Dating Russian girls have always sounded challenging to Western men. What is so complicated about it? Well, the problem is that Russian women are just surrounded by myths. How many times we hear that they are cold, arrogant, and bossy and seek nothing but money.

Surprisingly, millions of guys believe in those rumors, which make them being afraid of Russian dating. However, we must admit that Russian ladies are not the easiest category of people to deal with. Why? It is all about the mentality. If you want to try date a Russian girl, you have to puzzle her mind out. Yeah, this may take time (even a lot of time), but eventually, your endeavors will be rewarded.

After all, what are the most common features of the Russian female nature? Those are kindness, generosity, femininity, and fidelity. Besides, Russian ladies are intelligent, often have a perfect taste for clothes, books, and music. We bet you are already eager to meet a Russian girl. The next question is: where should you search for her? If you do not live in Russia or do not have Russians among your peers, the best way for you is to visit online dating sites.

And right now, we wish to provide you with a few valuable tips on how to find the right path to a Russian girl`s heart. Go on reading!

dating tips

1. Present yourself in a right way

Once you come on a Russian dating site, you must create a profile that would draw the ladies` attention to your personality. You may have heard that the Russian society appreciates the concept of so-called “traditional” gender roles, when a woman deals with household issues and brings children up, and a man earns money and commands his significant other what to do. Telling the truth, you needn’t be an alpha male to attract Russian girls. What they like about men is being assertive and decisive, but not aggressive. Simultaneously, the right man must always ask his partner`s opinion and allow her to make the final choice. Writing about yourself, show your potential girlfriend that you are exactly whom she is looking for. Do not lie, but do not concentrate on your weak points either: find the golden mean. Tell her about your manly hobbies and life goals; add a realistic photo of you.

2. Show your interest in her inner world

Another thing you must be aware of to successfully date girls from Russia is that they generally do not keen on just having sex. Not that they are do not like it, in fact, most of them turn out to be super hot in bed. On the other hand, romance means a lot to them. If you are really interested in finding a perfect Russian girl for you, you must get to know her as close as possible. Communication is actually the core element of any good relationship between people. So the rule is pretty simple: talk to her. Ask her to tell you about her native country, culture, and language (learning about foreign traditions is really amazing). Express your appreciation of her enthusiasms and family (because Russians are typically fond of their relatives). Discuss literature, cinema, and world news – anything that awakens her interest. Of course, do not forget to tell her about yourself too.

russian beauty3. Transfer your distant relationships to real life

Online dating is intriguing and exciting, but it can never substitute an offline connection. When internet talks lead you to the next level, you must be initiative and invite her to a real date. Considering the distance, one of you will have to travel. Now we are facing the question: should it be her or you? Well, it mostly depends on the complete situation. Usually, it is not so easy for Russians to travel abroad. If you live in the USA or the UK or the EU, your girlfriend must get a visa for a trip, which means a mad paper chase. Another obstacle may be costs. By the time you decide to meet her offline, you will probably be aware of the salary differences between Russia and Western countries. Finally, your girl may just be nervous of going too far from home. That’s why we suggest you go to Russia. In this case, you will not only meet your love interest but also visit her motherland for yourself.

4. Keep the differences between Russian and Western girls in mind

Okay, we have come to a delicate problem. American/European and Russian girls are obviously dissimilar. Such a situation is caused by numerous factors, such as contrasting national customs, financial abilities, and social patterns. Women from the Western world have been influenced by the feminist propaganda for many years. Eventually, they act a lot like men today: build a career, try to be absolutely independent, do not allow guys to pay for them and so on. When it comes to Russians, the circumstances become different. She will expect you to woo her with flowers, little gifts, and poems. And yes, spending your money on a Russian woman signals her about your readiness to protect and court her.

5. Leave some personal space for her

As you have already figured out, Russian women are quite feminine. Yet this doesn’t mean they are not ambitious or persistent. Nowadays, girls mostly wish to receive a qualitative higher education and get a job of their dream. Moreover, they are concerned about personal self-growth. Do not steal all her free time – that`s what we are trying to convey. She might be too polite to ask you about being less intrusive, so you must manage this on your own. Again, being independent is considered to be normal for Western ladies, but Russians are believed to play a secondary role in relationships. Warning: that is no longer truth. By the way, a good woman makes her man change for the better. Being with a Russian girl means you should also take care about your self-development. If you succeed, your feelings will remain fresh and strong for years.

6. Always be faithful to her

Once you find a Russian girl who is certainly right for you, it is unacceptable to be unfaithful or dishonest. Russians tend to be committed lovers, so they won`t forgive you such mistakes. For your girlfriend being in a relationship means that sooner or later you may become a family. To her, having a good family is one of the most important things in the world, so she can`t misplace her trust. Both partners should feel confident in a relationship to make a harmonious couple. Remember this when you will be trying to get acquainted with a Russian girl.

7. Do not hesitate to express your love

The very last tip: treat a girl as the greatest value in the universe. If you really care about your relationship, you must not follow some Western interaction patterns. As Russian girls desire romantic love, you must pay attention to how you will impress your girlfriend. Though it may sound too difficult, become her chevalier. Going to a date, pick her up and bring her home when it`s over. Offer her a hand while going downstairs, hold doors for her. Being a modern chevalier is easy, all you have to do is just to get used to good manners. In the course of time, you will become a true gentleman. Furthermore, never forget to confess your feelings to her verbally. Love cannot flourish until it`s treated properly. Tell her nice compliments; show your appreciation in various ways. Do not be afraid of becoming sentimental, because you will not. Only your connection will always be fascinating and you will never fall into the routine.

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