"Hi, how are you doing? My name is …." is a beautiful phrase. Ironic, original, and most importantly, sincere. But when you meet a Ukrainian girl, this phrase will cause no more enthusiasm than if you ask to show her ID.

Why is it so? Who knows. You never know women, do you? Especially in the case of picking up Ukrainian girls at bars. However, rest assured that the following tips for successful dating Ukrainian women guarantee you success, Thai massage, well, or at least a phone number.

girl at the bar

Assess the situation

First, walk slowly around the bar, assess the disposition. Is she alone or with a boyfriend? If there are no competitors, start your preparation: wait until she almost finishes her cocktail, smile at her, and make an eye contact. Make sure that the girl responds to your look without choking from terror. Sit next to her and order something to drink and watch what she drinks exactly, this is also important.

Change the first phrase

How to pick up a Ukrainian girl at a bar? If you want to start getting acquainted with the offer to buy her a drink, you can go home, you have already lost this round. If you're going to give her a bribe, then you are a bad merchant.

Do not be rude

Obviously, it's better not to talk to her as to an old friend but many guys just do not realize how rude they are with girls. Think what in your speech may seem to her harsh and multiply this impression by three. This is how the girls may perceive all the rude things. It will not help you with dating Ukrainian girls.

Always have a cash reserve

Before picking up girls at bars, go to the nearest ATM and withdraw more cash. If the girl is already ready to go with you, it will be very uncomfortable when you have to wait until the barman gives you change. In addition, the bar may not accept cards, and this is a serious problem and a spoiled evening.

Let the bartender help you

If you are a tough guy, you will be "on a first-name basis" with a guy on the other side of the counter. When a bartender communicates with both of you as with friends, it is likely that he will serve as a kind of a matchmaker. When you find a Ukrainian woman, you will do everything to pick her up.

date at barTake it easy

When a guy seems to be tough and he gets pleasure from everything around, all the girls think about him. Here you can draw a parallel with the gaming tables in Vegas. You can find the most interesting things in the places where there is fun and noise, and the game does not go where there is a complete silence.

Do not overdo

Do not look too interested in her, watch closely your body language. Simple things, for example, like touching her back during a conversation or pulling the chair closer to her will show her your interest. And do not give her your phone number on a napkin, just ask for it.


Pay attention to her drink

It does not matter what she drinks, you can order her a whiskey shot anyway. Aside from when she has an energy drink because such a mixture will be nuclear. But if she sits alone and drinks pure bourbon, do not even try to pick her up, she is a harsh woman. You want to find a Ukrainian girl who will be nice and passionate, don’t you?

Order a drink that you know well

How to pick up a girl at a bar? Always buy a drink about which you can tell at least several well-connected sentences. As long as you tell, for example, about single malt whiskey, the awkwardness of the first meeting will go slightly down. If she orders the same, then you are moving in the right direction.

Do not try to steal her from the company

If the girl is with her friends at the bar, the last thing you should do is to try to pay all your attention to her. It looks rude, and her friends will not appreciate such a rude approach. Try to communicate with everyone but make an easy accent on the fact that you like her. How can you do that? This is what you need to learn yourself.

Make her laugh

Have you ever seen the girls leaving with the most unpleasant men just because they managed to make them laugh? Work on your sense of humor because this is your main weapon for picking up a Ukrainian girl. If it is funny with you, she will take pleasure.

Do not interrupt

Here's a tip of all the times: when someone speaks, listen! If you keep staring at the phone every second while the girl tells the story, you will miss all the chances to pick up the girl.

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