In contrast to some modern beliefs, Russian ladies won’t tie the knot with a random foreigner just to leave their home. They are just like any other women looking for that special someone. And they would never give a kiss to a man unless they’re sure that he’s good enough for them. Since a kiss is so important to Russian women, we made a guide to help you figure out how to kiss them properly. Feel free to use it to your advantage.


Kissing in the Russian dating tradition

Perhaps it’s better to start with explaining what kinds of kisses are considered normal when you date a Russian girl. All women have their own preferences, like brief and shy kisses; some ladies would like to avoid kissing on the lips on the first date when both partners don’t know each other well. And, of course, there are girls who love kissing and wouldn’t mind giving her companion a passionate French kiss.

But in most cases, if it’s your first date with a Russian lady, you should finish it with a kiss on the cheek, no matter whether she agreed to meet with you again or not. It’s better not to take any decisive actions until the second or even third date. As for kissing a Russian girl, the kiss itself should be as romantic and tender as possible.

For any Russian girl, dating and kissing play the main role in deciding if a man is romantic enough. So, a kiss, no matter how great it was, is not a sign of your success with a Slavic lady. Before giving her a kiss, make sure that the time and place are right; finding a beautiful spot where you both can spend some time alone will be a plus. This way you can be sure that no one interrupts such a romantic moment; besides, your companion won’t feel too shy.

The rules of kissing with a Russian girl

Alright, let’s pretend that you date a Russian woman. You had a great time on the date, and you think that now it’s a perfect moment to kiss her. But you have no idea how to get a girl to kiss you, so you’re stuck and can’t make the next step. Below are a couple of tips to help you with this problem.


First of all, you need to remember that it’s just a simple kiss. Sure, you want it to become memorable, at least for her, but such goal will only make you even more nervous. Calm down and try to seem a confident guy. For Russian women, dating is a pretty important event, so if she didn't mind to go somewhere with you, she fancies you. And if the kiss didn’t go as planned, there’s no need to panic.

For ladies from Russia, kisses mean an exchange of emotions in the first place. If a single thought about kissing makes you jitter, a kiss will be fussy and nervous. If you don’t know how to French kiss, then don’t even try it. You need to choose a moment when your lady is emotionally ready.

Don’t rush things

No one says that you have a certain time frame, during which you need to kiss a Russian girl. If you didn’t give her a kiss on the second or third date, it doesn’t mean that she’s no longer into you. Choosing the right moment here is much more important than the kiss itself. Kissing a Russian woman at the end of the fourth date can be a lot more memorable and romantic than doing it awkwardly on the first or second one.

The right moment

If you want to know how to kiss a girl, choose the best time and pick the right place, and just watch everything happening by itself. For instance, a gentle kiss in a quiet park at night will do, as well as doing it at the top of the Ferris wheel. If you have a car, look for some romantic spots overlooking the city at night, where you can take your companion to. There should be a lot of such cozy places in big cities, but maybe you manage to find a couple on them even if you live in a small town.

Body language

Before you kiss a Russian woman, make sure to learn ladies’ body language. It can show you if your companion is ready for a kiss. If she touches her face or neck, plays with her hair, bends over to you, or keeps smiling when looking into your eyes, consider it a signal to take actions. This way she shows that you’re allowed to kiss her.

But if your lady crosses her arms and doesn’t look you in the eye when you try to keep an eye contact, you can forget about a kiss. She intuitively tries to put as much distance between you as possible. This obviously means that she’s not interested in you, and whatever you do to impress her, she won’t change her mind.

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