1. 9 Reasons You Should Date a Russian Girl
  2. Most Beautiful Russian Actresses

We’ll bet any westerner has thought about building a relationship with a Russian girl at least once in a life. And this is for a good reason. Slavic ladies – and Russian in particular – combine many wonderful traits and their beauty is legendary. No wonder guys all around the world are ready to fly to Russia in search of a potential girlfriend and spouse. What is so special about Russian girls, after all? This article will tell you about the key 9 reasons you should definitely try dating a beautiful Russian lady.

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1. She is sincere

Probably, the first thing you should know about dating Russian girls is that they are quite straightforward. Candor is highly appreciated in their society so if you ask a Russian lady about her day she will tell you a really long story – isn’t this fully different from what you’re got used to in the West? On the other hand, you will always be aware of what’s on her mind. In her turn, your Russian friend will expect you to be honest with her as well. You see, these women are into loyal guys.

2. Her beauty is overwhelming

In fact, this quality of Russian girls doesn’t need any introductions. These ladies are truly gifted by nature! Moreover, they love emphasizing their attractiveness with proper outfits and makeup. Unlike girls in the West, young female Russians barely leave home without high heeled shoes and stylish accessories. Consequently, an average girl from Russia has a strong understanding of design, fashion, and visage. Just in 20 minutes, she can create a splendid look.

3. She is intelligent

In contrast to a popular stereotype, Russian girls aren’t just pretty dolls. Their mesmerizing beauty is usually combined with strong mind capabilities. In their country, a good education is hugely welcomed so most young ladies there have university degrees. Likewise, the Great Russian literature is famous throughout the world – you might have heard or even read something from Tolstoy, Pushkin, Chekhov, and others. Naturally, a regular Russian woman seeks a brainy partner.

4. She always remains positive

“A runaway horse she will master, Walk straight to a hut that’s aflame” – that’s what an outstanding Russian poet Nekrasov said about Russian women, and we have to admit he was right. Although these lines are metaphoric, Russian ladies are indeed famous for their strong character. Moreover, kindness is another merit of them. Because of it, they are good psychologists from nature and typically get involved in their dear people’s problems and give advice.

russian woman5. Her sense of humor is great

Due to her positive view of life, an average Russian girl is light-natured and always knows how to keep her friends in high spirits. Of course, many Westerners and Russians don’t understand each other’s jokes yet generally, good humor brings people together. Communicating with such a girl on online dating site, remember to vary the tone of your conversations and crack jokes too. Help her open her mind to you! Just make your gags relevant, understandable, and polite.

6. She is dedicated

Another great thing about Russian girls is that they’re family-oriented. Despite they’re willing to promote their professional and personal life, family always remains the main value in a life. A regular Russian girl dreams to meet a good man who’ll make a doted lover, husband, and father. That’s why romances are never taken irresponsibly by Russian ladies: any attractive guy they meet may turn out to be Mr. Right.

7. She is versatile

In Russia, girls typically take up many activities to diversify their self-development. They have many hobbies. Sometimes, those may be indeed contradictory – like culinary and volleyball, for example. Whatever her areas of interest are, a Russian girl struggles to find a like-minded lover who would be eager to open new horizons together. So dating a girl from Russia, you will definitely grow personally and learn a lot of new things.

8. She is feminine

Our world becomes obsessed with the problem of gender equality. Women get more and more independent and it seems like they don’t need any men’s help anymore. However, Russian girls still appreciate manliness. They are into guys who are capable of taking the initiative. In their turn, ladies pay their men respect, love, and tenderness. On the other hand, Russian ladies look for courteous partners – keep that in mind.

9. She is faithful

Since the earliest childhood, Russian ladies learn to be loyal to their family, friends, and lovers. There’s even the archetypical image of a Russian woman who’s waiting for her beloved throughout the lifetime and following him wherever he goes. Contemporary Russian girls are mainly convinced that true love happens only once in a life, which makes them devoted to their dear ones. Naturally, they also try to choose a loving partner who will never cheat on them.

Most Beautiful Russian Actresses

The whole world knows that the beauty of Slavic women is amazing, it fascinates, conquers, and causes real delight. Russian actresses confirm this statement with their special beauty, which can be very bright and touching at the same time. After looking at these women, it becomes clear why so many men prefer Russian girls dating!

Svetlana Khodchenkova

Svetlana is a bright and expressive actress. Her beauty and talent brought her recognition not only in her native country but also in Hollywood. She has won many awards and competitions, she is always included in all possible ratings and tops, each time proving that beauty is the woman’s most powerful weapon. One of the latest and most popular works of the actress is the film "Wolverine: Immortal" with Hugh Jackman and the role of a female viper.

Elena Podkaminskaya

Elena is a real beauty who loves experiments. In the movie, she looks natural, copes with every role perfectly, and captivates fans with candid photos. Sexy photoshoots for MAXIM magazine once again prove that the beauty of the actress is natural, and femininity and charm of this lady are insane. One of the actress’s most famous acting debuts took place in the TV series called “The Kitchen”.

Maryna Aleksandrova

The actress has an extraordinary beauty, which distinguishes her from many others. Men adore Maryna and women envy her because she has a gorgeous figure, long and silky hair, perfect and very symmetric facial features, expressive eyes with a genuine shine. The actress starred in many award-winning Russian movies.

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29.04.2020 20:09
Natalya Rydova my favorite Russian actress! Young, with a perfect figure and natural beauty. Although she has appeared on the blue screens only recently, she’s quite popular I may suppose. Always cheerful, kind, charming, and sweet, I immediately liked her. Especially after the "Univer" series. However, there are more than 20 roles on her account, I recommend you watch any of her films.

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