1. How To Impress Russian Girls
  2. How To Show a Girl You Love Her

Have you ever experienced a feeling that your beloved Russian woman maybe feels not the same way you feel about her? Slow down. It’s not the reason to hang your head down. The thing is that you two may simply express your emotions in a different way, which may lead to a kind of misunderstanding. Fortunately, you have a great number of options both to check and to change it. Let’s consider the later one.

How to Love a True Russian Girl

How To Impress Russian Girls

If you or your fellows have ever been dating Russian women, you must have heard that giving presents and show attention is really important for them. Therefore, you need to be able to distinguish the type of Russian girl you are dating if you want to pick the right present.

You may date either Miss Modesty or Miss I-need-proof-of-your-feelings. If you are wondering on how to love a Russian girl in the first case, you need to listen to your girl carefully and keep in mind things she is excited about. This is what will actually help you to pick the right present for her. If this is your first face to face date, don’t forget about a romantic bunch of flowers. She’ll love it!

Now, how to love a Russian lady if she is a Miss I-need-proof-of-your-feelings type. Let’s start with diamonds. Yeah, your girl will definitely fall in love with you and open her heart if she gets this shining and sophisticated proof of your feelings.

How To Show a Girl You Love Her

Wondering how to love a Russian woman? Here are the best tips for a man, who wants to know how to tell a girl you love her. Use them and you’ll see that whatever you feel – it is mutual.

Little things matter

Start acting when it is least expected. Kiss her on a cheek just because you are overwhelmed with feelings. Trust me Russian girls are sensitive to such things. The same is about holding hands. It may sound childish but it really works. Not that it will substitute a diamond ring but you will show her that you are in love and care about her a lot. I tip my hat to all the old-school men, who are still making breakfasts to their beloved women. Besides, the busy century we live in requires men to be tolerant of businesswomen. Therefore, a busy Russian girl will be thrilled if you make her a lunch and put a sweet note there, saying you love her so that she can take it to the office.

Express your feelings with your body

You know this feeling when you want to hug someone to death… Yeah, it feels really great. What is more, it is the most sincere way to show your Russian soul mate your feelings. This is the simplest and the sweetest answer to how to love a girl question. Guys, be gentle.

Think of your common morning together, for example. Are you both in a hurry? Do you pay enough attention to each other? You won’t lose your job if you stop for a minute and look into her eyes, before leaving for work. Note, that it has nothing in common with kissing each other on lips (or on the cheek) without eye contact. What you need is to make her see your shining eyes. I bet your Russian lady will look forward to seeing you after your work if you do that.

Accept the advice she gives

Don’t take her advice or her critics as something negative. On the contrary, if you are dating a Russian girl and you hear some advice from her, it means she cares about you. Besides, she will definitely appreciate the fact that you listen to a piece of advice, she gave once. And, for God’s sake, don’t be mad if she tells that what you do is wrong. This is the person, who wants to make your life better – not vice versa! Even if you don’t want to implement her idea or to follow her advice, it is important to hear her out. This is the best way to show that you care about her. Don’t make your love look selfish if you are serious in your intention on how to love a girl issue. Respect her opinion and you’ll see that what you feel is mutual.

Be attentive

Small but important words and deeds are a great way to show a Russian girl your love. So you show that you listen to her and always think about her feelings and thoughts. You can learn more about what she likes and dislikes, and by suppressing your egoism, you will think more about her needs, not about yours.

Here are some examples of how you can show your concern: find out what kind of coffee she likes (cream, sugar, and so on) and bring her a cup in the morning in bed or at lunch; let her choose a movie for going to the movies, even if you don’t really like her choice; listen to comments on books or music and buy them as a gift. You should try to remember important dates and events such as her birthday or the anniversary of your relationship.

Being caring also means thinking about your actions and how they will affect her. For example, you plan to spend an evening with friends, so let her know about it and say that you call her in the morning. Or if you have many female friends, do not flirt with them because your woman may feel jealous.

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30.04.2020 10:41
My girlfriend is Russian and she is actually very different from girls of other nationalities. I think you can change for the sake of such a girl. Even if you are not a romantic, you have to do something meaningful for her. These girls are the best and it is an honor to be with them.

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