build a further relationship. This girl wants to be with you, constantly communicating, and wants you to ask her out, or she talks about the date openly. It seems to be all right, but the problem is that you do not like this girl.

How can you behave wisely in this case? How to nicely say no to a date? You can make all of those tough calls, for example, you can just tell her to take a hike, or you can come up with something original not to hurt her. Don’t choose the first option, don’t humiliate her because she doesn’t deserve such attitude. Besides, if you have common acquaintances, and you sting her to the quick, she will cry and tell all her friends how bad you are, and this can spoil your reputation. Everything should be done wisely in order not to hurt her feelings and to remain in still a win-win situation. If you don’t know how to say no to a date nicely then this article is surely for you.

how to say no to a date nicely

How to politely say no to a date?

In most cases, a woman is a goal and a passive side who waits when a man decides to ask her out and who reserves the right to say no. Every girl knows how to say no thanks to her intellect, intelligence, and life experience. Therefore, the culture of female refusal is worked out pretty well. Usually, it's enough just to say no, and it will not offend anyone, man’s pride will not suffer. When a woman throws away the usual role and becomes active, she compromises her self-esteem. It’s quite embarrassing when a girl pays much attention to a man and asks him out. In addition, when she takes no for an answer, this situation drastically reduces her value.

So, how to nicely say no to a date?

Tell about your sweetheart. You will be surprised, but women easily believe the phrase, "I'm in a relationship and do not want to cheat on my woman." Even ladies of the lax morals want to believe that there are still men who are faithful to someone. They will think about it during the long winter nights, wrapping themselves up in a warm checkered blanket.

Tell about your hidden feelings. Have you already said that you are free, and now you don’t know how to say no to a date nicely? You can just say that you are in love with another woman. Add that, of course, things haven’t worked out yet, but you keep hope alive and believe that you will be together because the image of the beloved girl doesn’t let go. Many women are ridiculously romantic, and they may believe in any fairy tale.

Don’t show any initiative. A rare girl will show super-perseverance, and usually, they think that it is enough to take the first step to make everything run all by itself, so they don’t need to do anything else. For example, if a girl decides to get acquainted with you, just politely communicate with her. She will wait for you to get her phone number, but you don't do that. The method is suitable for streets, parties, clubs, bars.

Tell about your over-employment. Do you know how to nicely say no to a date if a familiar girl asks you out? If you understand that this is a kind of date, you can say that this is a good idea, but you are too busy to go anywhere. Offer to postpone it indefinitely. You can repeat that endlessly, or you can offer options that will make this date not look like a date. For example, if the girl invites you to the cinema, you can offer to invite other friends to have fun.

how to nicely say no to a date Pretend not to notice her feelings. A girl who does not express her feelings directly, but who expresses it subconsciously with the help of facial expressions, gestures, or who just blushes lovely and looks down when you talk, will not challenge you much. She will hardly make bold moves to tell you about her feelings or impose anything on you. Therefore, she will not bring you any problems, you can simply pretend not to notice her feelings, or you can just let her know that you have a beloved girl even if you do not. Usually, such type of girls is not capable of spoiling other people's relationships since they have a sweet temper.

Go out with her. If a girl offers to meet, and you have already refused so many times that you do not know how to say no to a date once again because you have already exhausted the list of all possible reasons, then you should go out with her. During the meeting, try to truly believe that she is your friend, share your problems with her, especially if these problems are related to your girlfriend in the context of your wrong behavior in the relationship. Primarily, she will be scared off by the fact that you have a girlfriend, secondarily, that you do not know how to behave properly in the relationship, and thirdly, the most obvious factor is that you share your problems with her, which means that she is in your friendzone, and that's all it would ever be.

Tell the truth. If you face a challenge, and the girl doesn’t pay attention to any excuses, and the fact that you have a girlfriend is not an obstacle for her, you have only one option, you should tell about your antipathy in person. If you have never done that before, then it might be quite hard for you, but, anyway, it's the best option. If you worry that you can hurt her feelings, then you should remember that she hasn't given you much choice. However, to avoid such incidents, you should watch your actions and not give them hope to start a relationship with you.

How to say no to a second date?

When you start dating, you have a great opportunity to meet single people. The idea of how to say no to a date after saying yes does not even come to your mind. However, what if you do not like this girl or she just turns out to be not the person you are looking for?

As soon as the first date is coming to an end, it is necessary to decide whether you want to meet her again or not. So, you need to reflect on how to say no to a second date if you do not want to see this woman again as well as to hurt her feelings. Honesty is the best choice.

If you do not want to have a second date, you should sincerely say that. When you agree to a second date, knowing that you do not want to meet again, you just delay the inevitable. You should still tell the truth, but the longer you delay, the more difficult it will be to do that.

Prepare a plan. Try to prepare a plan even before the first date in case anything goes wrong. Try to stick to this scenario in case you get nervous, or if you say something wrong at the last moment. It will be something like an airbag, which you are not going to use, but its presence makes you feel more secure.

Never make assumptions. It is easy to assume that you will hurt a woman by saying no to a second date. If the date fails, in any case, there is a possibility that your date doesn’t like it either. Most likely, she worries no less than you, thinking how to refuse any offer to meet again. Adhere to a friendly manner.

Politely say the girl that it was nice to meet her, thank her for coming, but also say that you do not see a joint future for certain reasons. Wish her all the best and offer to be friends, it will help prevent any hostility in the future. There is no need to go into details and explain why you don't think you match, let the information be vague, do not worry, the main thing is not to be rude.

Write a message. How to say no to a second date by text? If you can't make up your mind about telling the truth in person that you do not want to see her again, just write a short message after the date, thanking her for the evening and explaining that it seems to you that you are not right for each other. Some people prefer to send an email letter, but it's a bit characterless, so it would be better to write a message.

It is always better to be sincere because anything can go wrong if you lose control over the situation. It is better to know how to say no to a second date than to continue the relationship that leads to nowhere from the very beginning.

How to say no to a date: examples.

How to tell a girl that she is not your type? It’s quite easy, just say, "I'm sorry, I prefer curvaceous cuties. You can think that I am a pervert, but you would have to gain additional weight." Any woman would never go for that. However, if she is curvy, don’t even think to say her, “Lose weight." Firstly, it’s insulting, and secondly, who knows, she can really lose weight and try again. Therefore, you should urgently become a lover of women of small stature or older, Asian or someone else who looks different. It is better to be called a weird man than to offend or give false hope.

how to say no to a dateIt's too late to turn back. Be ready that when you say no to a date, you can see her upset face. Quite often at this moment, there is a thought, "I might have been wrong or rude, maybe it’s better to ..." Even the toughest people can have a moment of weakness. You are sorry about that girl or you regret to miss a chance. You understand that she is surely not your type, but sometimes, some greed for impressions may prevail. Anyway, do not give in to it, do not console yourself with the thought that you can just try. You cannot. You cannot have sex with someone who does not suit you or you feel sorry for. This is low with respect to the partner and destructive to yourself.

You can dodge, “I have a girlfriend.” You can motivate your refusal by the fact that you have compelling circumstances. For example, "I like your attention, and I would have definitely accepted your proposal in other circumstances, but I'm afraid it will be dishonest towards my girlfriend." Any variations of the fact that you already have a girl are possible. For example, you are in a serious relationship now, or you have recently experienced a hard breakup with your beloved one, and you cannot date anyone else. This method is better to apply to strangers who cannot test your legend.

Your heart is already occupied. It is like the previous version, but the trick here is that you, in fact, tell the truth. You refuse this girl because there is another one. However, you do not have to reveal her name. For example, "You're cute, but I have recently met a girl and realized that I have fallen in love with her, and now, all my thoughts are only about her. I'm sorry for hurting your feelings."

You are not interested in the conversation. A good option for clubs, bars, parties. When a girl comes to get to know you, you can spoil the conversation with monosyllabic answers. Try not to ask her about anything or just ask her only about some trivial nonsense. For example, “Hi! There's great music! - Not bad. - Do you like it out here? - Well, it’s okay. - What is your name? - John. - And my name is Roxy. - (Maintain a pause, don’t tell anything). - What are you doing? - Nothing special.

Sooner or later, the girl will exhaust all questions, and she will need only an excuse to leave. In principle, you can also leave under some pretext when there is another pause. Most likely, this girl will not make attempts to talk to you again.

How to leave from a date

The first way: to say everything as it is. Honesty is important. Many people will normally react to this if you convey to them all your feelings at once. Say it as it is: "You are a little different from what I imagined you to be." No need to say that they are unattractive, there are those that cannot properly present themselves. Say that you feel that nothing will come off this. That should work. In the end, you need to shake hands without resorting to pity. Find a middle ground - this is the secret of those who want to stay away from problems.

The second way: luck. If you could not refuse a person, but in a restaurant, cafe or on the street you saw your friends, then you can tell the person that you will contact them later, and now you have seen your friends and want to stay with them. Best if you saw friends on the street. You can simply say that these are your friends and leave quickly without waiting for an answer. This is a tough method, but effective if a person is clingy.

The third way: to make them hate you or make them bored. If this is a person of high moral principles, then they can lead the topic of conversation into the direction where they will inevitably lose their temper, they will want to leave. This is also not the best method, but it works with a certain type of people.

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