In fact, love doesn’t come from anything. Everyone would like to settle down or stay in long-lasting relationships with a partner possessing certain qualities. Today, we wanna tell you what are the 9 men’s traits Russian girls respect the most!

What Russian Girls Value in Men

1. Graciousness

This is probably the first merit women look for. Well, men value it too. Russian women are known for their decentness. An average girl from this land is concerned about how her dear ones feel and always ready to help. Of course, she’d like to date a guy who values the same things. If you wanna build serious relationships with a Russian lady, prepare to become her supportive and kind mate.

2. Manliness

Tabloids try to convince us that women should be as independent as possible. Well, there’s nothing bad about a girl who wanna build a successful career. However, this wish sometimes gets too strong and women lose their femininity. Russian girls know for sure: a woman should always be a woman. That’s why they prefer masculine guys who’d court them and behave like gentlemen.

3. Willingness to achieve

Living your life without any purpose isn’t really great. You don’t have to answer the question of what the meaning of life is, yet some goals just need to be set. As a rule, Russian girls know what they want – in contrast to a popular opinion they are indecisive and obedient. In their view, a woman with a strong character needs a man who’d be even stronger than her.

4. Allegiance

Russians highly appreciate faithfulness – to your family, to your motherland, and to your convictions. As their women think, true love happens only once in a life. Therefore, a regular Russian lady carefully chooses a man to share her life with. So loyalty is one of the key characteristics she takes into consideration.

5. Defined priorities

As you might guess, Russian girls clearly understand what the woman’s main life goal should be. Obviously, this is a strong family. Despite these ladies are interested in getting a good job and becoming self-sufficient, they keep in mind: a woman should first of all be a partner and a mother. We hugely doubt there are Russian ladies who’d choose a great career over a healthy family.

6. Sexiness

Huh, mind capabilities and moral traits are essential. Yet without proper physical interaction, a love relationship can barely exist. Just like all women on Earth, female Russians look for sexually attractive men. It’s not even about being a sex symbol – it’s rather about your charisma and the ability to present yourself in the right way.

7. Elegance

Whatever they say, appearance does matter. The beauty of Russian women is legendary and it attracts men from all around the world. In fact, those girls are also into good-looking gentlemen. Apart from being gifted by nature, they do their best to look stunningly. So if you really wanna date a Russian lady, make sure you know how to dress and groom yourself!

8. High intellect

Smart guys automatically become noticeable for girls. Especially for Russian girls who tend to be brainy. The fact they are gorgeous doesn’t mean they are silly. Besides, Russians are rather philosophical and introspective. On average, a Russian woman is well-educated and erudite. Consequently, it’s not enough to just be handsome and funny to conquer her heart.

9. Self-assurance

Your confidence actually identifies your self-esteem that is super important for your self-realisation. A man displaying confidence also becomes protective and strong in a Russian girl’s view. We all have some complexes yet you’d better learn how to work on them. It’s helpful not only in building relationships with Russian ladies but in overall human living.

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